OCWFED.com Presents Riot





The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman we are back on the scene! Season 15 Official Starts NOW!With RIOT 545

We got a great show for you tonight! LETS GOOOOOOO!

Prior to Riot, previously recorded footage:

The cabin belonging to Leo Grimm coves into view, the door opens with a soft push. Leo can be seen with his back to the cameras sitting in the chair facing the wall.

He is holding his mask in is hands, rocking back and forth, and what seems as mumbling to himself. He suddenly stops, without turning around.

Leo Grimm:. I see you feel comfortable just barging into my home without an invitation. There seems to be a trend, first the arrogant Cort Marshall first accusing me of deeds that are beneath me.

Leo Grimm: If I wanted to hurt you I would do it in front of you, not sneak around and hide like a bitch posing as someone else. Now you feel entitled to the same distinct action of disrespect.

Leo Grimm: And now, B-17, in the middle of his mid-career emo crisis and his little lost puppies run their mouths and mock me.

Leo Grimm: I am not the one to test or push, revenge is sweeter than berries and more painful and darker than the pits of hell.

Leo puts his mask on, then turns around to face the camera. Then with amazing speed for a man his size, and snatches the cameraman by his shirt, putting his face right into view in the lens.

Leo Grimm:
His heavy breathing and intensity make him sound as if he has become unstable You seem to have caught me in a foul mood, one in which I desperately desired to remain undisturbed.

Leo Grimm: Now...Now what to do with you, trespasser? Your transgressions have made me filled with angst! Oh, shhh, shhh, you look worried. Is it the mask? Just know this is the one true face of Deliverance and today you shall rejoice in painful redemption.

Off camera we hear a scream come from the cameraman, followed by a very loud THUD. Then a slam of the door, and the sound of chains locking.

The camera catches a returning Grimm to his chair, removing his mask and his mumbling and rocking back and forth continue.

We cut backstage to a close up shot of Jerome Hamilton, sat on a stool with Kareem Franklin standing behind him. Despite being sat down, Jerome is still taller than his manager. ‘A fifth of Beethoven’s Symphony’ is playing lowly in the background as Jerome addresses the camera.

Johnny Millionaire, we gonna have to give it to ya’, you gave me one hell of a match. I gave you my all and you gave me all, and the best man won.

Kareem: That’s right, me and my boy gonna give you the credit you deserve, but at the end of the day the real deal Jerome Hamilton came out on top and that’s all that matters.

Jerome: That’s right, but now we got one problem dealt with, looks like we got some unfinished business headin’ our way tonight. Leo… Grimm.

Kareem shudders at the mention of his name, still traumatised from their last altercation.

Oh he that big scary guy… I remember him… yeah we really got some unfinished business my guy.

Jerome: Last time we got put in a match Leo, it got cut short by Johnny and you took advantage of that. I mean, come on, you gotta do what you gotta do but you ain’t even give me a chance to recover.

Kareem: Uh huh and that’s a big mistake and lemme tell ya why, cuz now you got Jerome’s attention. And there ain’t nothin’ else he gotta focus on no more, so you better start plannin’ on your escape route when the wrecking ball comes to play.

Jerome: Mhmmm, so when you busy out here lookin’ for deliverance there’s only gonna be one thing gettin’ delivered. And that’s a dub for the big man, and the big man’s little man… pause.

The two share a quick side glance and grin. Kareem quickly gets them back on track.

Aye, jokes aside you know we ain’t nothin’ to mess with once that bell rings. So, this a message to the whole OCW Roster, once we finished with Grimm if any of y’all want to challenge the real deal, all you gotta do is ask! We ready for all comers baby!

Jerome grins at the camera as Kareem places his hands on his shoulders. Jerome gets up out of his chair and makes his way off camera as the scene fades out.

It's a Match!

Scaggs: What a battle between Leo Grimm and Jerome Hamilton!

Poling: If that’s what you want to call it -

A graphic flashes across the screen advertising tonight’s Main Event.

Scaggs: Thanks for joining us for Riot tonight! Don’t forget our main event…

Poling: The Undisputed Tag Team champions have been called out - but by whom?!

Scaggs: CQC faces two mystery opponents in the main event… TONIGHT!

The screen slowly zooms out to reveal it’s playing on a TV backstage, both Quartz and Rust Cohle watch on in anticipation.

Rust: I cannot lie to you Quartzy, I didn’t expect someone to come knocking so soon after the 15th Anniversary Show.

Quartz stretches his neck and watches on as Riot continues. He peers up to Rust and smirks slightly.

Quartz: The young competitors prowling these halls are more ambitious than you know, Rustin. Don’t forget that you were one of them not long ago.

Rust: Hah! tu as raison. I could never forget. It is like it was just yesterday at Lution 12…

Rust: No problem. Whomever it is, I’m more than ready to press forward… and win or lose, I won’t let what happened to Uncrowned happen to CQC.

Quartz’ face twitches slightly, before straightening back out.

Quartz: Right… I’m with you, Rustin. Let’s go get ready.

The two men carry their bags and their titles off camera ahead of their Main Event matchup.