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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome, Welcome to Episode 185! of The Hottest Show in OCW!


Malu: Turmoil started season thirteen strong. Turmoil finished 2017 strong. New Arena, several new wrestlers, and a new commitment to excellence. But we’re baaaaack, Live, Right here in Uniondale!


Malu paused and let the crowd show their appreciation that the ‘new’ flagship show of OCW had returned.

 A frequent criticism of OCW is that we in the front office often hear is that this company doesn’t know how to make new stars, or that we simply don’t want to.

Malu: On the contrary, Story Time! Once Upon a time we had a young man who loved PUKA PIES, (Look it up!) And this young man was very big and very strong.

Malu: He was so strong and so big he was sent away to a land called CCW (Cyber Championship Wrestling). Many of you don't know this but once upon a time Online Championship Wrestling was Two actual companies and 2 specific brands.

Malu: Once in CCW this young man was told he would never amount to anything, that he was just hired muscle and nothing more. So this young man spent nearly an entire season putting people to sleep or sending them out on a stretcher.

Malu: Until one day he was given a chance, that chance to Become The CCW Champion, a Championship which was held by Men like Versus, and RD Money or Mr.Bentley, Seth Irving, Nathan Gaines, just to name a few! Some of these men even went on to become Hall of Famers.

Malu: I say that to say this OCW takes chances, they took a Risk on me and it paid off!

Malu: And once again OCW took one hell of a risk two seasons ago and allowed a 'rookie' to main event Summercide after only being here seven months. That was against yours truly.

Malu: That rookie took one hell of a beating before pulling off the biggest upset of the night, capturing the Turmoil heavyweight Championship in the process.

Malu: It just so happens that this young man celebrated day five hundred of his reign as Champion from home only a week ago. 

Turmoil’s audience begins to boo at the mention of the Champion. 

Trust me, the pretentious midget is not missed! But enough about him and me. This is about giving chances to build new stars. So I’m going to take a risk, just like the one 2 Seasons Ago and just like the one 12 Years Ago!

Malu: I bet I have your attention now.

Malu smiled confidently as the camera briefly zoomed in on him. 

: We aren’t just picking Black’s next contender out of a hat. This is Turmoil! You earn your place here. Sixteen men are being given an opportunity to fight for the right to claim that number one contender spot.

Malu: Over the next few weeks we will have a series of fatal four way matches with stipulations attached to them. It could be a table match. Or even a cage match. Depends on the luck of the draw.

Malu: The four winners of those matches will then compete in a final fatal four way elimination match to determine the next number one contender. The lone survivor will go on to The Clash to face Dennis Black for the Turmoil Heavyweight Championship!

Malu: And that first of those four fatal four ways takes place-

Malu pauses. 


The audience erupts at Malu’s announcement.

The camera pans to the announce team.


OH MY GOD!!! This is HUGE!

The Clash 2018


Sin walks into the backstage of the arena dressed in a suit and tie. Before he could navigate the corridor, he's greeted by a couple guys wearing matching Turmoil “Staff” polo shirts and walkie talkies. The bigger of the two introduces themselves as members of the production team…

Man 1:
 Mr. Simsin? We’ve been looking for you, you're due to go on shortly!

SIN: whoa.. I wasn't told I'd be competing tonight..

Man 2: That's something you can take up with the booking department but for now, you have to come with us.

The men lead SIN down the corridor, walking on each side of him. One of the men click on his walkie talkie. 

Man 1:
 Samsin Simpson is on his way to curtain. 

Radio: Cue in 60

SIN: You're kidding me, right?

Man 1: You shoulda showed up sooner. What do you want me to say? I just work here pal. 

Samsin frustratingly refrains from speaking anymore and stays unspoken for the rest of the walk down the hallway. He checks his cell phone for anything new from Troy Smith but sees he has no new messages as the men give him a shove up the stairs to the stage.

The camera pans to the announce team.

I hope you got your ice pack!

Anything can happen here even an impromptu match!

It's a Match!
Samsin Simpsin vs Jookie Marley


The camera pans to the announce team.

Someone in production is getting fired!

Wait was this a 2 for one special? Hold on HOLD ON? WAIT HAS RYU Activated his TIME MACHINE? WAIT...(Listens in on the production feed) YIKES, you can't say that on air...or....that...or that....TO FAR...Who has dolphin teeth.



The camera pans to the ramp!

The crowd cheered as Ginger walked around the ring. He soaked in the adulation as he grabbed a mic.

Ginger: Ladies and gentlemen welcome once again to G-TV, what exciting news just took place huh? Sixteen competitors all vying for a chance to be the one to fight the King of Turmoil Dennis Black. But who will it be? I have no idea who they'll be but I'm sure we'll be in for a treat.

The crowd applauded.

Ginger: Come on people it's a new year and Turmoil is back, you may notice something in the center of the ring here. Well to kick off 2018 our guest for this evening will unveil whatever this is.

He gestured to the covered box in the center of the ring.

Ginger: Without further ado our guest for this evening..

The audience and Ginger looked to the ramp as the music hit.

Tay and Code soaked in the booes and cheers of the Turmoil universe..

Ginger: Welcome to G-TV fellas, now I believe you have a special announcement for us, care to elaborate?

Code Jackman: You people are about to witness greatness. There is no good tag team on Turmoil. There is only one great tag team. Terror and I have agreed that we are the best tag team here on Turmoil and most definitely the greatest tag team in O… C… W!

Crowd begins to boo Code and Terror.

Tay Terror: When it comes down to it… we don’t care about what you guys think.. we only care about what we are about to show you.

The crowd is even louder than before.

Code Jackman: We went into Chill Factor with a plan and we left victorious against the Young Drakes. We completely dominated them and we can dominate anyone and ANY TEAM in OCW.

Ginger put his hand up but didn’t wait to be acknowledged

Ginger: I saw Code Jackman tapout, just throwing that out there.

The Crowd Laughs!

Tay Terror: Quiet you. NEVER HAPPENED, FAKE NEWS! The Drakes got a first hand view of what we are doing here.

Code Jackman: Shhhhh, Shhhhh, Shhhh, silence people silence. Now the reason we are out here. I know you all see this big object in the ring covered and you are probably thinking what is under the sheet.

Ginger: I want to know what’s under the sheet as do the audience and viewers at home...

Code walks over to the object and pulls the sheet off to reveal a glass display case and one Referee standing inside holding two belts. The Ref then gets out of the case and raises the titles in the air. The Crowd begins to cheer and laugh!


Ginger begins to laugh under his breath, whith a straight face he continues!

 So this is kind of historic.

Code Jackman: Now these are just prototypes...PROTOTYPES! and not the real deal but they are worth the same as a regular belt.

Jackman takes a belt away from the ref along with Terror.

Code Jackman: OCW and Turmoil please welcome Code Terror as your new Turmoil Tag Champions.

Crowd chants THAT IS STU-PID!. 

Code Jackman: we would hold an open challenge like any title would, But we are not like any other champion. You will have to earn this title match between us because we are the greatest tag team in the world. 

Tay Terror: Let Code of Terror reign!

 Hold up, Cut the music. 

Ginger: Oh great an interruption, here I thought we’d get through one of these with none.

The theme died out as Corey paced ringside a little peeved with what he saw in front of him, he pointed at Jackman.

Corey: You may have pinned Ricky to get the win at Chill Faktor, but I still made you tapout halfway through and I won’t forget that. We were robbed by the ref and you two.

Corey was looking from Code to Tay before stopping on Ginger, he shook his head and looked at the tag team.

Corey: Even leading up to the match I pinned you, in singles competition. Never faced Tay in singles, that was all Rick.

Ford stood at the base of the ramp looking looking like an angry wobbly zit..

Code: Where is the little guy? You know the one you helped me super-kick?

Corey: Doesn't matter, what I say I can back it up.

Ginger got between the tag team as Corey jumped up on the apron.

Ginger mockingly: Aaargh, No Corey. Don’t do it, it’s not worth it… I said my bit, the rest is up to you now.

He moved out of the way, Corey was now in the ring.

Code looked at Tay and laughed.

Tay: Guy has no brains stepping in the ring with the pa-

Corey grabbed Tay like a Dingo snatching a baby and hit his Fateful Twister on the terror part of the duo. Corey got in Tay’s face as the man lay on the mat, Code who had dove backwards out of the way was now standing behind Corey waiting.

Ginger: Oh no please, stop. Not like this.

The crowd laughed, then went oooooo as Code locked in The Lia is coming and flattened Corey on top of Tay’s fallen belt. The impact sent a splatter of blood spraying in Ginger’s direction and staining the interns suit.

Code: We are in your head Corey. Just face it you are no match for Tay or myself. We will be watching your every move consider yourself hunted. 

Ginger: Well it wouldn’t be a G-TV segment without someone getting hurt or in this case cut open… This time it wasn’t me Yaaay… Anyway ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been your host Ginger signing off for now see you next week folks.

The scene starts to fade as Code helped a groggy Tay to his feet and thrust the belt into his arms….

The camera pans to the announce team.

Welll god damn!

I mean if you run into a ring 2 vs 1 things aren't going to end well!



It's a Match!
The Chaz Hendrix Rookie Invitational


The camera pans to the announce team.

You got what you came for!

Surgery with the Chainsaw!