OCWFED.com Presents Riot




The camera pans to the announce team.


We got a great show for you tonight! LETS GOOOOOOO!

A black car rolls into the arena parking lot, with cameras on hand. As it rolls to a stop, a black boot steps out onto the concrete. The camera pans up to reveal the CCW World Champion Quartz, holding both of his championship titles over his shoulders.

He looks down at each one and steps away, the door still open. The camera starts to move over to see if someone is following Quartz out of the car, but suddenly Quartz throws the door shut and looks into the camera.

His forehead is marked with a small line of stitches, just noticeable by the close-quarters camera.

After taking a few steps, Quartz stops and stares at what is directly in front of him. The camera pans… It’s his tag team partner, Rust Cohle.

Quartz, man, you haven’t returned a single call.


Rust: Don't tell me that you think… that I attacked you last week on Turmoil.

Quartz does not respond, instead preferring to just look down at his CCW World Championship.

Brother. You can't.. I mean I know fans might suspect it, the boys backstage… but you?

Quartz steps forward towards his tag team partner, looking him straight in the eyes.

Rustin. I don’t know what to believe anymore… I’ll see you later for our match.

Rust Cohle stands dumbfounded at that response… He stares as Quartz walks around him and into the arena.

H2O: Remember what we discussed before, don’t be too aggressive out there with Kat. It’s not about evening the score. It’s about execution.

Harvey carries Heather’s bags with one hand over his shoulder as they make their way to her locker room.

Cállaaaaaate already Papi. You keep talking to me about calming down every single day. Just remember what you need to do.

H2O: You know what? You’re right I’m sorry. It’s just I’ve been thinking about Doc Green a lot more now that I have ever done before.

H2O: I tried to show humility again with him. But comes out and attacks me again! He gives me a JJE and my own Riptide to the face. Then he reaches out to The Good Light the way I do!

Heather: Did it hurt your ego?

H2O: Pfft. No. As many times as he kicked me, he couldn’t even knock my glasses off my face.

Harvey places Heather’s bag onto the floor and leans himself up against the wall. Before Heather walks into the locker room she sees The OCW World Heavyweight Champion frustrated.

She walks over to him and lifts his head up with her finger to make him look into her eyes.

I can already see he’s getting into your head. Take it from me, it’s not good.

Heather: I had Valkyrie in my head for way too long and look where it got me. I was broken for a long long time. I had to find a way to get rid of...the demon, ended up seeing a shrink and found a way to rejuvenate myself and my career.

Heather: Part of me being revived was because of you, Harvey.

H2O smiles.

Now look who’s been seeing a shrink and dressing up as superheroes like toddlers. One of your other friends.

H2O laugh turns into a nervous laughter.

All joking aside, I’m not going to throw away any of the hard work you’ve put into me. Unfortunately, all this quarantine stuff has you and Elijah Sanders separated. But not us.

Heather: Tonight, I’m back on my home turf. Approaching Kat in my first match without aggression will be a challenge.

H2O: But you have skills. Use them wisely.

Heather: ….and you have patience.

Heather leans over to pick up her bag but H2O bends down quickly to pick them up for her. Their faces meet one another as both of them look at each other.

The temptation is in their eyes but Harvey stands up quickly. Heather grins and lifts herself up.

Thanks babe.

Harvey hands her bags over to her.

Don’t mention it. Good luck tonight.

Heather: Thanks. Good luck with you as well. Don’t do anything foolish.

Harvey gives her a salute and walks away. She watches him walk away until he turns the corner and loses sight of him.

She heads inside her locker room to prepare for her rival.

It's a Match!

Recorded Earlier!

The sun beams through the windows of Johnny Millionaire’s Beach Spa and Resort as Jerome and Kareem walk around with clipboards around the half-renovated interior. Eventually, the two find Johnny Millionaire, who seems to be mildly panicking because of the amount of construction occurring around his prized property.

What’s with all the sweating, Johnny? This place looking fire!

Johnny paces around the spot he is standing in.

I can’t believe you would throw my priceless ivory self portrait sculpture off the roof into the giant basketball hoop you’ve installed in the gardens.

Kareem: Ey, ey, ey, calm it down baby. I know you are stressed about what me and my boy Jerome got planned for this place so we decided to bring in some expert opinions from a man who knows a whole lotta things about interior design, the one the only-

Jerome: Ey, Kareem, our man ain’t here yet, I’ve rang him ten times and it sent me straight to gamer mail.

Kareem: The hell is that!

Jerome: I don’t know, man, I just assumed cuz he a gamer he puts gamer before everything he does.

Kareem: Ey, if that’s true I’m gonna start sending people to-

Johnny: PUH-LEASE tell me you haven’t enlisted AC Cobra to fix this place up, I beg of you!

At that moment, a dark shadow can be seen running Naruto-style into the back of the frame, as world renowned gamer AC Cobra appears, skidding to a halt and stopping right next to Johnny and Jerome.

AC Cobra:
Sup Gamers? I would give you guys dap but that Rona running wild out here. Used the bathroom, hope you didn’t mind, little frito residue on your toilet seats, but you’ll be fine. Oh, nice soap dispenser too. I might’ve un-hocked it to attach my portabile PC to it but meh.

Kareem: Oh, you mean the Super-Mecha-Washinator 5000?

Johnny: You did WHAT NOW!!??

Jerome: Ey, don’t you worry, we got Reginald the Personal Foot Butler doing all sorts of things round this place. After all, he’s the only employee you have left right now.

Johnny: The only reason that Reginald the Personal FOOT Butler still has a dang job her’ is ‘cuz I don’t have to pay him no money! So you two better put him to better use or he’s gonna get sold for scrap!

Jerome: Anyways, I think you gonna like what we planning to do with the place. Seems to be takin’ shape already.

The quartet look around and see many different aspects of the partially renovated interior. In one corner, the newly designed bar and restaurant look more vibrant, with lots of the old furniture dumped nonchalantly in a skip nearby.

In another corner, a whole new leisure area is being built up, with a miniature basketball court being the centre of a plaza of many different vending machines filled with different foods and drinks.

In the next corner, labelled the ‘Millionaire Zone’, there is a row of 7 obnoxiously bright fruit machines, with a comically oversized roulette table placed in the centre, that flips over to an LED table that hosts an array of different virtual card games. Johnny Millionaire drools slightly looking at this corner.

The fourth and final corner is the piece that connects the various levels of the Beach Spa and Resort together. With two elevators, one heading downwards and another heading up into the penthouse.

A reception desk sits amongst a decorative conservatory has also been put in the works as an exit to the outside portion of the Resort, where the swimming pool is being extended, along with a vast amount of extra deck chairs being constructed around the outside.

So whatchu think, Cobra?

Cobra seemingly wakes from his daydream and shakes his head, then proceeds to think to himself very intensely for a few moments.

hmmmmm….. Needs more cow.

Johnny: Come on fellas, this is your expert?? This guy can’t even do his real job properly, nevermind his fake job.

Jerome: Ey, we respect what Cobra done around here, so we respect his opinions. The man wants more cow, so we gonna see what we can do.

Kareem: Yeah, that’s right, where do you think we can improve our levels of cow Co-, ey Cobra where you going!

Cobra: Gotta blast, later gamers!

Cobra has vanished from the shot of the four men. The camera turns quickly and just manages to catch Cobra, sprinting Naruto style back through the exit to the beach spa and resort.

Love that guy!

Johnny Millionaire sighs deeply and puts his head in his hands as the scene fades out.

The sound of the crowd's mix of boos , cheers and MGG chants still echo throughout the arena as all members of Kasstianity stand in the ring surrounding what looks to be a golden throne. Kassidy Alexander Hayes sits upon the throne.

Valkyrie is seen next to the corner, casually checking her phone and holding a mic with her other hand. The arena lights dim to black allowing only the ring to be lit. Empress steps into the spotlight holding a microphone as The crowd settles down to a slight murmur.

Valkyrie: You idiots better shut your mouth and listen to this Fairy Tale I’m about to tell you. Well, me and my friend Empress. In a land far, far way...

Empress: There once lived a kingdom run by a King that wanted nothing more but to share his wealthy knowledge and power with his people. But, in return all he asked from there was for their undying loyalty.

Valkyrie: The King was extremely fair and loyal to his people. All he ever wanted in return was for them to join his PUBG lobby or whatever looter shooter he was playing at the time. How fair and noble is that?

Empress: And for years the people listened and learned as This King gave everything to his people every drop of blood, every shickle of gold, every ounce of his being just to please them. Over time the king took in two members of his Kingdom and welcomed them into his family.

Valkyrie: The Family ruled over OCW Happily Ever after, despite everyone and their mother wanted them dead and gone. They responded with smiles to their hatred filled threats!

Empress: All seemed well until in a moment of weakness one of the King’s sons turned on him, stabbing him in the back and taking his crown. The King felt so betrayed by this person he once called his son. He began to tear down his kingdom and banish his knowledge and power from all those that needed it.

Empress: Years passed as the King sat alone letting his own anger overtake him. He wasn’t mad at his Son for stabbing him in the back no..no. He was mad at his son for taking his crown. But, now the King grows stronger as he sits in his lonely kingdom. Awaiting is Son’s moment of weakness.

B17 walks over and places a golden crown of thorns on Kass’ head.

B17: The Stars are not what they seem. Repent, or they will whisper you your fate.

Empress: The King comes for what’s his, Quartz.

Kassidy lifts the microphone that was left on the arm of his throne,

Kassidy: Last week I attempted to converse and give the rightly needed wisdom to Quartz but it fell upon deaf ears. This string of unfortunate events is not what I had hoped for and yet it is what has been unraveling before me.

Kassidy: There would have come a time and place where I would have chosen to annoint you into your reign but you had to have it your way, you had to have it now, and it had to be anyone but me; Like a selfish spoiled brat of a child, you threw your fist around having a tantrum in this ring and since holding the possession which belongs to me, you have found yourself insecure, constrained, and apprehensive with the spotlight it comes with.

B17: Like a murder of crows swarming before your eyes into darkness, the spotlight has blinded you.

Kassidy: You would not hand me what is mine, you have yet to declare me the rightful challenger to what is mine, and you continue to pretend like a child that you can hold both Championships you have without a hefty toll that will cost you both.

Kassidy: Your “friend” Rust even has started to see this change in you, I may have had to point it out to him, but he sees it nonetheless. The stares, the glares, the twitchyness of the voices in your head. You have proposed since my return that I am at fault, that I am the bad guy but maybe just maybe, it is you.

B17 walks from his place besides the throne and comes to stand directly in front of the camera with a smirk. He kneels down so that the camera can focus again on Kassidy.

Kassidy: You threw your tantrum and coerced poor Rusty to go along with your attack on Ryu after having seen me come out to the ring with Empress and not be there for you.

B17: Traitor.

You got to face your well known and weaker tag partner in a match that you knew you’d come out victorious for a chance to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Kassidy: You attacked my neck injury, two on one, like the cowards you already showed you were like when you attacked Ryu and you tried to throw the pity pinfall to Rust so he’d feel less like a failure.

B17 chuckles: A broken man now.

Kassidy: Meanwhile, every step of the way, Kasstianity has been upfront with our goals. Your end game was engineered behind everyone’s backs with the voices in your head. Sounds to me like Intel Quartz maybe be the true mastermind baddy around here, not me.

Kassidy: Intel certainly didn’t see that attack coming last week though did he? Now, you know it wasn’t me, I’d walk up to you as I did in that staircase and let it be known it was me, so was it Wrex trying to goad you into giving him a title shot?

B17: Pathetic.

Kassidy: No, no, for as stupid as he is, even he’d know that to provoke you, it would have to be known that he did it so there would not need be a reason for mystery.

Kassidy: Leaves only one real culprit, one man who is jealous and tired of being used by you, the one man who wouldn’t want you to know he got a slice of revenge but wants it so badly: Rust Cohle.