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The camera pans to the announce team.


We're back baby!

Only two weeks left. Do you think the Turmoil roster and all the fans will miss us when we go Tom?

Who knows buddy, but let's go out with a bang and make these next two weeks extra special.

The King of OCW qualifying matches begin tonight. I'm excited.


The locker room was dimly lit save for the small tv sitting in the corner, a replay of an AFL match was being broadcast on ESPN 8.

Sitting in the darkest corner of the room, barely illuminated by the glow of the tv was Sebastian Abbott.

Seb: Oh come on you white maggot! Son of a b**ch, that's holding the ball...

The locker room door was kicked open shedding light through to every corner. Standing in the doorway was Gentleman Jack and Big Ed.

Seb didn't stop watching the TV as he shook his head at another ridiculous umpiring decision.

Jack was first to speak.

Jack: What the hell type of sport is this?

Abbott stopped watching to turn his attention to the intruders.

Seb: It's Australian Rules football, hell of a lot better than this Gridiron sport you play.

Jack: Eurotrash!

Seb: Are you taking the piss mate, what the hell. Are you thick in the head?

Ed grunted and Jack stopped watching the tv.

Jack: Right, sorry Ed. We're here because you have a match tonight with my friend here.

He gestured towards Big Ed who turned and ripped the tv from the perch it sat on and hurled it at the back wall, smashing it into pieces.

Seb: Hey hey hey! I took that from the tramp out back, how dare you wreck my sh*t.

Ed: You need to take me seriously buddy, I will ruin you tonight.

Seb: The way you "ruined" Dennis Black at Lution? For smashing my tv how's a no holds barred match sound? It may backfire on me but I reckon I can beat you without some blonde broad at my side... Or in your case some guy.

Jack ran a hand through his hair contemplating the stipulations.

Jack: What do you think Ed?

Ed: You're on pom!

Jack and Ed turned and left the locker room leaving Seb to stare at the wreckage of the smouldering television set.

Seb: Bloody Bulldogs were losing anyway. Hope this really doesn't backfire on me like the last one involving those damned clowns.




The camera pans to the announce team.


Why is everyone always so damn angry. Lighten up a bit will ya?

I wonder if Sophia will be here tonight?

I have been told after last week both Sophia and Willow are not here tonight.


Up next Big ED takes on Seb Abbot, this is a match you don't want to miss.

I want Sophia!



It's a Match!
Big ED


Seb Abbot

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The camera pans to the announce team.