LIVE FROM Barclays Center!

The scene opens with a dozen or so OCW officials scurrying about carrying various objects and possessions belonging to the General Manager of OCW, Tiberius Octavian Dupree.

Some of these possessions include a portable maple syrup fountain, a Lite-Brite self portrait, 2 barrels of top quality hair products and an autographed Lord Shark plushie which is being handled with extreme care.

Dupree steps into the camera from the side as if this is a documentary on OCW officials living in their natural habitat. The love, the passion, the AMBITION for OCW radiates off the Hall of Famer as he speaks directly into the camera.

Dupree: Salutations everyone, today is the day I officially make Turmoil my second home away from home. As you can see everyone but Ted is hard at work making my transition to management as seamless as possible.

We see Jim Black in a doorway trying to get inside the busy office space but can’t get passed all the moving bodies and furniture. Dupree snaps his finger and points at Jim, a OCW official immediately starts spraying Jim in the face and chest with clean linen Febreze. Jim coughs and chokes his way back down the hallway.

Dupree: Now I want you all to know that I will not be the micromanager type who has his finger in every single crapple-berry pie in the bakery.

He stops mid sentence to make sure one of the officials measured the space between each of his yearly awards before placing them in the display case.

Dupree: I will not be that oppressive authority figure who demands you cater to his every whim.

He snaps his fingers again and another OCW official brings him a bottle of imported Canadian spring water. He takes a sip before handing it back to the official.

Dupree: What I will do is give everyone the same opportunity to be great. I promise every single one of you in that locker room, if you put on amazing matches, if you give OCW all your passion, all your ambition, week in and week out I will make sure your given the stage and opportunities to be a freaking star.

Tibby’s tone slightly shifts.

Dupree: But if you defecate in the hand that feeds you, if you lie and cheat OCW in any way. If you take shortcuts or disrespect a business I’ve given my blood and heart to. Best believe I will make you my bitch faster than sharing a prison cell with Mez Murdock over a long holiday weekend.

Dupree: Speaking of savage weekends, I want to officially announce the first match for Savage Saturday. Since the sockless Malu successfully defended his CCW championship in a stellar match against Paul Pugh last week he’s ready for his next challenge.

Dupree: That challenge being former CCW Champion, Code Jackman. Half man, half mustache rightfully deserves a rematch for Turmoil’s most treasured possession.

Tibby has done a full lap around the office and is now standing at the doorway. A large crash off camera can be heard in the corner of the room.

Dupree: Well it looks as if I have more immediate matters to attend to. Enjoy the rest of Turmoil, I know I will.

He cracks a genuine classic half smile that turns into a visible sigh as the camera fades. It quickly cuts to Malu sitting in his own private area.

Malu is sitting back with buckets of KFC and Popeye's chicken. He looks at ease.

Malu: It doesn't matter who that punk puts up against me, he knows what's going to happen. I'm going to win until someone worthy can take me out.

Malu: That won't be tonight, or that Savage Saturday. I got a light weight tonight, time to nap.

The scene fades as Malu closes his eyes.

It's a Match!
Maxx Edwards vs Odon Klein


A crew member carrying food on a tray is walking quickly when all of a sudden a door he is about to walk by is forcefully pushed open and knocks the person to the ground.

Code Jackman walks through the door. 

 Whoops… my bad buddy. I guess my concussion is making me do weird stuff. 

Jackman no walks towards the camera in front of him. 

 Just to make things clear, this concussion is not giving me know setbacks in anything. Malu and Jett you are still on my mind. 

Jackman rubs his head as if a sharp pain went through him. 

 Tonight is another special night a first for me because I am going up one of my most respected people here in OCW Mr. Hollywood Justin Jehst. Whoever has been booking me in my past couple of weeks is helping cross names off my bucket list. 

Jackman then walks back to help the crew member up to his feet.

The scene opens inside the ladies locker room with FloJo dancing in front of a mirror while Janet Jackson's "What have you done for me lately" playing in the background. She has new ring gear and the badges are off.

As the song progresses, FloJo dance moves starts to get more seductive. 

What have you done for me lately?
Ooh ooh ooh yeah
What have you done for me lately?
Ooh ooh ooh yeah

FloJo slowly turns and beckons the cameraman over 

FloJo: Heather ,oh Heather. I saw your match against Dragana. 

FloJo:I recall you saying something like this--

Using some weird anime magic, FloJo points to the mirror which suddenly turns into a tv monitor. 

Heather: Tonight witness the two baddest bitches in the business. 

Heather: When the match is over we’ll see….

Heather: I’m coming for you….

FloJo: And she tore you all-to-pieces like Bubba on a Sunday afternoon. 

FloJo: I also have a big match up tonight --it's against the current Women's champion who happens to be a friend of mine: Valkyrie. I might not win this one. but I know I'll last longer than you. 

FloJo chuckles as the song on her playlist shuffles to another song. But before the song starts, FloJo closes the app. 

FloJo:I should do that at home....

FloJo:By the way, Heather, I really do hope you watch this match. I'm more than just "the help", I have fighting spiritsu!

FloJo: See you, Space Cowgirl.

The scene ends with FloJo blowing a kiss and walking out of frame while the camera is looking at her reflection through the mirror.


It's a Match!
Joshua Tucker vs Danny Watts



As the scene fades into a locker room we hear two voices from just off-screen. The camera slowly zooms out.

Unknown Male: Are you sure about this? I liked my hair all wild n' free! 

Unknown Female: Trust me, this is looking like style of Hollywood. Is intricate, makes a statement, and my favourite thing about these hairstyle; it make you look like star!

If it wasn't obvious to the audience by now, the camera has zoomed out enough to reveal Justin Jehst sitting in a chair in front of a mirror with Elsa styling his hair.

Jehst: Well, I mean, you could slap a mullet or a Mr. Burns hair-cut on me and I'd still be looking Hollywood-handsome! 

He turns his head side to side, admiring the intricate braids and flamboyant top-knot ponytail, along with the amount of effort Elsa has put into his hair.

Jehst: Y'know what? I think it's growing on me! 

Elsa smiles.

Jehst: And hey, I didn't get a chance to congratulate you last week. You main-evented Turmoil - that's more than I can say I've done since I started here… 

Elsa's smile turns into a sympathetic glance as she looks at him in the mirror.

Elsa: You'll get to these someday; I know you will. You working hard. You a star. 

Jehst butts in.

Jehst: In Hollywood, yes. Here? It's what I'm working towards. But I know you gotta do a few indy films before you get to the red carpet blockbusters. 

Elsa: Well, tonight you facing against, Code Jackman. He is former CCW Champion. 

Jehst: Well if I beat him, there's no way they can look past me. 

Elsa pats him on the shoulders.

Elsa: Then you go out to these ring and do what you needing to do. 

Jehst: Well if there's one thing Mr Hollywood needs to do…it's become a star… 

Elsa walks out of shot, leaving Jehst to stare at his own reflection. As he does so, he pops a piece of gum in mouth, slowly chewing it as he slides a pair of green-lense aviators onto his face.

As he keeps his gaze fixed on himself the scene begins to fade out.