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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot Episode 525!!!

Five Hundred and Twenty Five Episodes! WHEW who does that?

Previously Recorded


Valkyrie is standing in the middle of the ring, staring at the carnage she caused. The security guards laying on the mat all around her, as she pulls her smartphone out of her pockets. She sits in the middle of the ring and faces the camera. 

 There is no going back now. Sensation, I…

H2O: Valkyrie! 

She instantly turns to H2O. He enters the ring, trying his best not to trip on the bodies. He's flabbergasted as he looks like he can't truly believe what just happened there. 

 What… what the hell happened here? Have you lost your mind? You will be fired for this! 

H2O approaches her carefully, one step at a time, as if he thought she was going to hit him as well. 

What happened to us, Harvey? You said Inception was the beginning of something. You said we were supposed to fight TTT and Fame. You said we were supposed to shape the future of OCW. 

H2O: We are. That's exactly what we are doing, together. 

Valkyrie: Are we really, though? You and KD only care about that gold around your waists, just like Rookies. Bobby sits on his ass all day signing autographs. 

Valkyrie: Meanwhile I'm forced to compete in Handicap Matches, Hell in a Cell matches, Tables matches. I get humiliated weekly and suspended for standing up to Our Hero and fighting for what I believe in. Meanwhile you and the boys play Hide n Seek in the backstage and get title shot after title shot after title shot. 

Valkyrie: You say we have to fight our own battles right? That's what differentiate us from them TTT “hyenas”. Well I'm tired of fighting YOUR battles for you. 

H2O: We fought against Fame, two versus two on Live TV two weeks ago. We are fighting our battles, Valkyrie. It's not just you. If you’d stop playing the victim card for once and… 

Valkyrie snaps. She closes on Harvey and tries to hit him in the face but he quickly blocks her and grabs her by the arm. 

 Were you really going to hit me, Valk? 

Valkyrie simply glares at him in silence, not knowing what to do and what to say. 

 We are not on the same page anymore. We haven’t been on the same page for quite some time. You’ve changed, Valkyrie. 

Valkyrie: Have I changed, Harvey? Are you...

H2O: You should take a break. 

Valkyrie: I really shouldn’t. I don’t need it.

H2O: I mean a break from Inception. 

Valkyrie is flabbergasted, her eyes are wide open. 

 We should part ways for a while. I simply don’t recognize you anymore: I wanted the old Valkyrie by my side, not this violent, narcissistic brat. 

H2O: You are out. 

He releases the grip on her wrist. She takes a step back, still glaring at him with the same expression of someone whose world just collapsed in front of their eyes. 

The scene fades to black.


The X-Tron Flashes On!


The scene opens with Doc Green and Antonio Everrett making their way through the parking lot towards the arena, dressed in street attire but carrying their wrestling gear with them in their usual bags. The rookies appear in good spirits, as they continue their conversation, making their way to the backstage area.

Doc: And then this guy wanted me to sign his CQC shirt and that’s where I drew the line.

Everrett: I guess some people can only save themselves. No doubt those lads will be hatching some massive heist extravaganza from their basement, probably involving some form of hog-tying OR mexican standoff, whichever suits them best.

Doc: Mate, I don’t even want to think about hog-ties or cowboys or anything of that sort.

Everrett: Do you reckon they’re into that sort of crap? Actually nevermind, whatever floats their boat I guess.

The pair chuckle as they approach the rookie locker room door, but are stopped as they make it there by two imposing OCW security guards..

OCW Guard #1: Sorry boys, locker room is off limits. If you wanna get changed, parking lot’s over there, arena toilets that way.

The Uncrowned boys look on, bewildered, as the security guard points off in all kinds of directions.

Doc: With all due respect mate that’s complete BS; are you seriously expecting like 20 rookies to be able to all get ready in a bloody car park?

OCW Guard #2: Sorry, MATE, we don’t make the rules. If you have a problem with the policy, go and speak to Pugh or Dupree, I’m sure they’ll be happy to help.

The guard pulls a wry smile as Everrett sarcastically extends his arm in a handshake, giving Doc a quick glance, staring for a moment, before nodding at each other and turning their attention back to the guards.

Doc: Listen, I don’t know if you know this but Ant and I have been having a bit of a rough time of it as of late, so if you’d just move out the way and let us in, we’d really appreciate it.

OCW Guard #2: Again, new policy. You’re not coming in. Now move along.

The guard pulls a condescending smile at Doc, prompting Everrett to drop the hand and get in the guard’s face, who stands a good 2 or 3 inches taller than him.

Everrett: You know what, I think we might take you up on that offer, sir. Now, why don’t you let your boss know that there’s two pissed off rookies who aren’t going to stand for his crap if he wants to come at us. He’ll know where to find us.

With that, Everrett and Doc make their way off screen, visibly annoyed and frustrated as they drag their belongings along with them down the backstage area.

It's a Match!

After Valkyrie tried to attack Ashley Moore in the still empty Riot arena Ashley could escape to the backstage area. There she hides in a small box room with the lights turned off and prays that Valkyrie won’t find her.

She takes out her phone to shoot an Instagram video for her followers.

Ashley Moore:
 You won’t believe what happened now. Valkyrie just showed up here on Riot to attack me. The same Valkyrie who got banned from Riot. 

Ashley Moore: Luckily I could get away while she was busy turning the security guards into humus. Our boss won’t approve that.

She takes a break to take a deep breath.

Ashley Moore:
 You cannot imagine how afraid I am right now.

Ashley Moore: She is going to kill me when she gets her hands on me.

Ashley Moore: That little psycho.

Ashley Moore: Guess that won’t be the last time she goes for me. Let’s just hope I will stay as lucky as today.

Ashley Moore: Also, if you want to support me against Valkyrie I have very nice shirts that you can buy. And don’t forget to spread the hashtag #FCKVLK.