OCWFED.com Presents Riot




The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman we are back on the scene! With RIOT 567

We got a great show for you tonight! LETS GOOOOOOO!

Sitting backstage preparing for his match is TY Sparks, his headphones are on and he’s shadow boxing as he notices from his right, someone is approaching.

The camera pans to see Spider. He throws his hands up, indicating no threat. TY removes his headphones and fistbumps his fellow Revolution Incorporated partner.

Ryu Mastumoto lets out a sigh and gestures towards a nearby bench. He takes a seat on that bench and TY follows suit.

 Sparks. About last week, I -

Sparks: Oh yeah, quartz got outta hand, didn’t know what he was doing. It’s a thing of the past, but it's okay I get it, I'm ready to go.

Spider laughs and shakes his head.

 No, not quite. Quartz was right and he was serious. I just wanted you to know that

Sparks looks confused again.

 Look kiddo, you need to channel your inner LHW champion tonight. I mean, it shouldn’t be hard, you beat ME afterall.

Spider starts to laugh again, but shifts back to dead serious within a second or two.

 TY, I chose you for a reason. I see a lot of potential in you. I think you can be the World Champion some day… but you haven’t exactly been on your A game as of late. You’ve been more “tortoise than hare”, if you catch my drift.

RYU: I just need you to know that this is not a joke or a mistake. Tonight, against Dynamite Darryl, if you can’t get the job done, there’s nothing I can do to stop what Quartz might do.

Sparks: Yeah I’ll try my best, but uhh, what will he do if I don’t get the job done?

Spider looks his hand-pick future star right in his eyes.

 ...Let’s just say… You should fight Dynamite like your career depends on it. Darryl’s still new here to OCW. You’ve been here 3 years now. It’s time to recognize that potential I know you have.

Spider stands up and walks towards the door… He stops before exiting and looks back at Sparks.

 ...and if you can’t win this one? Well, maybe you deserve what’s coming to you.

Spider exits the room, leaving an anxious but determined TY Sparks behind to think about what he said.

The scene opens up in an empty parking lot outside of The Barclays Center.

Colby McCallum is walking across the parking lot towards the arena when a hooded figure runs up behind him with a steel chair and hits McCallum in the back of the head.

???: You see that McCallum!? Do you see what happens when you mess with me?! Do you see what happens when you try to challenge me, Colby?!

The hooded figure takes off his hood to reveal it is, the International Champion, Danny Watts.

Watts picks up McCallum and starts throwing him into cars all over the parking lot.

 Don’t you ever try to call me out again! You’re not worth my time!

Watts picks up a bloody McCallum off a hood of a car and sets up for a piledriver.

 What I did to Parca is nothing for what I’m about to do to you! Do you hear me?! Don’t you ever try to outshine me!

Watts piledrives McCallum onto the cement ground, puts his foot on McCallum’s head, and holds up his International Championship as the screen fades to black.

It's a Match!


The CCW Champion B17 sulks through the noisy hallways scattered with OCW Superstars.

None of them were quite who he was looking for however. In fact he was looking for two people. A future hall of famer, Kassidy Hayes, and the victor of the grueling Women’s Elimination Chamber and now OCW Women’s Champion, Empress. A Kasstianity reunion. A Kasstianity apology, if he was being honest.

B17: Kass!

The crowd in catering looked at him awkwardly and in surprise.

B17: Where is, Kass?

Emp stares at this beautiful cake shaped like her women’s title. She grabs her phone to take some pictures for It but her hand is grabbed and she is pulled away from the table. She looks back at the cake with big puppy dog eyes. She looks over to see The CCW Champion B17 himself pulling at her arm.

Emp: Bee? What the hell? Congrats on your win against Blacksmith.

Bingo: Yeah, gotta talk to you too.

Emp: But my cake!

Bingo: It’ll be there when we get back.

Emp: Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake..........FINE....How can I help you? Does this have to do with my shiny new title? If you want to see my new title all you have to do is ask.

Emp flashes the title in his face as the light reflects in his eyes off the belt similar to what she was doing to Stacy Clark previously.

Emp: Isn’t it beautiful. Look at the cupcakes side plates..You know i was thinking of putting something else but those cupcakes are adorable just look at them you know I was thinking maybe pink cupcakes...or yellows….or…

B17: Yeah, yeah. Come on.

With a pouting Empress in tow, Bingo navigated her down the hallway into a locker room. Inside the room they found Kass playing video games.

Kass: What the hell?

Bingo releases Emp, who eyes the door beadily.

B17: I said, very clearly, that if I beat The Last Blacksmith I would look you both in the eyes and apologize. And that is exactly what I am going to do.

B17: Emp. You left us. You left us and I was angry at you. The moment you left, I looked at Kass and wondered who would be the next to fail.

B17: And the more I looked at him the more I knew that if my moment came, I would take it. And Kass, I took that moment and I loved it.

B17: I loved that moment more than I can explain, but to both of you, I promise that if you ever need anything. If you ever find yourself needing a Doom Machine...you can call on him.

Emp looks over at Kass for a moment before folding her arms and looking down at her feet.

Emp: I know I felt bad about what happened and the way it happened . So It’s okay I get it , bee. I had some things I needed to work out And I’m still working on them. So I don’t blame you for doing what needed to be done.

Kassidy stands off the couch and steps up to B,

Kassidy: As someone who has been going around trying to make amends, I can tell you that, that was not an apology.

B17 considers his words: You're right. It's not. My career will not last forever, and moments like this will not happen often.

Bingo reaches out his hand.

B17: I'm sorry, Kass.

Kassidy laughs and shakes B's hand,

Kassidy: It's all good B, I only was able to grow to who I am now because of that moment. No hard feelings.

Emp runs up and drags both Kass and B17 into a big ol bear hug.

Emp: Since we are getting things off our chest I am also very sorry for using the *Compliance (tm)* mind control face paint on you Kass. And messing with your head Bee I was a bad girl and obsessed with beating Valk and other things.

Emp out of nowhere offers them both a cupcake with their faces on them.

Emp: Cheers to Kasstianity….ugh. Or friendship.

The camera opens to Jim Black holding a microphone in front of an OCW logo-laden backdrop.

Jim Black: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time, Judge Leroy Brown III.

The camera pans over to the left to reveal the Judge, seeming somewhat humble.

Jim Black: Welcome Your Honor...

Judge covers the microphone with his hand.

Judge Leroy Brown III: I got this.

The camera focuses in on Judge as Jim Black steps aside while handing Judge the microphone.

Judge Leroy Brown III: Jordan Trance... good job son. You beat me fair and square, no doubt about it. I may not like you, but you've darn well earned my respect.

Judge Leroy Brown III: But let me make this clear to everyone, the OCW ring is still Judge Brown's courtroom. And anyone who dares to step out of line can learn that personally.

The Judge hands the microphone back to Black and walks off as the camera fades to black.