LIVE FROM Barclays Center!


The camera pans across the raucous crowd as Turmoil begins. Already in the ring is a sharply dressed man, suit and tie. The mat is covered with a black carpet, while a table and two leather chairs sit on top. The sharply dressed man lifts up the microphone in his hand, and waits for the audience to die down before he speaks.

??? - Ladies and gentleman. Welcome to Turmoil! My name is Ian Smart of the law firm Smart, Biggar, and Bettir. Tonight, I am here to mediate the contract signing of one Stephen “Aries” McCallum, and one “The Franchize” Nate Ortiz, and with that in mind, let’s begin.

Ian Smart places the microphone onto the table, as Aries entrance music plays. He wastes no time getting to the ring, as the heavy guitar riffs play him down. Aries gets into the ring, and sits in the chair on the left. As he sits, Rapture begins to play. The crowd go wild for Mr. OCW himself, Nate Ortiz. Nate plays to the crowd, and walks down to the ring. He steps in through the middle ropes, and sits on the chair to the right, not taking his eyes off of Aries for a single moment.

Ian Smart - Gentleman, please remain seated as we go over the terms and conditions of this contract.

Nate nods at the mediator, but is still staring at the man across the table. Aries throws his thumb into the air, giving Ian the okay to proceed.

Ian Smart - At the next OCW PPV, Summerslide…

Nate breaks eye contact with Aries and looks over at the lawyer. He takes the microphone from his hand, and tells him to leave the ring.

Ian Smart - What are you doing?! Do you know how much I was paid to be here?! PREPOSTEROUS! THIS IS WHY NO ONE LIKES WRESTLING ANYMORE!

Nate rises to his feet, making Ian quickly leave the ring. The Franchize sits back down, and adjusts his tie.

Nate Ortiz - Aries...you and I both know that this is never going to end. I don’t mean you versus me. I mean you. I mean you, constantly coming back. I mean you, always having an excuse to leave. Do you know or even understand how much I love this place, Aries?

Nate Ortiz - So, I have a proposal. An addendum to add to this contract, if you will.

Aries scowls and nods, indicating that he’s interested in hearing Nate’s proposal.

Nate Ortiz - At Summercide, it will be Aries versus Nate Ortiz in a non-sanctioned street fight, but...when you lose, Aries. When all is said and done, and I’m standing over you like I did at Wrestlution; I want you to retire. These people are tired of you, the boys are tired of you, damn it, I'm tired of you.

The audience go bananas at the G.T.G.O.A.T’s suggestion.

Nate Ortiz - I want you to put your career on the line. You want your great Nate Ortiz match. You want your pièce de résistance like I gave Pugh, Dupree, Parker, Drago, and Versus. Well I want something to. I want you to leave this place for GOOD, and never come back.

The crowd are cheering, but both men in the ring are stuck in a dead silence. Aries finally signals for a microphone of his own. He sits there, quietly contemplating Nate’s proposal, tapping his fingers against the table.

Aries - Nate, you said something last week that’s really stuck with me. You described my career as being on a downward trajectory since Wrestlution 7. You’re right. My career has been in shambles since I lost that match. My career has been nothing short of a disappointment, Nate. For f*** sake, I wasn’t even invited to my own Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Aries - We both talk a big game, but you...you actually back it up, and I can respect that about you, but Nate. Don’t underestimate an animal when it’s backed into a corner. I have NOTHING left to lose. NOTHING. Do you think I care about putting my career on the line? Do you think it matters?

Aries - You’ve fought so many greats, Nate Ortiz. Guy Fausto, Nick Kage, Blake Majin, Leonheart, RD Money, Paul Pugh, Dupree, and even my former best friend, Jacob Trance. And guess what? You’ve beaten them all! You’ve even come back from being buried alive after one day.

Aries leans in to speak to Nate more directly.

Aries - But you know what? You’ve never faced a man like me. A man with nothing to lose. A man who knows nothing but lows, and trust me Nate. You don’t know low like I do. You call yourself the man that can’t be destroyed. I don’t want to destroy you, Nate. I don’t want to end you. I just want to watch you bleed. You are the last remaining pillar of a dying generation.

Aries - You’re holding this company up like you’re Atlas, but I’m Aries. I’m going to break you down in every way possible. Physically and mentally. When I finally break you, when that final pillar comes crumbling down around me; I will happily piss in the debris that was this GOD wretched company.

Aries picks up his pen and signs the contract.

Aries - You want my career on the line? You got it, but I want something, too. Nate, if I win...I want your spot. I want everything you have, everything that SHOULD have been mine. I want to be Mr. OCW. I want to be The Franchize. I want to be back at the apex of this company. I want to be the one that “Your Hero” turns to, only to realize he has no one left. I want to be back on top, Nate. I want…

Before Aries can finish his rant, Nate decks him in the forehead with his microphone. Aries’ chair falls back and he collapses, as Nate picks up his pen and signs the contract.

Nate Ortiz - You got it, but damn. You talk too much.

The audience goes wild for Nate Ortiz as his music plays and he leaves the ring. Aries turns around, clutching his forehead, staring at Nate as he makes his leave.

Lotus FloJo appears on the screen, met with applause by her many FloJohaulics in the Turmoil arena. She struts along as she’s immediately flanked by a camera and OCW’s #1 backstage interview extraordinaire, Jim Black.

Jim Black:
 FloJo! A word?

FloJo: Word.

Jim stutters nervously over his words for a moment before asking the question

Jim Black:
 Well, I was requested to find you and give this interview about your match tonight.

FloJo: Oh, that match.

FloJo: (What’s the matter with you, Jim? Why are you all nervous?... Wait a second…}

FloJo looks around suspiciously before noticing a cell-phone peeking above one of the OCW camera men, appearing to be recording as well.

FloJo rolls her eyes and Jim shrugs. She walks over to the camera man and moves him out of the way, behind him is Debbie D., holding the cell-phone and slowly moving it down, following it the whole way with her eyes.

 Keep going, Jimmy! We’re live on Insta’!

FloJo: Hello, may I help you?

Debbie pouts and waves goodbye to her fans before clicking her phone and storing it in her pocket.

Debbie: Flo, listen. I just asked my man over there to set this up because I wanted to get to know you better before our tag team match. I can’t just team up with someone as dangerously well-dressed as you just like that! Especially not after you’ve whomped me several times since I got here. You know?

FloJo: You know Debbie..you were a non-factor up until now. I thought when Valkyrie retired it was my chance to walk and stand on my own two feet. Face of the division. And here you come with one big dub. But no. I can’t have shit around here.

FloJo: Why. Why?!

FloJo: So I’m teaming up with someone who pinned me last week to challenge for the Women’s championship. Can’t make this up.

Debbie smirks and tilts her head.

Debbie: Listen doll, I’m extending the olive branch here, ya know? Together, you and me can-

FloJo: “It’s me, it’s me, It’s Debbie D in the place to be; We’re grammin’ and slammin’ tonight, folks“.

FloJo: Tired of taking a backseat, man.

FloJo attempts to storm off in a huff, before her arm is grabbed by Debbie D. She stops and turns around, looking up to the #1 contender.

 -as I was saying… You and me can stick it to Ashley Moore AND Zoe Cohle. Ashley thinks she’s out here with millions of followers, but in reality the only follower she ever had dumped her on her head a few weeks ago.

Debbie: and I know that you’d like to have a few words with Zoe Cohle, hm? So look, you got what it takes to beat all three of us, but babe, tonight it’s you and me vs them. I know you think of me as nothing but basic, but tonight it’s our turn to show what we can do.

Debbie releases FloJo who offers one final retort.

 Okay. watch your back, cause they’re eurotrash.

She smirks back up at her tag team partner for the night and walks away as the scene fades.

It's a Match!


Before her Tag Team match against her next Opponent for her Women’s Championship title Ashley Moore is making her way towards the entrance of the stage. There she sees her former rival Zoe Cohle. She is standing in the Gorilla position, looking straight in front of her.

Ashley Moore:
 Look, who we got here. Guess we are forced to enter the ring as allies today.

Ashley Moore: Don’t think that I wanted that, but let’s just say I dislike Flojo and Debbie way more than you.

Zoe Cohle: I don't trust you, you maniac. Don't you think I forgot about you. I never will. But I guess these 2 tonight are dumber than you ever will too.

Zoe smirks.

Zoe Cohle:
 But having someone that actually want to stomp them as much as I do, is a welcomed addition.

Zoe Cohle: I'll be watching my back though. Don't try to pull one on me. Whoever is inside that mind right now.

Ashley Moore: Just don’t do anything stupid and this will be the easiest match of your life.

She positions herself infront of Zoe and caresses her title belt.

Ashley Moore:
 Don’t forget that you have the Women’s Champion on your side. I wouldn’t waste that opportunity.

Zoe Cohle: And don't you forget that you have the baddest b*** on the planet on yours.. Should be fun.

That being said she leaves the scene through the curtain and starts with her entrance

It's a Match!

The scene opens up in the Combat Center where the new Pride Champion, Satohiko Hitta, better known as Aisu, is training a Young Lion.

 Come on, now move from your side control. there you go. Hold on to the wrist, make him wonder where the submissions are going to come from. Don’t stress it out. Now move your right leg to the step over his head. There you go, nice work.
What Aisu didn’t notice is that another Combat Center’s trainer began his workout in the next ring. But the man himself noticed Aisu.

Okay so when fighting someone bigger than you, they’re going to try and hover out of your range, using their reach against you. The same will be true for guys that rely on kicks, they’ll want to keep you out in front of them, don’t worry about it. Their stupid Ashley Blaine gorilla arms are useless the moment you get up close, the same can be said for their kicks.

A strange sight, both men should soon be squaring off for the Pride title, but here they are, sharing the same gym space. The Archer of old would surely have employed some hapless trainee to hurt Aisu in a demonstration accident. Not this one.

So Elijah, what you need to do is get close, Baker Boy will look to hurl his body at you with european uppercuts, just move out of the way and let him land on his head. Let him wear himself down, and then you’ve got him. Understand?

Elijah nods.

Now let me see your footwork.

Elijah reacts, taking steps backwards and forwards similar to a boxer, but his right arm is a little higher, shielding from high kicks.

Good, good. Step in for a take down.

Elijah takes a step forward with his right leg, dropping it to a knee, at the same time the left leg sweeps forward, providing the distance as Elijah drives upwards in a double leg motion.

 Perfect! Now…

Archer finally spots Aisu, who hasn’t quite noticed him yet. He chuckles, increasing his volume.

Okay now, you’re going to do all of the arm moves because I saw this one man be successful at it.

Elijah looks confused for a moment, and then smirks, realising what’s going on.

After hearing that particularly loud sentence, Aisu turns his head towards the ring where Archer and Elijah are standing. He leans against the rope while laughing.

 Look like someone wants to take a page out of my book ? Wouldn’t be the first time.. But go ahead Elijah. Listen to your trainer.

Archer’s back is leaning against his own ropes, back turned to Aisu. He laughs.

 I mean, being a Combat Center teacher is a training in itself, you sure you don’t want advices ?

 Unless you can get my money back… Then no, but thank you.

Hum, I know you know we should be squaring off soon. But something seems odd to me. How is it possible that the big bad Thomas Archer is suddenly so careful and caring towards this young blood?

Is it because you really care? Or.. Was that a way to get to me quickly and scout me all the way ?

There’s this thing called on-demand. I can literally watch your matches on-repeat for hours, pause them, slow them down. There’s even a mini-production truck. Although the guy that ran it got fired for making a complete mess of my match with Leo Grimm.

Aisu laughs it off.

Well, Mr. Trainer. Anytime, any place. I’ll be ready. You can either answer the Lock Horn Challenge, or give me the date you like the most. I like to wrestle when opponents are at their best. So your call, Mister Archer.

Archer chuckles and shakes his head.

 No, no, I’ll wait for that pay day at Summercide… If you don’t have the championship, then I guess you can try and win it back off of me at the season finale.

Aisu thinks about it.

I got to say, you know how to handle your business. Quite impressive. Looks like we have a date. Let’s see who is better at listening to their own advice then. You got a deal.

Archer looks around, as if making sure no one is watching and offers, instead of a handshake, his fist.

Bump on it.

Aisu looks at it with mixed feelings. But accept the classy gesture and bumps fists with Thomas Archer.