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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Episode 487!!!

So close to 500 I CANT TASTE IT!

On the Road to Chill Faktor 207 OCW heats things up with an amazing show tonight!

Twists turns and more! and its NOW!

The Camera Pans To The Ramp!


Kass paces in the ring till a ringside staff member throws him a microphone, the crowd chanting, “Denny’s Bitch” “Denny’s Bitch” “Denny’s Bitch” “Denny’s Bitch” “Denny’s Bitch”. Kass’ face is far from amused.

Kassidy: Last Week, I went out on a mission to prove one thing and I must say, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Kassidy: I searched New York top to bottom to find Versus and I found him sitting on top of a car by The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Kassidy: This is what he had to say about the person he “Sponsors”,

The Xtron Flickers On!

The Crowd Is In Shock! Kassidy Hayes is quite pleased with himself!

Kassidy: As you just heard, I have been Right! Mugen is a Terr,

Mugen: Aloha good sir. Now it is a shame that you have been going around looking to disprove my kindness. While some of those facts may be true. Namely, me owning the Cleveland Browns.

Mugen bows his head slightly as he spreads his arms to the side.

Mugen: For that, I apologize. See, I’ve been trying my hardest to revitalize the wasteland that many people like to call Leaveland…...

Mugen: BUT……..that’s the only fact out of this doctored recording besides the fact that I am a good person and I do make some awesome pancakes.

Mugen takes out his phone from his pocket and points it at the X-tron.

Mugen: See I know you were working in cahoots with the cameraman that was following you and I knew he had been compromised by the threat of the Trashleks. So, let me present to you this…………

The Xtron Flickers On!

Bad Kass 1

Mugen: Oh what’s this? Is this a man who’s looking to rob a poor innocent subway rider? The same man who is trying to disprove my kindness? Oh my…..

Mugen taps a button on his phone and points it again at the X-tron as the crowd gasps!

Bad Kass 2

Mugen: What is that? Is that a man urinating in public? On sacred Chinatown grounds? How dare you.

Mugen taps another button to show what looks like Kassidy but it also looks like Denny in front of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, Home of Comic Con.

Bad Kass 3

Mugen: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Mugen: Is this you?

Mugen: Or is this Denny?

Mugen: Survey says……………………..IT’S YOU!

Mugen: You dressed as your best friend, your mans, your……...master.

Mugen flashes a grin on his face as the crowd chants “Denny’s Bitch” again.

Mugen: Now you are wondering where these pics came from. Well I hired another cameraman to follow you around NYC, Molly.

Mugen: We all know you found Versus but we all know he had nothing but good words to say about me.

Mugen: He gave you some facts about me and then you edited all the audio with the help of the Versuslek and it’s audio synthesizing features..

Mugen looks at the X-tron again and taps his phone as the original unedited video of Versus rolls.

Mugen: Now Kassidy. Because I respect your father and because I am the King of Kindness, I will leave you with this.

Mugen: At Chill Faktor, the power of kindness, the power of positivity, the power of hard work will allow me to leave once again as OCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Mugen: Take care.

Mugen walks away waving to the fans as he goes back through the entrance. Kass infuriated in the ring,

Kassidy: No, Stop walking away, That's not how this goes,

Kassidy throws the microphone out of the ring and half way up the ramp.


The camera pans to the announce team.

The Mind Games continue!

Do they ever!

[Pre Recorded about 2 hours before the start of the show]

Backstage at the interview area we see OCW’s Stacy Clark standing on her mark. She is adjusting the hair over her left ear while awaiting her que from the producer behind the camera. Stacy clears her throat as the producer seems to be getting the que from the truck.

Producer (Faintly): Ok in 3….. 2…..

The producer hand motions the 1 and gives the point to Stacy.

Stacy: Plenty of dynamite action to come tonight on Riot. Kassidy Hayes taking on Ryu Matsumoto and Turmoil champion Dennis Black goes up against the leader of The Sanctuary Lucas Crowe.

Stacy: But joining me at this time, he’ll be taking on Natoli Joe tonight, here’s Sherwood Jamison.

Sherwood slowly saunters into the shot. His hands are holding onto the lapels of his sportcoat. His button down shirt under his sportcoat has the top 2 buttons not buttoned.

He also has on rather slim fitting jeans on for a man of his size (6’6” and almost 300lbs), and the pant legs are inside of his custom made cowboy boots.

After surveying the area a bit, Sherwood catches the eye of Stacy. He stops in his tracks and tips his hat in her direction.

Sherwood: Evening madam.

Sherwood extends his hand and Stacy does the same. Sherwood gently kisses the back of Stacy’s hand and she smiles. Sherwood lets her hand go and stands back up to look at the camera. Stacy places the mic near Sherwood.

Sherwood: Now for those that are not familiar…. MYYYY NAME IS SHERWOOD JAMISON AND I AM FROM THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!!

Sherwood: Ya see Ms. Clark, as the saying goes, everything thing is bigger in Texas.

Sherwood: Big houses, big cars, big belt buckles…

Sherwood motions to his massive diamond studded longhorn buckle on his waist.

Sherwood: And these buckles hold up my pants that are weighed down with big wads of Sherwood Dollars in my money clips.

Sherwood begins to belt out a big Texas sized laugh.

Sherwood: HA HA!!! So much money, the government thinks I’m printing my own. Now on to someone that may need to borrow a dollar or two. One Natoli Joe.

Sherwood: Now I don’t have no problems with any eye-talians. Hell, I could use a maintenance man for my compound. But my issue is knowing your place. And your place isn’t inside that OCW ring. But I’m a very giving man. And I’d love to give you one of these…..

Sherwood begins to aggressively slaps his right bicep.

Sherwood: $50 HANDSHAKES!!!

Sherwood lets out a big Texas sized laugh as he walks past Stacy and out of the scene. We fade back to ringside.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Looks like Big Sherwood is ready for action!

Can the Unorthodox Natoli Joe Overcome the walking mountain?

Chill Faktor 2017

The camera pans to the announce team.

The polls are closed!


*Katherine walks in and sees the poster with the match card. When she sees it still says Kat she screams and storms off! She gets to the GM's door and looks like she is about to kick the door in walks away. Stacey Clark sees what's going and runs up*

Stacey Clark: Hey Katherine, what seems to be the matter?

*Katherine grabs her by the arm and points to the poster*

Katherine: You see this! This is the respect I get around here! You know what, this is how they want to play fine!

Katherine: First I'm not in the number 1 contenders match, now they won't change my name!

Katherine:So tonight Miss Angelo prepare yourself for fury at its worst! Also take this whoopin personal!


The camera pans to the announce team.

Somone is fire up!

She better be Heather is a beast!

It's a Match!
Natoli Joe vs Sherwood Jamison

The camera pans to the announce team.


Oh my!

We pan into Kyle the Intern hanging out in the hallway, leaning against a wall, enjoying a moment of safety.


Kyle, startled, falls forward onto his face. He scrambles up quickly. But before he can get away a Trashlek rolls out from the shadows.

The Trashlek is covered in gaudy, but clearly fake gold jewlery and has a permed mop on its head.

Djesus Dlek:
Whoa bzzzz whoa bzzzz Djesus is here to cut a bzzzzz deal.

Kyle: Wat, what do you mean deal?

Djesus Dlek: For a bzzzz reasonable fee of bzzzzz twenty hooman dollareedoos bzzzzzz Djesus can ensure your bzzzzz safety.

Kyle pauses to think, but decides Djesus Dlek is trustworthy, he hands him a twenty.

Djesus Dlek:
Follow bzzzz Djesus

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh for the love of god!

I love it SCAGGS!