We cut backstage to see Derek lacing his boots with his mentor Stephen McCallum

Stephen: Your first match since your title loss at Chaos Theory. Usually, I would say don’t worry about it, especially considering who your opponent is, but now? I think you have something to prove, young bull.

Derek pauses from gathering his things from his locker and shoots a look at Stephen.

Derek: Prove something? What do you mean prove something? I thought you said after I beat Horse I proved that I could be in the academy. I hope you aren’t doubting me in my match against Tre after he lost to Joshua Tucker. On top of that, I beat Tucker.

Stephen: I’m not doubting you at all, Derek. I know you have the talent to do what’s necessary to reach the top of this company. The issue is, as it is with many other people in the GOAT Academy. Can you realize it? Can you harness that God-given talent? I want to see you go out there and treat Tre like the stepping stone that he is for you.

Derek: Oh, believe me, I will. I’ve been waiting for the day to press Tre’s head to the side of the mat since Certified Greatness.

A loud shout can be heard from outside of the camera frame. We hear “You’re goddamn right he will!” As entering into the shot is Giuseppe Feinstein fka Brian Feinstein but the feds can’t know that.

Feinstein: This young man is the most promising scout you have in this academy dear Stephen! Look at him! Mean, hungry, muscular, and fucking RIPPED. Derek will make sure to finish the job with Tre Golden as he did with that one-trick pony.

Derek flexes shirtless before putting on his jacket

Feinstein turns toward Stephen and extends his hand.

: They call me Feinstein, and I’ve heard A LOT about you, Mr. GOAT, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.

Stephen:First of all chief, I’m going to need you to not swear in my presence. This isn’t a bar, this is a wrestling arena. Treat it with some respect. Secondly, I think I’ve heard of you. Can’t say that I agree with your methods, but we do agree on one thing. Derek Smith is the future.

Feinstein puts his hands up in a way to defuse the situation.

: My apologies! Just second nature at times. Speaking of treating it with respect, I've seen that academy of yours. A bit rough around the edges, but with a little bit of ATM I think it could be turned around, don’t you?

Stephen: ATM? Is this some new-age slang?

Feinstein: No! Well, yes! But no. ATM is amazingly timed money! As in I’d love to be a financial benefactor for you, and that academy of yours Mr. McCallum. You see, I imagine you aren’t charging anyone to train there nearly enough or anything at all.

Feinstein reaches into his Dolce and Gabbana inner suit pocket and pulls out an obnoxious-looking pen and checkbook.

He begins writing on a check and tears it off and hands it to Stephen.

: How does this look for what you’re owed for training dear Derek over here?

Stephen stares at the check in bewilderment. Never in his wildest dreams did he think GOAT Academy would make any money. At all.

Honestly, I was prepared to run into the red. You’re not wrong either. The place I rented is a bit…tattered. How about this? Let’s have some dinner tonight. All three of us. Derek, you’re only invited if you win. In fact, you’re only invited back into the Academy doors IF you win. I trust you to do that, Mr. Smith.

Stephen hands Feinstein his check back.

Feinstein, I want you to hold on to that check. Meet me tonight after the show. We’ll go over the finer details and what you want out of all of this.

Feinstein walks closer to Stephen and puts his arm around him as he slides the check back into his jacket. Feinstein once again pulls out the checkbook writes another check and slides that as well into Stephen’s pocket.

: Bah! You are a legend in this business Mr. McCallum, legends don’t get treated too fairly. I for one am looking to correct that treatment. Keep these, and we’ll meet for dinner. All I’d like is a great learning facility for my boy Derek to train and grow as a wrestler. You’ve earned it and I’ll hear no further argument!

Feinstein takes his arm off Stephen and begins to walk away as he turns toward Derek.

: Derek dear boy, please don’t let me down. You know I don’t like when people let me down. Anyways gentlemen, pleasure meeting you Stephen and Derek I’ll be watching tonight. Tata!

With his closing remarks Feinstein walks out of the frame leaving just Derek and Stephen.

Derek: One, I told you Feinstein was a great guy, you see what he tried to do for the Academy. Two, ARE YOU DEADASS? I can’t come back if I lose to Tre?

Stephen: Derek, Feinstein facilitated the actions which led to you having a chip implanted into your neck. Maybe he’s changed. I’ll find that out for myself later on.

Stephen: As for the other thing; yes. You need to show me that the match against Reese is an anomaly. Everyone loses, but not everyone loses when they’re ahead. When they CAN win the match. Leave that kind of bag fumbling for the Tre Golden of the world

Derek:You know what I'll show you I can’t fold under pressure. I will give Tre the ass whooping of a lifetime and show that Derek isn’t gonna let one loss keep me down. The redemption tour starts right now.

Stephen: I love that attitude, young bull. Go take that man’s lunch money, and then get your ass back here. There’s a lobster dinner with your name on it.

Derek leaves to go to guerrilla for his entrance against Tre

It's a Match!




The cameras open up in the luxurious Dennis Dillinger Enterprises headquarters, the OCW World Champion, El Parca is seen holding his World Championship hoisted on his shoulder as he is looking outside the window of the building. Dennis Dillinger, the man behind all of DDE, is sitting behind his desk as someone pages him on his phone.

: Mr. Dillinger, sir?

Dennis presses the button and answers.

: Yes, Dennise?

Dennise: They are here for you, now.

Dennis jumps up outta his chair as he begins rubbing his hands with excitement. He smashes the button back on his phone almost breaking it with sheer excitement.

: Muah! Very good, Dennise. Send them in right away.

The door buzzes open as in comes El Sicario, Gonzalo Munoz, and newly acquired DDE associate, Jesus Gutierrez. El Parca turns around and notices the two men as he walks over to Gonzalo and pats him on the shoulder and the two embrace each other in a friendly hug. Dennis walks over to the three men and motions for everyone to take a seat.

: Please, please. Gentlemen. Me Ameegos! Have a seat and let the new era of DDE officially begin it’s first pow-wow.

Gonzalo takes the closest seat to the left, Jesus takes the seat in the middle, and Parca takes the seat on the right as Dennis sits behind his desk. Parca puts his OCW World Championship in his lap as he clenches the title hard.

: I brought all three of you here today to address everyone, together. As a member of Dennis Dillinger Enterprises, we are always a step above, a step ahead, and miles beyond the competition.

Dennis: I think I’ve proven without a shadow of a doubt what I can do and that anyone who thinks they know what DDE is gonna do next? Well they’re dumber than they look.

Dennis turns his chair slightly over as he turns his attention over to Gonzalo and begins praising him.

: Gonzalo, in our short time as associates, you have already proven your completel loyalty and friendship to your Primero, but also to me. Because of that, because of your work as the GM of DDE…

Dennis opens up his desk drawer and pulls out a manilla envelope as he slides it over to Gonzalo, Gonzalo grabs the envelope, opens it, and sees an immense amount of money inside of it. He slides the envelope into his inner shirt pocket and puts his hands on his chest.

: Mr. Dillinger, Primero, you honor me. But it is my ultimate honor to be able to help further DDE, our Primero, and show the world who truly does run this company.

Dennis then shifts his attention toward Jesus as he puts his hand on his chin and leans back into his chair.

: And now you, Jesus. Can I call you Jesus? I’m gonna call you Jesus. I hadn’t actually heard much about you aside from the fact you’re a relative of this businesses’ one true overlord, El Parca, but after watching up close and personal in that tag team match. I can see the raw, untapped potential inside you.

Jesus: Si, El Primero y yo somos primos. We’re cousins. We actually trained together, fought together, and grew together as luchadores in his father’s school.

Jesus: When I received the call that I was needed I knew I couldn’t let down my cousin nor turn down this opportunity. Familia es vida.

Dennis raises his eyebrows as he nods his head up and down quickly as he finally turns his attention over to Parca.

: And of course. The crown jewel of DDE, the man who has been atop the relevancy roller coaster that is OCW since he made the best decision of his life at Wrestlution last year… El Primero, my good friend. Take it away!!

Parca stands up out of his chair and goes in front of Dennis’s desk and sits on it as he faces both Gonzalo and Jesus. Parca places his OCW World Championship onto the desk right next to him as he has a hand on it at all times.

: Gonzalo, you’ve always shown diehard loyalty, and never gave me a single reason to ever doubt your allegiances to DDE, and to me. I’ve asked you to do things I know many people would turn their nose toward and would never do it.

Parca: But you? You my friend always show time and time again just why you are El Sicario and why I know I can always rely on you.

Parca: Jesus, my cousin, I would be a liar if I didn’t admit I wouldn’t know if you’d show up or not to RIOT. But, you showed me that you can be dependable in the ring, but the real question is do you recognize your Primero?

Parca: Do you recognize me as your World Champion and do you recognize that you will do what you can, when you can, and however you can to keep this title around my waist?

Jesus stands up out of his seat and walks up to Parca, he kneels down on one knee and looks up to Parca.

: Eres mi Primero. Eres mi World Campeon. I will do whatever I can to always make sure that the crown jewel of DDE stays exactly that. You’ve blessed me with an increíble oportunidad, cousin, and for that, I cannot thank you enough. Gracias.

Parca slides of the desk and looks down upon Jesus, he crouches down and lifts Jesus up with a smile on his face.

: That makes me very, very, happy cousin. I always knew I could rely on family when it meant the most. And that is EXACTLY what we all are here. To make a legacy, forge a dynasty, and bring home ALL the gold to Dillinger Enterprises.

Parca picks up his OCW World Championship and turns back around to Jesus and Gonzalo.

: Last year around this time DDE was formed and it was completely different. Unfortunately, we have gone through what Dennis would call “growing pains” aka we’ve had a bunch of deadweight in our ranks.

Parca: From “big money”, to a fraudulent “investment”, and an inaccurate “nuclear option”, but for us? We can correct it. We can correct the path, we can correct the wrongs the others before you dared to fail for me.

Parca: I want the OCW World Championship AND the OCW Unified Tag Team Championships amongst our ranks. If it were up to me, I’d have Gonzalo as Gonzalo Dos Straps, and the same for you Jesus.

Parca: But, unfortunately, management doesn’t want to see that success ever replicated again and that is fair because I was UNSTOPPABLE and we WILL be UNSTOPPABLE!

Dennis with excitement: That’s right! Ooooh boy, you’re getting ME fired up! I can feel it all in my pelvis.

The three men side-eye Dennis ,who is now standing with his hands clenched, eyes wide, and focused in on the words of the World Champion.

: As much as I want to keep going on and on about what I want for DDE, we have business to attend to first. Colby McCallum and H2O think they deserve to be in the same ring with me at Wrestlution.

Parca: They sit there and dare to ignore me at the end of RIOT last week and we cannot have that go unanswered, can we? No. You’re right we can’t.

Parca: That is why tonight when Turmoil is going on Dan, our lovely associate will be delivering some contracts to both Colby and Harvey. Why don’t you two join him for when he delivers it to Colby eh?

Gonzalo steps up out of his seat and walks over to Parca.

: You know Primero, whatever you need, El Sicario will be here to make sure it gets done. It will be a pleasure to also have an equal alongside me to help dish out what our Primero needs to get done. It’s a pleasure to have you aboard Jesus. Los Intocables are stronger than ever.

Gonzalo extends his hand toward Jesus for a handshake.

: Primo, you know as best as anyone. I will do whatever I can for you. Y esta noche? I will continue to show my loyalty to you, Primero. Your generosity and kindness will never go unnoticed. And to you Gonzalo, it’s a pleasure to be working alongside one of El Primero’s most trusted asociar.

Jesus takes Gonzalos hand and gives him a handshake as Dennis leaps out of his seat and walks in front of his desk in front of all three men.

: Excellent, excellent, excellent! I love this, this is money, this is class, THIS is what DDE was meant to be all about! You know, I don’t consider myself a trusting man, but I can tell… THIS is the triad of excellence we’ve been waiting for since the beginning.

Dennis quickly slams his fingers down on the phone on his desk.

Denise, call Dan and tell him to bring around the towncar. We’ll be down in a few minutes. No dilly-dallying.

Dillinger releases the button, cutting off Dennise’s response and taking a big whiff, gesturing his hands upwards to “take in” the air.

: It smells like absolute money in this place right now. Now then, let’s take our business to the arena. The car is waiting downstairs. I want every one of those dirty pro wrestling fans to see what REAL success looks like tonight.

The four men walk out of the office laughing and talking with one another as they make their way to their limousine as the cameras fade to black.