Malu arrives to the Barclay’s Center, CCW Championship in hand. He’s on a warpath ready to crush the first person he runs into. As he is about to make his way inside a stage hand runs up and hands him a letter.

S..s… sorry Mr. Malu. I was…

Malu cuts him off.

 Do you have a speech impediment?

Hand: I was told you have to read this now and to get in the limo they have waiting for you over there.

Malu is furious.

I’m not going to do this now, I have a show to…

Malu stops as he reads the seal on the letter. It’s wax like something you’d see on a medieval scroll. He opens the letter. He begins to read out loud.

 As of July 5, 2019 Malu Polamalu is relieved of his duties as General Manager of Turmoil! Are you kidding me.

Malu crumples the paper and storms toward the waiting limo. The camera pans down to the envelope that had been tossed on the floor. The wax seal reads: CCO - N. Ortiz.

LIVE FROM Barclays Center!

The scene opens up outside the arena as Code Jackman is walking in. Reporters rush him to get his comments on Turmoils General Manager Malu. 

Reporter #1:
 Code, what are your thoughts on the GM saying you are having the first shot as his title. 

Code Jackman take an ice pack off of his shoulders and looks at the reporter as if he was shocked. 

 I have a lot of my plate and with the looks of Malu he ate enough to where I doubt he will move or even make it to consequences without checking into a hospital. Yes I am focused on getting even with Malu, but there has been a nuisance just trying to get at me and I’d rather not say his name. 

Reporter #2: When you say a nuisance you mean Jett Draven, why do you think he attacked you? 

Code Jackman smiled at the reporter.

 Listen I spoke my mind the night after I lost the CCW title. I guess I’m paying the price for it. He had no reason to blindside me like that last week. The person pulling the strings on Draven is Dillinger. I never had a problem with either one of them. 

Reporter #3: Who would you rather fight right now Malu or Draven?

Jackman: I want them both. 

Code Jackman then walks in between the reporters to walk away from the reporters and the pauses. He turns around and grabs one of the recorders the reporters were using. 

 All of this nonsense is overlooking what tonight is. Tonight I go one on one with H20. This has been a dream match of mine in the making since I joined OCW. Tonight I’m putting everything aside to have a match of a lifetime. 

Code Jackman hands the reporter back his recorder and walks into the arena.

It's a Match!


The scene fades backstage to where we see a rather content looking Mark Reese strolling down the corridor seemingly looking for someone.

He peaks around corners as he walks, opens doors to look in rooms, and even lifts the table cloth at a catering table surrounded by backstage staff.

Before long he comes to a door and smiles, chuffed that he has finally found who he’s looking for.

The camera slowly pans right as it zooms out revealing the locker room door of none other than Justin Jehst.

Reese knocks twice and patiently waits for the door to open.

Jehst: Heyyyyyy, Mr. Reese, what brings you to my neck o’ the woods?

Reese: Jehst, I’m here because I need your help tonight.

Jehst: What’s the plan, Stan? 

Reese: Well, last week, you proved to me you have heart. You fought your damndest and I respect that ‘no quit’ mentality. 

Justin stands in the doorway, resting with one forearm on the frame and chewing some gum.

Reese: I’ve been booked in a tag match, but the catch is, I have to find a partner - - -

Jehst’s mood immediately changes as he sighs and looks down at the ground.

Jehst: Look, Mark, I got respect for you. You’ve got style, not as much as me, but you’ve got style, and you get it done in the ring with those tree trunk legs and python arms. But my last tag partner split like the Red Sea and left me high and dry...I dunno if I can trust another man to have my back in that ring, at least not yet.

Mark takes one step forward and looks Justin in the eyes. 

Reese: Well, that may be, but I trust you to have mine.

Jehst is hesitant to give an answer.

Reese: How about I throw in a bottle of that champagne you like?

Justin’s mood changes once more as he lights up at the mention of champagne.

Jehst: Now you’re talking my language, Mark!

Reese: Our match is up soon. I’ll come back for you in 20. Be ready to fight.

Mark begins to walk away off-screen as Jehst remains and calls out to Reese.

Jehst: Slam an’ Glam, babyyyyyyyy!!!

And with a graceful twist he turns and closes the door as the scene fades out.

The scene opens in a backstage hallway where Danny is sitting on an equipment box with his hands together and his head down.

Danny Watts: Parker… I hope you know that this isn’t over. Just because we’re not meeting here backstage, or in that ring tonight doesn’t mean I am through with you. Not for a long-shot.

Watts begins to put his head up and he seems to have a very serious and determined look on his face.

Watts: You see, I’m usually a laid back kind of person. A guy who likes to have fun, who is laid back and a genuinely nice person.

Watts: But what you said last week, about my family...about my father...is something that isn’t going to be dealt with in just one match. No no no no no, it’s not going to be that easy for you Elliot. Now, I know you’re still probably recuperating after the beating I gave you last week. But one thing is for certain, and that is, it will not be your last. 

Watts’ voice starts to have more bass in it and he is speaking louder.

Watts: You’re a coward Parker. No one speaks about my father that way. NO ONE! I will beat you into oblivion until you understand that if you speak about my family, it will be the last time you will speak in a very long time.

Watts: So, this is what I propose to you Elliot Parker. After I beat Aisu, someone who I have a ton of more respect for in this company than you. Is that we go to a best of 5 series. I’m five and zero in here Parker, I’ve made my move. Now, you’re in check. I’ll hope to see you out there, coward.

Danny jumps off the equipment box and starts waling out of view as the camera fades to black.


It's a Match!

A platinum blond man wearing very dark clothing steps into a room and flicks on the lights. He is followed from behind inside a locker room. He places a large back down on a bench and steps inside a bathroom.

Several moments later...

???: Ahhhhh!!!

An exaggerated but relaxed sigh comes from the bathroom before The Man Called Joopiter steps out. His hair now down to his shoulders and face painted in it's usual fashion.

TMCJ: "Pick your poison", huh? I'm sure many of you have done that tonight... Be it drugs? Alcohol? 

TMCJ: ...I pity you. I pity Mark Reese as well. Time will tell if you are smart enough to select someone that can help you in our match tonight... Or if you will continue to play into the same role you have since you arrived. 

TMCJ: "Mark Reese". You're cheered because you're the same as the people. They relate to you because they are also mindless drones. Just like you. I'll see you tonight, Mark.

He peers into the camera and grins as he continues out of the locker room in his black sweater and relatively tight black pants. He slams the door behind him, also shutting off the cameraman.

Dennis Dillinger and Jett Draven walk side by side. Jett has a focused scowl on his face as Dillinger paces slightly behind, holding the lapels of his black suit jacket.

Dillinger: Alright, big fella. It’s showtime. It’s time to go make you some money.

Draven looks visibly annoyed as his upper lip curls into a snarl

Diillinger: This flippy lucha-nobody pinned that smelly, hairy nobody… He didn’t beat you. He never pinned you! This is your moment.

Draven slows his walk, looking forward, veins popping from the side of his head, seeming to hold something back.

Dillinger slows his stride as well to stick with his client, straightening his suit jacket and continuing his pep-talk.

Dillinger: The summer of Draven! The New York Jett! You are the money, you are the champ!

Dillinger pats Draven on his back, causing Jett Draven to snap his shoulders around at Dennis and shout him down.

Draven: Dennis!

Dennis Dillinger pauses briefly, a little surprised at first…

Draven: Let me stop you right there. Let's get something straight right now. I ain’t Tayy Breizee or Telos… I damn sure ain’t any of those 3rd rate “talents” you’ve managed in the past. You understand me?

Draven arrogantly scoffs

Draven: I don't need you to remind me on how good I am. I don't need you to remind me on how to win a match. I am above everyone on this roster. I am on a whole new level of dominance that Turmoil has never seen before!

Draven: So these little “pep-talks” you’ve been giving me since Wrestlution, I don’t need it. Cut it out. I am Jett Draven.

Jett closes his eyes, taking a slow breathe to relax himself

Draven: Now that you've ruined my preparation for my match, if I lose tonight… I'm gonna blame you.

Draven says as he points his index finger into Dillinger's chest

Draven: Now, I suggest you go do your job and figure out why is Code Jackman in the main event tonight and I'm not.

Dillinger stands stunned and grins at his client as he storms down the hall toward the curtain.

Dillinger: ...That’s the FIRE WE NEED!

Dillinger pulls out his phone and the scene fades to black.