OCWFED.com Presents Riot





The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentlemen! WELCOME TO RIOT Episode 531!

Wrestlution XIII looms ever closer!

And Riot shows no signs of relenting!

LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

The music dies down, but the atmosphere inside Madison Square Garden is electric. A long, uninterrupted cheer fills the room as Doc, visibly wounded from his battle with Paul Pugh the week previous, tries to get a word in edgeways past this rowdy crowd.

Eventually, the crowd settles and with microphone in one hand, OCW World Heavyweight Championship in the other, Doc Green begins to speak.

 You know, I’m starting to think I could get used to this.

He laughs lightly as the crowd let out a big cheer.

 Nah, but listen; Road 2 Glory was a resounding success for the Uncrowned. First, my brother and best friend, Antonio Everrett, retains that pretty little Light Heavyweight Championship of his.

Doc: And me, I stand here, and STILL, your O-C-W World Heavyweight Champion of the woooooooooooooooooorld!

Doc spins in a circle on the last word over and over again, only stopping when he runs out of breath and doubles over for a moment, clutching at his bandaged stomach, before standing back up with an ear-to-ear smile on his face, the crowd still going wild.

 Don’t think the doctors will be too happy seeing me doing that one again.

Doc: But listen, Pugh, for the old man bones that he really is, showed me and the world that he could still go at the highest level, which is why it feels oh so much sweeter to know that as it stands, Uncrowned are on Wrestlution!

Doc: Which begs the question: who’s next? I want to face the best, no matter what show they call their home, and I’ll be-

Suddenly, David Hasselhoff begins to blare down the arena speakers. The familiar words to the entrance song of the new CCW World Heavyweight Champion, B17, confuses and pops the crowd in equal measures.

After a few seconds, Bingo appears on the stage, making his way out towards the ring in somewhat uncharacteristic fashion, coolly holding the title on his shoulder as he makes his way into the ring.

What a sight to behold this is. Both CCW and OCW World Heavyweight champions stand across from each other, belts in tow, as duelling ‘Bingo Bomber’ and ‘DGUC’ chants come over the New York crowd. After a few long moments, Bingo is handed a microphone from a stagehand and begins to speak.

 Congrats, Doc. A hard fought victory. You deserve all that is coming to you. 

B17: In this ring tonight, we have a TWO TIME OCW CHAMPION! 

Crowd cheers. 


The crowd cheers again, but not as loudly. 

B17 looks out at the crowd confused as another “DGUC” chant starts. 

B17 pauses for a moment to let the voices reach even higher. 

He forces a smile before continuing. 

 You want the best, Doc? You’re the best of Riot, and I’m the best of Turmoil, how about we find out who the best in OCW is? 

Doc: You know what Bingo? That ain’t a half bad idea at all. I would even consider that an avenue worth exploring if you catch my drift. But listen, with your prior commitments and all…

Doc uses his own championship to point at the CCW World Heavyweight Championship.

 ...how about you give me a call then. Then we’ll see who the best really is, champ.

He steps forward and holds the belt up high, staring daggers through Bingo.

 Maybe I can make an opening, just for you. 

B17 too strides forward, also holding his title high while squaring up to Doc, standing a good couple of inches over him. The crowd whips up into a frenzy as the two champions stare each other down.

The camera pans to the announce team.



The Camera Pans To The X-Tron



The camera pans to the back, as the crowd can see El Parca going back and forth to multiple people in the production crew asking them questions.

As the camera-man walks up closer near El Parca the crowd can hear what he is saying to the production crew and anyone nearby.

El Parca: Hey! Amigo! Have you seen Tayy?

Production Crew #1: Sorry, El Parca I have not. If I do I'll let you know!

El Parca: Perdón, perdon, amigo! Have you seen Tayy? We-e are supposed to have a match tonight and put on a show!

El Parca: Have you seen him anywhere at all? No one has said anything to me and I wish to put on a show and have a fight!

Production Crew #2: I can't say that I have seen him. You may want to go see if he's in the locker room. He could have arrived late to the show if he had any mechanical issues or traffic when trying to travel to the show.

El Parca lets out a huge sigh of relief in hopes that the production crew member makes a valid point.

El Parca: Si! Si! Ahhh thank you amigo! I didn't even think about that. I will go check the locker-room and see if he is there. Gracias amigo!

El Parca walks away from the production crew and makes his way towards the locker-room. As he enters the locker-room there is no sight of Tayy being there. His locker is empty and name plate is gone. 

He looks around, perhaps thinking he confused the locker rooms. As he exits the room, he gets the feeling of someone following him.

After peering around suspiciously, El Parca puts his head down and lets out a small sigh before picking his head up and looks into the camera.

El Parca: No matter what! I will put on a show for the OCW fans! I must, and I will! No matter what whether it be Tayy or someone else the fight will go on.

El Parca: I do hope there is an opponent for me tonight… How disappointed I would be to lose this opportunity for me OCW debut.

As El Parca stops in the hallway, pondering and answer to his dilemma… A vibrant orange figure pops up behind him, hiding behind a nearby crate. He can be seen vaguely in the shadow of the background.

El Parca: I know! Perhaps I can find a replacement? … If only there were time!

The dark orange figure perks his head up as he hears the words come from El Parcas masked lips.

With a new-found confidence, El Parca shakes his head and makes his way down the hall, out of camera-view.

As the camera approaches the figure, he is shown with a disturbing black face-paint and a completely expressionless face. A staffer attempts to move the box.

Production Crew #3: Hey you. Can you mo--

Before he can finish, he slowly backs away from the painted, stalking weirdo and allows him to pass. The orange figure follows closely behind El Parca as the camera fades out.

The camera pans to the announce team.

What the what!

Oh lordt!


It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.

What a long grueling affair!

He got him!


Terra Daturas and Elsa Holmberg are sitting at an outside picnic table laughing and speaking with one another. In front of them on the table are various snacks and healthy meals.

A bowl with various chopped greens sits in front of Terra while Elsa has several sandwiches at her disposal.

Elsa: Your cooking is always so good! 

Terra: Thank you!

Terra: So tell me, Elsa. How is everything with dear Justin?

Elsa, with her mouth open to take a bite, looks off to the side and closes down on the sandwich slowly.

Elsa: ...He trying, I will give him this. But I still am not sure I can trusting him. I thinking I still need to seeing more evidence.

Terra: Awh. That is quite sad for me to hear.

Terra: You know, Elsa, it is only natural for you to speak your pains in order to allow room for love.

Terra: Ms. Dragana Cesar and I are having a release session later. It is very relaxing and liberating. I would love for you to join us.

Elsa: I don’t know...is going to be ok if I am there? I not wanting to intrude.

Terra: Don’t be silly, Elsa, of course, you are welcome to join in. I promise it will help with your stress and anxiety.

Elsa: Ok, well, I having no plans. I will being there.

Terra: Great! Now, let us finish this delicious food Mater Natura has provided us and then we shall get ready to meet with Dragana.

Elsa nods before biting into her sandwich. Terra smiles and continues with her meal as well. The scene fades to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.

What a Gem of a person!

Yea ok, Terra is 2 shades away from Allison Mack!


Ashley Moore stands in the middle of the ring with a microphone in her hand and a very big grin.

Ashley Moore:
 Welcome dear celebration guests.

Ashley Moore: You may ask yourself, what are we celebrating? Today we celebrate the start of a new era, this will be the day nobody will forget. The day we dropped the ballast. The day from which it only went uphill with OCW. 

She takes a short break.

Ashley Moore:
 This is the first day without Valkyrie. 

The crowd starts to boo immediately, some are chanting “We want Valkyrie”.

Ashley Moore:
 As I can hear, most of you haven’t realised yet how bad she was for the company.

Ashley Moore: But now that she is gone, you will see that this place will change for the better.

Now one half of the arena is shouting “Val” and the opposite half is shouting back “kyrie” and with every repeat they become louder.

Ashley Moore:
 She will never …

Suddenly Valkyrie’s theme, a remix of “Ritt der Walküren”, sounds and the crowd completely loses it.

Ashley Moore looks toward the ramp in a blind rage!

The Camera Pans To The Ramp