LIVE FROM Barclays Center!

As Turmoil goes live a fan favorites music hits. Out comes one of Turmoils newest additions El Parca. El Parca dressed in an all black mask and an OCW training center sweatsuit makes his way to the ring.

As he is stepping into the ring he motions for a microphone. Before raising it to his mouth slit he looks around absorbing all of the crowd noise...

El Parca: WOW.. Turmoil... I can’t say that I didn’t miss this. It all started so rapidly. I remember being just a kid on Mexico with a dream. A dream to come to the United States and fight the very best in the very best company. Then I made my way to OCW. And well, wow. Look at all that we’ve done so far!

The crowd cheers rapidly as Parca looks around more feeding off of the crowd.

El Parca: First, it all started with the Light Heavyweight Championship Match. The pressure, the place, everything was so daunting to me. And honestly I never want this feeling to go away. I love the butterflies, the anxiety, the THRILL!

El Parca: BUT! We all know where the true moment of greatness happened. And that started when I approached Wrex and challenged him to a fight. My god was it a fight and honestly the reception from it was truly heartwarming.

The crowd erupts into “You deserved it” chants and “Parca Parca Parca!” As the luchador is standing the in the middle of the ring it can be seen as he wipes a tear away from his eye.

El Parca: I love this company, I love you the fans, and most of all we all know how much I love fighting. Regardless win or lose as long as I can keep coming out here week in and week out and fight for you? That’s all that matters to me.

El Parca: But yea see there’s something that’s been on my chest. The crowd quiets down as the luchador lets out a heavy sigh. I know I can do better than what I’ve been doing. Lately I’ve been so in my head and I forget just to go out there and do what I do best. And that is fight.

El Parca: With this being said, I have to address one man tonight.

El Parca stares directly into the hard cam.

El Parca: Wrex.. you did beat me at anniversary. But, I’m not done yet. I want to fight again. And if that means I need to risk everything to fight you I will.

El Parca: I know I can beat you Wrex I know I can do the impossible. I WILL SILENCE THE NAYSAYERS! I WILL MEET YOU AGAIN. Whether I need to go to war with the entire roster or not. I will be seeing you again Wrex. And that time when we do meet, it will be a different outcome champ.

El Parca drops the mic as the crowd breaks out into a roaring applause and chanting “Fight Parca Fight!” As Parca is seen walking out of the ring up the ramp he gives everyone he can a high five.

As he reaches the top of the ramp he bows and mouthed “Thank you.” As he walks to the back and the camers pan back to the announcers desk.

The camera cuts to a visual of Doc Green, sitting in an unfamiliar locker room, meticulously securing the wrapping on his wrists, as boos echo through the arena at the sight of the man who left everything behind in the pursuit of his own glory.

The camera follows Doc as he warms up, shadow boxing as he moves, until he is interrupted by the imposing figure of Cort Marshall, who is standing proudly as ever as he stops Doc in his tracks.

Congrats on beating up Tre Golden last week. Of course, I did it first. An innovator, you could say.

Doc: I suppose you could say that. But tell me, what business does Cort Marshall have coming to me, here? Shouldn’t you be busy with other, more important things, like urinating in public or fending off the ‘scourge’ that is Kasstianity?

Cort: Unlike some people I can in fact do multiple things at once. And why should I not scout the ILLUSTRIOUS former champion Doc Green? After all, I came to the same conclusion as you. That I couldn’t trust anyone but myself.

Doc: Great job sticking to your word then… think Justin ‘Bottlejob’ Jehst might have something to say about that one.

Cort comes a bit closer, voice raised in anger.

 Listen. I needed someone on my side against Kasstianity. I need backup, whether I want it or not… and you? You want to prove you’re the new number one here? One tough match, and you "bust out your tool" and go Tim Taylor on a motherf-er. Boy howdy, Doc, I respect you… but if you want to beat me you’ll have to do a lot better than that.

Doc comes closer still, both men staring each other down!

 Believe me, Cort Marshall, I am ten times the wrestler you faced over a year ago. And right now, my focus is making an example out of whatever hoops OCW management is making me go through to prove I’m still the best around here. Last week, it was Tre Golden, and tonight, it’s going to be yourself. We’re done here.

Doc Green pulls a sarcastic smile and flicks Cort on the ear, before turning around and exiting frame, leaving Cort Marshall to stare after him.

After a moment, Cort smirks.

 Not bad… but I think I do the evil grin better

As the music fades FloJo ask for the mic while the fans began to chant

FloJo: So, I saw this segment between Valkyrie and Heather.

FloJo: You have Valkyrie bragging about how she’s “too big for OCW” and “she’s done it all”. You know that typical “girl on the internet syndrome”.

Crowd boos

FloJo: My response to that is:*shrug*

FloJo: Then Heather came out callin’ Valkyrie a “shit fly”and nobody gives a shit about how many followers she has on social media. Basically calling her out for showing her true colors.

FloJo: She issued a challenge to Valkyrie for her rematch clause against our current women’s champion: Ashley Moore.

FloJo: While that’s all well and good, but, I think we’re forgetting something….

FloJo: I made it to the finals. I have beaten the likes of Terra, Elsa,and especially you, Heather.

FloJo: I overcame most of my hurdles so far and I’m making my intentions known. I want to fight for that belt.

Heather’s music hits but someone from the OCW soundcrew comes walking down the aisle. Flojo seems unamused to this unwelcome surprise.

She leans back towards the turnbuckle as the crew member steps into the ring and approaches her.

FloJo: What do you want?

The crew member does a few head gestures and hand signals towards the back as if he was doing some sideline play calling for a baseball team.

She adjusts her headset and places the mic thats attached to it closer to her mouth.

Crew Member: I’m here on behalf of Heather, Flojo. She wants me to tell you she couldn’t make it here tonight.

FloJo: Okay? fine...

Crew Member: She’s at an undisclosed location at the moment. But Heather asked me to come down here and deliver a message for you.

Lotus gets ready to say something but then puts her mic down. If you’re a good lip reader you can see her ask the crew member “What”.

Crew Member: She says you’re full of crap….

The crew member puts both hands over her ears and nods her head. She looks back up at Flojo.

Crew Member: Sorry, she says you’re full of sh(beep)t. A lot of sh(beep)t. Sorry Ms. Angelo.

The crowd pops as Flojo turns her back and look out towards the crowd. She finally shows a bit of irritation.

Crew Member: Ashley creates it, Valkyrie flies around it and you eat a lot of it. She’s guessing from hanging underneath the fly’s wing for so long you must’ve caught some droppings in your mouth for quite some time now.

FloJo: Tch. Alright. That was good.

FloJo: So Heather I know you’re watching. So why don’t have some face to face time?

FloJo: We’ve both changed, after-all.

FloJo: What I’m saying is, let’s make this a three way dance!

The crew member taps her headset as if it was malfunctioning. A look of worry comes over her.

Crew Member: She’s gone. We lost connection with her Flojo.

FloJo: Figures.

FloJo: Fine! I’ll look for other opportunities.

FloJo: To hell with this!

FloJo slams the mic down in frustration and exits the ring.

It's a Match!