OCWFED.com Presents Riot





The camera pans to the announce team.


We got a great show for you tonight, so lets not mince words! LETS GO!!!

We now have a panoramic view of...The Garden. Fans are already in a state of hysteria. The camera crews are desperately working to find out what is all the commotion about in the stands.

A shot of the stage...nothing.

A wide shot of the X-Tron...nothing.

Even a shot of Charles Scaggs and “Big” Al Poling…


The arena goes black and plenty of flash photography can be seen all over Madison Square Garden. You can hear from one side of the hysteria the name, “H2O” “H2O” “H2O”!

If you listen closely, you can hear on the other side of the hysteria the name, “Big KD” “Big KD” “Big KD”!

On one side of the arena near the upper level stands a silhouette of a man. Standing near the entrance of the hallways that appears to be pointing two thumbs to himself.

A spotlight comes on and all you can see are the words, “Head Superstar” written on the back of a jacket. He turns around with his thumbs still pointing to himself.

He then points to the opposite side of the arena.

On the other side stands an intimidating silhouette of another man. His stance in that entrance of the hallway is that of an immortal. It’s The Keeper of The Garden, KD!

The spotlight shines onto him as well and The OCW Universe is in a frenzy!

H2O: Now I know Thanksgiving was a few days ago. But I want to continue to give thanks today.

H2O: I want to thank you the fans for rockin’ the house like you’re doing right here right now, TONIGHT!

No, no my dear friend. They’re rockin’ The Garden!

KD: You know what’s funny, Ocean? The Garden has been fertilized with a whole lot of trash for weeks. FOR MONTHS!

KD: Do you know what I’m talkin’ about?

H2O: Absolutely, Big fella. But before start talking about taking The OCW Heavyweight Championship away.

KD: ….and taking The Riot Tag Championships away…

H2O: Let us both take your breath away with this…..

H2O points to the stage as another bright spotlight shines onto the entrance. Valkyrie’s music hits

Valkyrie comes out with her hand over her eyes to block out the light to find H2O. She sees him and walks to the side of the stage. She looks up into the stands and points to him. H2O points back at her like it’s “Too Sweeeeet.”

She then puts her hands over her eyes again not only to block out the light but also as if she’s looking for someone else. But she just fooling with the fans.

She shakes her head up and down to acknowledge that she sees Big KD on the other side of the arena. She walks to the that side of the stage and points to him as well. KD folds his arms together and nods his head back to her.

Sorry for arriving late to the party!

Valkyrie: I will never allow TTT and Kasstianity to take over OCW.

Valkyrie: They are bad role models for kids and should NOT be allowed on screen!

Valkyrie: The time has come to make Riot trash free! The way it should be!.

Valkyrie: They are driving Our Hero insane! I went to his office this morning and it was really sad seeing him like that.

Valkyrie: He said: Valk, you have to help me! Riot is just trash, trash, trash everywhere!

Valkyrie: Well, you don't have to worry anymore, BOSS! The garbage collectors have arrived.

Valkyrie: I'll deal with Heather and Alexa, while Harvey and KD will handle their fuccbois.

H2O: You heard us! The odds are now even. The TTT experiment will soon be over.

The camera pans to the crowd and you can see the fans cheering for the trio

We then fade back to the commentary team

The camera pans to the announce team.


Oh sit down!

The scene opens with Antonio Everrett in the rookie locker room, staring at his feet with a roll of tape in his hands. His pondering is abruptly interrupted by his tag partner Doc Green, who swings the door open, locking eyes with his best friend, while thoughtfully stroking his beard. After a few silent seconds, Everrett jumps up out of his chair, hyped.

Everrett: Oh damn, my G looking crazy good tonight!

Doc: You know how it is, got that fresh trim on the house, got the beard cleaned up real nice, shampooed and conditioned, free of charge, Viddal the barber got my number now, he said his kid wants an autograph, that’s how we livin’ now!

Everrett: Mate, we were just two young lads tryna have fun in Croydon, and now we’re here! People used to take the piss out of us for chasing our dreams, but we didn’t listen and we pushed and pushed and I know it doesn’t sound like much, getting recognized and that, but this is just the first step for us!

Everrett: And look at my boy, he got that real nice clean up for an autograph; I remember times I couldn’t even afford a trim and now we really are living our dreams, leaving it all in the ring for the OCW universe.

They exchange a complicated handshake only true friends could possibly even comprehend, before Doc jokingly wipes away a fake tear from under his glasses.

Doc: I only came in here to show you the fresh trim and get you ready for tonight, but now I’m bout to cry. We keeping those E-thots at arms length brother, I already know you to bring it home for the boys. With that being said, we gotta get ready. Who you got?

Everrett: Coolidge.

Doc: Ah, Coolidge! The son of the OCW legend, highly touted, world famous, world-renowned absolute unit, K.D Angelo. Dude’s hella nice, so you listen up kid, I’m about to teach you a lesson.

With a huge grin on his face, Doc takes off his sunglasses before drawing a pair of thick-lensed, transparent glasses from his pocket.

He motions to pick up an imaginary book, and proceeds to place it on the bench with a huge thud, indicated by him slapping the wooden surface and making a grunting noise with his cheeks puffed out.

He blows on the ‘cover’ hard, before wafting away ‘dust’ and then opening the imaginary ‘book’ with another thud. He scans the ‘page’ with his finger, before raising it to begin speaking.

Doc: Here we are; Coolidge. The man with the proverbial plan. He’s got all the tools, and a thousand ways to tie you up and drop you on your head. The man’s got wrestling in his DNA, and you’ll be careful not to get caught in a twist with your toes exposed…

Everrett looks bewildered.

Everrett (Jokingly): The t...t...t...toes?

Doc: Oh yes, it says here he can give you an hour long lecture on the history of the drop toe hold, so in layman’s terms, you’re gonna get this work if you don’t bring your A-Game. Got it?

Everrett: Sir, yes, sir!

Doc: Good, so let’s not have you dragged out the ring in a knot, shall we? Don’t answer that, class dismissed. You got this, brother?

Everrett: I was born ready, let’s get it moving.

The pair fist bump and Doc motions to the locker room door while Everrett starts throwing knees and elbows at thin air. Green stands in the doorway for a few moments, beckoning Everrett to exit before taking initiative and making his way out on his own.

The camera follows Doc as he makes his way down the backstage area, but he is brought to an abrupt stop by seeing a hooded figure leaning against a wall, arms crossed looking unimpressed.

That would be Everrett’s opponent for tonight, Coolidge, who must’ve heard what was going on in the rookie locker room between Uncrowned, who were just talking about him.

Coolidge holds out his palm to stop Doc in his tracks. He turns, and looks up at the taller man.

Coolidge: Whole lotta commotion going on in there, am I right? You must’ve learned a lot about me, but I don’t know how much of what you said was actually true, you wouldn’t tell lies about me, would you, Doc?

Coolidge steps forward to intimidate Doc, similar to how K.D stood over him at the 14th Anniversary Show. Doc, not one to back down, puffs up his shoulders and stares into his eyes.

Doc: You learned this one from daddy, huh? I’ve dealt with people like you my whole life, don’t try and intimidate me when I’ve just told Ant not to underestimate you in the ring.

Doc: At the end of the day, mate, I beat you fair and square the other week and I respected the competition you gave me, but I suppose you don’t want my respect anymore; and you best believe that’s absolutely fine by me.

Coolidge: You and me, we’re not ‘mates’. You may have beaten me two weeks ago, but I really don’t think your friend over there is going to be so lucky tonight, and from now on, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep my pops’ name out of your mouth, mate.

Coolidge hangs on the final word as he peers over the shoulder of Doc as he sees Everrett pacing over hastily in full wrestling gear, seeing the commotion to back up his friend.

He stops, and Doc steps back and lightly collides with Antonio, causing Green to shudder before quickly realising who it is and regaining his composure. Coolidge smirks.

Everrett: Excuse me, is there a problem here?

Coolidge nonchalantly pushes Doc out the way, who motions to go after after him but is stopped by Everrett’s arm. Coolidge’s smirk has turned into a wry smile as he begins to walk away.

Coolidge: No problem here, mate. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a match to prepare for. I’ll definitely see you both out tonight, won’t I?

Everrett gathers the situation and attempts to calm it down.

Everett: Nice one, I’ll see you in the ring tonight. Let’s have a good one, yeah?

Coolidge fixes his jacket and walks away out of shot, barging Doc on the shoulder as he goes, going out of his way to infuriate Doc even more. Doc turns to Everrett and lets out an annoyed laugh, which amuses Ant. Everrett lightly punches Doc on the shoulder.

Everrett: Don’t shit yourself, Doc. He’s just jealous of your trim mate.

Doc: Oh mate, if you slap him about tonight, dinner’s on me. And I won’t moan about your feet anymore.

Everrett chuckles and the two walk out of frame as the scene fades to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh man!

It's bout to go down!

Braddock is backstage located in a dark boiler room. He’s looking down but slowly starts to look up at the camera.

Braddock: You people don’t understand!

Braddock: They ARE coming.

Braddock: When they do, you’ll be the first they carry off.

Braddock: Not ME!

Braddock: They target the weak.

Braddock: The sheep. They’ll lead your empty minds into the ****hole that is the “light”.

Braddock: They called my actions “evil” and “full of malice” but is there even such a thing?

Attention starts to shift to an object in Braddock’s arms. It’s dimly lit so it’s hard to make out at first but after a second, it’s clear that it’s a pig’s head.

Braddock slowly puts it on and stands idle for a second facing the camera before charging up the stairs and out of the boiler room.

The camera pans to the announce team.



It's a Match!


The camera pans to the announce team.



A camera slowly opens a locker room door backstage. Ijitu Quartz stands posing in front of the mirror. He walks over to a bench and picks up a notepad.

Quartz: That's 2.

Quartz checks off a picture of Hijo De Mistico, which is sloppily posted on the notepad next to a picture of Mugen.

Quartz: That's.... TWO!!!

Quartz throws the notepad against the wall angrily, before holding his head and looking down at his feet. Something inside him is holding him back from further outburst. His momentum from throwing the notepad slumps him down on the nearby bench.

Quartz: Two.... That's where it started... last time.

A faded flashback begins with Quartz being pinned by Ligermask and Bunny M last season. The image flashes back to Quartz sitting alone on the bench. He slowly turns his head and looks up. Tom, the RIOT 500 staff member fades in from nothing and looks down at him.

Quartz simply peers up into the dead eyes of the figure... saying nothing as he slowly fades back out.

Quartz: How can you keep everything going through back to back matches like that?

The camera begins to become faded and blurry. With voices playing loudly. The voices are illegible and crazy.

Quartz: Hahahahahahah!!!

Quartz leaps from the bench he is seated on and clinches his hands together. He throws his hands up in the air and continues laughing maniacally.

The camera spins wildly, over and over until stopping on Ijitu Quartz, who has his eyes closed in the center of the room.

He slowly opens his eyes to look at his hands and arms.

After closing them tight one more... He slides his hands down his chest and legs without taking a breath. He runs his hands all the way down to his feet, not stopping at any point. After touching his toes... He slowly stands up and opens his eyes.

Quartz releases an elongated exhalation after opening his eyes and smiles at the camera.

You're not getting rid of me this time.

The camera fades to black as Quartz snickers to himself.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Don't hmm!


It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.

Right in the breadbasket!