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Season 14 Intro


The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman it is RIOT 528!

After the shocker that was Certified Greatness who knows what will happen tonight!

The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

The Uncrowned boys make their way into the ring, both with their respective titles strapped proudly over their shoulders. Everrett makes his way to a ringside crew member and picks up two microphone, handing one to the World Champion, who begins to speak after the applause dies down.


The audience erupts again, with ‘You deserve it’ chants breaking out from the audience. Everrett chuckles.

Everrett: See, they know what they’re talking about! Nobody deserves that title more than you right now!

Green: Hey man, I don’t deserve this title, I put in that work and got what I earned at Certified Greatness, just like you did! We make this look good, brother.

The pair turn to the audience and lift up their titles, to more cheers from the crowd.

Everrett: But you lot better believe this is only the beginning for us.

Green: That’s right, Ev. ‘Uncrowned’ has and always will be a mindset, so you better believe this is only the beginning. It’s one thing winning these titles, it’s another keeping it. You already know that we’re gonna fight and defend these titles against whoever wants to step up, no more hiding behind this Championship!

Everrett: You know it, brother! So, that leads us to exactly why we’re out here right now. I’m here to let everyone in the back right now that if you want a shot at this Light Heavyweight Championship, all you gotta do is ask baby, given that you do not exceed the weight limit provided by the good people behind the scenes.

Doc: No more holding others down, no more stupid big dick contests between those higher up in the company. Not while we’re still here, and we’re still champions!

The crowd pop again as the Uncrowned make their ways onto opposite turnbuckles either side of the ring and lift their titles. They make their way back to the middle of the ring and Everrett continues.

Everrett: Now we’ve had our moment, it’s time to do what we’ve always done, and that’s look forward and focus on our path, because you already know we’re just getting started.

Green: That’s right, and, with a little assistance from our mate Paul Pugh, our path has taken us to the Inception. Don’t get me wrong Ev, those some big dudes, but we’ve never backed down from a fight, that’s how we got here.

Everrett: It ain’t how we built, so Pugh can put us in any match he wants, that deluded old man knows he is not going to break us, we’ll take on all comers and that starts TONIGHT.

The familiar theme of the Uncrowned blasts through the speakers as the pair fist bump and make their way backstage to get ready for their main event.

The scene opens in the parking lot, where Valkyrie is holding her usual Riot-in-the-Parking-Lot show. 

She is now standing in the middle of the ring, with a microphone in her hand.

 Our Hero said he is going to lift my suspension at one condition but he has yet to tell me what that condition is. 

Valkyrie: I cannot believe I'm actually going to say this but…

Valkyrie bites her lips. Her expression is filled with anger.

 You won, alright? You heard me, Sensation? You won. It's over. 

Valkyrie: I've lost everything. I cannot live in a motel for much longer. Sure, Flojo offered me her help, but what about my dignity? 

Valkyrie: I need money, simply put. I don't want to go back to my family in Sweden and give up on my dreams. 

Valkyrie: But I don't have a choice! I lost my apartment, my bank account is almost empty and, to make things worse, I have nowhere else to go.

Valkyrie: You did it. You wanted me to beg for forgiveness for a sin I have never committed. Let me say that again: I have done NOTHING wrong. This is your personal vendetta against me for my association with H2O, which, ironically enough, your actions destroyed. 

Valkyrie: So go ahead. Reveal to me what your conditions are. Am I going to wrestle naked? Or in a clown costume? Do I have to beg on my knees to get my job back? Or worse? What does your sadistic mind have in store for me, Sensation?

A kid jumps over the barricade and runs towards Valkyrie. She is holding a cake in her hands. 

 Valkyrie! I don't want you to be sad! I made this for you!

She lowers the mic and gets a piece of cake. It looks delicious. 

 Mmmph. Not bad. 

In this moment, two hooded figures jump over the barricade as well. At first, she doesn't recognize them, but after a few moments, she recognizes them: Ashley Moore and Empress. 

Empress removes the hood from her head and walks out of the crowd of people wearing a Straight outta Valhalla hoodie. She waves and smiles at Valkyrie as the duo make their way into the ring. 

 Valkyrie-chan! A pleasure as always. Do you like my hoodie? I found in Ashley’s new apartment. 

Empress shows off her hoodie to Valkyrie. She twirls in a circle and dabs like Valkyrie. 

 Why are you so sad? 

Ashley Moore looks over at Empress and whispers into her ear. Empress’ expression changes from a smile to a pout quickly. 

 Ohhhhh..yeah. Forgot about that. I’m so sorry about Certified Greatness but, we tried to warn you. How many times has Blaine tell you not everything has a happy ending? 

Empress: But, it's nice to see you coming to your senses. And giving Our Hero the respect he deserves. 

Ashley Moore notices sweat forming on Valkyrie’s forehead and her complexion going slightly pale. 

Ashley Moore
: Everything okay with you, Valkyrie? You don’t look so good. Can we get you something?

Ashley Moore: You cannot stomach the cake as it seems. Was it because of your special ingredient, Empress?

Empress reaches in her hoodie pocket and pulls out a bottle of laxatives. She throws it at Valkyrie’s chest and shakes her head in disappointment. 

 You really shouldn’t take items from strangers. This parking lot has a lot of weirdos out there. 

Empress: Also, I don’t know what TSP means so I used the whole bottle. Is that too much? 

Valkyrie starts feeling numb. She stumbles back, holding her stomach. Empress and Ashley make their way out of the ring. Ashley Moore passes a Benjamin Franklin to the girl before the two get out of the ring.

The crowd stares at her, confused as to what is going on. She stands still for a couple of interminable moments, then drops the mic and runs away


It's a Match!


The scene opens in the locker room of one Terra Daturas. Potted vines sit atop hanging baskets, curling down and around towards the floor, with small flower arrangements woven through the strands of greenery to create numerous waterfalls of colourful flora. 

With a handful of rose stems in one hand and a pair of small shears in the other, Terra stands in the centre of the room, pruning and tending to her plants.

From off screen walks Elsa Holmberg, dressed casually in a white t-shirt/slim-fit black leather jacket combo as well as skinny blue denim jeans and black block heel shoes on her dainty but dangerous feet.

Terra sees Elsa and puts her things down on a nearby table.

Terra: Elsa, so good to see you!

The two embrace in a hug. As they release, there is a clear look of reservation on Elsa’s face.

Terra: You are sad…. I can tell from your beautifully reserved face...

She rushes back to her table of ointments and potions.

Terra: Here, this is lavender and rosemary; breathe it in slowly. It will calm you.

Elsa doesn’t hesitate to take a whiff of the pottle of oils. She exhales with her eyes closed before slowly opening them again.

Elsa: Thank you, Terra.

Terra: Of course, Elsa! I can guess what is bothering you; I saw the footage at Certified Greatness.

Elsa takes a seat and drops her head.

Elsa: I don’t knowing what to do. I care for Justin, but I see this picture and not knowing is it true.

Terra sits next to her and puts her arm around her shoulders.

Elsa: This was happen before I know him, but it make it hard to trust him. He keep saying he didn’t do anything but this picture showing he was there with Gene. I feeling...how you say? Torn.

Terra: I understand your concern, Elsa… Dubium... 

Terra: Let me tell you something.

Ms. Daturas removes her arm from around Elsa so she can use it to animate her speech.

Terra: The truth will always be revealed eventually. You shouldn’t let that photograph blur your truth. You know Justin; you’ve been around him, you’ve confided in him, you’ve lived with him. Do you think he would do something like that to his best friend?

Terra: Even I know Justin. You two have taken me in and made me feel welcome when I was alone… I just cannot imagine he would betray you in such a way.

Elsa looks down before slowly raising her head and meeting Terra’s gaze. Terra smiles at Elsa.

Elsa: I...I don’t know. I mean, no. I don’t think so? I’m just always think about this photograph. They were in house together, with no clothings on. Is very hard to see.

Terra: Were they embracing one another?

Elsa: No.

Terra: You see... The problem with that photograph is one that many hold with memories. It only shows one singular moment in time. There is no past, there is no future; you understand?

Elsa: I thinking so, yes.

Terra: Life as well as our grace, Mater Natura exists in a realm of religare. We must depend on one another in order to survive and trust… In order to thrive. 

She still seems like she needs more convincing but Terra’s pep talk has certainly raised her spirit a little. 

Terra: Just keep your mind open; do not rush to judgment until all sides of the story are revealed.

Elsa: Ok...thank you, Terra, I appreciate.

Terra: You are very welcome, Elsa.

Elsa slowly stands.

Elsa: I need to going do some errands. I seeing you later, ok?

Terra: You will, yes.

Daturas reaches over and gives Elsa a signature hug.

Terra: Goodbye, Elsa! I will see you soon!

Elsa smiles at her friend before making her way out of the locker room and the scene fades to black.