OCWFED.com Presents Riot




The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman we are back on the scene! Season 15 Official Starts NOW!With RIOT 543

We got a great show for you tonight! WE BACK!

Antonio and Doc soak in the ovation from the red-hot Riot crowd. Doc winks and smiles at a nearby stagehand, and is given two mics, one of which he hands to his tag partner. Slowly, he lifts it up to his mouth and begins to address the audience.

 Say it ain’t so baby because the Uncrowned are going to Anny!...

The crowd lets out an enormous cheer as the prospect of CQC and the Uncrowned going head to head once again is mentioned.

...and let me tell you something, when we said in those videos over the Summer that this is the best version of Uncrowned you are ever going to see, we weren’t lying.

Antonio: B17 and Sparks deserve all the credit in the world, but we knew what we were getting ourselves into. We knew it was going to be a hard fought battle, but we knew that we just simply wanted this more than anybody else in the world. This…

Antonio points down at the ring.

 This feeling… knowing that we have one more chance at redemption. All those sleepless nights for god knows how many years… and it all comes down to Anniversary.

Antonio: Don’t get me wrong, we earned one more shot at those tag team titles, but we knew that this match is where we belong, that this match is our calling, that this is what we wanted to do when we were skinny little kids slamming each other on a trampoline.

At that moment, a familiar theme hits, and the Undisputed Tag Team Champions make their way down to the ring. The cheers get louder and louder in anticipation of these two teams stepping into the ring together for the first time since SummerCide.

Quartz gets a mic for him and his partner. The teams are face to face.


The crowd pops once again.

 Well, looks like we are at it one more time, New York City... But first, congratulations on your big win at Devil's Night. You earned it.

Rust: And you know what they say: Third time's a charm!.. But let me give you a spoiler.

He gets closer to Everrett and lowers his voice.

 It won't happen. You had 2 chances already. And lost. Fair and square. What makes you think you ever gonna take those off from us ? This is not your matchup. That is not for you.

Doc is about to speak up but gets cut off immediately by Cohle.

..So my partner and I decided something. And you’ll have to think about it long and hard cause I won’t repeat it.

Rust: Just like we said to Inception last year: This is the last time. This is your LAST shot at the Undisputed Tag Team Championships.

Everrett and Doc look at each other for a moment, and back at Rust, whose nose is almost touching Antonio at this point. Antonio doesn’t blink, he looks the Frenchman dead in the eyes and lifts the microphone to his mouth.

 You think we don’t realise that this is our last opportunity? Good job we won’t need another opportunity then, is it? I see a lot of myself in you Rusty, I really do. Well, the old me. You’ve got complacent. You’ve lost what it means to be champion.

Doc moves up to the two men and butts in.

 You don’t know what it’s like to graft for everything anymore. I remember a time you used to call yourselves the ‘Upper Echelon’ but now it’s really gone to your head.

Rust backs off from Everett and laughs.Quartz steps forward, looking each member of The Uncrowned up and down.

 Doc Green… Let me ask you a question. Where is that fire in the ring? What was missing before that you and Antonio have rediscovered? Why can’t you beat us?

Doc Green thinks about his answer, but Quartz continues before he can respond.

Quartz: Think about that. I don’t require an answer right now, but I want you to think about it.

Quartz: You both have accomplished something that neither of us have. Antonio, you commanded respect in the light heavyweight division last year. Doc? You are a former world champion.

Quartz: When I look at you both, I have a clear answer. You are 2 of the most promising and still uprising stars in this entire company. You give crowds their money’s worth each and every time you step in the ring.

Quartz: And yet.. I’ve seen this before. I’ve experienced it. I have seen incredible talents, sure-fire winners… Completely self-destruct from the inside out. A kind of mental implosion...

Quartz: I know you own a level of resiliency that these fans beg for out of other young competitors. You have a pride that compels you to keep coming back for more… To drive you to defeat Kasstianity just for another taste.

Quartz steps right into Doc Green’s face with a look of unbridled intensity.

Quartz: What you lack, however, among all of those incredible things… Is the mental toughness that it’s going to take to bring down Rust Cohle.

Quartz: The mental stamina you need to stay in the ring with Inness Quartz. You both lack the necessary fortitude needed to bring down the unstoppable force that is C.Q.C.

The tension in the ring is unbelievable as all 4 men stand eye to eye ahead of their final showdown at the OCW Anniversary show.

Rust: Each and every night, when you go to your bed and stare at the ceiling, we’re going to make sure you kids know damn well.. The one thing that keeps you up at night, is always coming up short to the most Dominant Team in OCW history.... C.Q.C.

Both Quartz and Rust lift their Championships over their heads in a chorus of cheers. The Uncrowned stand together and step up into the faces of the Tag Champs, just as they have done so many times before.

 You’re right… you’re both right. You are the most dominant team in OCW history. And that is exactly why we NEED this. Without CQC, there is no Uncrowned.

Everrett: Without CQC, we don’t come back and fight you at SummerCide. Without CQC, we are not the same people that are standing before you. So chat whatever sh*t you want, we don’t care. WE’RE...READY… TO…..FIGHT!

The crowd is whipped up into a frenzy. The intensity in Antonio’s eyes is almost unsettling. Antonio drops his mic and the Uncrowned back away and out of the ring.

It's a Match!

The camera fades from ringside to show OCW Interviewer extraordinaire Jim Black standing backstage with the same ole’ goofy smile he’s made famous.

Jim Black: Thank you, OCW Universe!

Jim Black: It has certainly been an eventful start to season 15 here in OCW. The announcement of the Queen of OCW tournament has everyone backstage buzzing!

Jim Black: Tonight, my guest is one of the competitors in the single elimination tournament, Terra Daturas!

The camera pans over to the colorful Terra holding her flower garland in her left hand. She takes a deep breath and smiles wide.

Terra: Hello, Jim! I am very excited about the upcoming tournament. I believe all 8 women are wonderfully talented competitors, especially Elsa!

Terra smiles with glee.

Terra: I just hope everyone takes this opportunity for exactly what it is… A chance to do good!

Jim: Well, Terra… As we heard earlier, the winner of this tournament will be given a title opportunity against Valkyrie…

Terra’s smile turns to concern as she addresses the question.

Terra: I know that Sarah doesn’t want to say what she has been saying. I know she does not feel the way she says. Somewhere inside that corrupt mind is the real Sarah. I want the opportunity to face her and show her the light. That championship has changed her.

Terra: Elsa and myself believe we can do this. Truly, we do wish Dragana was fully recovered from the injuries she sustained from Aerith… but she will be back soon!

Jim: About Elsa… there’s a real chance you two will face off in the finals.

Terra: We are on opposite sides of the bracket and in a perfect world, we will meet in a friendly competition in the finals! Fortunately, our world, our planet is always perfect, albeit unpredictable. Gratia Vagus

???: Perfect? Pfffft…

Lotus FloJo walks in from the left, startling both Jim and Terra.

FloJo: Listen you Hippy-dippy Veggie tale, we don’t live in a perfect world, we live in a society! If anyone that something to prove, it is me.

FloJo: So about this tourny, If I win this, I get to fight Valk, right?

Jim: Correct.

FloJo: I remember the last time I fought her, she had to roll me up as she couldn’t beat me with her finishers. Not bad for someone like me.

FloJo: This is OCW guys, some B.S. is bound to go down. Wouldn’t you agree, Terra?

Terra: I can assure you, Florence, there will be no debauchery from me.

Terra smiles at her opponent, which seems to annoy FloJo

FloJo: Hold up. I’m fighting one third of the troupe, eh hehehe.

FloJo: I lost to Elsa, Dragana and now I gotta face you.

Terra: ...and I do wish you the best of luck out there!

FloJo: Whelp. Doesn’t matter. One way or another, I will be women’s champion.

FloJo rolls her eyes at Terra and Jim and storms away ahead of her match. Terra smiles and hugs Jim before walking off as well.

Jim: Well, there you have it! Our first match in the Queen of OCW Tournament will be kicking off shortly. Terra Daturas vs Lotus FloJo!

"Rebel Girl", Ashley Moore's theme, starts playing as she enters the stage. She walks quickly into the ring and addresses the audience with the microphone she carries.

Ashley Moore: First of all, I want to apologize for my behavior towards the referee last week.

Ashley Moore: That was not okay and it will never happen again. Doesn't matter what happens in the ring before.

Ashley Moore: Now a few words to Empress.

Ashley Moore: This is not over. I will not stop until you...

Empress voice over PA System: Is that the best apology you can give?

The sound of boos erupted throughout the building as Empress makes her way onto the stage.

She carrying the FI Case and appears to be dragging Ted along by the collar of his shirt as they make their way down to the ring.

Ted tries to escape be is yanked back toward the ring. Ted is forced into the ring as Empress follows behind him.

Empress: Ichi….ni….san ..Ashley chan...ICHI..NI...SAN! YOU LOSE! Just like you lost me as your best friend, just like you lost to Kasstainity at September 2 Remember , just like you lost to me at Devil’s Night, and just like you lost your future investment case to me thank you for the case by the way.

Empress: Simply put you are a LOSER!! Plain and simple.

Empress: But, as always it’s everyone else's fault except your own. So when you finally decide to man the hell up what do you do?

Empress: You come out here and give Ted that poor ass excuse of an apology?

Ted: It’s really alright I accep…

Empress shoves Ted into the corner.

Empress: Shut the hell up, Ted! You don’t know what you want. You move from the corner and I’ll make sure the next thing you are counting will be prescription pills from a hospital bed.

Empress turns back to Ashley Moore.

Empress: Listen here you lonely sack of Shi*. You have nothing. You are worth nothing. You are nothing. You can talk all the shi* you want.

Empress: Just keeping talking out that donkey’s ass you call a face. Keep starting shi* with Kasstianity and trying to ride the coattails of everyone in this federation to make yourself look good like you have been doing your entire time here.

Empress: And I promise you this by the end of your life, hell at the end of your career the only thing you will be remembered for is the low-class bootleg pornos that you wouldn’t even be good enough to be on the cover of.

Ashley is left speechless. She just stands there staring at Empress until she finally says something, but forgets to lift her microphone.

Empress: What did you say? Nobody can hear you.

Ashley Moore (trembling voice): I … I want a … rematch.

Empress slaps the microphone out of Ashley’s hand and breaks out into laughter.

Empress: The little baby wants a rematch! Did you almost wet yourself trying to get those words out? Let me think...hmmm..How about... NO!

Empress: Fuc** off Ashley. You’re done!

Empress climbs out the ring starts her way back up the ramp laughing and swinging the FI case around in the air. The camera pans back over to see Ashley standing in the ring with Ted in the corner.

Ted: C...ca..can I go now?

The camera fades out on Ashley’s distraught face.