It's a Match!

The camera pans the arena. Emp's entrance plays as the crowd erupts into cheers. After a moment she makes her way out of the back and onto the stage.

Emp stands atop the stage taking in the thunderous roar of the crowd. As the Crowd begins chanting "Welcome back" She tries to quiet the crowd down as She paces back and forth mic in hand before lifting it to her mouth.

Good Evening, Barclay center. It feels good to be home again at Turmoil. I always believed Turmoil to be better than Riot bar none. All though I have had matches on Riot even Main Evented on Riot. I've never felt more at home than I am right here.

The crowd breaks into another earth-shattering roar throughout the building.

But let me calm down I don't want to upset anyone by sharing my opinion too much... I'm going to try to get through this fairly quickly since I know we have a huge show tonight with many wrestlers in the back itching to show off their talents and I don't want to take up too much of their time.

Emp: So a few weeks at Summercide I returned a favor to the future Hall of Famer and a good friend of mine Kassidy Hayes by accompanying him to the ring just like he did for me 3 years ago. And as much as I enjoyed coming down to the ring side by side with Kass I have not returned for that.

Emp: You see Mr. Sensation reached out to me to speak with Japan's Deputy Prime Minister on behalf of OCWFED to see about getting the ban lifted.

Emp: After lengthy discussions, both sides came to an agreement on lifting the ban and allowing OCWFED back into Japan after 5 long years.

Emp: And though I may not be an active member of the roster I am still part of this company whether some people like it or not.

Emp: And as of a few hours ago today a contract has been written up and approved by Mr. Sensation himself allowing me to have a match of my choosing to take place on October 1st at Red Sun Rising against an opponent of my choosing.

The crowd burst into cheers.

As for now I choose not to spoil what that match will be, but I will tell you who that match will be against.

Emp looks clear into the camera.

I know you’re probably not watching this but I’m sure one of the many social media simps will pass this along for me.

Emp: Valkyrie I’m issuing a challenge to you for a match at Red Sun Rising!

Emp: We may have teamed up once in a while but we are still rivals and we still have a rivalry we need to bury. I’ll await your answer on Riot. Unless you’re too chicken shit to answer my challenge without knowing all the details.

The crowd continues to cheer as Emp turns around and walks to the back.

The OCW World Heavyweight Champion and The OCW Womens Champion are standing tall before the camera. In the middle, rubbing her arms from the chill Furiosa brings, is a fearless Stacy Clark preparing to ask for some words from Kasstianity.

I’m standing here with two champions of Kasstianity, Furiosa and H2O. They both successfully defended their titles against two very tough opponents. So who shall I start with first?

H2O: Demons first.

Harvey smirks but Stacy Clark is disgusted with her friend's behavior and demeanor lately. She reluctantly turns to talk to Furiosa.

What’s the matter, Stacy? Don’t want to talk to me? No one has ever talked to me ever since I’ve won this title.

Stacy: If you’re asking me if I’m afraid of you, I’m not. My job is busy and I just haven’t gotten to you yet.

Furiosa: What are you trying to do? Are you trying to bury The OCW Womens Champion in her own interview? Haven’t you seen for the last two months that it’s nearly impossible to bury a demon?

Furiosa takes a look at the lantern Harvey has given her and she tosses it aside. You hear it break off camera. Stacy looks at Harvey and notices he has daggers staring at Furiosa.

Wait a minute. Harvey gave that to you to keep Heather Angleo away. Don’t you need that?

Furiosa: I am one the most powerful demons walking on the face of this earth. No one with the size of this carcass has ever raised Sue Plex or Bertha Stiglitz over their head and dropped them like fallen angels.

Furiosa: No one has ever put the Final Nail into Terra Detaurus the way I have. Look at her. She looks like a nightmare now.

Furiosa: Every friend of Heather Angelo has met The Witching Hour. I told Heather I will take out every friend she has ever made that helped her career come to a demise. Now there’s no one left.

Stacy: I think there’s more Furi.

Furiosa: If there is then I reckon they don’t want to meet the same fate as them. As for you Harvey and all of Kasstianity I want you to know that I have everything under control from here on out. I don’t need some stupid lantern to protect me when I have La Mujera, you, Alexa and Papa Kass by my side.

Furiosa: Tonight, I face nothing but enemies of Kasstianity. Ashley Moore and I have history together both as Heather Angelo in the flaming tables match and when I semi possed Heather at Turmoil 237. I could’ve ended her until….

Stacy: Exactly! Now do you remember some of Heather’s old friends?

H2O also remembers and snatches the mic away from Stacy Clark before Furiosa could answer.


H2O: You lay a hand on her I’ll make sure that title leaves from around your waist myself and deal with my consequences from Papa Kass!

Furiosa just laughs it off.

Don’t you worry, Harvey. The immediate enemies of our family I will have to deal with tonight. Especially that future investor Harri Etiquette. She makes the blood in my veins boil. I seek to make her rethink to rename that investment to The Etiquette Championship. She thinks all this is about her.

Furiosa: Don't worry, H2O. YOUR friend is safe.

Furiosa smiles and walks away from the camera leaving H2O alone with Stacy. Harvey closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath and exhales.

Sorry for that outburst, Stacy. I’ll let Kassidy Hayes deal with that. So now it’s my turn to speak.

H2O: I’ll do your job for you since you’ve been so busy. I already know your what your question will be. It’s about Tony Everrett.

H2O: Hey, Harvey!!!!!

H2O shoves Stacy Clark out of his camera shot and begins to speak.

T-O-N-Y, has been the “Talk of New York” as of late after last week, huh?

H2O: You come out here interrupting Kass’s great work as I try to continue to Influence Maxx Edwards in joining Kasstianity.

H2O: I have to admit, that was some great stuff you said to me last week. But Sensation said don’t talk about Tony’s feet. When’s the last time I ever listened to what Sensation says to me? So let's talk about your feet and what grapes you smashed while holding the CCW Championship shall we?

H2O: El Parca, that one is organic and tasty I must admit. Even I savored the flavor of wine I made with that. Jacob Trance, a shell of himself but a good grape nonetheless. But after them, you squashed Walmart brand grapes and made wine even a three year child wouldn’t get a buzz from.

H2O: Justin Jehst…Elliot Parker? I don’t even wanna waste my air time talking about them. You sir fell to The Wrestling Club of John Carter and Marcus McMichaels while holding that championship. Let that sink in.

H2O: You are the longest reigning CCW Champion yes but all your opponents were mostly bottom shelf wine that I could buy from some Liquor store on Allerton Ave in The Bronx.

H2O: I am the 4x OCW World Heavyweight Champion. To get this I had to crush grapes like your “brother”. The Legend Paul Pugh via Papa Kass himself. Currently I’m making that up for him now. El Parca, which we already agree was tasty. Also my brother Quartz, who defeated you for yours just a couple months ago.

H2O: Now I can go on and on about who I defended them against. But that will lead you into becoming a…”Salty” Pillar of OCW.

H2O: If you are already salty, then at Don’t Come To New York, I’m gonna collect all the salt you spill and make a monument of Harvey Hamilton Ocean.

An OCW official runs up to Harvey and is shaking to give him some sort of red envelope. H2O looks down at it and takes it from his hand very slowly.

What the hell is this? A contract for our match already?

Official: I..I don’t know. I was told to just give to you.

H2O opens it and unfolds the paper slowly and reads it.

Dear Mr. Ocean, you’re cordially invited to OCW’s Red Sun Rising. Your opponent will be announced whenever he desires. Just make sure you’re ready. So just grab some new gear and some new eyeliner and get your ass to Japan on October 1st. P.S. Don’t f*ck this up!

H2O: It’s My World And You Are Just Paying Rent, Mr. Sensation ( Look I even signed it. ).

Harvey folds the letter back up and placed it back into the envelope.

H2O loves surprises.

H2O shoves the mic into the official's chest and walks off the set.

It's a Match!



It's a Match!

The light drizzling rain falls over fogged glass windows, as we see the exterior of a familiar repurposed corner-diner, surrounded by greenery and beautiful flowers soaking in the light rain.

The sound of rain begins to fade as the clear voices of Terra Daturas and Sue Plex are heard over the shot of the rain bouncing off of the concrete sidewalk outside of their home.

Their suggestions are not rules. They cannot force me to stay here without you.

Sue: Terra, Terra, Terra. Y’all need to just rest up, I’ll be okay and you know that. I want nothin’ more than you to be by my side, but I want you there for life Terra, not just one week! Someone looks at me like a possum at church and you’ll get up in arms and anna fight.

Terra: But I-

Sue: Then someone swings around like a wild child, bonks you upside the head the wrong way and then I don’t get to share a ring with you ever again.

Terra: That will not-

Sue: Or worse, you’re hurt for good and become a carrot! I know you care about me more than anyone else on this Gods green Earth Terra, but I don’ want you sacrificin’ your health for me! You are my life, and I won’t let you end both of ‘em!

Terra: Which is why-

Sue: Terra, I will not have my entire universe comin’ out here because you’re worried I’m gonna lose!

Terra: I have to-

Sue: Tera Reese-Buteo!

Sue: Do you trust me?

Silence falls over the scene, as the camera view snaps up close to a small yellow lily being pushed down by the raindrops. As it zooms out, we see a wooden stake holding the flower upright as it grows.

I- I do trust you.

Sue: Well gosh darn you do, because I trust you too, and I know that deep down you’re fine with lettin’ me march on out there. You, dag nammit, you reminded me how strong, how beautiful and how much of a valuable human being I am!

Sue: So listen to the quack, he’s got one of them fancy degrees you can’t get out a cereal box, so I reckon he knows a thing or two about what he’s yackin about… Look at it this way, you rest up, you get fresh, and we get to invade Japan together.

Terra: You are right. I am sorry. I love you.

Silence once again overtakes the scene as the view zooms out to see the front door. Sue Plex slowly exits with an umbrella, smiles back inside the home and closes the door behind her as she walks down the street.

We catch C-Note and FloJo backstage.

C-Notes getting ready for his upcoming match against Elliot Parker but he has time to address the camera recording him.

C-N: A few weeks ago the power that be decided to put FloJo and me together as a team not knowing what they would start.

C-N: They meant to use us to prop up their poster couple but they didn’t understand what they had really started.

C-N: Though on that night we were robbed of our hard earn win but we gained something more precious than that, and you know what that is?

C-N: The realization that we were two like-minded individuals.

C-N: Not a couple of fools cosplaying the uncut and unwanted scenes from 50 First Dates.

He scoffs.

C-N: Nor are we some trashy Jerry Springer rejects. No no no.

C-N: We understand that in this you do what you must to get what you want. You can’t be soft and weak will in life.

C-N: Just look at the results so far.

C-N: I had a former champion…

He glances back to FloJo before continuing.

C-N: Forget that, soon to be 2 time champion in my corner and that motivation allowed me to overcome the trials I’ve been dealing with to secure victory.

C-N: Then I come out to support her as she dropped that dead weight Jasmin, though of course no help was ever really needed.

He chuckles slightly.

C-N: And this is just the start, believe that.

C-N: Tonight I get in the ring with a man who abandoned everyone around him to make his own way. Something I could almost respect…

C-N: But what I can’t respect and will never accept is this man's claim to be a prophet.

C-Note voice cracks in anger as he says the word prophet.

C-N: There is only one True Messiah here in OCW, spreading the good word of the 2nd coming and he will silence this false prophet.

FloJo cuts off C-Note

FloJo: Easy there with the True Messiah stuff, cause the last Messiah we had on Earth, was nailed to the cross. But you’re right though. Elliot Parker is a false prophet.

FloJo: When C-Note is done with you, you can finally buy some coco butter for your ashy-ass elbows and some baby wipes so you can stop leaving skid marks in your draws.

FloJo: Hello? Is this Elliot Parker? That’s our prophecy.

C-Note briefly laughs under his breath at FloJo's jabs.

C-N: Be ready Elliot to Suffer In His Name!

The scene fades out as C-Note continues to get ready for his match.