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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot Episode 502!

The Road to Wrestlution 12 Continues!

We have a great show for you tonight!

So lets go!


[Time Stamp 4/24/18 04:45pm]

Back on the Avenue of the Americas at the OCW headquarters, Maxwale Jaykub Freeman is there finishing up his particulars for signing his OCW contract.

He is just leaving the Head of Talent Relations office and heading to the photo studio for some promotional pics.

Two staffers are already in the studio. One photographer and a guy from the graphics department.

Photographer: Hello, I’m Amber. And you must be…… Max-Wall-E???

MJF: (sigh)It’s pronounced “Maxwell”. The “E” is silent.

Amber: Ohh. I’m so sorry.

MJF: Oh don’t worry about it. I’d be a little nervous too in my own presence.

Amber does a flirtatious giggle as they shake hands.

Graphics Guy: Hey Maxwale, my name is Chaz.

MJF turns to extend his hand to Chaz but doesn’t take his eyes off of Amber.

MJF: Cheese, you must be an intern, Can you go fetch the lovely Amber and MJF some water please?

MJF: And if you come back to a locked door, we’ll let you in when we are finished.

Chaz looks confused, while Amber begins to blush.

Chaz: Actually, I’m in the graphics department.

Chaz: And I have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts from Kentucky Wesleyan College, a top 10 Graphic Arts program.

MJF finally takes his eyes off of Amber and takes a firm hold of Chaz’s hand.

MJF: I also heard they are top 5 in Cow Tipping and top 3 in kissing your cousin.

MJF: Why don’t you take those stats and run along now…

Chaz tried to head out but he can’t get away from MJF’s grip. Chaz tugs a few times, but doesn’t budge. MJF pulls him in close.

MJF: And I would be mindful of how you address Maxwale Jaykub Freeman. I could go on about bachelors in Sociology and Masters in Social Sciences from Grambling State.

MJF: How I’ve been the valedictorian at every graduation since birth. Or the fact that I’ve passed up positions from numerous Fortune 500 companies.

MJF: But none of that matters. Because I was born… and breed for this business.

MJF: And you… and the rest of the OCW universe will come to realize this when I make my Riot debut at 502 against Charles Young.

MJF: Now, unless you want an exclusive preview on how I’m going to dissect and dismantle Charles Young, then stick around and I’ll snap some ligaments quicker than you can say Maxwale Jaykub Freeman.

MJF: Is that understood?

Chaz takes a deep gulp and give MJF a very apprehensive nod. MJF smirks and lets go of his hand and Chaz scurries out of the room.

MJF turns back to Amber, rolls his shoulders to adjust his sportcoat, and approaches her again.

MJF: Now where were we…. Oh yes, my name is Maxwale Jaykub Freeman. And I’m better than you….

MJF: Chester Cheese knows it. And come Riot 502, Charles Young will know it too.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Well someone is certainly confident!

You should always be confident in your power Charles!

The Xtron flashes to life, and The Steve's face appears.

The Steve:
People of OCW! This is the man who mastered the fist of the North Steve, the man with seven Steves... THE STEVE!

The Steve: The Steve is here today, live, to accept Cort Marshall's drunken challenge.

The Steve: You will see The Steve at Wrestlelution.

The Steve: You will see The Steve hit The Steve at Wrestlelution!

The Steve: Cort, get ready... you only wrestled The Steve at 7.5 The Steve out of Ten.

The Steve: Now that’s nothing to mess with, but are you ready for the Full The Steve?

The Steve: Is OCW ready for the Full The Steve?

He pauses as the crowd cheers STEVE...STEVE...STEVE!

The Steve:
It's been many years since the glory days, and still... the people love The Steve.

The Steve: The Steve is grateful. The Steve has not missed the aches and the pains, but the Steve has missed the cheers, the pomp, the circumstance.

The Steve: At Wrestlelution, The Steve will give back to those who cheered The Steve throughout The Steve's time.

The Steve: We may not be able to go back to the past.

The Steve: We may not be able to return our youth, our energy, or our hairlines... but for one night, at wrestlelution, The Steve will take you old fans on a trip through memory lane, and you young fans will see The Steve in a new light.

The Steve releases the doves as the Xtron fades back to the OCW LOGO!

The camera pans to the announce team.

Cort vs The Steve II!!!!

Electric Hulabaloo!


It's a Match!
M.J.F vs Charles Young

The camera pans to the announce team.

He got all of it!

You are not kidding!

We turn our attention backstage as Cyborg is reading The latest OCW Magazine.

He is irked by content being published.

What is this? OCW Movie Casting!

Cyborg: If only these prima donnas knew OCW was a way of life…if only they use this place as means of survival they’d be better than who they are.

A pipe falls that echos thru the hallway. Cyborg stops in his tracks. He military instincts kicks in and turns around immediately to see if he’s being followed. He sniffs the air and looks around…

No one.

Cyborg: (Grunts)

He then turns back around. The lead pipe that fell is being picked up slowly behind him and he doesn’t notice.

Meanwhile, Cyborg throws the magazine down to the ground as one his latest nuisances catches him by surprise and walks up on him.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh boy! Did he really just say that?

Oh yes he did!