OCWFED.com Presents Riot





The camera pans to the announce team.

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and WELCOME TO ANOTHER EDITION OF RIOT!

The Road to Devils Night draws ever closer!

The excitement is palpable, you can feel it in the air!

We have an amazing show for you tonight so lets get it on!

The scene opens with a close up of Doc Green, sat down in the rookie locker room. He is focused and ready for his match against Telos tonight, he begins talking to his best friend and tag partner, Antonio Everrett, who is supposedly preparing for his match against Braddock.

Green: Listen mate, we took a tough loss last week against AWOL, real hard to take you know. However, tonight is an opportunity to bounce back, for both of us.

Green: And we both know what we're like, when we get knocked down, we get right back up! We've never stayed down in our lives, it's how we were brought up. So are you ready, Ant? Are you ready to bounce back?


Green: Ant?

Everrett: Shh shh shhhh...

The camera pans to Antonio Everrett, who is sat cross-legged underneath his own spot in the locker room, with a lit candle either side of him. He is attempting to mediate.

Green: Are you actually being serious?

Everrett: Shhhhh... I'm communicating with our surroundings. Can you feel it Doc? I sure can.

Green: How? By lighting two candles and sitting like that? Come on Ant, I'm not going to be able to babysit you every week you know.

Everrett: You seem stressed, have you ever considered medit-

Green: Mate, if you keep doing this every week you're gonna get your arse handed to you at some point, and trust me no meditation is going to bring back fully functioning feet, are they? I do sometimes wonder if there's a brain in there you know.

Everrett: What do you mean no brain? Of course I have a-

Green: That's not the point Ant! Are you actually listening to me? Or shall I just talk to myself, that's probably a better idea to be honest.

Everrett: Doc of course I listen to you! I know literally everything about you!

Green: Okay, when's my birthday?

Everrett: 13th of February, boom.

Green (laughing): Trick question, I've never told you my birthday.

Everrett: What? That's unfair! Give me a real question.

Green: We can do this after our matches tonight, you should really be getting ready and not messing around with candles and whatever else you've decided to bring into the locker room. The fans are expecting a show and you need to be ready for that.

Everrett: Doc you know I'm always ready. Let me do me, and I'll let you do whatever you do, like reading books or eating fish and chips or something I don't know...

Green: Knowledge is power Ant, maybe you could benefit from reading something at some point, perhaps 'The trials and tribulations of actually putting on a pair of shoes for once, or, failing that, actually cleaning your feet more than twice a year'. Heard it's a captivating read, maybe we'll pick up a copy on our way out.

Everrett: So you got jokes now? Alright, I suppose you're right, I'll take it under consideration, but, meditation and foot hygiene aside it's our time to shine and put that loss behind us, and show the world what we're really made of!

Green: Finally you're talking some sense! That's what I'm talking about, let's go out and do what we both do best.

The friends fist bump and continue to get ready for their matches.

The camera pans to the announce team.

They are locked and ready!

But are they really though?

The Xtron Flickers On

The camera opens to a man with his back turned, standing next to a dumpster outside of the arena.

The man turns around and reveals himself as Telos, who has a determined look on his face.

Telos takes out a cell phone and begins to dial. As he puts the phone to his ear, he takes a deep breath.

Telos: Yeah. It’s me……

Telos paces back and forth as he listens intently.

Telos: No, I told you. This is on MY terms. We go where I say we go, do what I say we do.

Telos: I said a few weeks ago that I would cut the grass so the snakes will show. I cut Braddock. I cut KD…...And now, the snakes come out.

Telos: I’ll see you soon.

Telos removes his cape and vest and throws them in the dumpster, replacing them with a plain black hoodie.

He pulls a match out of his pocket, strikes it and sets the dumpster ablaze.

Telos walks off camera and we go to the next segment…...

The camera pans to the announce team.

What the heck!

A man of mystery!


It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.

Looks like some problems in the truck!

Someone is gonna get fired!

The scene opens up outside of Riot where the camera pans to the parking lot where you see a box sitting in the middle of the parking lot. There are noises coming from the box as if someone was inside building something.

Code Jackman:
Alright this piece goes here for this effect.

Code Jackman is inside making something with objects he has found scattered around the parking lot and stolen from Archers mansion.

Code Jackman:
When I do get him he will be mine forever haha!

The camera zooms in on Jackman's face as he begins to bite his bottom lip and look left and right with his eyes.

Code Jackman:
Bingo was his name oh.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh boy!

Just what the heck is he planning?


It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.

What a counter!

On thee button!


A shaky cell-phone camera flicks onto the screen as the insides of a vehicle are seen blurry, as the camera attempts to focus and shake around. The voice of someone holding the phone camera is heard.

Voice: So it's Saturday, right now. I was literally out for gas and a 6-pack of Crapple© and Ijitu Quartz is in the gas station.

A red and white FMZ logo fades in to cover the bottom left of the screen. The intrusive news tabloid member swings his car door open to see Ijitu Quartz exit the gas station wearing a dark grey sweatshirt and his PRISTINE SUNGLASSES.

He also has a small beat up ballcap on, attempting to conceal his identity. The camera points awkwardly down, Quartz being seen on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Hey man, how are ya'?

Quartz: Yeah, fine.

Quartz tries to walk back to his vehicle when the man turns and walks with him.

Quartz: Do I know you or somethin'?

Voice: Nah nah, but I saw your debut last night, man. You're Quartz, right?

Quartz: Ugh. Sigh. Yes, do you need an autograph or something? Whatcha got there.

Quartz points down to the obvious cell phone, which is awkwardly pointing up to Quartz face. The Tag Team champion looks down directly into the lens of the camera.

Quartz: You recording me, big guy?

Voice: What? No, nah it's just my phone and my wallet and stuff.

Quartz: Really... Why don't you go ahead and put that in your pocket for me?

Voice: Nah, that's okay. Hey man are you gonna fight Jacob Trance? What are you doing in Brooklyn? Do you -

Quartz looks down into the lens again and raises his hand to shush the paparazzo.

Quartz: Hey, hey, hey. Look man, I ain't got time for all your questions.

Voice: I mean certain people think you're gonna try and fight Scumciety. Is Rust Cohle aware of your leaving Riot?

Quartz: I ain't 'leaving' anywhere, bub. You need to check your sources.

Quartz laughs to himself and continues to walk back to his car. He puts his wallet back in his pocket and tries to move away.

Voice: There's some guys that don't think you can do all that work at your level, do you have anything to say to them?

Quartz: You seem to have all the answers, guy. Go away before I gotta break ya' face.

Voice: I just want to ask some questions man.

Quartz stops just in front of his car and pretends to jump towards the man following him, causing the camera to shake wildly as if the one holding it flinched at the move.

Quartz: I don't know who your people are buddy and I damn sure don't know who you are, so why don't you get the hell up out of my face.

Quartz: I ain't leaving and my plans are none of your business. Also...

Quartz slaps the phone out of the man's hands and it bounces off the parking lot concrete. The voice of the two men can still be heard, although more faint.

Quartz: ...It's not nice to record people without their knowledge, captain dickhead.

Voice: You cracked my screen! You're buying this!

The camera is picked up off the concrete and pointed back at Quartz who is smiling wide and sits down in his car, slamming the door shut. He rolls down the window and shouts at the paparazzo.

Quartz: Blow it outcha ass, dirtbag. Hahaha!!

Quartz drives away throwing his left hand out of the window.

Quartz: TTT 4 Lyfe! Broooooklyyyyyn!

The camera turns off as Quartz drives out of view, blasting his own theme music through the speaker system of his car.

The camera pans to the announce team.

What a jerk!

How dare you!