OCWFED.com Presents Riot





The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman The ROAD to Devils Night 2018 is officially on!

You like how we snuck that in from last week!

We are pros! haha!

We have a great show for you tonight so LETS GET IT ON!

The Camera Pans To The Ramp

As the music keeps going FloJo gets out of the ring and grabs one of the ladders from ring side and places it in the ring.

She set's up the ladder and before she climbs to the top, ask for a microphone from the ring announcer. She climbs to the top and sits on the ladder.

FloJo:Hello Riot, I know, I know, you were expecting a match right now.

FloJo: And I know you're wondering why is there tables, ladders and chairs surrounding the ring...

FloJo: You see, there's PPV coming up called Devil's Night.

FloJo: I thought this would enhance my match against Dragana...

FloJo: Dragana. I may have issued the challenge. now, I wanna know if you're willing to go to Hell and back for your belt.

FloJo: Me and you in a TLC match.

Crowd cheers

FloJo: I'd like an answer from...But I'm sure your handler Johnny be very upset.

FloJo: Now to demonstrate how far I'm willing to go, I'm gonna jump from the top of this ladder through that table.

FloJo begins to set to the top of the ladder then suddenly realizes that she's has a fear of heights. The crowds begins to boo as makes a quick descent to the ring.

Crowd begins to chant YOU'RE A SIS SY!....YOU'RE SIS SY!. This angers FloJo. She makes her way back to the top.


The Packed NYC Crowd now starts a "Please don't die" Chant! As FloJo stands at the very top scanning the crowd!

Just then Lotus does the unthinkable as Screams!


FloJo leaps from the top of the ladder crashing through a table. Crowd goes nuts as they see FloJo leap from such a high distance. Medical crews swarm the ring the check on FloJo...

Crowd chants holy **** and the scene fades.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Well hell that's one way to start the show!



It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.


Oh stop it!

Dillinger stands at his desk, one hand on his cellphone and one on his desk. He speaks with a calm voice... More calm than usual.

Dillinger: Yes... I can assure you that the world took notice last week. The acceleration process is coming along just fine.

A slow, deep voice response illegibly on the other end.

Dillinger: A deal is a deal! I'm glad you took my offer into consideration last week. That moron is the reason people hate Americans. Eugh.

Dillinger: Trust me, I know. But big guy, that stupid belt is the least of my worries.

Dillinger's smug grin subsides and he pulls the phone away from his head as the voice on the other end is hear shouting angrily at him.

Dillinger: Okay. Okay! Okay! OKAY! I hear you! I hear you.

Dillinger: I am in your debt. You held up your end of the bargain, and I'm holding mine. With this money coming in each week from Tayy's album and merchandise sales, we have plenty of resources available.

Dennis walks over to the window to look down into the Manhattan streets from his office.

Dillinger: You and I are on the same page... Trust me... This is the week you really make a splash. Hahaaa!

The laughter continues as the screen fades to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.

What the hell is he cooking!

Doesn't matter its GOLD!

The Xtron Flickers On


The camera pans to the announce team.



The scene opens with a shot of Antonio Everrett sat in the rookie locker room, who is preparing for his singles debut later in the night, he is looking down at something out of the shot with a confused look on his face.

The camera pans to a shot of two different pairs of slides, which are almost identical, Doc Green appears in the background as the camera pans back up.

Green: Mate, nobody is going to care about what you have on your feet, you should be worrying about your match tonight, not two identical pairs of slides.

Everrett turns to look at Doc, as if he'd just told him that he'd just deep fried his cat and it was being served to him.

Everrett: Listen mate, if your knowledge of casual footwear was as vast and extensive as mine, you'd realise that these are actually in fact very, very, very dif-

Green: Honestly Ant you really haven't got time for this at the minute, you're about to make your singles debut, you've worked so hard for this moment, it's time to grab it with both hands and show everyone exactly who you are!

Green: So what are you going to do? Sit there and worry about what's going to keep your stanky ass feet clean for like a minute, or go out there and focus on getting that sweet sweet W you've been dreaming about since you got here?

Antonio looks up at his best friend turned motivational speaker, who has evidently managed to refocus him, despite Everrett's obsession with designer flip flops.

Everrett: Actually Doc, I think you're right. I'm ready to go out there and try and put on a show for these fans, and show them exactly who Antonio Everrett is!

Everrett: And while many may disagree with my preferred choice of footwear, or lack thereof respectively, inside and out of the ring, I will make sure that no one will be able to deny my heart and passion for this business because they will know why I belong inside that ring!

By the end of Everrett's mini speech, Doc is getting more and more hype for Everrett's first singles match, they are both stood up at this point and Doc is lightly slapping Everrett on the back.

Green: That's what I'm talking about! You go out there and kill it, just like we do every week!

They fist bump and Everrett walks off intensely, ready for his match. However, just as he is out of the door a voice can be heard in the background shouting.

...: Doc!!!

Doc rushes out of the locker room, worried sick about the possibility that Everrett may have been brutalised by a mysterious figure, just like Tayy Breizee did. He swings open the door and runs into the hallway but comes to a sudden stop.

Antonio is stood in the hallway by himself.

Everrett: I forgot my slides could you go and get me a pair? I'll pay for dinner tonight I promise.

Doc sighs, he's almost out of breath after his intense flashback sequence.

Green: Fine, but you're actually paying this time, I've spent way too much on your bad eating habits.

Everrett: Cheers mate, seriously I will this time, wouldn't want you getting sneak attacked by rising food prices or anything.

Green: You're really not funny sometimes man... I'll go get your slides.

The scene ends with Doc walking back to the locker room and Antonio continuing to punch thin air to get ready for his match.

The camera pans to the announce team.

He is locked and ready!

But will it be enough?