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The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman its TIME FOR RIOT EPISODE 513

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The scene starts with Doc Green sat in the locker room preparing for his match tonight with his tag team partner, Antonio Everrett. He looks focused, but his attention is peaked by a silhouette appearing in the doorway. 

Everrett: So I've got the game plan ready do you wanna see it?

That figure would be Antonio Everrett, who is scheduled to make his in-ring debut alongside Doc tonight. He is holding a clipboard in his hands and is dressed in smart attire prior to his match.

Doc: Go on then, but I'm really not sure about that clipboard you got there.

Everrett: Well, well, well, you'd be surprised. Because from my research you've had your ass beat twice by this dude Tayy now and if we're not on the same page tonight it's gonna happen again.

Doc kisses his teeth.

Doc: Man, what the hell do you know about getting pinned? I don't want to see that clipboard anyway because we're gonna kill it tonight, don't be so concerned about 'what ifs', because if we stick to what we've been doing over the summer we're gonna be just fine.

Everrett looks up from his clipboard, slightly dejected. He puts it down slowly and takes his glasses off.

Everrett: You're right man, I'm just so nervous, you know? It's a big step for me and it's quite daunting knowing I'm about to begin my journey on the biggest stage of my career, not just supporting on the sidelines, actually inside the ring. 

Doc: Hey, brother don't worry about it. I'm gonna be there with you every step you take, so you just worry about going out there and putting on a show for these fans, you know you got this. Now get yourself out of that suit, we've got to be ready. Put it there, brother.

The scene ends with a fist bump between the two friends and Everrett motions to get into his ring gear.

The camera pans to the announce team.

It's going down!

The UNCROWNED Debut in just a bit!

It's a Match!


The camera pans to the announce team.

He got all of it!

Indeed he did!

The camera fades in backstage to see Tayy Breizee with a large pair of headphones around his neck, music playing loudly from them. As he walks down the hall, he comes to a stop at door. After several muted knocks, his appointed tag team partner Aisu opens the door.

Tayy nods at his partner and speaks in a soft voice.

Tayy: Ayee, what's good mane? 

Breizee extends his arm for a dap, Aisu slowly returns the favor.

Aisu: Hey! My tag team partner! Aha.

Tayy: Yo man, I just wanted to say good luck out there. Ain't had the chance to meet'cha face to face yet. 

Aisu: Oh okay... and the same I wish to you, my friend! I am full of excitement to have get started out there.

Tayy grins at Aisu's response and taps him on the shoulder.

Tayy: Aye man, your English is pretty good. These cats better watch out for my man Aisu. Haha! 

Tayy: Anyways, it should be fun out there. Let's go out there and get a W. I got your back if you got mine. 

Aisu, seeming to understand, nods his head enthusiastically and waves to Tayy as the door closes. Tayy begins to turn around and grabs his headphones... Before he can put them over his ears though, he turns into a tall man in a suit, who was eavesdropping.

Dillinger: Mr. Tayy Breizee...

Tayy stands facing his former manager and agent angrily without saying a word.

Dillinger: I see you've shacked up with some real winners these days! He's got a real grasp of---

Tayy: Man, what the hell do you want? You're lucky I don't bust you in the mouth right here.

Dillinger: Woah! Woah! What's with the hostility? I let you keep your name! 

Tayy: You ain't let me keep anything. That's MY name. You tried to run me out and ruin my career. You need to walk away from me. I got business. Business that doesn't have anything to do with you. 

Tayy walks around Dillinger and again grabs his headphones, but stops when he hears Dillinger's retort.

Dillinger: That's a good one! As if you had any idea how to do real business

Dillinger: After costing me an entire Summer's worth of time, I think the only thing you know how to do these days is empty arenas like this. 

Tayy twists his head, inhales deeply and exhales slowly, calming himself. He turns around to face Dillinger.

Dillinger: Ah - ah - ah... Per the court settlement, remember? You don't touch me and you get to exist as the "who cares" personality that you so enjoy. 

Dillinger crosses his arms and sarcastically frowns at Tayy Breizee before shrugging at him.

Dillinger: C'mon. Hit me, little guy. Make me some money. Hell, it'd be the first time you ever did. 

Tayy reluctantly backs away, laughing to himself and shaking his head. He backs away and points back at Dillinger.

Tayy: You gon' get what's coming to you. One day or another. I won't let myself stoop to your level. Good luck doin' whatchu do.

Tayy puts his headphones on and makes his way down the hall to the ring! The camera fades as Dillinger smiles wide, his silver tooth gleaming in the lighting.

The camera pans to the announce team.

That sounded like a threat!



It's a Match!


The camera pans to the announce team.



OCW Employee: LOKI! Come down from there right now! 

Twenty feet above the the entrance to Riot 513, high upon the rooftop is Loki. He shakes his head vigorously and shouts back. 

Loki: NO! I don’t want to fight Drago! He’s a bad, bad man! 

Employee: Look! This is embarrassing. You are an OCW Sup--- you are a wrestler contracted by OCW. If you don’t wrestle, you don’t get paid! 

Loki: I get paid? 

Employee mumbles under this breath: Oh my god, this is useless. 

A crowd has started to form around the the shouting man, they all stare up and gawk at the stupidity of it all. 

Employee: LOOK! I will make a deal with you. If you beat Drago tonight, I will tell you Jacob Trance’s greatest, darkest secret that you can use to destroy him! 



Loki crashes into the trash container filled with bags of rubbish. 

Crawling out of the trash, Loki eyes are bright with excitement. 

Loki: WELL! If we are gonna beat Drago, we are gonna need some Bubba armor. 

Employee: Huh? 

Loki points across the street to a sporting goods store. 

The camera pans to the announce team.

HAHAHA! That Loki is a card!

HE IS BRAIN DAMAGED! And for some reason OCW loves to hire people who aren't allowed to use metal eating utensils let alone wrestle!

Scene opens inside of a gym. Camera zooms in on Telos who’s seen benching 500 pounds with ease. A loud scream can be heard & Telos instantly stops lifting and gets up.

Person 1- Dear God, can you cover up already.

Person 2- It’s kids in here have some respect you sicko.

Camera circles the room & lands on OCW Gamer of the year, AC Cobra. The crowd from inside of the arena pops.

Camera zooms out a little & shows AC running on the treadmill shirtless. He shrugs as people at the gym continue to walk by in disgust as his breast flap helplessly in the air.

AC- The fat shaming has to end. *shrugs*

Cobra throws his Dre Beats on & Telos gets back to lifting. Camera continues to stay on Telos as he lifts. AC can be heard in the background reciting lyrics to his new theme.

AC- *rapping* Fans calling my name, you know it’s AC Cobra, you niggas dying today.

Telos instantly stops lifting.

AC- You ain’t riding my wave, you know it’s AC Cobra, you niggas dying today. I put a silencer & spray. Yo Cobra, like young Yooda…….

AC see’s an angry Telos standing in front of him. Telos, reaches for air earphones signaling AC to take off his Beats.

AC- Sup Telos?

Telos- Hell you think you are Cobra? Grove Street? I know you can play San Andreas on your phone, but this ain't the time nor place.

Telos- I'm giving you fair warning: watch your mouth, or I'll close it for you involuntarily.

AC looks confused

AC- What’s your deal Gamer? Just listening to my music trying get some cardio.

Telos- That’s the problem.. Your music has words in it that scientifically and skintifaclly you can’t say.

AC- What word? That N word? Me & all my friends say it all the time playing Call of Duty, Fortnite, you try them new maps? PUBG, winner, winner, chicken dinner, nig--

Before AC can finish Telos socks him in his mouth and AC falls to the ground and his chest flaps in the air.

Telos- I’ll see your scrawny ass in the ring tonight “gamer” & that’s with a hard E R.

AC rubs hands his against his bruised face. Scene Fades.