LIVE FROM Barclay's Center!



Bray: Belties back! Did you miss her!? The Anime Prince sure did!

Bray: But before we begin tonight, I have a bit of footage to show you all. 

Bray: Viewer discretion is advised…



Bray: The Anime Prince told you what would happen, Blacksmith, and look what happened to you.

Bray: Instead of leaving Riot on your feet like a man, you left it on your back, like a... well you know.

Bray: And now that I've ridden myself of the bootleg boogeyman himself, it's time to focus on more important things.

Bray: The Light Heavyweight-

Nic: The Turmoil Tag Team Championships!

Bray turns to Nic, confused.

Bray: Say what now, Nicky? I know we beat up Mistico and everything, but don't you think OtaKru's ready for the BIG TIME?

Nic: Of course we are. And we will… by pinning Mistico to become the Turmoil Tag Team Champions!

Bray: Now Nicky, don't get "realistic on me". We both know the Americans running this show aren't smart enough to put us on pay-per-view.

Bray: I mean, it's not like our match against Mistico was one of the most watched matches, at one point THE most watched match of the show! Get back to reality, Nicky!

Nic: Be that as it may, Turmoil is devoid of proper defending champions right now.

Nic: And it's up to us to rectify that wrong, and give Japan something else to root for in this backwater country!

Bray: You have a point. After all, as weebs, it’s our duty to-

FloJo: What the hell is wrong with you two!? 

Lotus FloJo appears on the stage, obviously in a state of anger.

Bray: Besides being blinded by those long… curvaceous… side plates on my belt, nothin much baby cakes. What’s new?

FloJo cringes: Christ. 

FloJo: Can’t believe I’m saying this, but what would Ace think of how you two are acting?

Bray: Leave her out of this.

FloJo: Might as well bring her into this! She’s messing around with Dragana. DRAGANA! You know? The former Women’s Champion?

Bray: And? She can take care of herself.

FloJo: It’s not about that! You don’t even seem to care!

Bray: And you do? You don’t like her. You never did. I just dealt with it because I was fond of you myself.

FloJo: Yeah, I don’t...I’ll work with her if I have to. 

Bray: That is just soul punishing.

Nic: Don't you mean "stardust breaking"?

FloJo: By the way, I’ll have to take Dragana to the shadow world to fight *Deep breath* Ace. Cause I’mma Stand/Persona user...She’s not.

Bray: You're obviously one of the newer Persona users. You're standing up there with a puny Pixie, I'm standing right here with a Ishtar, baybay!!! 

FloJo: Uh-huh... one more thing, though. You guys should be more productive with your time instead of going after Austin Lee, B-17 and *shudders* Code Jackman. And not just them, but the United States in general! What have they done to warrant this... this hatred?

Bray: Did someone tell you to say that? Kami, you sound like a cavalcade of idiots from a group chat. At least try to sound coherent.

Nic raises his hand towards FloJo.

FloJo: No Nic, I didn’t bring you a happy meal from McDonalds... Ok seriously, what?

Nic: Soooo, when was your suspension lifted?

FloJo: Apparently before The Clash. They didn’t want to bring me back yet because creative had nothing for me.

Nic: Poor FloJo.

FloJo: Shut up, maggot. 

Nic: Yes ma’am. 

Bray: For the love of-... would you two stop it!? Don’t apologize, Nic. In fact, be proud. You know why? Because when we were led by that dumb broad on the stage, OtaKru, The Anime Prince and Nicholas Betamax were stuck in a meaningless group led by a wannabe yoga instructor and look where we are now!

FloJo: Winning handicap matches?

Bray: Defeating champions! Something you’ll never… EVER do. And if I were you, I’d pay more attention to Empress because last time I checked, my sister did a better job of putting her in her place than you have since you’ve been back.

Bray: And just like another #idiot who tried to wrinkle The Anime Prince’s feathers, you’re on the wrong side of the boat, chief.

Bray: You dropped the ball. I’m just picking it up. No hard feelings. Now hit our f***kin music...

The monkey in the sound booth obliges, blaring the greatness of “Rock the Dragon” throughout the arena while FloJo stands idly by, disgusted.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome back to the show full of animosity.

Showing your age there Randy.

It's a Match!
Alexander Thrace vs T.Y. Sparks


The camera pans to the announce team.






*Previously Recorded*

Barclays Center. 6PM. Before the show.

Aisu is sitting in a locker room, in his street clothes.

: Why did he told me to stay here?.. At least it feels good just to be in a locker room, for once..

Rusty enters the room and closes the door.

Rust: I am sorry, it took longer than I thought it would. But you're going to love it.

Here is the new acquisition of the OCW Roster, a fierce competitor, and your new MANAGER from now on.. MY SISTER, ZOE COHLE !

The newly acquired Women superstar enters the Room, with her signature redhead pigtails.
Aisu is shocked, he hasn't seen Zoé for a long long time, their career being split up for some years. The two good friends jump for joy.

Aisu: ZOE, what the hell ?! Omg where have you been this all time? Gosh..

Zoé: Stopped my career for some times, went home for a bit, but my dumbass brother Rusty here apparently needed my help. First I thought it was for him, so I said no. 

Zoé: But he told me YOU were the one in "trouble". Plus I know he is garbage when it comes to talk to other people.

Rust: Hey, that isn't nice !

Zoé: I'll be nice when you start acting like a man. I've seen you on TV for the past year. What a cunt.

Rusty cross his arms and denies the facts.

 Yeah yeah, do that big brother. Sooooo.. Back to you my old friend. Apparently I am now your new manager as well as a new competitor in this company. I heard that the women's division here is the best in the World. I hope it is.

Zoé: But first, let's scout tonight's matchups. First Live Show! I am excited. And then, we plan YOUR next move Ais! Let's get the hell outta here!

The scene fades as the happy reunion continues.





As the scene fades in we see Justin Jehst in his wheelchair dressed in his bald wig, and Elsa standing behind him. They are in Justin's opulent home foyer speaking with what looks like a security company technician. Multiple techs are walking by in the background carrying cameras and other devices.

Elsa: Yes, he was let in by maid but she not know he mean to harm, Justin. 

Tech: OK, well we'll continue installing cameras around the home and outer walls of the premises to ensure you get full view of the property. 

Professor Jex: Make sure under no circumstances do you use any metallic substances. 

His girlfriend sighs and rolls her eyes before addressing the technician.

Elsa: Don't listen to him, he just take pain medication. 

Professor Jex: This is my school, I will have final say. Where is Logan? 

Tech: *confused* Our technician?

Elsa: Justin, please. Don't make this harder than has to be, OK? 

Jehst huffs and folds his arms. 

Professor Jex: Right, well, I'm going to put on Cerebro and watch Netflix! Good day! 

He pushes forward on the make-shift gear stick he had crafted for his wheelchair, but of course, with no assistance from Elsa, he goes nowhere. He huffs again before using his arms to turn the wheels and rolls off screen.

Elsa: I sorry, he not usually like this. 

Tech: It's OK, a home invasion can be a traumatic experience for anyone. 

Elsa: It not that, it… nevermind. We go finish the camera in garage, yes? 

Tech: Certainly, Ms. Holmberg, lead the way. 

Elsa looks back towards where Jehst wheeled off with a glance of both sadness and worry for her partner before putting her brave face on and leading the technician off screen. The camera then fades to black.


The scene opens with FloJo waiting at her home before Dragana arrives. She then turns the TV on just the prepare.It’s pouring down outside. Then a knock on the Door. FloJo answers and opens the door. Dragana standing in the doorway prepared for action. 

 Nice. You’re here. 

Dragana: ...

FloJo: Okay. Have a seat...Weird things are about to go down. 

Dragana and FloJo sit on the couch watching Broad City which even brought a faint smile out of Dragana. The clock strikes twelve and nothings happening. Dragana sighs and a lightly taps her feet. 

 Look I swear, this happen the tv is supposed to go all static-like….

Dragana: Eh?

Suddenly the TV begins to static like FloJo said. An familiar figure appears on screen. Too familiar. The figure resembles Dragana very closely - she has the same kind of hair style, except in a pale white color, her skin complexion is slightly darker, and her eyes are a fiery orange color. Dragana’s hands grasp the couch tightly.


Her doppleganger turns to face the screen and lets out a creepy smile. She uses her index and middle fingers to point at her own eyes, then points them back at the screen. The real Dragana lowers her head and releases her grip on the couch. She puts her hands on the back of her head and she rocks back and forth on the couch. 


FloJo: So are you ready? 

Dragana nods.

 All right. Let’s go inside the TV. 

FloJo takes the first step inside. She reaches for Dragana’s hand. Dragana appears spocked by the fact that such a thing is possible. She grabs FloJo’s hand and sucked into the Television. The pair are in a freefall. Screaming until they hit ground. 

 I think I broke my ass...

Dragana brushes herself off and shrugs. As the pair came to, they realize that they’re in the backstage hallways of the Turmoil arena but something’s off. The hallways are filled with fog and the “staff” that are roaming around appear to be sinister shadowy figures. 

The pair make their way over to gorilla, where there’s a card next to the passage leading to the arena. It reads “I SEE YOU”. Dragana looks behind her and notices that the doors have closed behind them. The only way out is through the arena. The Silent Queen lowers her gaze and shakes her head. A concerned FloJo remarks….

 Good luck...