The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is time!

Super Turmoil + Ultra is LIVE!!!!


Kassidy walks around the ring with a scowl on his face, a microphone in hand, the fans are chanting a mix of “you suck” and “H2O”. Kassidy raises his hand as he would if he was holding up his championship,

 My hand is up, that means you pay respect and shut up!

Kassidy: The only reason there isn’t the OCW World Heavyweight Championship in my hand for you all to admire and bow your heads in silence to is because it was stolen from me, like every championship I have held in this company.

The crowd shifts to “you look stupid” chants as Kassidy is holding up nothing,

Kassidy: Just like my first World Championship was “lost” by a man that is not myself being pinned, at Devil’s night, Harvey “won” the OCW World Heavyweight Championship by finally pinning Paul “I’m to old for this and shoulda stayed my ass at home” Pugh.

Kassidy: Pugh and Harvey both have something in common, They couldn’t pin me to become the OCW World Heavyweight Champion, not at Devil’s Night and not if their lives depended on it. Which is precisely why “Our Hero” made sure there was third man in this ring to be pinned. Whether it was Pugh pinning H20 or H20 pinning Pugh, it was never going to be either of them pinning Me.

Kassidy lowers his hand,

 All month leading up to Devil’s Night, Nomad showed to be the biggest Snowflake of them all and H2O was busy losing every single week but these were my “Contenders”. No they were jokes so I took care of Nomad before even stepping into the ring and was going to take care of the failing H2O experiment once and for all.

Kassidy: Instead, Jaysin Sensation took out my moral support by banning Ryu from the building and threw a last minute curve ball by calling up a bingo hall and strutting out one of the OCW “Legends” from the round table.

Kassidy starts to clap,

 Good Job, Sensation!

Kassidy continues to clap,

 Good Job, Harvey, I guess it pays to have your head buried up your boss’ ass but now it's time you come out here and hand me what is still rightfully mine!


H2O stands at the top of the entrance ramp and holds up The OCW World Heavyweight Championship much like how Kassidy Hayes used to do it. He brings a huge smile to his face. A smile that even your mother would love. 

The fans adore the mockery but Kassidy Hayes obviously doesn’t. Kassidy squints his eyes towards Harvey and walks towards the ropes as if he was about to exit but he stops. 

Harvey snaps his fingers and his mic descends from the rafters into his open hand. He grabs it while still holding the The Championship up in the air. 

 Now what’s with the foul language, Kassidy? That type of trash talk will no longer be tolerated here in OCW. 

H2O: You all witnessed an immaculate Inception of OCW at Devil’s Night. 

H2O: Your New World Head Champion killed two birds with one stone. One, I came out and did what I said what I was going to do; All I needed was just one opportunity.

Kassidy: YOU NEVER BEAT ME!!!!!

H2O continues on as if he never was interrupted.

H2O: Two, I finally beat Pugh at the same time to capture….this….title. 

H2O: It’s something all of your goons cannot and won’t ever get to say for their careers. A BIG TIME failure and a legend has fallen at the feet of The Past, Present and Future of OCW. 

H2O: H-2…..


POWERFUL Spider lead the reigning tag team champions into the ring with mics in hand. Ryu Matsumoto leaps onto the apron, entering the ring and standing next to Kassidy Hayes. Both members of CQC roll in on opposite sides and perch themselves on the top of each turnbuckle, in the corners nearest the stage ramp. 

Spider looks directly into Harvey’s eyes

 Oh, hi mark, I didn’t notice you there 

H2O shakes his head with a grin on his face and allows Trash Spider to continue.

 ONE, you don’t get to make the rules here, this is TTT presents RiOT, not Harvey Ocean Presents RiOT. 

H2O: Actually..


Matsumoto interjects, continuing on in the same vein as H2O did to Kassidy moments earlier.

RYU: You can’t beat me. I think our multiple matches have proven that.

RYU: THREE You can’t beat Rust Cohle.

RYU: FOUR You can’t beat Ijitu Quartz.

RYU: AND FIVE without that coward Jaysin Sensation… you DEFINITELY can’t beat OCW’s LINEAL WORLD CHAMPION, Kassidy Hayes.

The crowd releases a storm of boos onto TTT as Harvey holds his World Title up to the sounds of a tonal shift in the crowd, from jeer to cheer.

 It’s funny, man. 

Quartz begins speaking as the camera zooms into him, sitting on the left-most top turnbuckle, facing H2O on the stage.

Quartz: The H2O Experiment should have been shut down years ago… Ya’ know, like 3 months in.

Quartz: There hasn’t been a time within this ring or any other ring where you were…

Quartz holds his hand up, gesturing finger quotes.

 “OCW’s Top Superstar”.

Quartz: These wonderful idiots out there that pay their hard earned minimum wage salaries to see the 4 men inside this ring? They have been subjected to your crap for far too long. 

Quartz: ...Any of us could take that off of you at any time, but you already know the deal, dontcha bub’?

Quartz: You already know you’re going to have to continue dishing out ”personal favors” to Jaysin Sensation to keep TTT away from you… or risk losing your championship back to the rightful owner. 

Quartz: After all… that’s the only way you could have possibly made it this far in OCW. You’ve been coddled this whole time and everytime you prove to be a FAILURE… you’re given another chance. 

Quartz: You’re the reason that CQC and TTT came together. You’re the perfect representation of WHY TTT has to hold this company on our backs….

Quartz: ...Because without us, these grocery baggers and burger flippers would be spending their money on C10H15N… Not H2O.

One half of the tag champions lowers his microphone. 

 Now walk your ass down that ramp, step into this ring and hand me, MY OCW World Heavyweight Championship. Then you may take your leave from our presence because by the end of tonight, TTT will all be draped in gold. 

Kass smirks and looks over to Ryu. 

A loud and obnoxious snoring sound can be heard throughout the arena. The camera pans back to H2O’s head tilted sideways pretending to be sleep. 

The mic does a loud feedback sound that “startles” him out of his sleep. H2O pretends to gather himself again by adjusting his hoodie back on his head and also HIS OCW World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder.

H2O: Quartz, that had to been the most boring shoot towards The Good Light that ever laid upon his ears. Get your Stockholm Syndrome carcass in the back of the line where you belong. 

H2O: You don’t even know you’re out of your league right now.

Quartz waves off Harvey as him and Ryu laugh with each other.

H2O: Then there’s Sensational Spider, Matsuda, Ryu Matsumoto and Scarlet Spider. But there’s one more that we need to address in that very ring...

H2O: ...and it’s the arrival of Irrelevant Spider. 

H2O: There’s absolutely no reason why The Heavyweight Champion has to speak to you. Throughout every timeline and every personality, character whatever you want to call it…

H2O: ...You never EVER achieved what I achieved in the amount of time that I achieved it in. Now compute that logic…

H2O pauses for a moment and smiles.


Quartz raises the mic once again to speak but a hand from Kassidy Hayes forces him to bring the mic down and let the father of Kasstianity speak his mind.

 The only person in the equation to be Irrelevant is the person you pinned to win, Paul Pugh.


Pugh holds a hand out in the direction of the various schmoes in the ring, but nobody is willing to give up their microphone. He looks around at the crowd and shrugs, before slowly walking towards a ring boy who gladly provides the three-time OCW World Heavyweight Champion with a “stick”. Pugh puts the microphone to his mouth but immediately stops as a confused look crosses his face.

Something, or rather someone seems to have caught Kid Ego’s eye. The camera heads behind Pugh, hoping to discover exactly what has The Icon so confused.

Pugh begins to cross the ring and finds himself face to face with Ryu Matsumoto. He continues to look confused, before extending a hand towards The Powerful One.

 ...Hi, I’m Pugh. I don’t think we’ve ever met… you’ll probably know me from the Ambition Era you didn’t experience first hand. Why are you dressed like....nevermind.

The crowd erupts as Spider pops up and down on the spot, furious at the disrespect. We can see him mouthing the words HOW DARE YOU.

The other members of TTT exchange look as Pugh spins around towards the Tag Team Champions. He points in the direction of Quartz, who is still perched on the top turnbuckle but fails to make eye contact with him.

 Does that blue streak in your hair mean you're pregnant son or are you just trying to impress me?

Quartz scoffs at the remark and stares down Kid Ego as Pugh looks in the direction of Rust Cohle. He makes eye contact with the Champion, who seems to be trying to eye-goad Pugh into some sort of reaction.

Pugh rolls his eyes at the kid, blows out his cheeks and turns his attention to Kassidy. Kass’s eyes are locked on the Hall of Famer as Pugh taps his chin.

 Hi Kass.

He waves at Kassidy

 Irrelevant huh? You wanna talk irrelevant cool - I’ll bite. See, in my time here I’ve seen a lot of people… a lot of Champions. I’ve seen a lot of title changes, hell I’ve been involved in plenty of them myself… but you wanna know something I’ve never seen before?

Kassidy shakes his head

Pugh: ...I’ve never seen a man give such a piss poor excuse for a title defence in all of my life… Hell you weren’t even involved in the finish. You didn’t even care to get yourself pinned for your own title… you found yourself laid out - looking up at the lights while I made another star. The way I see it. That makes this between me and him… and don’t think I forgot you Harvey.

Finally, Kid Ego turns around to face the new World Heavyweight Champion. He takes a step closer, his eyes dropping down at the glistening Championship wrapped around one of his fiercest adversaries. Pugh adjusts the collar on his jacket, before sliding his reading glasses up his nose a little. 

 Harvey do you remember what I told you before I left last year? No? Lemme refresh you. You’re familiar with “the blue shell” yes? That little asshole in one of AC Cobra’s video game disks? He waits until you’re out in front and he comes back to take you down. Well guess what?

He points at the World Title

 Looks like you find yourself out in front…

Kassidy: Hold on a damn second, 

Kassidy looks like a thinking emoji for a moment,

 I can think of a worst excuse, “My hand was on the ropes”, which if I am not mistaken, is how you became champion once.

Pugh: Son, I could write a book on the many excuses why poor quality champions lost matches against me. A long book. Like War and Peace only with more conspiracies and blind referees. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time, nor the inclination to even open that particular can of worms… Again. This is between me and Harvey…

Kassidy begins shaking his head No and pointing at himself,

 Nnnnnnnnnnnnno! This is about My World Title and Me!

Pugh doesn’t bother to turn around,

 Pepe Le Pugh, you finally found a place for yourself in OCW’s New Country; amongst the trash up there in that ring standing before you. 

H2O: Do me a favor Paul and put some hearing aids in with those old man specs you have on there and listen to someone with the most sense here.

Pugh laughs and puts his hand to his ear; gesturing that he is listening closely to Harvey.

 Yes, you’re right as always Pepe. I am The Head Champion. But you’re the only legend around here right now.

H2O: So this “blue shell” that you keep referencing….

H2O looks at himself up and down and all around.

 You’re looking at him! I bleed blue, I am The Good Light, I am H-2-O and god dammit I am “The Blue Shell”!!! YOU are the one that needs to look over his shoulder cause tonight….

H2O: I will take you down! This isn’t The Clash or Certified Greatness this isn’t….

 Is that bass in your voice Harvey? Christ man you sound like a little boy trying to fight a bully. You're supposed to be World Champion. Act like you’ve been a champion before

H2O walks side to side in a bit of pique. Harvey settles down just a bit and finishes his statement before being interrupted.

 I’m not some little school boy. I’m just a “blue shell” looking to take down a legend.

Pugh steps out of the ring and walks up the ramp towards H2O. He gets in his face and holds the microphone up to his mouth.

 Then shoot your shot… Blue Shell.

The two stand face to face - intently staring at each other, no man willing to blink. Neither of them flinch - until Pugh breaks the awkward silence.

 ...I’ll see you later then. Boys!

He turns around to TTT

 Which one of you has my keys… I thought valets were supposed to wear vests when they were working?

Quartz leaps off the turnbuckle to the apron and shouts at Paul Pugh as he throws the curtain back.

Quartz: Keep running that mouth and I’ll personally send you back to the retirement home, grampa! 

Ryu Matsumoto taps Quartz on the shoulder before speaking one final time. 

 I’m going to need you to pay attention, Harvey. That crusty, bitter old man isn’t who you should be worried about… It should be this man. The LINEAL CHAMPION. KASSIDY. HAYES.

Kassidy again holds his hand up, as if he were holding the title. The OCW Universe lauds the former OCW Champion

H2O Shakes his head on the stage ramp, holding the actual title belt up. The crowd again changes from boos to cheers as Harvey holds the real title up in the air with pride.

The scene fades as both men are holding their hands up and intensely staring each other down. 

H2O’s theme plays and he walks backwards into the back.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh my god!

What a way to start the show!

The Xtron Flickers On!


We cut to Cort Marshall in street clothes, right hand in a thick cast. He’s arguing with two OCW employees; both are wearing black t-shirts, black pants and black sunglasses. One is around Cort’s height, with a healthy tan and short blonde hair.

The other is at least six-foot-six and built like a cartoon superhero; his face is impassive as he stands stock-still, hands folded in front. The only non-serious pieces on their attire are fancy little nametags: the shorter man’s reads “Billy,” and the larger man is Chuck.

Cort: This is bullshit!

Billy: Sensation’s orders.

Cort: He ordered you to follow me around like I’m some kind of playground pisser? I’m a former champion, a model employee, and I have people to h--things to do!

Billy: Do you honestly believe that WE believe that you wouldn’t run out and try to attack the pride champion if given the slightest chance? No can do. Until your wrist is healed and you’re medically cleared, we’re assigned to prevent that. It’s for your own good.

Chuck nods, remaining impassive. Cort is anything but.

 My own good! Is that what he said? Well you can tell him he’s full of you-know what!

Billy: He signs my checks. Also I saw him throw a full pot of coffee at an intern’s head for not knowing who Nate Ortiz is, so I wasn’t going to tell him “no.”

Chuck nods again, stoic as before.

Cort hisses:
 I don’t believe this. 

Billy: It’s not a question of belief, sir. Now if you want to enter the building, we’ll have to go with you. You’re permitted to be backstage, but not ringside or in contact with Christian Shepherd.

Cort growls out his agreement and stalks inside, followed by Billy and Chuck.

The camera pans to the announce team.



The Xtron Flickers On!

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh man!

That's just rude!

We transition to the backstage area and we see MJF making his way to the gorilla position. Just before he is about to turn the corner towards that area, Jim Black catches up with him.

Jim Black: MJF, a quick word before you head out for your match against Telos.

MJF: Ladies and gentlemen, the man that stands here before you, is a man that went undefeated in 2018 against pure light heavyweight competition. I’ve proven, without a shadow of doubt, that MJF is the absolute best light heavyweight in all of OCW. 

MJF: Now how was I rewarded for my stellar 2018? Well, I was put in a match with that light heavyweight wannabe Mugen. A man that couldn’t even do the honorable thing and lose “De 5” to make our matchup the classic “MJF goes over” match. 

MJF: And now, on this Super Turmoil, the first show of 2019. It only seems right to have the best light heavyweight of 2018 on the card. But to my surprise, who is the man that is scheduled to stand across the ring from me? 

There’s a slight awkward silence.

MJF: No, I’m asking. Who is scheduled to stand across from me? 

Jim Black: You’re taking on the powerhouse Telos. 

MJF: Who?!? Never heard of him. But the bottom line is this. In 2019 it’s not going to matter if I have to breakdown someone who weighs 230. Or someone who’s right leg weighs 230. Bones will snap, ligaments will tear and Eulogy’s in Eugene will be read. 

MJF: 2019 will belong to M….. J….. F.

MJF starts to walk towards the gorilla position. The camera remains near Jim Black and fades back to ringside once MJF reaches the first curtain.

The camera pans to the announce team.

He is full of himself!

He better get ready! Because it starts now!


It's a Match!


The camera pans to the announce team.

Ohy my lord!

He did it!


A short gasp for air would be heard as Damian opened his eyes and found himself back at his house in Winnipeg, laying in his bed drenched in sweat he would pick up his phone to see multiple missed calls and messages but one stood out of the most to him


Damian would face the camera with a disappointed look, thinking to himself “How could I miss such an important event?!”. He would sigh and begin to stand up, attempting to collect himself.

 What can I do? What can I do? Hmm...

the scene would fade through color to show a pool where Damian is laying in a unicorn floatie sipping from a Pina Coloda with a Mickey Mouse and Friends Hawaiian shirt on. Out of nowhere a tortilla would be thrown onto Damian’s face, he would take it off to reveal Mistico standing at the end of the pool


Mistico: Where’ve you been? Haven’t seen you in a while. You weren’t even at the party.

Damian: Originally I was in New York, visiting this psychic reading place trying to talk to my dead mother but next thing I know I’m knocked and I wake back up in my bed soaked with sweat. Also… a tortilla? Really?

Mistico chuckled and he would slightly lift up the sleeve of his shirt to look at his watch and check the time as Super Turmoil was in a couple of hours.

 Oh bombilla, Damian I hope you know we only have a couple of hours left to get back in New York. This is a big opportunity for us and it doesn’t need to be messed up man, we need to leave now hermano. Are you ready? Do you have everything?

Damian would put his face in his palms and let out a sigh as he remembered his gear was stolen out his garage two weeks ago when it was left open.

Attempting to make an excuse or think of where he could get wrestling gear, he took his face out his palms and began to speak.

 I don’t have shit… literally most of all my gear got stolen last week. I got some tape, old boots, and probably knee pads. I know for sure I have air brushes in my trunk so maybe I could work something up…

Mistico: Remember what we wore last year when we went trick or treating? Now I’m not saying we should go all out but if we don’t have any other options then what are you gonna do? Wrestle desnudo like that fool B-17?

the scene would fade from color to show Damian back inside the house, looking at his clothing placed within the walk-in wardrobe with Mistico standing behind him.

Bourne would walk to the back of the wardrobe and glance over at a old worn out looking chest. With a smile on his face he would go over to the chest and unlock it with the code “666”, now although the contents of the box could not be seen by the camera, a bright light would reflect onto the face of Damian and the screen would fade to black…

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh this gonna be it ain't it.







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