OCWFED.com Presents Riot




The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman we are back on the scene! With RIOT 590

Let's get strange!

We return from break to see footage from OCWFED.com’s online exclusive “Watch Party” for Summercide 2022.

Along with several OCW wrestlers and producers, we see Debbie D. sitting on the couch with a much more tense face than the others.

The footage shows Jasmin Kaffee coming down to the ring and taking a microphone, speaking about her decision to join The Wrestling Club and her intentions to take down FloJo. As she continues speaking. Debbie scoffs and shakes her head, before abruptly getting up and walking off the set.

We cut directly from that footage to Jim Black backstage in real time.

Jim Black:
Ladies and gentlemen! Summercide 2022 was certainly the hottest party of the summer, as expected. RIOT is heating up here on the road to Red Sun Rising.

Jim Black: However, with me now is one woman who didn’t seem to enjoy everything that Summercide had to offer. Please welcome my guest, the Gramazon Debbie D.!

Debbie steps into frame less joyful than she usually is.

Oh, my sweet little Jimmie. Looking as snacktacular as you always do.

Jim sighs and blushes before gathering himself.

Jim Black:
…Thank you Debbie, it’s nice to see you too. On the subject of what we just saw… What happened at Summercide?

Debbie: Yes, Jimmie… I did enjoy the show, please don’t get me wrong… but I couldn’t watch Jasmin keep saying those things.

Debbie: Her and I talked last month. Became friends, even. I don’t really know what to feel right now. We both know that we live in a crazy business.

Debbie puts her hand on the back of her head with a saddened look on her face.

I dunno, Jimmie. I guess I just thought Jas had a better head on her shoulders. Maybe I guess I thought I could help give her the belonging she wanted.

Debbie: I don’t blame her. She has been looking for a place to fit in since she arrived. Christian left her to fend for herself, then the whatever Academy left her too.

Debbie: I just feel sorry for her. Those leeches she’s been hanging around with are scrubs and they aren’t going to watch her back. The first chance they get to drop weight, she’ll be on the chopping block.

Debbie: This business is hard enough as it is, I don’t want to see the good ones taken advantage of. It just makes me sad. Very sad.

Debbie: But Jimmie! Ya girl’s got a match tonight and I know everyone is excited for the return of Val Vitriol. The Gramazon’s gonna go do what she does best… And for Jas, well I’m sure she’ll work through whatever she’s going through.

Debbie pouts her lips, trying to resist showing her disappointment, before quickly smirking at Jim, kissing her hand and tapping his forehead before taking a selfie with him and walking off.

Jim Black:
Well, folks. That was Debbie D. She’s in action tonight! Let’s go back to ringside, guys?

The camera shifts back to ringside for the next segment.

It's a Match!



We transition to the sight of “Best in the World” Drago Cesar wandering around backstage with Bubba in pursuit. He takes some time to greet the production crew by waving and giving high fives.

As he continues to roam the hallways, he runs into our own CCW World Champion, Inness Quartz. The imposing figure has the championship resting on his shoulder. Drago smiles with delight.

Quartz! Is good to see you again. Is be long time.

Quartz spins around and returns the smile with one of his own.

Drago Cesar. It has certainly been a while! Always a privilege to see you here.

Drago: Good to see you holding fort down. Nice work out there. Hey, you got any tips for dealing with your brother….

Quartz’ smile fades a bit. As he is about to interject…

…from another mother?

The smile returns as Drago throws the champion a finger gun and a wink. Quartz laughs to himself and adjusts his championship over his shoulder.

I’d have to be the most brazen asshole in this building if I thought about giving Drago Cesar advice. I think you’ll do just fine.

Drago smirks and takes a moment to look at the CCW World Championship, then back at Quartz. He laughs before giving him a pat on the shoulder.

See you around champ.

The Hall of Famer walks off as Quartz looks on, his smile accompanied by an interested squint.