OCWFED.com Presents Riot









The camera pans to the announce team.

Good evenin peeps...and welcome to Riot.

There's a change to the Main Event tonight, as it seems Jacob Trance and his Family missed their flight.




The crowd stirs in their seats, glancing around in every direction for some clue of what was to come next. The whirring siren ushering in the instrumental of Childish Gambino’s Bonfire tells the fans all they need to know. As the beat drops in, Bobby Minio, the One Man Revolution, steps out onto the stage at the top of the ramp. Wearing a black t-shirt with the word “THIRST” in white letters, crossed out with a red scribble above the word “HUNGER” written in the same red color. He pulls a mic from his belt line on his back, lifting it to his face dramatically.

Bobby Minio: Forgive me but I’m going to have to make this quick.

The crowd meets him with the same mostly mixed reaction with a positive edge. He grins to one particular favorable group of fans a few rows from the entrance and begins to speak again.

Bobby Minio: I know, I know. Far be it from me to deny you of the privilege of yet another Minio promo.

Bobby Minio: Unfortunately, I’ve been put into a fruit basket match with a lunatic later on tonight, and with what promises to be the most physically challenging, back breaking, character testing battle of my whole life waiting for me on Sunday, I have to make damn sure that I am ready for every single second leading up to that. I can’t rest until head hits pillow on Sunday night.

Bobby Minio: I have to take Bedlam, a hardcore staple of the OCW, as serious as a car crash… because it will damn sure be one. Working in my favor is knowing that I can’t sleep on this match tonight. Also working in my favor is the fact that I don’t sleep on anybody. Hell, I DON’T SLEEP.

He presses his index finger to the familiar bags under his eyes.

Bobby Minio: … but what keeps me up at night, what keeps me muttering into a steering wheel on those long drives between cities, what pushes my body to a level I couldn’t reach a single day before each and every time I start banging the iron is the arrogance I have to deal with in this business, in this company.

Bobby Minio: A few weeks ago, during the debut episode of Mic Drop TV, Paul Pugh laid me out. Matter of fact, let’s not even get it twisted, that self important, self absorbed pile of coke and failure ATTEMPTED TO KILL ME. Now, I believe that two men meeting in the ring are consenting to… whatever happens out there, so I’m not building a legal case against the guy, but let’s state the facts here. Pugh tried to kill me.

Bobby Minio: … and he failed. Miserably. I’m back, I’m pissed, and I’m tired, so goddamned tired, of being forced to suffer the arrogance. Was there some telethon? Did Sensation stumble onto an outdated rolodex? Because suddenly, the OCW looks like a throwback anniversary episode of Riot. It’s like I woke up at a Cauliflower Alley event, with all of these no good, no business having, boring, INSECURE MOTHERF****RS waltzing around backstage thinking they got some kind of Donald Duck, Disneyland fast pass deal to the top of the ladder! UH UH.

Bobby Minio: Pugh shows back up, and to his credit, at least he has the DECENCY of finding a personal vendetta as a dumbwaiter to carry him up high enough to try to use ME as a stepping stone. I’m nobody’s stepping stone. I’m not some rung on a ladder to the top, I’m currently ascending that ladder. I know a few of you fellas kicked on Riot for a few weeks and saw that a guy like me showed up and fired a grappling hook to the brass ceiling, but if you’re not on this level anymore, don’t try to go through the motions. It’s obvious, and we all see it.

Bobby Minio: That’s the thing about the spotlight. It has a habit of illuminating the flaws.

Bobby Minio: You know, with Mugen and… with PUGH, as C4, we were the only crew that promised your ass we would take it. We would get a grip on that spotlight, and we would hold onto it until it was gone… or we would crush it ourselves. 

Minio’s fist raises up and clenches into a white knuckled fist, visually representing the analogy in his words.

Bobby Minio: Even though it looked like Pugh removed himself from that equation, mission accomplished. C4 populates two of the top three matches going into Summercide, and even though Pugh will be going back where the rest of the head heavy dead weight belongs, THE LAY-Z-BOY CHAIR, he deserves as much credit for that as Mugen and I.

Bobby Minio: So be sure, be damn sure, to thank him. I ask everyone out there in the OCW Galaxy, personally, from the bottom of my bitter heart, THANK HIM. When the bell rings, and a broken Paul Pugh is being carted off to the ambulance, you thank that man. You stand up and you clap… you clap to the beat of your acapella rendition of “Hey Hey Goodbye”, and you let him know how we all like Paul Pugh. Far, far away.

Bobby Minio: That goes for the rest of the ghosts of Riot’s past. Unless you’re ready to put the work in, put the time in, suffer the bruises and bleed the blood, you stay far, far away. No one appreciates tourism in the locker room. Some of us are too busy working to entertain these people to deal with the weight of your millstones around our necks.

His lips curl to a disgusted sneer as he shakes his head. His eyes close, and for a brief moment, the crowd, who was active during the length of the promo, is quiet.

Bobby Minio: Guess I lied about making it quick. Oh well. I’ll make the time up in the ring on Sunday. See you all later on tonight.

He turns to leave before stopping dead in his tracks. Without the normal verbal warning, Minio holds the mic out at the side, letting it fall and dangle between two fingers gingerly, dropping it to it’s trademark soft thud over the PA as the Bonfire instrumental plays the soundtrack of his exit.



That's one match I'm looking forward to.

Well, atleast that's one person who cares.



Djesus swaggers on screen and angerly takes off his sunglasses he looks into the camera and begins.

 You little shit Daryl, how dare you put your hands on Djesus Djones. Especially after everything Djesus has done for you, you ungrateful twat.

Djesus puts a hand on the bridge of his nose attempting to compose himself before exploding again.

 How dare you let your life partner Jeremy Clarke talk shit to Djesus. HE CALLED DJESUS A RACIST! DJESUS CAN'T BE RACIST, SOME OF HIS BEST FRIENDS ARE BLACK.

Djesus stops to try and compose himself one more time, this time doing a better job of it, he calmly continues.

 You think you're hot shit huh? Well why don't you come down to that ring at Summercide and let Djesus whoop that ass real nice. 

Djesus puts his sunglasses back on and storms off past the camera



A racist? In OCW? Surely not!!!

Relax, he said he has black friends.




Raze vs Wesley





Riot returns from the commercial break as the camera pans in on the sold out Civic Center crowd. Suddenly the arena goes black and the the Titantron flickers on. The tron turns back on and the crowd sees a black leather sofa and a glass table. Suddenly someone walks on the screen and only a shot of their legs are shown. They set a drinking glass on the table filled with ice. The crowd notices the tattooed hand and "GUY" chants start to fill the arena. Marley sits down with a depressed look on his face.

Marley: OCW...

Crowd: WHA GWAN?!!

 What's up? As you guys can see, I'm not there tonight. Sorry for that, but I'm in a depressing mood right now. Matter of fact, I may not even be there for Summercide.

The camera zooms in on random faces in the arena and everyone has confused looks on their faces. Marley pours some liquor into the glass and takes a sip.

Marley: Last week on Riot I opened the show and voiced my opinion on who was suppose to be my opponent at Summercide, Matsuda and the Family. Now, I don't know what happened after I left the ring, but when I got to the back they told me my number one contender-ship was revoked until further notice. When I asked them the reason it was taken, they kept saying "we don't know."

Marley takes another sip of his liquor.

Marley: I knew that they we're lying because every time I asked, some of them would snicker. And like I said last week on Riot, "I'm not to be played with anymore." I got tired of the lies and snickers and started handing out ass whippings. They had to send security to throw me out of the arena because my inner KD came out. I almost killed a damn official. Woke up the next morning and logged onto ocwfed.com to watch some old matches and there it was on the front page in bold letters "MARLEY BLACKS OUT AND GETS TOSSED OUT." 

Marley picks up his phone and scrolls through it for awhile. He turns the phone around to the camera to a picture of him getting tossed out of the arena on last weeks show.

Marley: They tossed me outta the arena like I was Jazzy Jeff. The bad thing about it is...I DON'T REMEMBER ANY OF IT. The last thing I remember is being told that my 'cide match was revoked. I don't know who got my match revoked. For all I know, it could of been those family freaks messing around with a Ouija Board just to get Hoebra a rematch. It also could of been Matsuda messing with that Black magic to avoid me at 'cide. Whoever it was that robbed me I got two fingers for you.

Marley waves both of his middle fingers to the camera. The crowd goes crazy and the "GUY" chants start again.

Marley: Summercide wont be anything without me. Without me the show will die, fail, crumble.

"GUY OR DIE" chants start

Marley: Yeah keep chanting. Let them hear you all the way backstage, NO GUY NO PEACE!! Until I get my damn match its gonna be all hell. 

Marley downs the rest of whats in his glass and starts to chug whats left in the bottle.

Marley: I got one more thing to say before I go that might get me suspended but, SO DAMN WHAT. Stab me in the back and I stab you right back. And since this is live you guys can't do a damn thing, FFFFFF OCW!!! MATSUDA AND COBRA, I'M COMING FOR YOU NIGGA!!!

The Titanron immediately goes black as the camera cuts to ringside.