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And it is done!

He's going to feel that for a long time.


International Championship Match
Bill Ding (C) vs Austin Lee

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Your welcome.

Why? Well because without this segment this entire event would be a complete bore. It’s True. This segment contains something no other segment this evening will have. THE BETTERNESS!

So strap on, no not that kind of strap on, the kind inside the cockpit of a knee shaped shuttle launching into freaking orbit kind of strap on. Because ‘He with the Iron Knee’ cutting a promo is like traveling to the stars a beyond.

Only a few more introductory pleasantries, Tiberius Octavian Dupree, OCW Light Heavyweight Champion, Forefather of the Ambition Era and OCW Hall of Famer is about to speak to you about Black Sunday on the beloved X-tron for your convenience. So focus.

BETTERNESS: This little event is cute. I mean, it’s an achievement right? A testament as to how far Turmoil has come. It’s cute really, like that movie with those ugly little Trolls.

He places his hand on his chin [insert your favorite thinking emoji here]. 

BETTERNESS: I bet Duncan Black is ecstatic, ejaculating in his pantalones and all that good stuff. But what him and the rest of you may not understand, this is the Summer, I own the Summer, like I own this right here.

The camera methodically pans to the OCW Light Heavyweight Championship folded in his lap.

BETTERNESS: I see the grimaces on all your faces….well actually I don’t physically SEE them but the Betterness grants me a vivid imagination to believe it’s so. 

BETTERNESS: Anyway, I’m not jealous….no seriously, I know Ambition didn’t get a event brought back in it’s name, I mean it only produced a State Governor, 2 Hall of Famers and catapulted the disgusting careers of the likes of Parker Stevens, Mugen and Paul Pugh.

BETTERNESS: I’m not just jealous, I’m just aware, and honest…..Honestly aware that this entire event being resurrected is eerily reminiscent of the career of Nate Ortiz. Meaning the first freaking thing Jaysin Sensation does is bring back something old and rightfully forgotten.

BETTERNESS: Him and Nate know who owns the Summer. So what do they do, that tarnish Turmoil’s name with this Black Sunday. I don’t feel envy...I feel sorrow. See the tears in my eyes.

There are no tears in his eyes, be better and use your imagination.

BETTERNESS: Tears for Turmoil….as it deserves better than Rev Inc’s leavings. It deserves better that dead legacies of men like Nate Ortiz and his kinfolk. 

BETTERNESS: It’s okay Turmoil, as Always and Forever I am here, to remind you all that Turmoil is part of the Summer, it deserves a Bright Sunday and that day will be Summercide. 

BETTERNESS: So no matter how often you see that cinnamon devil running his mouth or that decrepit Goat spewing his nonsense tonight, there is a light at the end of Black Sunday...that light is not Versus….

BETTERNESS: That light is Summercide...and Summercide is me!

You probably just shed a tear I know, that was beautiful wasn’t it. Now run towards the light Salutations.


The Sultan of the Summer is here!

You are such a mark.


Lets see who will become #1 Contender.

Theses two want it bad.



Turmoil #1 Contender Finals
Kasidy Hayes vs Jacob Trance

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The Camera cuts backstage.


Black Sunday continues to roll on as we head backstage as Stacy Clark is standing by with #Austin Lee fresh off his match with Bill Ding. A towel draped around #Austins neck as his head is tilted down with a disappointed blank stare on his face as he takes a sip of his water.

Stacy Clark:
 #Austin thank you for joining me here tonight, I will keep this quick….

#Austin Lee: Quick just like my match, if you could even call what I did in that ring as a match…. That was just disgraceful...

#Austin wipes his face with the towel as he continues to grow more and more frustrated at himself.

#Austin Lee:
 On a night it’s suppose to be about showcasing just how great Turmoil is and I go out their and just…. Just…

#Austin throws his water bottle down the hallway as he turns away from the camera slamming his fist into the wall.

#Austin Lee:
 Every chance I have been given I just throw away….

#Austin turns back to the camera wiping his face.

Stacy Clark: 
I understand your frustration but I just have one more question for you.

#Austin nods for Stacy to ask her question.

Stacy Clark: 
After everything you claimed Bill has done to you leading up to this match, why did you just hand the belt to him after the match?

#Austin Lee: It took getting my ass whooped by him for me to realize that I was fighting for things that are no longer here, no longer supporting me and was nothing more then a cancer holding me back. Ding woke me up to that tonight and I wanted to pay respect to him for that.

Stacy Clark: For once I would like to thank you for stopping by #Austin.

#Austin nods as he walks off as the camera fades to black.