OCWFED.com Presents Riot





The camera pans to the announce team.

Good day ladies and germs..and welcome to what is supposed to be a 'super' edition of Riot..

Will OCW deliver? Who knows..but I know where my money is.

In your wallet I'd hope.

Shut up Charles.



* Arnaud stands in the back with a hooded gentleman *

Arnaud : Well ladies and gentlemen I provided you all how you take out a former 10x underground champion .My amazing skills were always top notch . Now I'm gonna use my money and amazing ring knowledge to further the career of superstar who really deserves it ,Matsumoto !

* Arnaud pulls the hood off and there stands Matsumoto *

Arnaud : You people forget how Matsumoto destroyed Dimsmore and carried the Rising Sons . This assassin will drop these bums like empty bottles .
Matsumoto is and has been a top superstar but just overlooked because of his loser of a partner Mugen .

* Matsumoto spits red mist then screams *

Matsumoto: Mugen !

Arnaud : You see he is focused and is ready to destroy your heroes and heels . He will not be stopped , so be warned OcW . Mugen watch your back !

* Matsumoto looks at camera *

Matsumoto : Mugen !!!!!!!!




He knows Underground means nothing here in oCW right?

2011 called..it wants it's angle back.



We are taken to Drago's dojo where he seems to be throwing darts at a paper attached to the wall. Johnny Law can be heard from a distance.

Johnny Law: Drago, what are you doing?

Drago Cesar: Planning strategy.

Johnny comes into view of the camera and notices Drago throwing several darts at the paper. The paper in question is a photo of KD's face.

Johnny Law: I assume you're not going to throw darts in his face until he keels over?

Drago Cesar: Nope.

Johnny Law: So....what are you really doing?

Drago throws one last dart, it lands right between the eyes of KD.

Drago Cesar: Johnny, tell me something. When you think of the KD, what do you think of?

Drago turns to face Johnny.

Johnny Law: Uh, he's a pretty big and strong dude.

Drago laughs a bit.

Drago Cesar: NO! Not that, no, the other thing.

Johnny Law: He's a pretty dominan-

Suddenly Drago interrupts with a booming voice.

Drago Cesar: WRONG! You see, the KD has never "dominated" anything! Couple week ago, he beat me just because he got his lapdog to help him out. Tonight is going to be very different, Mr. Law. Tonight is finally going to be the revenge of Drago!

Johnny Law: It's a No Holds Barred match, though. Aren't you afraid o-

Drago Cesar: Afraid of what? Afraid of what, Johnny?

Drago points to the dogtag around his neck.

Drago Cesar: Johnny, I've been to WARS! I have seen and experience many horrible things! A match with KD is like playing around in the kiddie pool! The KD doesn't know that tonight, he cannot even hope to beat me......Because he is invited to Drago's jungle! Once you are in Drago's jungle, you can never be the same again. Think about the tools I get to use tonight! Chairs, ladders, so many weapons to play with......

Johnny Law: What if he gets his hands on one of those weapons?

Drago Cesar: Oh, he will. But he won't hold onto them for very long, he can hardly hold championship, let alone weapon! Come Johnny, I shall demonstrate to you what will happen to the KD!

Drago rushes upstairs in excitement as Johnny Law sighs. The segment ends.







The crowd shifts around in their seats, buzzing anxiously as they await the next OCW moment. Suddenly, the siren leading into Childish Gambino’s instrumental of Bonfire fills the arena, announcing the arrival of one of the more polarizing figures in the OCW today. The music continues to play, but the man does not appear on the ramp. Instead, his voice booms over the speakers.

Bobby Minio: Lulllllaaadddies and Gentleman, boys, girls, chijjins of all ages! Entering the arena now, the Dropkicker, the Mic Dropper, the Heart Stopper. The Man, the Myth, the Legend, the One Man Revolution, Bob-by Mini-O!

Punctuating his intro, Minio bursts through the curtain onto the stage, gripping a mic in his hand. A confident grin plastered on his face. The audience’s mixed reaction tells the story of Minio right now. He is not the most hated man in the OCW, but he is certainly not beloved. The crowd tolerates him, and to Minio, that’s a start.

Bobby Minio: Since this four man series kicked off a few weeks ago, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned a lot about what I am capable of anymore… I’ll be honest. As much as I played it all off like i was trying to find my ring legs again, I was worried. I was scared that perhaps, a decade as a victim had made me just that, a victim. I was worried that I could never live up to the career I once had, or the gear that I could once find in a match… Then my PAL Illuminati helped me kick it all into gear.

He begins pacing across the stage at the top of the ramp as he speaks to the OCW Galaxy.

Bobby Minio: I wouldn’t say Nati ‘woke something up’ so much as he force me into a position where I had to either adapt or perish, and I did just that. I left Nati laid out. I left McGee laid out, and tonight, I leave Tobin Frost looking up at the lights as well.

The mixed reaction from the crowd roars into a frenzy, half excited at Minio’s promise, half outraged at the premise.

Bobby Minio: Since I arrived in the OCW, one man has beaten my narrow ass so bad I didn’t know if I would ever recover. No, I’m not talking about Matsuda, no, I’m not talking about Matsuda’s ego, I’m talking about Tobin Frost. He’s Tobin Bombed me all over the ring, off the top rope, all over the place. He’s slammed me around like a dog with a chew toy… and more than the pain, more than the soreness in my joints, more than the burning sensation I would get just adjusting my spine after a match with Tobin, I felt the fire inside. I felt the motor still running. Each time he beat me down, I got better. Tonight, you’ll see exactly what that means. Tonight, I begin chipping away at the last few months results and begin to even the score.

Bobby Minio: At Damnation, I complete the clean sweep of this series. I send a message to Cody Storm, to Sensation, to every single critic who has made even a single cross comment about what I have to offer in the ring… but tonight… Tonight, the mic will not be the only thing that is dropped.

The crowd’s excitement builds gradually as Minio mouths the words “mic drop” into the closest camera, before flipping the mic over the back of his hand. He pumps a fist into the air, soaking in the segment of the crowd that is actually cheering, before turning and heading back stage as the Bonfire instrumental plays him out.




OoOCW match

Eerie Sunshine vs Lindsay




Trance is sitting at an oval table. Eli,Sid Harrison,Luke,AC are all standing upright against a brick wall. Trance points at A.C. and signal him to come over.

Jacob Trance- I was once like you, young hungry ambitious. Tonight against millions of weeping souls you will face Blacklist who's blinded by Cody ignorance. I will guide you and the rest of the family towards light but there is one favor I need from you my boy.

AC stands confused and sits there for a split second pondering on what it is.

AC Cobra- Yes Lord Trance what is it?

Trance stands up and turns Cobra around he begins to rub his fingers threw Cobra hair. The camera pans to the other family member who are against the wall confused. Trance snaps and Eli hands him an pair of scissors.

Jacob Trance- Your hair interest me son. Tell me how long have you been growing this? As long as your sober mind can remember? What's the meaning behind the hair to stand out to be different.

AC begins to answer the question.

AC-Well the meaning is.....

Trance quickly cuts off AC and begins walking in circles with the scissors.

Jacob Trance- Shhhhhh my boy no need to strain yourself I'm here to save your lost soul. This is the final step of your initiation. With my guidance I see great things over the dark horizon for you my son.

Trance hand AC the scissors. He stops walking in circles and now stands face to face with AC. 

Jacob Trance & The Family- Go there are other worlds than these.