LIVE FROM Barclay's Center!

Damian furiously motions for a mic to be handed to him as boos fill the stadium, but all becomes silent when handed the microphone

Damian: You want to know what I have to say? You want to hear why I'm out here? Honestly no, I don't think you do. What I have to say is most likely going to make me some enemies! Maybe you'd better hold your ears. Moms might want to take the kids outside.

Someone has recently attacked my best friend and tag team partner, and by doing this they've taken away my focus from what's important to me. I've realized I have to address this bastard head on and take him out now if I want to pursue my real goals.

Cheers and boos emit from the crowds of turmoil fans, something Damian hasn't heard in his entire career

Damian: Even though you don't deserve it, Last Blacksmith, I'll give you the privilege of being defeated by yours truly. But, don't get too excited because, as honored as I know you feel about sharing the same ring space with someone like me, know that excitement will quickly turn to panic when you realize that you're in for a world of hurt.

Blacksmith's music begins to play as he walks down the ramp towards the ring with a microphone in hand and boos are heard, with Damian watching his every move as he rolls in the ring

Blacksmith: Damian, Damian, Damian. I see you haven't received the message that i sent you last friday. Do you know what it means?

Blacksmith smiles looking at Damian

That you will suffer as Mistico will do. And, if you are not figured it out yet, you will be my victim. And the hunting won't end until i will have your blood in my hands. Did you understand, Fratello? (brother)

Damian: Wow someone's been learning English, FINALLY right? I do gotta hand it to you though, I didn't think you actually had the balls to come out here. Can't say it was the smartest decision you made, but neither was entering at Rumblegrounds and getting tossed out by KD. Don't worry though buddy, you won't have to long to regret it. Because I'm going to knock you out right here and now!

Blacksmith: Just the sight of you and Mistico makes me see red, did you know that? I just want to pound on you until my knuckles break! And if you don't back away from my face, I'm going to start right now!

Damian: Slow down little red corvette. I think it's adorable that you scooched your little chair out from the kids table and tried joining the conversation. But, I'm gonna need you to go and sit back down. An adult is talking.

Damian: Now listen, this has been fun, but let me just get right to the point. I'm here for a match with you. Sure, I might embarrass you and even end your short lived career, but look on the bright side: when we're through, there's going to be so much to mop up that Sensation's probably going to need to hire an extra janitor.

Blacksmith: I couldn't ask for anything better. Do you want a match? I'm in. Do you want to know more? I could face you and Mistico together, and still kick ur ass. Now, if you want to excuse me, i have a match to prepare.

Blacksmith drops the mic and rolls out the ring, walking backwards up the ramp to keep his eyes on Damian.




Ricky “The Dragon” is sen pacing backstage. He waits anxiously for his theme to hit the arena as he notices Stacey Clark approaching with a microphone and a smile!

Stacey: Ricky! Just who I was looking for. Interested in a few words before your match, tonight?

Ragnarath stops pacing in his tracks. He nods his head slowly.

Stacey: A couple of weeks ago, you had some pretty strong words for your ex-tag team partner and yet... He has not been seen. Do you think this is some kind of mind game on his part?

An annoyed look rolls across the face of Ragnarath as CJ O’Donnell is referenced.

Ragnarath: I don't know, Stacey. Pretty crappy mind game if it is. Listen, I will say this... When he came out and talked trash about me? He talked about wanting to be named among the very best OCW has to offer. 

Ragnarath: You know what all those men he mentioned have in common? Love them or hate them, they all show up.

The OCW Universe pops at the scathing remarks. The words cut through the air as Ricky looks right into the camera, pausing momentarily.

Ragnarath: They all fight for their spot. They don't talk shit and then hide at home like cowards.

Ragnarath:... So CJ? You keep hiding. It suits you. Me? I will be right here every single show. Every single week, putting my body on the line for these great fans.

Ragnarath peers away from the camera back at Stacey Clark after his remarks.

Stacey: Wow… Strong words! Ricky, tonight you face a young star in the Last Blacksmith. Any words for him? 

Ragnarath: I respect everyone who shows up night in and night out for OCW. I respect this kid and what he’s bringing to the table…

Ragnarath: But Stacey? It is a bad night for him to face me. My game face is on and I am ready to show people why I should be considered one of the best young wrestlers in the business.

Stacey: I don’t want to take up any more of your time.. I just have one more question. What are your plans moving forward?

Ragnarath: My plans? Well at the anniversary show, I faced the CCW World Champ... and well... I came up short. I gave my very best shot at beating him and I was just not good enough.

Ragnarath: So I don't think I am at that level yet,but I will be looking to challenge for either the pride title or the light heavyweight title in the near future… and when I get my chance, I will win the gold and show people I’m more than they think.

Ricky’s theme blares through the sound system through the arena…

Ragnarath: Well, that’s my queue. Time to put on a show.

Ricky “The Dragon” Ragnarath throws the curtain open and walks out to the arena...

The camera pans to the announce team.

Big night ahead.

We've had potential classics every week!

#Austin: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the greatest day of my retirement… Tonight we witness the end of Scumciety.

But first we always have to start it off with the little people folks.

It's a Match!
The Last Black Smith vs

Ricky the Dragon


The camera pans to the announce team.


What a fight.


Always is when you're makining your mark.

k  I just don’t understand how you pack so much unsafeness in such small bodies

The workout room is pictured and Ashley Moore walks in, ready to train for a while.
In the room she sees a man and approaches him:

Ashley Moore:
 You have to be my new trainer. The old one just left last week. I don’t know why, but suddenly he didn’t come anymore and wouldn’t respond to my calls. So, what did u plan for me today?

“Guy”: Trainer? ¿De qué estás hablando? (What are you talking about?)

Ashley Moore: Donde esta la biblioteca? Which exercises do you have for me?

“Guy”: ¿La biblioteca? I don’t have any exercises for you, I’m a wrestler. My name is Manuel Guillermo, one of the wealthiest men to come out of Mexico.

The man who has revealed himself to be Manuel Guillermo chuckles, looking down at the girl named Ashley Moore.

Ashley Moore:
 Hmm.. where is my trainer then, we wanted to meet here 30 minutes ago. But hold on for a second, did I hear Guillermo. I’m sure that my parents made a few deals with your family. They export farm machinery.

Manuel: I don’t know where your trainer is, but yes, my family used to run a large company that dealt with supplying cotton to people all over the world. They may have dealt with your family.

Ashley Moore: What brings you here, to OCW?

Manuel: I came here after trying my luck in Mixed Martial Arts. I saw that there were some people coming from Mexico to OCW recently but they hide themselves behind masks to hide themselves from the shame they carry from a past life.

He brandished a prideful smirk as he was prepared to boast about his achievements.

 I come from a wealthy family and just as my family is ruthless in the business world, I am ruthless when it comes to fighting. I do what is necessary to win when it comes to a match.

Ashley Moore: I like this attitude. It is what separates us from the common people.

Manuel: Si bebé. ¿Y cómo te llamas? (What is your name?)

Forgetting she doesn’t speak Spanish, he adjusted his hair while he waits for her answer.

Ashley Moore hears “Si” and thinks that he just agrees to what she said.

Ashley Moore: Just look around here in OCW and you can find so many people that are not worth dealing with.

Manuel: Mhm… I see.

Manuel is seen giving a slight nod as he thinks to himself for a moment.

 I forgot you do not understand Spanish, I asked what your name is.

Ashley Moore: What, you don’t know who I am? Have you ever watched OCW? Otherwise you would not have forgotten me. Mee nombrae ies Ashley Moore.

Manuel: I don’t pay attention to the people in this fed. Nice to you meet you though, Ashley.

Ashley Moore: Yeah most of them are not worth remembering, especially next to me.

As she finishes her sentence, she turns around and leaves the workout room with Manuel Guillermo behind her who goes on with his training.

It's a Match!
Damian Bourne vs Leroi Daniels

The camera pans to the announce team.


(Checks his watch)


They sure went the distance!

k  Phoenix Ortiz, they aint!