LIVE FROM Barclay's Center!



Code Jackman: I know of you last week none of you thought I would pull it off and become your new CCW Champion. 

Jackman: Let me tell you a story, a year and six months ago I debuted on Turmoil with no means of being your champion. I despised each and every single one of you because none of you got me.

The crowd begins to boo Jackman

 I found a friend and we strived to be the best team together and made paper plate titles to show everyone we mean business. We wore those titles for over 170 days to prove our point.

Chants of “you looked stupid” echoed throughout the arena. 

 I was once put in a box because I lost a match to Wrex. That changed me completely. I became a monster and that was never supposed to happen. I betrayed man people to gain what I wanted, but that is what you have to do to get to the top. 

Chants of “box-man box-man” filled the arena. 

Jackman: I took control over Bingo’s B Community and made it my own. Which if you have been living under a rock has been dead for quite some time now. 

Jackman: I hit my lowest point these past couples of months and I had a meeting with someone. They said I giving you one more chance and if nothing comes from it I think you should consider moving on from OCW. I was gifted that opportunity last week, I took that opportunity and now you see what I have become. 

Jackman pause for a second: This time when I did this, I didn't do it for myself. This time I did it for each and every one of you in attendance to show that your dreams can come true. 

Jackman pauses once again as the crowd begins to cheer for him. 

 I want you all to know I am not going to make this title a disappointment and I am going to bring back the meaning of this title.

Jackman then goes to the middle rope and beings to raise the title high to crowd in attendance. 

General Manager Malu entrance music hits and we see the GM make his way to the ramp as he stands on stage with a microphone in hand. 

GM Malu: 
Congralutions on your win Code, but that is not what I came out here for. Lution is right around the corner and everyone can see it coming and we are going to do something special. The CCW Championship will have an open challenge, the first of its kind in OCW history at Wresltlelution. 

The crowd begins to go nuts and chants begin to echo around the arena. 

GM Malu: This open challenge will consist of one former champion from Turmoil or Riot, or it could be someone current, someone, from the past, someone could be doing double duty at on the big show. So, Jackman, I would try to figure out who your opponent is soon.

GM Malu's music comes on again as he walks off the ramp backstage and the camera pans from the crowd to Jackman as he is scratching his head tiring to figure out what just happened.





The scene opens with Ashley Moore and Empress in yoga gear holding workout bags and staring up a brick building somewhere in New York.

Ashley Moore:
 You sure this is the building? Doesn’t look like a yoga class.

Empress: Google Maps says it suppose to here let's just go in and check it out. You said you want to get some exercise and warm up before your match tonight so what better than America’s # 1 dropped exercise Yoga. 

Empress: You can really stretch the legs and get into top kicking potential. Plus it’s Free you can’t beat that. 

Ashley Moore: I guess. I could have just hired a personal trainer to come to the apartment and do the same thing. 

Empress: Freeeeeeeee... 

Ashley Moore: Fine let's get this over with. I rather not be out here longer than I have to. 

Empress grabs Ashley Moore by the hand and the two head into the building. As they enter the room they are overwhelmed by the intense heat of the room. 

Ashley Moore: Why is it so hot in here? It’s like a sauna. What did you sign us up for? 

Empress: The flyer said it was a hot yoga class. 

Ashley Moore: HOT YOGA!

Empress: Yeah, Yoga for hot people like us. 

Ashley Moore: THAT’S NOT WHAT HOT YOGA IS! Let me see that flyer! 



As the two are looking over the flyer the door behind them slams close. A super fit man with overly tanned skin is standing in the way of the door with a smile on his face. 

 Let’s lose those clothes ladies.

Salvador drops his robe on the floor to expose his naked body.

 BOOM! It’s time for YOGA! 

The scene fades out with Ashley Moore and Empress looking horrified as the guy starts walking toward them.


It's a Match!
Danny Watts vs T.Y. Spearks Jr.


We cut back to Ashley Moore and Empress coming out of the building dripping in sweat with a horrified look on their faces and hugging each other. As Salvador stands at the door smoking. 

 Excellent Session ladies! Please come again and Tell all of your female friends about Salvador! 

The door closes and Ashley shoves Empress off her. 

Ashley Moore: What the hell is wrong with you? Why is everything I do with you turning into a cluster fuck! 

Empress: How is this my fault!? If I didn’t have to pamper a giant baby all the time I wouldn’t even be here! 

Ashley Moore: Of course it is your fault, after all, it was your idea to come here. 

Ashley Moore: Are you trying to sabotage me? I am the only one who is between you and the Future Investment. 

Empress is baffled by this accusation.

 Nani!? Why would you even saying something like that! 

She points at her BFF ring.

Empress: Nonono, I would never do that to my best friend, never.

Ashley who instantly regretted what she said is now full in tears and goes for a hug with Empress again. Both are crying now, but because of happiness that they have each other. Empress starts to giggle. 

 Did you see that guys tan? He looked like a leather armchair. 

Ashley Moore: I know right! Yuck...it’s like I can still feel this creepy fingers on me. 

As the two get into Ashley’s car and drive off the camera cuts back to the building where you see Salvador peering through the window blinds as the scene cuts to black.




Our current scene is set in a dimly lit master bedroom, the building seems to be a beach house set on the warm sands of a California shore. The only source of light for the audience is the pale moonlight shining through the glass panes of the home;there appears to be two people laying in the bed underneath silk maroon colored duvet covers.

Rose petals are laid out on a premium Australian sheepskin rug in a heart formation up to the mattress, if the audience were at the home themselves then they would be able to smell the spicy ness of the burning cinnamon incense that also had a sweet touch to it. 

A house phone that sits in its stand on a dark cherry wood nightstand begins to ring, a familiar spiked head of hair pops up from underneath the expensive covers and turns on the lamp that was also placed on the nightstand. The unknown man with the familiar hair is now made out to be the young well-trained rookie Alex Asher himself, he wipes his eyes and then hesitates to answer the call, but eventually he comes around and does so.


An unsettlingly period of silence passes for thirty seconds until another voice is heard on the other side of the line, it seems to be distorted but still understandable.

 I apologize for the inconvenience Alex, it’s just I wanted to speak to you more passively than I did last time before I was rudely interrupted by your arrogant stablemate.

Asher: Who is this? What are you talking about?

Unknown: Well, although that’s a simple question, I don’t believe I have a simple answer. You see, the answer to that question is very complex...I am what can bring back the dead; make people cry, make people laugh, make people young, and I am also born in an instant but can last a lifetime. So Alex...don’t ask who I am...but ask what I am.

Asher: Listen man, I don't know who you are ok, whatever game you’re playing, how you know my name or number, but I'm not in the mood for this ok? Don't call me again or I'm calling the police.

Unknown: I can sense you’re frightened Alex, but there’s no need to fear as I'm in love with one I ne'er could pair. But call me not a silly goose, for they're in me. I'm all for vendettas, but ne'er did kill a soul. Yet for taking revenge you will need my help. My next of kin is twice the man I am, yet named more for the one I followed in. You have already missed me twice, now speak and tell me truly...WHO AM I?!

Asher quickly hangs the home phone up in nervousness, he then stands up and starts looking out the glass panes to see if anyone was watching him. As he continuously looked around, he finally notices a car that starts to drive away from the area, it’s very familiar to some of the audience but definitely unknown to Asher; a 2018 Honda Accord.


It's a Match!
Ashley Moore vs Aerith


The Turmoil crowd began to settle down as the previous match participants left to the back. Suddenly, the music of the young rookie Alex Asher hit. The crowd goes wild as the Lover Boy began to make his way down to the ring. He is seen wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket with red lipstick kisses all over it. Alex made his way to the other side of the ring and grabbed a chair and microphone and rolled into the ring. He set the chair in the middle of the ring and sat down.

Asher:Ladies and gentlemen of OCW, I would like to welcome you to a little something called “The Lover Boy Hour.” Now this is going to be a little segment where I come out and talk to you guys, the fans. So, on our first episode we are going to review my latest match on Turmoil 229. So we can be reminded of the greatness of the Turmoil champions.[/B]

Asher pointed to the titantron and a clip of him doing a leg DDT to Jay Fury appeared on screen. 

Asher:Oh, I'm sorry folks. I got the wrong clip. Let's get a different one huh?

A new clip began to play. This time it was of Jay Fury laying in the corner of the ring repeatedly being stomped by Alex and Sparks. The clip then switched over to Asher Superkicking Jay Fury and pinning him for the victory.

Asher:ooouuu that didn't look too good. Let's see it in slow no one more time.

The clip began to play once more, this time in slow motion while zooming in on Jay Fury's face on impact.

Asher:Look at that. A beautiful, beautiful finish. Wait, I think I missed something. Let's see it again.

The clip played one more time. This time however, it showed the slowed down reaction of everyone in the ring and some in the crowd. Asher could be seen with a smile on his face as he covered Jay Fury for the pin. The camera then zoomed in on Sparks face with a huge smile while his mouth was open. The face of the man with the lightbulb head was filled with disappointment as he placed his hand in his face. The clip then ended again.

Asher:I swear, the more and more I look that funnier it gets. That lucha doesn't seem so smiley anymore does he? Anyway, I didn't come out here to poke fun at these guys. I mean, they are champs after all. Just look at how many times they defended their titles against “punks” like me and Sparks.

Asher pointed to the titantron again. However, this time instead of a clip of the champs defending their titles, in big bold white letters on a black background it said “clip not found.”

Asher:Wow seriously? Not one? That's just...wow. I'm sorry folks I honestly thought there would be at least one but, apparently not. That's kinda sad when you think about it. To be a champ for months and not defend their title not once? Wow, that's just crazy. Well, that will be it this time on “The Lover Boy hour.” For any questions you guys want me to answer the next few weeks, feel free to text me at 1-800-BestITW. Goodbye and goodnight.

Asher blew the crowd a kiss as he toss the mic down. He then rolled out the ring and made his way up the ramp to the backstage.