LIVE FROM Barclays Center!

Stacy Clark is standing backstage with a microphone. She looks happy until her eyes move to the left. Suddenly, a look of annoyance quickly flashes on her face, before she regains her professionalism.

Stacy Clark:
 Hello OCW and welcome back to the season finale of OCW Turmoil. With End Games just 8 days aw-

”End Game.” Eherm

Stacy pauses for a moment, but powers through the whispered interruption.

Stacy Clark:
 - just 8 days away, this could be the most anticipated PPV event since Wrestlution 14. One man who has yet to announce his intentions for the show is my guest today. Please welcome “The New Storm” Ijitu Quartz and his special advisor, Ryu Matsumoto.

Spider slides into frame with a big grin on his face as Quartz follows close behind.


Quartz: Stacy.

RYU: Ryu!

Both Quartz and Stacy look down at Ryu Matsumoto before continuing.

 Stacy Clark, I don’t really care what kind of questions they’ve fed you to ask, so I’ll just kick things off here.

Quartz: When I returned ahead of Summercide, I had a list. I told the world that Justin Jehst was at the top of my list and I crossed that name off handily. He can chase all of the title opportunities he wants, as long as he and that flamboyant embarrassment of a champion understand that I could show up at any time and take it from either of them.

RYU: Tell em

Quartz: Now, Justin Jehst aside, it just so happens I had a few other names on this list. I didn’t anticipate being able to cross off the leader of that hot new group in OCW so quickly… or so easily.

RYU: More like DUMB-inion, am I right?

Quartz: You ARE right, Spider.

RYU: Shoot, I know.

Quartz: So here’s the deal - This list has more names on it. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to cross off any other names just this second. So the list will have to wait…

Quartz: For now, I plan to definitively prove once and for all that I’m the greatest member of my class. No, forget that... The greatest member of Nate Ortiz’ class. The greatest member of ANY CLASS. I am the valedictorian of OCW, plain and simple.

Quartz scoffs and looks up for a moment before continuing.

 So tonight, I have a very special announcement regarding my future.

Quartz smirks and looks down to his special advisor to pick up the baton.

 Last week, I had a great conversation with a man I consider to be a little brother to me. That scamp and I have always had a perfect relationship, but he couldn’t help us too much.

RYU: Not to mention, he doesn’t really even know the name of his own show, which is “End Game”, by the way, Stacy.

RYU: Of course, the man I am referring to is Tibbles Dupree.

RYU: So since he didn’t want to help ole Quartz here, we’re going to take matters into our own hands.

Stacy: What does that mean?

RYU: Patience is a virtue, Stacy, not that you would know anything about GOOD MORALS.

Matsumoto gives Stacy a prolonged stinkeye, Stacy flinches expecting a Pink Mist, before Ryu regains his own focus. Both Quartz and Ryu Matsumoto walk off the set, leaving Stacy alone, annoyed with Spider’s antics. As she shakes her head, she notices someone standing behind the interview set.

The camera slowly pans to see a smiling Tiberius Dupree. The crowd pops huge for the OCW General Manager. He doesn’t say a word, but he flicks his magnificent hair back and rubs his hands together as the scene fades.

It's a Match!
Colby McCallum vs. The Mantis


We see Alice Dylan in the parking lot walking over to the entrance of the OCW facility when a Jaguar F-Type blasts over into the lot and almost runs over Alice who has to jump out of the way to avoid a collision.

The vehicle parks almost sideways and takes up three parking spaces. Then the Women’s Champion Ashley Moore gets out of the car and just walks past Alice who is still sitting on the floor.

Alice Dylan: Jesus christ, do you know where I come from? When you want to kill someone, give the courtesy of actually doing it with your bare hands.
Alice Dylan stands back up, staring daggers at the Women’s Champ.

Ashley turns around with an annoyed look on her face.

Ashley Moore: What’s the matter? Did you get hurt?

Alice Dylan: No, but …

Ashley Moore: Then stop annoying me with your BS.

Alice Dylan: Look, you’re the champ right? I respect that. I always respect the gold. And I’m just a rookie, so I’m not gonna be coming for that anytime soon. But one day down the line I will come for it, and you, I have a long memory, and Daddy don’t play nice.

Ashley Moore: Aren’t you the rookie who lost to Debbie last week. To be honest I’m already surprised that you show up again after this beatdown. But then you even have the audacity to threaten me and my title.

Ashley Moore: Are you sure about talking to me like this? Everyone who tries that sooner or later receives a special treatment with a steel chair.

Alice Dylan: Yeah I lost to Debbie, but that was my first rodeo and she still had to use what 2-3 finishers to keep me down? Imagine what happens when I master this style like I did with MMA. So I’ll watch my back, but I’m just saying you should watch yours, too.

Ashley Moore: Yeah, whatever.
She already turned around to continue her way into the building and didn’t really listen to Alice’s words, because she was too busy checking her Instagram account.

Alice clenched her fists before shaking it off and heading into the building after Ashley.

It's a Match!

Stacy Clark: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, former two time OCW Light Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Ev-

Everrett: Eh, eh, eh, Stacy, we talked about this, proper introductions please.

Stacy sighs.

 … Former two time Light Heavyweight Champion and Gatekeeper of OCW: Antonio Everrett.

Everrett: And isn’t that just the problem with everybody nowadays, eh? Everybody wants to walk around like Dominion doesn’t write your cheques! Such a lack of respect, Stacy. I truly thought we were friends, quite sad innit.

Stacy: … Right. You’ve certainly had a lot to say about your claim to being the true Gatekeeper of OCW, but tonight is your first opportunity to prove it when you face hot young upstart-

Everrett: Right I’m gonna stop you right there. I don’t care who I have to face tonight, because the fact of the matter is that it could be anybody who steps up on the other side of the ring, the role of the Gatekeeper is to treat them exactly the same regardless of their past credentials. KD got too comfortable, he started picking and choosing his targets, that’s why it’s my responsibility to-

John Carter: Antonio! You should be careful how you choose your words, you seem pretty confident about your chances tonight.But didn’t you just lose to a man you've known your whole life? You know almost nothing about me so how do you expect to beat me?

The newest rookie on Turmoil John Carter steps into frame across from Antonio looks confused for a moment.

 … And you are?

Carter: Somebody with a point to prove, somebody who isn’t just going to fall in line and bow down to you and your faction.

Everrett: Oh is that right?

Everrett squares up to Carter.

 Yeah I’ve heard a little bit about you, Carter. You were impressive at the Combat Centre, earned yourself a contract in the big times, good on you! But, I recommend you do a bit of research. The last product of the Combat Centre I had to face didn’t stand a chance, so learn from his mistakes, ey?

Everrett lightly slaps Carter’s cheek with his right hand, but he shows no sign of backing down.

 So, the stories about you are true. You really are an arrogant prick. Let me tell you, I’m nothing like anybody you’ve faced. I’ve got nothing to lose, the pressure is all on you tonight. It would be pretty embarrassing if the so-called Gatekeeper let some rookie get the best of him.

Everrett chuckles.

 Oh, so the rookie’s got some heart! Some fire in the old belly, I like to see that. I-

Antonio’s phone rings, abruptly stopping him mid-sentence. He quickly checks who it’s from and smiles. He lets it finish ringing then continues.

Everrett: If you don’t mind, I’ve got an important call to take. You should thank me, not everybody gets to face THE Antonio Everrett in their first match ever in this company. I’ll make you a star, kid.

Everrett winks and bumps Carter on the shoulder as he exits the frame, leaving Stacy to pick up the bones.

 So… John Carter, there has been much anticipation leading up to your official debut within OCW against Antonio Everrett. Many have described this as a baptism of fire, please tell us, what is going to separate you from the others who have stepped up to the self proclaimed ‘Gatekeeper’ of OCW?

Carter: What separates me from the rest is unlike them, I’m going to be him with real wrestling; no flips no nothing. I plan on working him down and wearing him out. Once he gets tired it’s all me until the end. Tonight I’m fighting to prove myself, he’s fighting to keep his nickname. Which sounds more dangerous to you Clark?

Carter walks away as the scene fades out.