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We open on a room backstage. A folding chair is open in the corner, a throne Cut-Throat’s trademark sack, which apparently speaks to him. He stands above the sack, leaning on a wall, nodding along as if he were listening intently.

A loud rapping knock on the door breaks the concentration of the two. They look… er, well, Cut-Throat looks toward the knock as a folded piece of paper is slipped beneath the gap below. He moves to the paper, approaching the note suspiciously, before kneeling to open the page.

His eyes snap wide open with a sharp gasp as he processes what the note contained, what he had just set eyes on. He announces it to the room with a cold tongue.

Cut-Throat : “The dreaded black dot!”

Time slowed down as the following events played out in a matter of seconds. The door bursts open, the force sending it violently toward the wall behind, rebounding it back into the door’s assailants.

The Lord of the Lariat, the pointman of the C4 movement, Mugen, rushed into the room, a confident grin painted on his face. The self appointed mouthpiece of C4, Bobby Minio, followed close on heel but stumbled as the rebounding door crashed into his shoulder.

Minio sold it, because Minio always sells, but quickly moved in to position himself in Cut-Throat’s face, intensely staring the pirate face to face. The reigning North American Champion followed behind at his own pace, wearing an amused look as he drank in the scene.

Bobby Minio: “Receipt time, Captain Wackbeard!”

Paul Pugh: “You have upset the interests of C4. For that, you pay. First, I ask you a question. Face or the kneecaps?”

Cut-Throat : “I don’t care much for me face, but I’ll always need me sea-legs!”

Bobby Minio: “GET HIS LEGS!!!”

Minio is the first to attack, diving to sack Cut-Throat at the thighs. Mugen moves to attack up high, his lariat arm itching for an impact. The pirate backpedaled against the wall, stammering out a word repeatedly in a diplomatic tone.

Cut-Throat : “Wait wait wait wait wait!”

For whatever reason, Minio and Mugen paused, almost caught off guard by Cut-Throat attempting to talk rather than fight back. Pugh looked on, interested.

Paul Pugh: “Final words?”

Cut-Throat : “I’d like to declare parlay.”

Mugen: “Parlay?”

Paul Pugh: “Parlay.”

Bobby Minio: “What the F*** is Parlay?”

Cut-Throat : “I invoke the right to safe passage to negotiate.”

Paul Pugh: “He invokes the right to safe passage to negotiate.”

Bobby Minio: “Hilarious, now let’s smash this cosplaying wackadoo and hit catering before my match, I want some friggin’ Cheesy bread.”

Paul Pugh: “We have to negotiate first.”

Pugh’s voice remained calm throughout the discussion, forcing Minio to do a double take in pure confusion.

Bobby Minio: “WAT.”

A smile played across the pirate’s lips as Minio’s head toggled rapidly back and forth from Cut-Throat to Pugh. Mugen stepped back near Pugh, looking just as calm now.

Bobby Minio: “Negotiate? Why are we going to negotiate with this guy? He’s crazier than a s***house rat!”

Paul Pugh: “The man called for parlay. We honor parlay.”

Bobby Minio: “WE honor parlay?”

Paul Pugh: “WE honor parlay. Bobby... we’re heels. We’re not monsters.”

Cut-Throat stepped back against the wall as Minio and Pugh dove into a debate about the issue, with their compatriot, Mugen, standing behind them with a bored look on his face. The camera man pans away as we move to the next scene.

The camera pans to the announce team.


The Show hasn't even begun and we kick things off wit ha good old fashioned negotation.

Even savages have a code of conduct!

Welcome Everyone to Riot Episode #378!

It feels like it was only yesterday I was a slim Trim 378. My how time flies.

No Paper Gangsta by Lady Gaga, no music hits whatsoever, not even a bell, but Dr. Lindsay Rothschild Esq. M.D. is making her way to the ring. The burning hot rage in her eyes can seen through her designer frames, the coarse look on her face doesn't react to the booing fans.

Usually she's accompanied by her BOMBSHEELD security force and an array of assistants, but not tonight, tonight she's alone. She obviously doesn't want to wait for the ring hand to give her the mouthpiece. Instead she viciously snatches it from his hands. With irritated grace she climbs the steps and officially enters the square circle as the fans continue to show their animosity (pun intended).

Dr. Rothschild: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

This only forces them to get louder, she again screams at the top of her lungs.


Again the fans reply with more jeers.

Dr. Rothschild: Just like Betty Ford you don't have any damn respect for anything. Each and every single one of you should be locked in a zoo. At least there you could throw feces at each other and lick your own extremities like the animals you so proudly are!

Lindsay actually flicks them the bird, wow.

Dr. Rothschild: You chastise intelligence and power, yet you praise ignorance and depravity... And quite frankly I'm sick of it. I'm sick of Anna Mosity...I'm sick of Eerie Sunshine...and I'm sick of all of you!

She paces around the ring, basically walking in circles.

Dr. Rothschild: I gave you stupid people the best in women's wrestling...I take that back, I gave you the BEST in wrestling period. Talent from every walk of life, and how do you repay me?

She again gives them appropriate sign language.

Dr. Rothschild:
I made Betty Ford relevant in a company full of overgrown self entitled carnies, I made every woman in this company relevant. I gave them purpose, I gave them order, I gave them LIFE!

"SH*T GIRL" chants start, she ignores them and points to gorilla.

Dr. Rothschild:

She continues to point as if she's going to appear at the ramp at any moment. The fans now switch chants to "Anna's Gonna Kill You".

Dr. Rothschild:
I thought taking the Bombshell Title from you would break your spirit, but for the first time in my life I was wrong. Your too unbelievably shallow to have any spirit to break. So instead of trying to break your psyche....I instead intend to break your man sized jaw.

No more chants, just pure laughter from the fans.

Dr. Rothschild:
You all can laugh all you want, remain gullible. Because come Wrestlution 9 live in front of the entire carnie world, I will show all of you and your beloved neanderthal Anna Mosity why they call me The Relenting Fists of Yale!

She drops the mic Bobby Mino style and storms her way to the back.


The camera pans to the announce team.


You can't just drop a Mic like Bobby Minio, that's fraud!




Cheres Storm vs Bernadette C.


The camera pans to the announce team.


What a match.

Any doubt?

scene opens up with Reckless Kid Luke Fuentes walking around backstage. AC Cobra right behind him on the phone talking on the phone with someone it appears.

Where the hell is an outlet so I can plug in this radio to see if it works?

Luke looking in every corner to find an outlet to plug in his new radio that he just bought.

RK: Hey Cobra. Let me know if you see one c'mon.

Completey ignoring Reckless, Cobra still on the phone seems to be even further behind Reckless giving all of his attention to whom ever is on the other line.

RK: Alright, nevermind c'mon. I just want to test this radio out before my match, make sure this damn thing works...Ahh here we go.

Finally finding an outlet, Luke plugs in the radio to the wall. Turning the dials and pushing buttons, but nothing seems to be turning on.

RK: Cmon, you piece of crap radio. I've should've known not to buy this in China Town. Everything they make seems to break fast as hell. You better work man.

Messing it with some more. The radio just wont turn on. Getting very annoyed now. Luke gives up.

Rk: If this is the shit China produces I should have no problem with Yung " All Hype " Shanghai! Cheap and quick is what China produces out of there country. Yo Cobra where you at man?

Finally getting off the phone. Cobra catches up with Luke.

AC: My bad Luke, Was handling some business with commander.

RK: What did he say?

AC: He said," To make sure we...

Looking at the camera and then back at Luke. AC Cobra stops talking.

AC: I'll explain later.Hey whats up with the radio? Does it work?

Looking down at it, Luke kicks it as he tries to break it, but the radio stands it ground still plugged into the wall.

AC: Whats wrong with it?

RK: Damn thing wont turn on.

Looking at the radio. Cobra goes to the nearest switch on the wall. Turns it on as he looks at Luke. And Boom! Radio turns on blasting. Luke looking at the radio then the switch and then at Cobra.

RK: Still a china made piece of crap radio. C'mon I've got my match with Yung. Lets go handle business!

Chuckling at Luke, AC Cobra follows behind Luke to the ring.

RK: Hey, what did the commander say?

As Cobra begins to explain what they were talking about, the SCENE FADES

The camera pans to the announce team.




scene fades.