LIVE FROM Madison Square Garden!

A shoddy-looking locker room area is shown covered wall-to-wall in Nate Ortiz posters. All of them are from the good ole’ days when Nate Ortiz was the best.

There are posters spanning decades of pay-per-view and live TV events. As the camera pans by, a man in a burgundy vest tosses a folded poster at a garbage can, which misses terribly and lands on the carpeted floor. It unfolds to see the Wrestlution 13 main event advertised between Nate Ortiz, Paul Pugh, and Tiberius Dupree.

The camera pans up to see the man turn around. It’s clearly Quartz wearing a long, grey, dirty hairpiece and a patchy white beard. He’s donning a burgundy vest that says “Big N8” on the right side.

“””Nate Ortiz”””:
 I told them never to send these posters! I only want posters of SUPER NATE!

He throws another poster, which advertised the Quartz vs Nate Ortiz Main Event from Turmoil last year.

”””Nate Ortiz”””: I swear I’m going to get someone fired over this.

From the right side we here a hearty “HON HON HON”. He gets out just three “HON”s before coughing up spittle into his hand. It’s Ryu Matsumoto with a mid 2000’s “scene” haircut covering half of his face. He’s dressed in a black turtleneck and slacks.

“””Nate Ortiz””””:
 Ah yes, Frenchblade Rust Cohle. My #1 protege. Where have you been?

“””Rust”””: Ugh, like… Listen, I was really rocking out hard to some Le groupe de la tristesse. It’s a french underground band, you probably never heard of them.

”””Rust”””: but I am here now, hon hon. What’s our move tonight, Monsieur Ortiz? Are we going to invade the match against the best OCW has to offer, Quartz, or should we just sit back here and hug again?

””Nate Ortiz”” punches his open hand with his fist.

“””Nate Ortiz”””:
 RATS. I think we better interfere if Tonya Everrett has any chance against that adonis hunk of a man in Quartz. I’ve never seen someone so handsome and dominant at the same time!!!

“””Nate Ortiz”””: Why would a guy like him ever team with you, anyways?

“””Rust”””: I ask mon french self that same question every day. They were the best days of mon french life.

””Rust”” turns his sad head over and nods at something.

 Oh, hey there mon petite chouette. Cava?

The camera pans over to see a disgusting Jack-O-Lantern rotting into itself, resting on a chair. There are flies buzzing around it and you can see a nameplate labeled “Danny Watts” inside.

“””Nate Ortiz”””:
 Danny, did you forget our drink order again!? Big Nate needs his cappuccino!! This is an outrage. Rust, where is Everrett? We need to…

The camera once again pans over to “”Rust Cohle””, who is staring up at someone who just entered the room. It’s the actual Antonio Everrett. Ryu breaks character briefly.

 Oh shit.

Everrett: You guys think this is funny?

Everrett stands in the doorway with his arms crossed. He glances over at the shitey looking jack o’ lantern.

 Not that I owe you bozos anything, but the Danny gag could use some improvement. He is a main eventer after all.. Not that your little lap dog would know anything about being in a real main event, eh Inness? Or is it Isaac?

Everrett grins sarcastically at Spider. Ijitu Quartz, offended at the comments, starts to move towards Everrett.

 Ah, ah, ah, ah. I wouldn’t recommend that. Unless you want me to inform my good friend Nate… I’m sure you’re both sick of the sight of him. Trust me, he wouldn’t mind putting right a few wrongs in his career.


Quartz: Psh, you think I’m afraid of Nate Ortiz? You saw what I did to him last time we were in the ring, right?

Quartz air of confidence slips slightly as he tilts his head to look behind Everrett, making sure Nate isn’t in earshot.

RYU: I don’t see Dumbinion anywhere around anyways. They must be too afraid of the two top talents in OCW in the same room!

Having the numbers advantage, Spider and Quartz laugh at Everrett and approach. It’s at this moment that Rust Cohle and Danny Watts appear on either side of Everrett.


Danny rushes in and takes down Spider. Quartz rushes to his advisor’s defense and tries to pull Danny off. Everrett and Rust grab Quartz and shove the 265 lber to the ground, as he attempts to stand, Everrett leaps forward and delivers a knee strike to the face. Quartz collapses in a heap and grabs at his jaw as Antonio leans down.

 I don’t know who you thought we were Quartzy boy, but we are not some sort of joke. Yet, through it all, you’re lucky I still have some sort of semblance of respect for you. I know what you’re capable of, I’ve paid close attention to what you’ve been doing since our little tag team days and honestly I’m impressed. And if there’s one thing that eats at me when I go to sleep at night, it’s that I’ve never been able to beat either of you CQC f**ks, in singles or in a tag match.

Dominion back out of the locker room together as Ryu scurries back to his feet and walks over to Quartz.


The big man leans up, still stroking his jaw from the attack and scowling at Antonio Everrett, who has stopped in the doorway.

 I don’t want any excuses when we go to war tonight, ey? You don’t understand how long I’ve been waiting for this.

Quartz: You’re going to regret every second of this tonight. You want an end to the games? Well be careful what you wish for.

Everrett looks down at Quartz on the floor.

 Well, we’ll see about that. Come on boys, we’re done here.

With that, the three Dominion boys get up and exit the locker room, leaving Spider and Quartz to lick their wounds.

It's a Match!




We cut backstage, with Cort watching the tape of Justin’s confrontation with Tre Golden last week! He’s munching on a corn dog as he does so. We hear Jehst talk trash on Tre’s promotion skills, and Cort laughs.


Jehst comes over, and looks at the TV. He cracks a smile.

 Serves him right for interrupting my time with the Jehsticles! Haha.

Cort: Mm. Good corn. Y’know, this guy’s totally lost it. He’s meaner than I was when I bounced my briefcase off his dome.

Jehst looks at him.

 I dunno, Cort, you were a… piece of work back then.

Cort: Just say “a**hole,” I know you want to.

Jehst: But we’re on TV…

Cort: Yeah, well, I already said it once. Doesn’t matter how many times you do it now. C’mon. A**hole!

Jehst sighs.


Cort nods in agreement, finishing his corn dog.

 I feel kinda bad. Maybe I bounced his third-to-last brain cell out or something. It’s awful hard to run on two.

Jehst laughs.

 I wouldn’t feel bad about it, he got what he deserved.

Cort: Well, he didn't deserve it THEN. Nonetheless… be careful. He might be easy to make fun of, but he ain’t easy to beat. And as we all know, mean mothas with no good reputation to lose are the most dangerous ones around.

Jehst: I know the type - I’ve fought them before. But when I get in that ring with him - and I will - I’m gonna chop his chest til he turns from brown to red and wrap these beasts around his neck!!! *DOUBLE BICEP POSE* You got my back if stuff goes south, right?

Cort: Damn right, brother. Well, they’re still waiting on the wellness test…

He looks at the camera, then indicates his body.

 Yeah, this. I know. EVERYBODY knows I’m cleaner than a curling rink, but rules is rules. Point is, I ain’t booked. So I’ll be right here to keep an eye out if any Midcarders of Harlem try starting trouble.

Jehst: Let’s hope it comes back soon so we can take it old-school on some tag teams! Anyway, I’m gonna go get some food from catering because I can’t eat that crap... Here -- enjoy.

Jehst hurls a beer to Cort who catches it with jedi-like reflexes. With Cort alone in the room, he sighs and sticks the corn dog stick in his mouth like a cigar. He leans back in the chair.

 Nothin’ to do but watch the fun, I guess…

He takes the business card Archer gave him out of his jacket pocket and studies it, chewing on the stick.


He drops the beer, and produces a brick-like 80’s cell phone.

 Why the hell not…

Cort mutters as he begins to dial, and we fade out.

It's a Match!

The start scene is from earlier in the day where it opens open in front of a barbershop near Madison Square Garden.

Barber: Oh boy, look at what we got growing on top of your head. By god, it smells too.

The barber then reaches for a mask to put on before he touches the new client’s head.

 So what you trying to do here son?

???: I need a new look, I have a campaign I am trying to run here shortly, so I think it might be time for a cut.

Barber: You might need to burn this all off… How long have you been growing this out?

???: Longtime sir, but I think it is time for some change, especially in that OCW, that needs change too.

Barber: Wait a damn minute, OCW? I thought I recognized you. You were the one who lost to Quartz at End Games.

Code Jackman:
 Yes, that was me. He got me for once, but can we focus more on my hair. Take it all off, but keep enough to where I am not bald.

Barber: You got it, son. Now, where have you been all this time?

Jackman paused for over five minutes before speaking to think and think about what has happened to him during his time away from injury.

Code Jackman:
 I have been traveling around the states talking about change. Change needs to come in some parts of OCW. The change I demand is in the tag teams of OCW. I help bring the tag team schene back to OCW not long ago and it has gone downhill.

Jackman continues to talk to the barber as the scene fades to black.