OCWFED.com Presents Riot





The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman we are back on the scene with RIOT 540

We got a great show for you tonight!

Unannounced by music an obviously irritable B17 makes his way to the ring. A mic is handed to him as he berates the crowd in front of the ring steps. 

 It's your fault. Yeah, you! 

B17 points near the front row. 

 You, with the makeup caked on! The haircut ain’t making you look any younger either, hun. This is your fault. And your sons fault! 

A short blonde haired boy looks on wide eyed, uncertain of what to do, or what he did. 

 Not being a B Community Member means you are at fault. Wearing that disgusting Jehst suggest you enjoy mediocrity! Being a fan of me would provide you with so much more! Ask my fans. 

B17 looks around, but with a heavy frown.

 Oh...that’s right, you drove my flock away. 

B17: I'm the man that preaches change and acceptance. I’m the man that fought for you! I’m the man that offered a new vibrant world, and you spat in my face!

B17: Last week. I was robbed. I was clearly on the rope and Ted still counted 1,2,3. What did you do?

B17: You cheered!

Suddenly, Cort Marshall’s theme lights up the stadium and he strides out, briefcase in hand.

 Talk about robbed! Talk about *robbed!* I had it all figured out! The perfect time, for the perfect crime!

Cort: But as I executed my master plan, as I took that briefcase down to the ring, as I saw the FEAR in H2O’s eyes as he knew I was to become the World Heavyweight Champion… you screwed it all up!

Cort swipes the sunglasses off his face as he stares B17 down… but he’s distracted as the sound of seagulls and crashing waves can be heard over the PA system. 

B17 and Cort look around to see what all the noise is about. B17 then notices The X-Tron has that funny looking white peach fuzz on the screen.

B17 taps Cort on the shoulder and points to the X-Tron. As Cort looks on suddenly a zoomed in camera shot of the front faceplate of The OCW World Heavyweight Championship can be seen.

A Riptide of cheers splashes over the arena as Cort sighs and B17 becomes livid by H2O’s interruption.

The camera zooms out and aboard a sailing vessel is The new OCW World Heavyweight Champion Harvey Ocean. He’s laid out on a lounge chair sipping on a refreshing beverage of iced tea. 

 Good evening, gentlemen. I just had to take this opportunity to show both of you how to execute a perfect interruption. 

H2O: At Consequence you two tried to spoil a great ending to one of the greatest matches in OCW to date…

H2O: But failed miserably. 

H2O: Doc Green FINALLY got a real taste of what it feels like to team up with The Good Light and we brought both of you down! 

Crowd cheers.

 Now, I have apologized to everyone behind the scenes and live on air that I have hurt and or disappointed in anyway before I regained this…

Harvey takes The OCW World Heavyweight Title that rests around his shoulder and holds it up above him.

 Now that I have it, I don’t have any REGRETS any GUILT or any RESENTMENT towards anyone and hopefully no one has those things against me. 

H2O: My mind is clear now. A clear minded H2O is a dangerous H2O. 

Cort: No no no, all this megalomaniacal dumbass did was buy you some quality time with that thing! All he did was push back the inevitable! The cold, hard fact that I WILL be world champion, that I am and always will be better than the so-called “Head Rookie!” So please, enjoy--

B17 reaches around as if to give a hug, but instead puts a finger over Cort’s lips, who turns around to face him angrily.

 Megalomaniacal? That’s rich coming from someone who spends more time ranting than winning, and more time cracking open booze than in the gym.

B17 flexes.

 I didn’t get this from talking. I got this from getting it done, in the ring and out. All you seem to get done is bitching. That title is mine, and I won’t watch you steal it. 

Cort pokes B17 in the chest and raises the mic to his mouth before H2O cuts him off.

 Ladies, please, you’re both mega-morons or whatever the word this low branched militant used. If you want this title, come get it!

H2O: Until then, I’m going to celebrate my victory for The OCW World Heavyweight Championship this time around boys. 

A waitress steps into frame with a bottle of Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey. She leans over and holds it in front of H2O.

 Just what you ordered, Mr. Ocean. Care for anything else Calgary has to offer?

H2O: Yes actually. Can I have two cases of these? Send one to Mr. Tiberius Octavious Dupree. The other is for every worker on this yacht! 

The waitress was thrown back by the generosity given towards her and her co workers by Harvey Ocean. 

 You guys have done a splendid job keeping me relaxed and comfortable! Have you and your staff join me for a party later.

The waitress tries to hold her excitement in but she can’t. She bursts out screaming at everyone on the boat about what H2O just did. H2O watches her run off and cracks a smile.

H2O turns his attention back towards the camera and his smile leaves quickly.

 You see that boys? I took a page from Malu and blessed everyone on this boat that has taken care of me. 

H2O: Learning from the old school is what got me here and I plan on staying here for a long time.

H2O: It’s The Old Country Way. 

The video feed cuts off.

Cort, however, ignores it and keeps ranting at the screen.

 Yeah, sure! Yuck it up! Just remember to call your evil clone girlfriend from the future to come help you again when I beat your ass and take your title!

B17: He’s not on the screen anymore…

Cort whirls around.

 AND YOU! You stay out of my way, Mr. Incredible Flaming Hulk!

B17: Hulk? You’re right... just look at me, now look at you. Back to me. 

B17’s music hits as he poses again and Cort rolls his eyes, storming out of the ring and to the back, making rude gestures at a few fans.

Blaine: Go away, Clark. 

Stacy Clark stops her slow tip toe towards where Blaine sat with her feet up watching OCW on a live monitor. 

Clark: But I just wanted a quick word about the upcoming Fugaz vs. Kat match.

Blaine turns to glare at Clark. 

Blaine: Ain’t much to say. Fug...whatever her name is flapped her gums, told her I’d find a more appropriate challenge and that’s it. This division still runs on my time. Nothing happens without me knowing, or without my say so.

Clark: Are you suggesting you rule the Women’s Division?

Blaine: I am still the Alpha here, Clark. 

Blaine turns back to the monitor and kicks her feet back up. 

Blaine: We got princesses, and empresses, and plastic tits, even a couple of former strippers, but I am still the bitch around here.

Blaine: And now we got some young melted vanilla cones trying to step up, personally I think Kat beats her in under five minutes. 

Clark: How can you call yourself the Alpha when Valkyrie beat you at Lution?

Blaine: Maybe she is finally starting to grow up, maybe she finally stopped living in a fairy tale?

Blaine: I don’t know. All I know is that the state of this women’s division is horrendous. Whoever is attacking these cunts is providing me with exhilarating television.

It's a Match!

The scene opens on Odon Klein's face in a dark room as he is holding his headset gadget and admiring it. He slowly turns to look into the camera.

Odon: Mr. Grimm, you thwarted my attempt to eliminate you on the Riot Supershow by damaging my headset, it's useless now, and I don't appreciate you destroying my property.

Odon tosses the headset over his shoulder and we can hear it smash on the floor.

Odon: I have more advanced technology to examine my enemies with, but you owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Parca for further ruining my plot. Mr. Parca, things are only going to get worse for you.

Odon: You see, before you were just a casualty of war, but now you have put yourself behind enemy battle lines and tonight we take part in tag team warfare.

Odon: This is how it could have been all along Mr. Grimm. You and I fighting side by side, dominating all of OCW.

Odon: All you had to do was accept my invitation to do your bidding as the Hitman of OCW.

Odon: I don't offer such things lightly, so for you to reject my invitation was disrespectful and dishonorable.

Odon: Tonight you will get a glimpse of what it could have been like, but at Savage Saturday, your whole world will come crashing down. It will be you, me and the Grim Reaper they call El Parca.

Odon puts his bat on his shoulder.

Odon: The targets will be eliminated.

A creepy smirk transitions over Odon's face as he slowly walks off.

In a dark smoke filled room a single dim light shines. Leo Grimm emerges from the shadows into the light. 

Leo Grimm: Tonight, the hands of Deliverance will be placed upon El Parca once again. Prepare for purification from the sweet suffering I have been chosen to deliver.

Leo Grimm: Unfortunately, I have been teamed with Odon Klein, the false prophet, and the full extent of your Salvation will not be reached, so we will continue as I drag you towards Deliverance.

Leo Grimm: As for your partner. Aisu, your time for Deliverance has yet to be revealed, but I warn you do not stand in THE WAY, otherwise, the hands of time will fast forward and the wake of destruction that is Deliverance shall crash at your feet and you will meet your fate!

Leo Grimm lowers his head then slowly raises it back up, staring directly into the camera.

Leo Grimm: Odon Klein, finally we share the ring again, and I am within a single hands reach, but not as the Bringer of your Deliverance, but as your partner.

Leo Grimm: Tonight, I may delay your salvation, but then again, I may crack that bat off your skull and hear your painful cries for help as I stand over you again.

Leo Grimm: Maybe I’ll just let your ego take another defeat, or maybe I’ll assist you in an United Mission. Maybe. 

Rust Cohle and Inness Quartz stroll around the ring, smiles on their faces. Rust Cohle grabs a microphone from ringside as Quartz takes his place behind Cohle. His usual stone-faced demeanor looks rather joyous.

Rust lifts the mic to his face with a grin… The fans cheering loud, he knows exactly what to do. He brings the mic back to his face and takes a long breath, allowing the crowd to join into his opening line.

Rust & Crowd: BONJOUR, IDIOTS! 

The crowd joins in with Rust Cohle as he delivers his signature line, he laughs afterwards and the crowd continues to cheer.

Rust: C.Q.C… STILL your Undisputed Tag Team Champions!

Rust: But in all of that euphoria, we have to thank Tyson Wagner, and the HOFer KD Angelo.

Rust: I know y’all tried to kill us on many occasions, but all that animosity, all those matches made us grow, and that has been an honour. So once again, Thank you.

The crowd acknowledge The Inception and applauses. Cohle turns to Quartz.

 But now, we are here to answer what’s everybody been asking since Consequence: What is next for C.Q.C and the Undisputed Tag Team titles? 
Good question.

Quartz takes a mic.

 Thank you Rustin… and thank you OCW. 

Quartz: We said a few weeks ago, no matter the result… The Inception vs C.Q.C. war is over. They pushed us to limits we’ve never been and nearly broke… me... After Certified Greatness 2019. 

Quartz: ...but now we’re still standing, Undisputed Tag Team champions… But the mission is not over yet. 

Quartz: Because you see, Summercide is next… Rust Cohle and Quartz are not looking to move forward.

Quartz smirks before looking down at his title belt hanging from his hand.

Quartz: We’re looking to go ’Cide-to-’Cide

The crowd pops.

Rust: Exactly. In order to do that, we need challengers. Not just any challengers. Not just placeholders. We need the BEST OCW has to offer…

Rust: Unfortunately, it seems many around this great organization are choosing to get their own crown and not step to the greatest tag team in OCW history.

The specific wording pops the crowd as they cheer in anticipation!

Rust: So whichever team feels like they are ready to face the best of the best, you know what time it is. The floor is yours. 

The entire crowd turns itself to the big Riot stage, anxiously awaiting for whoever to step in. It seems like an eternity passes before...

The Camera Pan's To The Ramp!