OCWFED.com Presents Riot




The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman we are back on the scene! With RIOT 588

Let's get strange!

The scene opens to Deadzone seated in the locker room. Telos leans back in his chair, letting out a heavy sigh. Meta Cobra stares at the floor stoically, phone in hand.

Cobra: I can’t believe this. I cannot believe this shit.

Cobra stands up, kicks over his chair, and begins pacing back and forth in front of his locker.

Telos: My guy, this is out of our control. Neither one of us can do anything about it, and even then, family comes first.

Telos: We didn't hit a fraction of what we wanted to do. It's a whole lot of meat left on the damn bone, but it ain't going nowhere.

Telos stands and puts his hand on Cobra's shoulder, stopping him in place.

Telos: Go handle your business, and when it's time, we gonna finish what's left on the table.

Cobra nods and looks up at Telos.

Cobra: Go out there and show Jones that Deadzone don't die.

After a handshake, Telos turns and leaves the locker room.

Cobra pockets his cell phone, and begins packing his belongings as the scene fades…

The scene opens up as FloJo enters the arena late in her weeb-tastic Honda Civic. She opens her trunk to pull out her wrestling gear and a Nintendo Switch.

Stacy Clark, is probably FloJo's only friend at this point spots her for a quick interview

Clark: FloJo you’re a bit late, aren’t you

FloJo puts her suitcase down: Yeah, and?

Clark: Okay, anyway, I want to ask if you knew what happened to Jasmin.

FloJo: Jasmin?! Man, shit, I don’t know…Didn’t she somehow get a damaged or detached retina?

FloJo: If she’s a real one, she would’ve faced me like a real woman in that fuckin’ ladder match.

FloJo: No excuses.

Clark: Did you attack? Something is telling me that you might’ve had something to do with it.

FloJo clutches her fist and then relaxes her hands. She proceeds to give Stacy a stern look on her face.

FloJo: No, I didn’t.

Clark: I don’t know what’s gotten into you, I’m starting to feel disappointed in you–

FloJo: Don’t be, don’t be disappointed in me, I didn’t change on my own, OCW did.

FloJo: Oh, and by the way, if Jasmin wants to confront me, I’ll be waiting.

Scene fades to black

It's a Match!


Long before the show starts Colin Locke and Ashley Moore walk around near the entrance to take photos with their fans and sign autographs.

Fan 1:
Hey, Colin. Can you sign my Hot Storage T-shirt?

Colin signs the shirt, looking at the design.

Colin: Oh hey, that’s one of the good ones. Ashley came up with the little-

Before he can finish, a second fan approaches him.

Fan 2: Can we take a photo?

Colin: Yeah, go for it, hey Ashley! Come over, got some Hot Storage fans about!

As Ashley approaches the two, the fan gives her his phone and poses with Colin for the photo. While visibly annoyed by it she still takes the photo and hands back the phone.

And what about me?

Fan 2: If you really want we can take a picture as well.

Ashley: Are you fu…

Before Ashley can say something that would cause a shitstorm on Twitter Colin cuts her off.

Gotta get her in, without her, it’s only Storage, far less fun.

The fan gets in between Ashley and Colin before taking a selfie of all three of them and continuing on his way to the grandstand.

Everybody seems to like you, Colin, but nobody bats an eye for me.

Colin: Ah, I’m sure you’re imagining it.

She walks towards a about 10 years old little girl who is standing alone in the hallway.

Hi. there. Do you want one of my signed autograph cards?

Girl: AAAAAAHHHHHH, it’s the mean kicking lady.

She runs to her parents who then quickly walk away with their daughter, but not without throwing mean looks at Ashley Moore.

Why does everybody avoid me?

Colin: If it makes you feel better, that girl was wearing a Harri Etiquette T shirt.

Ashley stares at Colin blankly for a moment.

Colin: I really should think before speaking. Anyway, it’s why we work well together! Some people get into Hot Storage with the fun stuff surrounding me, or the scoops, or whatever, some people like you kicking people and dominating the women’s roster.

While Ashley seems to appreciate Colin’s attempts to put a brighter spin on things, she also looks entirely unconvinced.

Seriously! If we’re close to each other, I get some of the attention from the kick-thirsty hardcore crowd, you get attention from the ones who wanna be entertained or like seeing the bad guys get chucked around, easy.

Ashley seems to come around a bit. She thinks for a moment.

Ashley: Yes, we can really benefit from each other. Let’s approach the fans together for pictures.

As a new visitor enters the building Ashley grabs Colin’s hand and pulls him with her to take photos with the fan.

Fan 3:
You know, at first I thought you two don’t really fit together, but I have to admit you have great chemistry.

Ashley: Thank you very much.

Fan 3: And you make a very good couple.

The Hot Storage pair exchange a bewildered look, clearly not sure how to reply. Colin tries to awkwardly save it.

Colin: … You should see us in the escape rooms, we’re awesome together. Then, you know, people being afraid to form mixed tag teams because they know we’re all over the number one spot, it’s mental.

Ashley: Yeah, crazy.

Colin: Hot Storage on top.

Another fan approaches the pair with a Hot Storage poster in their hands.

Ashley: We do look good together on this poster though.

Colin and Ashley both sign the poster, Colin drawing an awkward-looking half of a lock before Ashley finishes it off with half of an ornate heart, completing the Hot Storage emblem.

Fan 4: Thanks! Hey, did you guys really burn all the Hot Morbage stuff?

Ashley: Yes, immediately. None of it must exist.

Colin: Well, we did get a bit carried away.

Ashley: What, I had to show you around London, who knows when we’ll be there next?

After the fan stowed away his poster another fan awkwardly approached them wearing a T-shirt with Ashley Moore as Women’s Champion on it.

See Ashley, there are fans out there who just came for you.

Ashley: Hi, you got a cool shirt. Do you want me to sign it?

Fan 5: Uhm… no, uhm… yes.

She signs the shirt and then poses for a selfie with her fan.

Wait, I have seen you somewhere, haven’t I?

Fan 5: Well, uhm, maybe on Twitter.

Ashley: Yes, you are the girl running the OOC Ashley Moore account. Thank you so much for doing that. I retweet almost everything you post.

Fan 5: Yes and I was so devastated when I saw that you aren’t booked today.

Ashley: I’m sorry for that. But since I got nothing else to do for the rest of the day I could turn things around for you. Do you want to do a tour through the backstage area with me?

Fan 5:

Ashley: I take that as a yes.

Colin catches Ashley’s eye and shoots her a smile before she and the fan disappear towards the backstage area. As the segment fades out, Colin continues still handing out his autograph cards and taking lots of photos with the fans.