The following segment was recorded earlier on in the day and the footage is taken from what appears to be CCTV footage near the arena. People are walking back and forth, up and down a busy street. The overall quality is poor, perhaps it was recorded with a potato.

Three hooded figures pause, keeping their faces obscured, one is smaller than the other two and departs. The two main figures remain in focus, before ducking into a hardware store. Minutes later, they emerge, each carrying a backpack that is presumably filled with items from the store. They break into a run, piling into a waiting van which takes off. Outside the hardware store an old man can be seen shaking his free hand, in the other is a cell phone, obviously contacting the police. 


LIVE FROM Barclay's Center!


TY Sparks is shown on the screen before his upcoming match.

There's nothing I got to say or prove to you people, so you can go ahead and boo, and chant “boring”, and even tweet about how much you hate me or don't know who I am, or do whatever the hell you want. I could honestly give two shits.

Many of the boos coming from turmoil fans in the crowd would only make Sparks proud, knowing that he could produce such hate from the first time he picked a microphone in the arena

The past two shows I've been booked in I lost, so far my experience in this company has just been being everyone's punching bag and I'm sick and tired of it. I'm not some ham-and-egger coming out here to make other people look good. I'm a star, and I expect to be treated like one!

Sparks: For some of you my first impression might be that I'm a crybaby. Some of you may think I'm talentless. But, all of you clearly think I'm handsome.

TY chuckles with a big grin on his face

 To be honest that's all I came out here to see: the starry eyes all set on me!

Sparks: So if I'm not going to be given the respect I deserve, then I'm going to take it! Whether it's in this ring, backstage, or even back at the hotel, I'll go through whoever I have to, whenever I have to, in order to get what I deserve.

Sparks: If any wrestlers want to stand in my way, they're welcome to try, but they are not going to last long while they're in the ring with the Prince of Flight TY Sparks Bay Bay! So the locker room better look out because everyone in my path has a giant target, and I'm coming for them.

The camera cuts to a teaser for OCW Presents: Devil's Night.


Austin drums his fingers on the announcers desk, looking around his perspex prison, his silicone sanctuary. He takes a slurp of his diet soda as we come back from a commercial 

 So far this show is living up to my expectations… Make what you want of that.

As Austin talks an all too familiar theme begins to play over the tannoy and he sighs, taking his headset off, rising from his chair as Wrex, Fury, Scumciety make their way around ringside and stand in front of him. 

For the last time! You can’t get at me! I’m safe.

Fury cocks his head to one side, looking at the backpack and then back to Austin Lee.

 Are we stuck out here? I don’t think so. Creo que es al revés… It’s the other way around.

Wrex slowly unzips the top of his backpack.

 I think you’re stuck in there Austin… 

From the backpack, Fury draws out an aerosol can. It’s black spray paint. Austin’s eyes widen as he goes to move towards the door but Wrex is already there, holding a crowbar. A smirk unrolls across his face as he begins methodically striking at the locking mechanism, rendering it useless. Austin begins tugging at it, kicking at it, pulling with all of his might but it won’t move.

Fury gives the can a good shake and tosses it to Wrex who sprays some unsavoury comments over Austin’s face through the glass. The duo reach into their sordid satchels once more, bringing it more cans as slowly but surely they go to work, covering every single square inch of the perspex with black paint. From inside, Austin Lee can be heard shouting and swearing, occasionally thumping on his plastic tomb.

 I swear to god! There’ll be consequences!

Now, completely unable to see, relying on audio alone, Austin sits, listening. He can hear thumping and the noise of metal as Scumciety go under the ring, retrieving the ever present OCW ladder, after all, where else would you store one. He can hear banging as Scumciety climb on top, now covering the roof in paint. 

#Austin: You bastards!

The final piece of the puzzle, duct tape. Austin can hear it, and he can do nothing about it.

 S.. Stop that! How will I breathe?

Wrex continues to tape up holes, shrugging.

 Not my problem.

Finally, security go to come down to help the announcer, but are fought off by Wrex and Fury who have now gotten down from the booth, wielding crowbars.

 Any of you touch him… Dead men! Hombre muerto, muerto, you hear me? Lo entiendes? Dead!

Reluctantly, the security forces are driven away by the retreating Scumciety and we go back to the very worried, unsettled announcers team.


The camera pans to the announce team.

What in the hell.

This has to stop.

Well this is my life now…

It's a Match!
Bournistico vs The Experience


The camera pans to the announce team.


That's one way to start the show.


You alright in their Austin?

k Always a pleasure to join you both, but it appears I am flying blind tonight so let's see how this goes.


An clip of a younger, noticeably thinner Quartz is seen in light blue attire. His face is shaven and his hair is long and blue. Through the grainy static video, Quartz slowly puts on his PRISTINE SUNGLASSES, covering his blue eye. 

It's Ijitu's time to shine now.

Ijitu Quartz is noticeably thinner as he walks down a ramp, which is seemingly suspending in a black purgatory. He points into the void, mouthing words that go unheard. The clip is totally silent. A wrestling ring manifests itself slowly as Quartz approaches.

As he slides in, the final piece fades in. He climbs the turnbuckle and taunts to silence. As he climbs down and turns around... Another version of Quartz stands in front of him with his arms crossed.

You do not have total dominion over this person.

This Quartz, also younger, has brown hair that is tied back. As the camera zooms closer, we see his right eye is red. This young Inness Quartz has a patchy beard, though not shaven.

The sound of a crowd flashes slightly, before the sound of distinct breathing fills the arena.

Ijitu Quartz: Who? What?

Inness Quartz: Are you aware of what you're doing here?

Ijitu: Of course I do. I'm here to kick some ass and take some names. Who are you? You wanna be #1?

As the camera flashes back to Inness, he has grown a few years older. His hair has been cut a bit, now covering the side of his face.

Inness: Are you really aware of the potential harm you're doing the body?

The same aging seems to have affected Ijitu Quartz, who looks older and more aware. A chinstrap and tied back blue hair haven taken the place of his younger look.

Ijitu: You keep following me, but your time is done. You can go now.

Inness changes once again. He has grown much larger in muscular mass and sports of a black leather jacket. His beard has filled in slightly.

Inness: So long as there he is alive somewhere in the mind, I'll be here to protect him.

Further changes affect Ijitu Quartz look. He now bears a striking resemblance to the Ijitu Quartz from Wrestlution 12. His hair is spiked, a blue streak running through the right side. He wears a large white hooded jacket. 

Ijitu: Ain't nobody need your protection, bub'. We're going to put this bad boy to good use. At least someone has to.

Inness changes one final time. He looks exactly as he did at Summercide 2018, short brown hair with a red streak mirroring Ijitu Quartz blue streak. He is much larger now, similar in size to how present day Quartz looks.

Inness: That protection extends to you as well, Ijitu. You haven't the mental fortitude to continue. I know that, but more importantly, I know that you know that.

One final change affects Ijitu as well, as the camera sweeps over to reveal current day Quartz, long tied beard, new tattoos, and blue gear.

Ijitu: What you know and what you think I know aren't important. Because I can tell you what I know for an absolute fact.

The ring, ramp, and stage fade out to all black. Quickly, the scene fades back in to see Ijitu Quartz standing alone in a locker room adjusting his gear.

Ijitu: I'm the one calling the shots now, gah' dammit. I think it's time to expand my horizons.

Quartz turns his back to the camera and puts on a black shirt with the signature Black Phoenix and the word "LEGENDARY" on the back.

The camera pans to the announce team.


This next match should be strong.


Hope it lives up to my expectations.

d Well if we are sticking to the format it should be the returning Capo vs Benjamin “Paint by numbers Moore" should be.

It's a Match!


The camera pans to the announce team.


Well then...


What's the rating Mr. Lee?

k  I could just leave and sit at the desk, like a normal announcer. But that’s how the millennials win…. We wouldn't want any millennial tears if I didn’t let them try to succeed at my expense. But 3.8 Stars for that contest.


The camera pans back from commercial to see Nomad stood in the centre of the ring, he pulls the bandanna down from over his face, and lifts the mic to his mouth.

Nomad: Many people don't know this, probably don't even know me, but 10 years ago this season, I made my debut in OCW right here, on Turmoil...10 long years.....but it's good to be....home..atleast for a night.

Nomad: I've seen things you couldn't even imagine, records set, records broken, I've seen father figures, devils, gangsters, prisoners, monsters, gods of war....I've seen people set on fire, people thrown 25 feet from the top of cells, I've seen woman hoisted onto the shoulders of a god, then thrown down and kneed in the face...I've beaten leaders, followers, gothic cowboys, I survived The Fire, beat the menace of Nesquehoning...I've seen more 'saviours' than you can count....

Nomad: I've seen eras come and go....Golden, Ambition, Jurassic, Savage, Bitchmade..I've witness some of the greatest reigns in wrestling history..Ortiz, Fausto, Betterness, Pugh, M'fkers, Parker, Spoon, Matsuda, A-team.....the list goes on.

Nomad: the worst part about all of that..is that practically NONE of some of OCW's greatest moments would make it onto tv in todays scene.

He removes his sunglasses and stares straight down the hard camera.

Nomad: There is a cancer in OCW, more dangerous than anything we've ever seen before, spreading at an unrivalled rate, more dangerous than anything or one we've seen before.....


Nomad: They might succeed where so many have failed before...to finally bring down the goliath that is OCW.

He removes his biker kutte, revealing his tshirt, with the slogan #sayNOtoSnow etched across the chest.

Nomad: But luckily for you, I am here to make sure that doesn't happen, I am putting the world on notice, it's time for society to rise up, and take this planet back from the snowflakes, and give it back to the old country...no more 'safespaces'...no more pc gone mad bullshit..no more anxiety medication because you are upset because somebody was mean to you behind a computer screen, you need reminding that nobody gives a shit about your opinion, and just because you have the means to tell everyone, doesn't mean you should....NOBODY GIVES A SHIT IF YOU FEEL 'HURT AND ABUSED' BECAUSE SOMEBODY CALLED YOU 'HONEY'...eat a dick 'Lindalovestheworldmeatismurder301'...its time to sack up, or f*ck off!

Nomad: Snowflakes are a cancer on this planet, a disease....and I am the cure..the movement starts tonight.

He drops the mic and places his hand on his chest and shouts at the top of his voice.


The camera pans to the announce team.