OCWFED.com Presents Riot





The camera pans to the announce team.



The New vs The Old and the True vs the BOLD!

We got a great show for you so lets go!


The camera pans into the arena, Ryu Matsumoto is in a heavily TTT decorated ring. Clapping and getting the crowd hyped up.

Once he’s satisfied with the hype levels he points to a stagehand who tosses a mic up from ringside Ryu deftly catches it, smirks and begins.

RYU: At Chill Faktor, history was made, my friend Mugen and my son Kassidy stepped into this squared circle, surrounded by four sides of steel, to compete for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship.

RYU: And my son Kassidy Hayes stepped out of those four sides of steel with gold held high over his head YOUR OCW Heavyweight Championship.

Ryu raises his hands up, several poppers go off raining gold streamers down from the rafters as a banner that says TTT Domination unfurls above the ring.

RYU: And as with all world title runs you the fans are blessed with one thing.

RYU: Its not matches, because we know my son Kass is just going to put every challenger in the dirt with GREAT ferocity.

RYU: Its not gunna be money for you Jay, because its all about that TTT.

RYU: Its all that new MERCH! Check it out!

Ryu walks over to the edge of the ring and grabs a large TTT garbage bag. He reaches in and pulls out the first item.

RYU: CER-TEE-FIED KASSHOLE T-shirts! Check it out, don’t like anyone? Don’t like talking to them to show your distaste? Hurl your insults with the new world champions OFFICIAL, TTT, T-shirt!

Ryu looks like he’s about to throw the shirt into the crowd then stops short of throwing it, he raises a finger and shakes it then mouths the words, “fifty-four ninety-nine baby”

He reaches into the bag again, this time he pulls out what appears to be an empty sock hanger.

RYU: TTT Branded Socks, for the man with NO HONOR!

The light go out and "Six A.M., Christmas morning.........No shadows, no reflections here Lying cheek to cheek in your cold embrace..................So soft and so tragic as a slaughterhouse" plays through the speakers of the arena. Kass slowly made his way to the ring with a noticeable frown, he rolls into the ring from the bottom rope as the lights come back on. Kass looks around at everything,

There is nothing to celebrate DAD!

Kass slumps down his shoulders and then sits down on thew mat,

Kassidy: Dennis let that hoe bag turn him against me, They Dennised me.

Kassidy: They came out here and ruined my moment, I was about to lift this title and scream into the camera, “I DID IT DENNY! I DID IT DAD! TTT CO UNDISPUTED CHAMPION 4LYFE!”

RYU: Hey! Forget about them, look at that belt you’ve got, look at all this new merch, we’re gunna make tons of money let’s move on to greener pastures!

Kass quickly back to his feet,

Kassidy: No, Tonight I show Dennis that he made a mistake turning on us. Turning on the brand will be the biggest regret of his life as I destroy one of his goons tonight.

Kassidy: Denny, I hope you are watching, Cort is going to be made a example of and it's your fault.

RYU: [shrugs] Whatever floats your boat, as we’re selling merch.

Ryu raises his hand for a high five, delivering his signature stupid smile.

RYU: TTT Domination?

Kass raises his hand places it besides Ryu, not actually slapping hands,

Kassidy: TTT Domination.

The camera pans to the announce team.

The Champ is filled with Vengence!

Is Cort Prepared?


It's a Match!


The camera pans to the announce team.

Scrappy fellow!

What a pivotal momentum shift!

The Clash 2018

The camera pans to the announce team.




It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.

Down to the wire!

That one move cinched it!

Backstage we see Dimsmore prepping for his match against OCW Rookie of the Year H2O. We haven’t seen Dimsmore in a number of weeks, 6 to be exact. As he’s going thru his pre-match routine. He takes a call thru his wireless headphones.

Dimsmore: Hello?

Voice: Yoooo.

Dimsmore: SMG, what’s goin’ on brother?

B.S.M.G: Chillin man. How’s the shipment treatin’ ya?

Dimsmore: Raised my personal bests in bench and squat. And I’m amazed at how flexible I still am.

B.S.M.G: Yea, this stuff is no joke.

Just then, a knock at the door and in walks H2O. Dimsmore has a look of disdain as H2O approaches him. But he continues his convo with B.S.M.G.

Dimsmore: So, you sent that next cycle to the house right?

B.S.M.G: Yessir, I’ll be there shortly to drop it off to you personally .

H2O: Hey. Uh, Mr. Dimsmore. I’d like to have a word with you before our match.

Dimsmore give him the “Shoo Fly” motion and goes to reach for the wrist tape in his bag. H2O is not pleased with the response as he puts his hands on his hips while giving him the duck lips behind his back.

Dimsmore: So you trying to get back in the ring?

B.S.M.G: I can’t call it man. We’ll talk about it when I come through.

H2O stands right behind Dimsmore and starts chewing his gum loud like a horse. He then blows a big bubble right by his ear and pops it.

Dimsmore slowly turns around to face H2O and has that same disdain look he had when H2O entered the room.

Dimsmore: S.M.G. lemme call you back.

B.S.M.G: Aiight, no doubt.

Dimsmore ends the phone call, removes his headphones and approaches H2O. Harvey backs away from Dimsmore until he’s about a foot from the wall.

Dimsmore: What the hell do you want?

H2O: Lucas, now that’s no way to talk to an old friend now is it?

Dimsmore: Friend? One, I'm not your friend. Two, do not call me Lucas… unless you want your jaw rearranged.

H2O rolls his eyes.

H2O: You too? Aww c’mon. What has gotten into you and The Light Heavyweight Goldie Locks over the years? I need a favor from you. Are you interested?

Dimsmore: ...........

H2O: I’m done fighting my best friends. Baker and I had our differences. We work great together. Goldie Locks and I have unfinished business. I have to take away that Light Heavyweight title from him in order for him to come down off his high horse. I’m sure you understand?

Dimsmore: Him and I crossed paths before. So yes, I do understand. That’s the only thing we have in common, twerp. What part of I don’t want to work with you YOU don’t understand?

H2O: But you, Luc- I mean Dimz, you were my best friend days before OCW and even before Ambition. I’m asking to just be B2O’s bodyguard. One thing we don’t have is size. You will complete that for us.

Dimsmore is growing very tired of this nonsense.

Dimsmore: If you don’t get out my locker room by the time I count to 3….

H2O: Ok here’s the proposition….

Dimsmore: One…

H2O: I beat you tonight you become B2O’s bodyguard…

Dimsmore grabs H2O’s shirt collar and has him pressed up against the wall.

Dimsmore: TWO!

H2O: You-win-B2O-will-disband-and-I-join-up-with-you-and-Lacy-and-be-at-your-beckon-call-24hrs-a-day...7-days-a-week!

H2O is wincing up against the wall hoping an old friend doesn’t pummel him before their official match. Dimsmore demeanor changes slightly to a calm state.

Dimsmore: If that's what it takes to get you to drop this delusional thought of me teaming with B2O, then so be it.

H2O eyes open wide but doesn’t try to show too much excitement at the thought of Dimsmore actually considering the proposal.

H2O: Ok umm...Dimz...can you ah let me down now? My feet aren’t touching the floor. So I can leave...ya know.

Dimsmore let's H2O down and backs out of the room quickly but doesn't take his eyes off of Dimsmore. Once Harvey is out, Dimsmore goes back to taping his elbow brace on. H2O quickly pokes his head back in the room.

H2O: Dimz...No elbows please tonight cause you know the last time my head hurt for da-

Dimsmore: GET OUT!!!

H2O leaves quicker than the last time as the scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.

He mad!

What a PEST!