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The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman it is the LAST STOP for RIOT as the Road to Wrestlution comes to an end!

Episode 533 with Wrestlution 13 looming nearby!

We have an amazing show for you tonight!


We cut to somewhere in the lockerroom, with Tre Tre, AC Cobra and Cort Marshall going over their match strategies for the evening. Or, well, AC is going over the strategy for something--and the rest are trying to listen.

AC sits in front of his laptop, with the screen turned towards Cort and Tre. The latter is doing push ups on the ground, but pops up to his feet quickly.

The cameraman walks around so we can see the laptop screen, revealing a crudely-drawn wrestling ring with some lines scattered across it.

AC: OK SO. When you go mid-lane, you want to make sure to avoid the enemy DPS and go straight for the flag. Once you get that, jump up to point 3 and rocket jump past the turnbuckle.

AC: Go for the tag, buff me with the heal ray, and we go for a touchdown!

Cort and Tre look at each other before Tre looks back at AC.

 Homie I don’t think that was even English, this is real life and it doesn’t work like a video game.

AC: Isn’t life just a console, and we are merely gamers? Shakespeare said that right?

Cort: It’s been a long time since I was in school, but I don’t think so.

AC ignores him. 

 And gamers… must rise up! The gamertariat must seize the means of reproduction from the Chad menace! We must--

He’s interrupted by a knock on the door.

: If that’s the damned Jehova’s Witnesses again… how do they even get in here?

He grumbles and gets up to open it, and is greeted by a masked, skeletal visage.

El Parca:
 Hello! Are you Cort Marshall?

Cort: Rumour has it.

Cort answers, deadpan. El Parca looks confused.

 Yes. That’s me. 

El Parca: Oh, good! I wanted to wish you luck in our match, but I was not able to find you. This kind gentleman helped me.

Cort: Who?

Christian Shepard slides out from behind the door frame and jauntily steps inside.

 Cort! Glad I could help this up-and-coming young superstar find you. Wouldn’t want you to lose without a handshake beforehand, right?

Cort glares at Shepard as AC Cobra snaps the laptop shut protectively, hiding the screen.


El Parca is oblivious.

 Oh, you two know each other?

Shep: Yes, we’re old friends me and him! Until of course, he became a complete failure and I had to let him fall on his own merit.

Shep: Sad story, really. You know like all those rise and fall stories you see made into movies. Only there never was a rise.

He pats El Parca on the back.

 So I’m sure this fossil won’t give you any trouble, right pal?

Parca: Er, well...

Shep: Anyway! I have to go be successful. Just wanted to pay you a visit before you embarrass yourself… and your father again. Glad he won’t be here to see it...

He waves goodbye and turns around to leave, but Cort jumps forward to strike him! Tre grabs his arm, narrowly stopping him, as Parca dodges out of the way!

Tre is still holding Cort’s arm as he turns to Shepard, who realizes what Cort attempted to do and stands there with a smirk on his face.

 Cobra and I will be seeing you and Mr. Snake-Skin cowboy boots later, I suggest you get ready or I might end up breaking your back.

Tre and Shepard glare at each other intensely for a moment. Shepard looks down again at Tre holding Cort’s arm; he smirks again and snickers to himself before turning to leave.

 Was it something I said!?

Tre ignores Parca and turns to Cort.

 Cort! What are you doing? You just tried to hit a guy with his back turned.

Cort looks at Tre.

 Yes I did.

Tre: That ain’t like you.

Cort: Maybe.

He pulls his hand away and stares at the open door.

Parca slides towards it.

 Maybe I should go?

Cort: No, no. Not your fault. He’s just a manipulative piece of sh*t. There are a lot of those in OCW. Watch yourself.

He offers his hand for Parca to shake, who does after a moment’s hesitation.

 Good luck.

Parca: Yes… I think you’ll need some with him as well.

He indicates towards the door. Cort laughs.

 Oh, it’s gone far past luck, friend. But don’t worry about that. You haven’t been here long enough to make any enemies… I hope.

The camera pans to the announce team.

This is a powderkeg!

Waiting to go BOOM!

The Camera Pans To The X-Tron



We pan into a pitch black room, the only thing visible is one red eye and two purple eyes. The eyes close and the camera fades into a high school gym.

A subtitle on the screen reads New York 2010.

The camera focuses on four men, sitting in folding chairs next to a wrestling ring

One man is fit and brown haired wearing a tracksuit which reads “THE FIRE” next to him.

Next to him is a more built man, with long blonde hair and a beard, who is stroking it pensively.

Third in the line is a massive man who looks distinctly samoan munching on chicken wings.

Last in the line is an asian man in wrestling gear who is smaller than the rest.

El Fuego: I think the four of us understand, that we have to have a feud.

El Fuego: We have to make it great. It's our very first one and it has to rock OCW.

Blondie: Since that guy flaked we’re short one wrestler. We need a fifth, another cruiserweight.

Blondie: He’s gotta fit right, got to have the right vibe and he has to seriously rock because we’re Ambition over Everything.

Asian: I disagree, because you see, we don’t need nobody else. This faction shouldn’t have a tag team.

Asian: There isn’t anyone as good as me, or can match my speed.

The Samoan stands up as the three bicker and points at the crowd forming at the door

Samoan: Look at all these hopeful auditioners, they came from far and wide.

Samoan: But if you can prove to us that you’re the best we will forever be the Ambition 4 and you will be the only Cruiserweight in our generation.

The two others nod in approval, as the Asian hops into the ring.

He begins stretching and cracking his wrists getting ready to take on the hoard of prospective candidates.

The camera pans to the announce team.

What in the?



It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.




The camera fades into the view of Terra’s diner from the outside, the windows reflecting the radiating sunshine. A look inside reveals that the diner is lightly populated today, with only a handful of people inside enjoying the healthy vegan selection. The front door opens to show Elsa Holmberg walking inside. 

Elsa looks around the diner and sees that Terra is nowhere to be found. She curiously walks through the main dining room and through the back curtain, where they last met.

She looks out the window and takes a step forward when her leg nudges up against something.

???: (growls)

Elsa: What this?

Elsa looks down to find Bubba looking up at her. Her eyes widen and she yelps in terror.


She leans up against the wall and holds her arm out to the lion. Bubba tilts his head and whimpers. He lays down on his side and holds his paws out. 


Suddenly, Dragana and Terra appear from around the corner, racing toward the sound of the screams. Terra sees what’s going on and breathes a sigh of relief, placing a hand on her chest. 

Terra: Do not worry, Elsa. He means no harm. Sorry!

Dragana kneels down in front of Bubba and scratches his belly. The lion grunts, squinting his eyes in appreciation. Elsa is shocked to see what is going on in front of her. 

Elsa: H-How? He big cet!

Terra: The name of this leo is Bubba. Is he not the most majestic creature you have ever seen?

Dragana: Heh…..

After a few moments, Terra pulls up a few seats and places them by the nearest wall. The three women take their seats, while Bubba lays down next to Terra. Elsa still looks a little rattled. Dragana sheepishly smiles at her while Terra laughs. 

Terra: Thank you all so much for coming. I have something quite exciting to share with you! But first….Dragana, if you will?

Dragana: Mmmm!

Dragana looks through her vest pocket and retrieves the white chrysanthemum she found at the flower shop. She offers it to Elsa. 

Elsa: For me???

Dragana nods. 

Terra: Dragana wanted to give this to you. The white chrysanthemum stands for loyalty and devoted love. In your case, it also stands for truth. She hopes you find the truth you have been seeking for such a long time. 

She half smiles, reminded of her current situation with Jehst, but that quickly fills out as she looks to her friends' faces.

Elsa: Thank you, Dragana...Thank both of you. You are being great friends to me.

Terra gently takes the flower from Elsa’s hand and slides it into her hair above her ear. Elsa side-eyes her trying to figure out what she’s doing with it.

Daturas then turns Elsa towards the silver reflective surface of a warming machine sitting on the diner benchtop. Dragana claps a few times, with a huge smile on her face.

Dragana: Ah!

Terra: There. Look at you.

Elsa smiles and does a little turn of the head both ways as if checking a hairdressers mirror.

Elsa: It perfect. Thank you.

She hugs Terra, who of course hugs her back.

Terra: Dragana hopes that flower brings you what you seek. I hope things get better between you and Justin. And I know he wants that too.

Elsa looks at Terra, then at Dragana.

Elsa: I appreciating your concern. I really do. You are great friends. 

Elsa looks over to Bubba who is now gnawing on a toy bone. 

Elsa: But right now, I think we should enjoying some food, yes? Let us eat together; this make me happy!

Dragana and Terra look at each other, then back at Elsa. Dragana nods and Terra smiles.

Terra: Well then, let me get three of my favourite dishes… for my three favorite people… served up immediately!

The other two move towards the table by Bubba, Elsa still cautious to go near him, and the scene fades to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.

How soothing!

Gweneth Paltrow needs to settle the hell down!