OCWFED.com Presents Riot





Season 14 Intro


The camera pans to the announce team.



As we return to Riot, we're joined in the ring by the three men called Fame. Immaculately dressed, the Hall of Fame syndicate are ready to address the crowd. Behind them, we see a glass case containing the Big Gold OCW World Heavyweight Championship. 

A big smile cuts across the face of Kid Ego himself as he begins to speak.

Pugh: Ladies and…

He looks at a group of burly men in the front row, all wearing Tuxedo print t-shirts. They're disgusting, guzzling beer and nachos as he looks on.

Pugh: ...New Yorkers huh? Hey you dirty bastards…

He is pointing in their direction

Pugh: Can you stop chewing for two seconds and show Your World Champion some respect? Disgusting. Look at the state of you. Sweating, balding… you people are a disgrace to your nation… can we have these animals thrown out please?

He turns to Nate who shrugs and them solemnly nods. Members of the OCW security team arrive to quickly sweep them out of the arena. As they leave Pugh adjusts his tie.

Pugh: finally. Justice has been served. Sense has been seen, and the OCW World Championship is back where it belongs… amongst Fame. Amongst winners. Amongst people who have earned the right to call themselves Champion.

He pats his hand against the glass case

Pugh: …Doc Green gave it his best. But he should've known something. The same thing that all of you people should know by now. Fame runs this place. We are always in control of any given situation… despite what that walking midlife crisis Jaysin Sensation would have you believe.

He opens up the glass case

Pugh: See. The very fact that this is in our possession just proves that he is the owner of this company merely in name. Doc saw sense. Doc realises that it's a privilege to be in the midcard of Fame's show.

Pugh: Doc would rather bend at the knee and do as he's told, than be doing his front flips in parking lot wrestling shows in front of 15 people.Much like Valkyrie weeks prior!

Pugh: And just like Valkyrie! Doc learned his lesson… now we just need Sensation to do the same.

Pugh: So Jay. Come on our here so you can apologise to me in front of all of these people. Apologise for trying to derail my World Title reign....YET AGAIN! Apologise for being a snivelling snake… right now!

The World Is Your! Blares through the Arena and none other than Our Hero, The CEO of OCW Mr.Sensation arrives!

Our Hero: Look fellas this is all well and good but since January you TWO, and let me be specific YOU TWO!

He points to Dupree and Pugh

Our Hero: Have been nothing but a giant pain my ass. For the past 4 months you both have been starting fires that, myself and Nate!


Our Hero: Have to put out, be it the FCC, the Shareholders, THE TALENT.

Our Hero: The Bottom line this whole "Power Tripping" routine has grown stale, and tiresome. And if I'm being totally honest it has effected "THE PRODUCT" in a negative way!

Our Hero: So like any good father figure I'm going to have to break my foot off in both your asses, like THE OLD COUNTRY WAY!

Our Hero: Tiberius Octavian Dupree....You are OFF the Booking Team effective right now!

The Crowd Cheers!

Dupree: WHAT! HOW PHREAKING DARE YOU! Nate phreaking do something, this old man has lost his goddamn mind!

Nate just looks at Dupree with a cold hard stare then shakes his head “No”.

Dupree immediately throws a tantrum, kicking and kneeing the ropes and turnbuckle. Eventually he slumps in the corner with his arms folded like a disgruntled toddler.

Our Hero: And as for you Skin Flaps, Doc Green is gonna get his rematch for THAT CHAMPIONSHIP THAT YOU STOLE FROM HIM!!! at ROAD 2 GLORY! THIS SUNDAY

Our Hero: But wait, just to prove to YOU, ME, and These PEOPLE that it wasn't a fluke we are gonna spice things up!

Our Hero: We will have a definitive winner at Road 2 Glory because we this match is a 2 out of 3 Falls!!!

Our Hero: Maybe once was a fluke but even you can't deny 2 losses in the same match!

Pugh takes a step towards Sensation, in the same motion Nate is now in front of Pugh. Nate’s head shakes Pugh knowing exactly what that means. The tension rises in the arena, as it reaches a fever pitch…

Doc Green’s music hits to a huge ovation as the legitimate OCW World Heavyweight champion makes his way down the ramp, microphone in hand, with his eyes focused simultaneously on Paul Pugh and the championship resting in its case. 

Doc: Oh, I apologise alright. I apologise to these thousands of fans in attendance who have paid good money to sit here and watch you chat shit with no substance like the coward you are.

Doc: I apologise to the men in the back who have been held back ever since you crawled back through the front door here.

Doc: Bobby Minio, H2O, even Kassidy Hayes put his neck on the line for you and this company and he’s ended up on the shelf for it. I didn’t give up the title for you, I gave it up for them.

He points to the crowd as he hastily makes his way into the ring, before beelining to square up to his opponent, his FAME compatriots moving their arms in the way to prevent any physical altercation between the two.

Doc: Your power trip ends at Road 2 Glory, Paul. Without that championship, FAME’s influence will crumble, and you’re too far up your own arse to even realise it.

Doc: So enjoy it while it lasts, old man. Times have changed, and it seems to me that your’s is about up. I’ll see you Sunday, mate.

Mr. Sensation, now holding a contract in a clipboard, makes his way into the ring and separates the two rivals. He opens the clipboard and takes out a pen before handing it first to Doc, who quickly looks over it and signs it emphatically, handing it back over.

It is then passed to Pugh, meticulously looks over every term, before reluctantly signing it and shoving it back into the hands of Our Hero.

Our Hero: THERE YOU HAVE IT! The Riot Main Event for Road 2 Glory 2019 is set, Doc Green vs Paul Pugh in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship

The crowd goes wild as the two stare each other down, the match now official for Road 2 Glory.

The Camera Pans To The X-Tron!


OCW Riot fades in after the show opening pyro and music videol to see the ring has been transformed. There are two large monitors in the ring and 2 stools.

Sitting on the left stool is a man in a hood and a front-facing snapback. He pushes the hood back and holds the mic up.

Tayy: What's goin' on, Tayyficionados!?

Tayy Breizee stands from his stool and looks back at the two monitors with a smile on his face.

Tayy throws out both his arms, before dropping a ferocious dab into his left arm. Several members of the crowd follow along with him, mostly the ones wearing “Valkyrie OCW” merchandise.

The Riot crowd is very excited, the “Speakbreizee” banner drops down in front of the hard cam and the two monitors click on to reveal the Tayy Breizee logo and several spinning microphones.

Tayy: Welcome back to SpeakBreizee! Let’s get right to it. The wrestling world was put on notice last week when newcomer Matty May joined me and tonight.

Tayy: Well tonight, my next guest, a newcomer to the Riot roster... Might just leave you dead on your feet.

Tayy: Let’s get it on, already!

The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

Tayy applauds the rookie as he enters the ring and nods at the host. Tayy hands him a microphone.

Tayy: Elliot Parker. Man, with those swords every week? That’s some real ninja stu-

Elliot: DO NOT…

Tayy stops dead in his tracks, half smiling and half wincing at the sudden interruption.

Elliot: Do not say what I think you’re about to say. I didn’t come here to suffer the same disrespect I experience on Turmoil. Now, continue on with your questions. I have a match tonight and would like to get ready for that.

Tayy: Woah. Relax, I ain’t here to fight. I already know you got enough fight on your hands later with KD.

Tayy: Here’s why I did want you here, though.

Tayy: Elliot Parker ain’t a name that’s exactly household right now in the OCW world. I know you got your past, but I wanna know what sets you apart from the rest of the people scratching and clawing at those doors, tryna be in the same ring you’re standing in right now?

Elliot: If my name isn’t commonplace when you think of the top competitors in this business, it will be very soon. I’m not going to give you some grand speech about “Why I deserve to be here” or “What makes me different”.

Elliot: Mr. Breizee, I just let my feet and fists do the talking for me. You will see what sets me apart when I’ve beaten down the entire OCW roster, one by one.

Tayy: You're walking through the toughest doors in OCW. Why did you come to Riot?

Elliot: There is one thing I have looked at my entire time in OCW. The Light Heavyweight Championship. It may seem weird, a rookie that doesn’t try to skyrocket straight to the OCW Championship, but I made a career on being one of the best Junior Heavyweights in the world. I intend on continuing that reign here.

Elliot:I would’ve stayed on Turmoil and took it from Drago, but he lost it to a man too scared to challenge me in Brooklyn. So I decided to take the fight to him.

Tayy: Damn. Even talking about Drago Cesar like that… He’s a bad man. Is there anyone you do see as a threat?

Elliot: Not necessarily. Most of those I feel would give me a good beating are either retired or close to it. Men like Jacob Trance, Kassidy Hayes, Paul Pugh. All have started to reach the twilight of their career, or close to it. Other than men like them, I don’t feel threatened.

Tayy: Well surely you gotta have friends?

Elliot: All I will say is, you will see soon enough. My debut at Ambition was weeks ago. But there is a reason as to why I went dark.

Tayy: Man… I ain’t been here too long, but I’ve seen a lot of people come through and not be able to back that kind of talk up.

Elliot: Rest assured Mr. Breizee, you will not have to worry about that. Anyone that think otherwise will hear her.

Tayy: Her?

Elliot: Riven.

Tayy: Who?

Elliot: Riven, of a Thousand Voices.

Tayy: Okay… moving on. Do you plan on staying on Riot for long?

Elliot: I came for the Light Heavyweight Championship. As long as it exists, I will hunt it and secure it. If the time comes that the title is defunct, I will determine whether or not I am still needed on the Riot roster.

Tayy: Alright, Mr. Parker. We have to get this show on the road. I appreciate you joining us and letting the Tayyficionados know where you stand… One last question. How you gonna beat the gatekeeper known as KD?

Elliot: Simple. He is a big man. And the bigger they are, the harder they fall. You should ask him what strategy he has to stay away from what’s faster than him.

Elliot drops the mic and rolls out of the ring as the RIOT theme plays once again. Tayy waves to his people and the show cuts to commercial, to allow the ring-crew to take down the set.


A long line has formed outside in front of Madison Square Garden. The line wraps around the building with OCW fans holding up their personal posters of their favorite wrestler, “The Best In The World”. 

A news anchor, wearing peach plaid suit with red stripes, is trying to make his way to the entrance of MSG via walking along 31st trying to fight thru the crowd. 

His hair is slick back and he is wearing thick black glasses. The mustache he has is one the great Tom Selleck is famous for. But the news anchor nose is incredibly huge. Clearly he’s wearing one of this disguises that you can get from your local dollar store.

His cameraman follows him thru the busy sidewalk behind him. As they move along a fan notices a well know logo on the that is sticking to the camera but there’s scotch tape that covers half the logo with something written in black marker. 

Fan 1:
 Fox De Five? I thought it was Fox F-

Fan 2: I dunno. 

The two fans shrug their thoughts off and proceeded to watch the anchorman fix his hair behind his ears and stand ready for his broadcast. 

 Good morning, New York! I’m...Harry Harvard O’Really also known as….

Harry Harvard O’Really does some sort dance by clinching both of his fist and then shrugging his shoulders. People who followed Dame Dash in the 90’s would be very familiar with this dance move.

He stops midway thru the dance and recovers himself back to a standing position. 

 ...and this is Fox De Five News - We don’t report fake news….just fake people.

Drago finishes signing an autograph to a beloved fan but at the same time his attention is focused towards H2O’Really.

He leans over to some OCW staff members that are standing by to whisper in their ear. They too also shrug their shoulders not knowing who in the hell this anchorman is.

 I’m here with The former Lightheavyweight Champion, Drago Cesar. Drago please tell me, how does it feel to taste...de-feet… to a man that wears no socks? 

Drago: Uh….Well at least is not Spider I guess. Everett good kid. He will do well with that championship.

H2O’Really: A man without socks is a man without honor Cesar Cesar. When Harvey Ocean lost to Matsumoto, Matsumoto AT LEAST had kidpad straps placed around his feet.

Drago: What’s difference?

H2O’Really: The difference is even at H2O’s all time low in losing to Matsumoto, it’s just about thiiiiis much better than you losing to a man with purely NOTHING on his feet!

The anchorman raises his hand up to his eye and places his thumb and index finger close together to show “a little bit” gesture to Drago.

 Oh really? 

H2O’Really: That’s my name. But this isn’t why I’m here. Ladies and gentlemen!

H2O’Really turns his attention to Drago Cesar’s fans that have been standing in line for hours. They seem to be somewhat annoyed as this anchorman continues to delay their chance to meet “The Best In The World”. 

 I’m here to tell you that this man you waited so long to get an autograph from today is a fraud! A wolf in sheep's clothing! 

As Harry Harvard O’Really raises his voice, Drago squints his eyes as if he has discovered something unusual. He leans forward in his chair with his arms folded on the table. 

 This...wolf...pretends to be as soft as that teddy bear from The Snuggle commercials. But in the ring he’s as vicious as Mufasa from The Lion King! 

H2O’Really: If he’s thinking about a rematch for The OCW Lightheavyweight Title. NO! He’s a horrible champion.

H2O’Really: If he’s thinking about going after The OCW Tag Team Titles. NO! Inception has those titles gridlocked.

H2O’Really: And if he’s thinking about going after The OCW Heavyweight Title. NO! 

H2O’Really turns to face the camera. The cameraman zooms in close to only where you can see his face. 

 That title belongs to H2O.

The anchorman's voice changes to a familiar tone. As the camera zooms back out and you can see Drago get up from his chair and step up behind Harry O’Really. 

Harry O’Really concentrates on what he is saying and doesn’t notice Drago right behind him. Drago grabs the arm of his glasses and snatches them off his face. 

It’s Harvey Ocean with a fake look of surprise written on his face. 

 So you not really reporter. Or professional. Is fake news. 

H2O: You’re fake as they come Drago! I’m the realist superstar this federation has ever seen. What you hear me say is equivalent to what I do in the ring. 

H2O: You’re not a hunter like Tyson Wagner. You’re not The One Man Revolution like Bobby Monino. You’re not the Gatekeeper like K D’Angelo and you are DEFINITELY not The Head Superstar like yours truly! 

H2O: You’re in ring behavior shall show the hypocrisy of your character. You’re not authentic like H2O. You’re just..just a..just ah

H2O seems to be stumbling onto some words he just can’t get out. Drago steps up close like he once did back on Riot a few weeks ago. H2O gains some composure as Drago gets closer as he finds the word he wants to say.


H2O said the word “bum” so hard that a little spec of saliva hit Drago’s upper lip. Harvey looks down towards his lip knowing what just happened. 

Drago just closes his eyes and wipes the spit off his upper lip. He looks to his left, seeing all the fans who want to turn this confrontation to turn into an all out brawl. He speaks to H2O, still looking off to the side. 

 Funny you say that. Interesting thing about lion is that within their group, or as they are call, “pride”, they are very affectionate creature. They like to spend time with their little family, they not really aggressive. 

Drago: For all intent and purpose, OCW is my family. Even though I have fought many battle with and against these people, it is them and people like fans around us who bring me where I am today. 

Drago’s turns his head back toward H2O and this time, his eyes are laser-focused on Harvey’s. 

 So for you to call me fake make you hypocrite when you can’t decide which Harvey you want to be. The one in reality or the one staring across from you in the pond.

Drago: For you to constant get in my face is disrespectful. 

Drago: And I’m can forgive most of that. You are still young. But what I’m can’t forgive?

Drago: The contempt you show for my own blood last week. To see even you go as low as you did was disappoint. It hurt me. I’m used to think you have potential. That you could make us proud. But instead, you become exactly what you fear. The very thing you accuse me of.

Drago clenches his fist, ready to strike at any moment. After a second, he releases his fist, moving his fingers around. 

 But I’m gonna give you one last chance. Let it go. Walk away. And I’m can try to forget all this happen.

H2O thinks for a second as you clearly can see the fans in the background hanging on every moment between these two high caliber lightheavyweights.

 You have something in common when it comes to The Good Light. That is in ring dominance. Critics can knit pick all they want but it’s the truth. 

H2O: Just look what Harvey has done to someone that dominated as much as you did in recent years. He claimed to have injured his own neck but we all know it was The Rogue Vortex that spiraled his neck out of place.

H2O: So before H2O leaves because he NEVER walks away from anyone. He’ll leave you with this…

H2O: If Harvey can take one opportunity and nail it the way he did against a guy like Hayes, what makes you think he can’t do the same to you? 

H2O: A challenge you were afraid to accept. Just like this one. Now how about that for some fake news.

Drago: You just can’t leave well enough alone, can you?

The two stare each other down without either of them backing down. 

 Battery is dying Mr. Ocean. I think this will do sir.

The two continue to stare each other down as the scene comes to a close.


It's a Match!

We cut to the lockerroom backstage at Riot. The setup is eerily similar to last time--Cort Marshall sitting in front of a TV. But this time there is no joy in the air, no laughter or celebration.

Instead he sits, stone-faced, eyes inscrutable behind sunglasses. The camera approaches closer and swings, and we see paused footage of Christian Shepard at the graveyard. Cort does nothing but continue to star, until once again, he’s interrupted by Tre Golden.

Golden looks concerned as he pauses by the door.

 Cort, homie. I’m sorry.

Cort stares straight ahead and does not reply.

 No one should have their old man disrespected like that, the dead should be off limits…. but some people don’t have morals. I know your old man had morals and passed them onto you…. be smart.

Cort: Shepard will be a dead man too, mister Golden.

Golden: No, no. He’s trying to bait you into doing something. You’re smarter than that.

Cort: So what do you want me to do, let him piss on my father’s grave? 

Golden: You you spite him by being better, you meet him in that ring and beat his ass. What you don’t do is be a dummy and get suspended from wrestling. Don’t be a Valkyrie.

Cort: Wrestling? This isn’t wrestling anymore, Tre. This is personal. He is not going to like “personal.” And neither are you if you get in my way.

Golden: I can’t let you throw your career away.

Cort: You can’t? You can’t!? 

He darts up and throws the remote through the TV, sending sparks flying as the screens shatters. Golden looks at the TV unflinchingly and then looks back to Cort.

 I can’t sit here and let him do this. Now all I want you to do is stand at a safe distance… and watch what happens.

Golden: You’re my boy, and I got your back, but don’t ever threaten me. Be smart…. that’s all I’m saying.

They stare at each other tensely before we fade out.