The camera pans to the announce team.



I don't need entrance music for this part. The people know who I am, you all know who I am. I am the rightful World Heavyweight Champion and I'm standing ready to address a capacity Turmoil audience. Standing on unfamiliar ground, but more than ready to shake things up again.

Pugh motions for a microphone while the final screams turn into murmurs. You thought this was done? Not by a long shot.

Pugh: I don't accept the result from Certified Greatness…

He draws breath, but his tone remains stern and clear

Pugh: I did not lose that “match”. I was unprepared. I was injured. I was hung out to dry by an old man on an ego trip… and why?

Pugh motions to the crowd

Pugh: ...have you ever hurt somebody's feelings so much that they try to destroy you? See… I did that in 2010. I left OCW for the 5th time and Sensation swore up and down that I would never be back. When I eventually found a way back, he and his staff took great care making sure that I got nowhere.

He smiles and begins to up the tempo of his speech

Pugh: I spun my wheels, working my arse off and every time I got even a sniff of success it was snatched from me. I scratched and i clawed until Sensation had no choice but to listen to you people… eventually I became everything he hates. I became the guy on the top of the mountain and I got there without his help… I got there just to spite him.

Pugh: Now fast forward 5 years and he finally gets an opportunity to spit in the face of my Hall of Fame career… by allowing some no mark to desecrate my legacy. So tonight… I'm here to confirm something to you all.

He grins again

Pugh: If Doc Green does not return my property by the end of the next episode of OCW Riot, I will not only take matters into my own hands and destroy him, but I will burn this place to the ground around me. I will instruct every lawyer I can find to sue every single person that's ever wronged me in this company… and I know what you're thinking… that's gonna be pricey Paul, you can't afford that…

He smiles into the camera

Pugh: Fact is… I make more money for one match than Doc Green will make in the next three years. Sensation paid me so much to be here on this run that I can sue and sue and sue and sue until there is nothing left but a smoking pothole of mediocrity. This place will fall into oblivion. And I will piss on the remains… unless…

He looks into the camera again

Pugh: You give me back my title and you fire the little worm who stole it… a simple request really. A thank you for years of service. Give me what I want. Or this whole thing ends. And quickly…

He dumps the microphone on the floor as his music begins to play


It's a Match!


Our scene opens in the backstage area of the beloved Turmoil arena. A 2018 Honda Accord that has been painted to resemble the likes of Starsky’s Ford Gran Torino pulls into the parking lot and finds a space.

As the engine shuts off, the car door opens, Air Jordan XI “Space Jams” and a pair of blue Levi’s are seen being worn by the unknown man due to the low angle of the camera.

The unknown man takes a couple of steps away from the vehicle, he then shuts the door, and as he shuts the door the camera pans to his face.

No longer sporting his man-bun or long haired look...it was Damian Bourne. Returning back home to his current residence of professional wrestling, although he looked better than ever...he was still missing his Hutch.

Bourne had been abandoned by the loved Luchador Hijo De Mistico because he couldn’t contain himself in matches, and even though he lost his tag titles, he couldn’t give two shakes of a rat’s ass.

What was important to Damian was that he lost the man he had romanticized about during his whole tag team division run. The controversial wrestler now walks away from the car and heads towards the locker rooms, simply humming Mötley Crüe’s Home Sweet Home.

The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

Tayy Breizee surprises the Turmoil crowd with his appearance in the ring.

Tayyficionados! How we doin’!?

Tayy gets a mild pop from the Brooklyn crowd as he laughs to himself, looking more chipper than he has as of late. Tayy makes his way to ringside to grab a cloth/tarp like material that is rolled up nicely.

Tayy: I got a couple of things for ya’ll that I think you’re gonna like.

Tayy begins unrolling the cloth, which has a Turmoil “space” colored background and some unreadable text.

Tayy: I’ve been given a real honor, man. I’d like to first thank everyone for the kind welcome and for showing out tonight - like, wow man! Look at this packed house!

Tayy: I bet ya’ll excited for the Brooklyn Nets making the playoffs for the first time in a long time, man!

The Brooklyn crowd erupts at the reference to their basketball team’s success. Tayy finishes unrolling the cloth and hangs it over the ringside ropes, in front of the hardcam. It reads:


With various logos and musical microphones on it.

Tayy: That’s right, son! Ya boy’s got his own segment! Hahaaa!

Tayy: I’m pumped for episode 1, so let’s get right to it. Welcome to the first edition of SpeakBreizee... “Matty Wrestling” Matthew May!

The Camera Pans On To The Ramp!

Tayy: Matthew May! Very new to OCW!

The crowd pops for Matty May’s very professional American tracksuit.

Tayy: So Matt… What’s up, dog? What you tryna do in OCW?

Matt: Honestly Mr. Breizee, I'm nervous. I competed in the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio, but this is just something else. The butterflies in my gut are flapping something fierce.

Matthew lifts up the silver medal around his neck, taking a brief moment to gather himself.

Ay, it ain't nothing I haven't seen before man. We all get shaky in front of the OCW Universe... I think these people wanna know about Matty Wrestling, tho. What are your goals?

Matty continues to stare at his silver medal, eventually lifting the microphone up to speak.

My goals? Well, as you can see, I’m a silver medalist. That’s not a humble brag, because let’s be honest. Second place is nothing to brag about. I came to OCW with one goal in mind, and that’s be competitive. It’s to one day replace this silver with some gold.

Tayy: Well that’s a given, but what makes you different from the rest of the boys in the back?

Matthew takes a moment to respond.

I suppose when you put it like that, I’d have to say nothing, Mr. Breizee. Yes, I am an Olympic competitor. Yes I have an amateur wrestling background, but this is my first night on a show of this magnitude.

Matt: I’m going to prove myself. I’m going to sweat, I’m going to bleed, and I’m going to breathe OCW for the foreseeable future. I’m going to show these people in the audience, and the people watching at home why Matty May deserves a place in their hearts.

The crowd pop for the newcomer’s enthusiasm.

Okay, okay, okay. I think these fans love you already, my man... but you ain't alone out here. Word around here is that someone brought you into these vaunted OCW halls?

Matt cracks a smile.

Sure. I think most of you know a man named Mark Reese.

The crowd go wild over the mention of the big, lovable Mark Reese.

Well, I’ve known that man since I was ten years old. Ten. I’m twenty-five right now. This man saved me from a life of delinquency. He saved me when no one else gave a damn about Matty May. My life was on a downward trajectory before I met that big saint of a man.

Matt pulls down the zipper to his tracksuit just a bit, slightly tearing up.

Mark took me under his wing. He challenged me to be a better person. He challenged me to succeed and not just be complacent with where I was. In fact…
Matthew removes his American flag headband and clutches it in his hand.

Mark gave me this headband, and it has helped me power through so much. With this headband, an ounce of alcohol has never touched these lips. I have never smoked or done drugs. All because I had Mark with me. Now he’s here. We’re here, and I’m going to do him proud.

The audience claps at Matt’s story, and starts up a small chant for Mark Reese.

That man Mark Reese is bad. I been in the ring with him myself... Though this aboutchu. Why you need saving, Matty?

Matty May bows his head to put his headband back on, and nods at Tayy.

Do you watch movies, Mr. Breizee? Specifically superhero movies.


The crowd pop for the finale of the Avengers movies.

Before life hit me, I used to want to be like those heroes. I used to worship the idea of being a superhero. I used to watch The Amazing Spider-Man every Saturday evening with my pops.

Matt: I was ten years old. Bright-eyed and bushy tailed and jumping around on every piece of furniture as if I was web slinging My mother had been gone for a while at this point, so it was just my dad and I...

Matt puts down the microphone to take a quick breath.

Man, if you ain't cool with this, you don't --

He looks back up at Tayy with a smile.

It’s okay. My father was a great man. When he was sober, anyway. We had moments of pure bliss when he was dry. He never let me leave the house without an “I love you”.

Matt: The very moment that bottle of Jack hit his lips, he became someone else. Something else. He wasn’t Mitchell May anymore. He was a complete stranger.

Matt: I knew that I had to leave. I had to get out with my life in tact, so I began running with the wrong crowd. If it weren’t for Mark, I’d have ended up just like my old man.

Matt: Broken down with nothing but a bottle of alcohol to keep me company. Mark showed me that there was a better way. He showed me a better life. Mark was the big brother I needed.

Tayy: Bruh...

Tayy approaches his first ever guest. The crowd is silent at the sudden emotional turn. Tayy wraps the ripped rookie in his arms, tapping him a few times on the back.

Tayy: I could never be in your shoes, man.... but I know each and every one of these people out here know how you feel on some level...

Matt: I carry around this silver medal not as a symbol of pride, but as a symbol that I need to keep going. You know, some people actually recognize me on the streets. “Hey! You’re the guy that won the silver medal! Couldn’t have won the gold, huh?” It stings.

Matt: It stings because I know I could have brought home that gold medal. I know I can be a better wrestler. That’s why I’m here. Whether it takes months or years, I’m here to turn this silver to gold.

Matt: I’m here to show the world that just because life takes the wheel and drives you into a wall, that there is always a way out of the wreckage!

Matt: Matty May is never going to give up, no matter how long it takes to achieve my goal. NEVER!

The crowd pops as Matty May shouts into his mic, ducking into the top turnbuckle, allowing his emotions to overcome him for a brief moment. The OCW universe embraces the newcomer as Tayy taps him on the back and caps off his first segment.

Tayy: Daaaamn, man. I could never have guessed I'd get a man like Matty Wrestling Matt May out here. This man GOT HEART!!!

The crowd cheers as the camera fades to commercial.

The Camera Pans The The X-Tron. Our Hero none other than the CEO of Online Championship Wrestling is sitting at his desk with his hands together.

Our Hero: It's been said that OCW is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it. Tonight is no different, I have had a lot of time to think and reflect.

Our Hero:
With Antonio Everrett becoming the OCW Light Heavyweight Champion a giant vacuum has occured.

Our Hero:
In an effort to "Even The Odds" I have decided to bring something back.

Our Hero: Something that might just inspire some of the denizens of Turmoil, or hell it might just poison the well.

Our Hero: That really isn't for me to decide.....

Our Hero: Now if you please!

Our Hero Fades Out As a Video Package Plays