OCWFED.com Presents Riot



As Riot opens we join a furious looking Parker Stevens hauling ass down a hallway with Paul Pugh in tow. Parker charges past several production staff, knocking papers and the like to the ground as an unwavering Pugh is shouting at him.

Pugh: You can’t just walk out – who the hell do you think you are? You’re nothing in this business without me! Without C4!

We cut to a camera positioned outside in the parking garage as a door nearly flies off its hinges. Steam hangs in the air from a nearby extractor fan as Parker splits the garage towards a 1974 vintage Harley. Pugh nearly cops the full force of the door slamming behind the Scumbag, but quickly dodges out of the way, nearly losing his footing on the icy Virginia ground, but setting himself so that he doesn’t.

Parker throws his leg over the bike and looks back at Pugh who is still screaming obscenities at him.

Pugh: You walk out – you never work again. I promise you.

The helmet sitting on the back of the Harley is immediately picked up by Parker, who nonchalantly slams it onto his head, patting the top so its secure, before bringing down the visor. He shouts something, but its muffled by the helmet, and turns his head to face Pugh.

Pugh shakes his head as Parker kicks the bike into life and offers the World Champion a final parting gesture – his middle fingers.

Without hesitation, the former World Champion rides off into the cold night air, leaving Pugh standing in a trail of smoke and fumes. Pugh coughs for a moment, before walking over to some nearby production equipment, swinging a kick full force at it and sending it tumbling all over the garage. We leave the scene with our World Champion in full on tantrum mode, shouting and bawling in the parking lot as several production team members arrive to survey the commotion.


Live from Richmond, VIRGINIA


Did Parker Stevens just walk out on OCW?

Good. No room for that scumbag! WELCOME TO RIOT HOES!

That's sorta my line...




We're in the ring as three of the four members of C4 are anxious to return to some semblance of normality after their mixed results at this past Sunday's Certified Greatness Pay Per View extravaganza. Mugen and Hollywood are looking slightly sheepish as their arrogant World Champion stands facing them, his back to the rest of the World watching on through the camera lens.

Pugh: I'm not angry with you two...

Pugh remains back turned to the audience at home, the World Heavyweight Championship delicately placed atop his right shoulder.

Pugh: Disapointed... because you clearly do not buy into what I'm selling. Not yet atleast. You don't buy into the mindset, you're not indoctrinated into what we're trying to do here - and for that I blame myself... every week I stand out here and talk about what C4 is going to do, but rarely do we actually do it... let's change that.

The crowd are booing Pugh as has become the norm, and pockets have started chanting "Pugh Sucks" to the tune of former WWE Superstar Kurt Angle's theme song.

Pugh: Firstly. Lets explain it. C4 operates under the HiiiPoWeR philosophy. What is HiiiPoWeR? HiiiPoWeR is the way we think, the way we live.

Pugh turns around to face the camera, delivering the manifesto with all the intensity and fury of a brutal dictator.

Pugh: See it's known today that the human race is nothing, no morals, no standards. What we're about to do is raise the level of expectations of each and every one of you people.

Pugh points around the arena, randomly picking out fans as he goes

Pugh: You don't have to have a lot of money nor do you need to be rich-
but you will be rich in mind and spirit.

Pugh focusses back on the lens again

Pugh: Some say it's as big as a crew... as us, some say it's as big as a gang- HiiiPoWeR, we stand for it as if it's as big as a religion. We stand for it because when all else fails we are here to protect OCW and the greater Wrestling World from the mediocrity of the current crop of would be stars.

Pugh turns back to his troops

Pugh: We are here to defend OCW with all the heart we possess. We are here to honor the traditions of the forefathers of this company... people like Nate Ortiz, Nick Kage, The Steve - people who stood for something more than cashing a paycheck. People who enriched our minds and our spirits each and every time they entered this hallowed ground. We are here to respect what they built and preserve it for future generations.

Pugh continues his speech as Mugen and Hollywood look on, seemingly fired up by what they are hearing.

Pugh: If that means we need to burn "The norm" to the ground - if it means we need to destroy OCW's current generation in order to rebuild this company to what it used to be... then we will do it. It is necessary. It is necessary because future generations deserve to see OCW for what it was, for what it will be again... not what it has become.

Pugh lowers his head and turns back to the camera once more

Pugh: We will rebuild this company with the people who buy into the HiiiPoWeR movement that C4 is bringing forth in OCW. The people willing to do whatever it takes to turn this company into a land of expertise once more. People who knew how to say something meaningful on this microphone... see right now - there's only one man in his company who can do that... and I'm doing it right now. You two.

Pugh turns around to face the troops again.

Pugh: Me saying stuff I've plagarised from a rap song is all well and good but its time for you two to prove yourselves. See, what I saw on Sunday was two diamonds in the rough - two guys who have all the talent in the world and can be major players in this movement... if they believe in it enough. So what you're going to do now is prove yourself. Whether you like it or not.

Pugh motions to the back as a group of security men arrive shoving two hooded men towards the ring. As they get closer to the ring Pugh continues

Pugh: You two owe your respective careers to our guests... they are your mentors, your confidants... the people who made you who you are today.

The two men are led into the ring and made to stand in front of C4.

Pugh: Michael. I believe you know EZ Cash.

The hood of the smaller man is pulled down as Michael Hollywood's former agent stands in front of the three, his mouth taped shut.

Pugh: Michael. In order to show your commitment to the cause - you need to do something for me.

Pugh turns around and gets in Hollywood's face. Pugh takes the World Title belt off his shoulder and hangs it on the top rope before producing something from his pocket. He offers it to Hollywood

Pugh: Show the people what I've just given you.

Hollywood takes a deep breath and hesitates as he holds a roll of quarters high above his head.

Pugh: Now. Prove yourself.

EZ Cash, sensing what is about to happen, tries to dart out of the ring. Pugh immediately grabs him and hauls him back into the centre ring by the hoodie he's wearing.

Pugh: Now.

EZ Cash is trying to free himself from Pugh's grasp as Hollywood comes over to the struggle - the quarters sitting in his right hand.

Pugh: Agents who represent the mediocre are a drain on all of our resources- on our talent. Use the very thing he covets to prove yourself to be of HiiiPoWeR.

Hollywood looks Cash in the eye for an awkward moment. He hesitates once, twice, but on the third time delivers a quarter heavy right hand to the jaw of Cash spilling coins all over the ring and sending him to the floor as Pugh lets go. Pugh immediately walks over to the other figure who is still hooded. The figure is still being held by burly security folks as if he's liable to escape. Pugh quickly pulls the hood down, revealing Mugen's mentor...

Pugh: Bill Pine. A man who couldn't wrestle his way out of a paper bag - mediocrity at its very core and somehow a man who you claim is your mentor. The man who taught you to lariat. So here's what we're going to do.

Pugh produces a sleeve of some sort from inside his jacket and whispers something in Mugen's ear and offering him the sleeve. It seems heavy as Mugen takes it from the Kid Ego. Mugen then slips his right arm into the sleeve and nods to Pugh.

Pugh motions for the men to let Bill Pine free and Pine immediately locks eyes with Mugen. Both men have an almost Mexican style stand off as Pugh rolls EZ Cash out of the ring in the background.

Bill Pine (Shouting): Do it Mugen. Do it. I ain't afraid of you.

Mugen nods at Pugh again and nods at Bill Pine who mirrors Mugen's actions - a sign of respect for his student's development. Mugen immediately charges across the ring and delivers a massive Lariat to the big man, sending him staggering for a moment before he slumps to his knees.

Pugh: That's all I ask of you. I have all the faith in the world that you two are the future of this company... and now we all have faith in each other... let us move on!

Pine finally falls flat on his face in the ring as Pugh snatches his World Title belt from the top rope before sitting on the second rope, allowing an easier passage outside the ring for his two C4 mates. Finally, Pugh hauls himself over the top rope and locks himself in deep conversation with Mugen and Hollywood as we cut back to ringside.


The camera pans to the announce team.



I hope Pugh asks me to hit you with my headset.

Brainwashed so soon :(

We find the newest OCW Bombshell Jessica Jessie in the Bombshell locker room lacing up her boots for her first ever OCW match. For the first time in her career she looks as serious as ever as she is competing for the OCW Bombshell Championship. Out of nowhere a finger taps Jessica on the shoulder. Jessica turns around and immediately jumps out of her seat in happiness as she jumps into the awaiting arms of her "BFF" Molly.

Jessica: MOLLY! I FINALLY FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!!

Molly: That's right bestie! Sorry I've been avoiding you lately. I've been in a little out of it and I think it was wrong for me to treat my best friend like this. Will you take me back?


Jessica gives Molly another big awkward hug. Molly smiles as she slightly pushes Jessica away from her.

Molly: Now.....bestie....we have to discuss business tonight. We are in a fatal four way elimination match for the Bombshells Championship against two of the toughest opponents in OCW.

Jessica is wide-eyed and nodding at everything that Molly says.

Molly: Now remember what you said that we were in college?

Jessica: The totes best freaking tag team ever!

Molly: That's right. Now what are we going to be tonight bestie?

Jessica: The totes best freaking tag team ever!

Molly: YES! And when it comes down to the two of us at the end, we can work it out, girlfriend to girlfriend. Okay?

Jessica: OKAY!

Molly: Now let's win this as a team!

Jessica shrieks in happiness and jumps at Molly to give her yet another big hug. As the camera turns to show Molly's face she is seen rolling her eyes and mouthing the words "Too Easy" to herself. The scene fades to black.



Bombshell Title Match BATTLE ROYALE

Jessica Jessie vs Anna Mosity vs Molly vs KAT



The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. 

Not just any wheels, and not just any bus, but the OMG Mega Bus: Samoan Sleigh Edition, complete with intricate Christmas decorations. As the members of Overness Meets Greatness travel from Baltimore to Richmond they discuss the events of Certified Greatness and their future shennigans.

Matsuda: I could've beaten those two scoundrels by my lonesome...

The Tripled Champion Hideto Matsuda twiddles away on his tiger striped Nintendo 3DS. Dimsmore is watching a chick flick with Lacey on a HDTV mounted in the paneling. While Patolomai reads from a dusty tome that looks older than the group of them.

Dupree: Are you forgetting who scored the 1-2-3? Me and my betterness single handedly defeated what's now left of the blow brigade.

Dupree is taking repeated selfies with his Iphone. His twitching has nearly vanished since Pato taught him to share his betterness with the world.

Matsuda: It doesn't matter, we won and I'm the first and only OCW Super Junior Triple Crown Champion in History, and your not, so therefore I win again.

Hideto beckons Minami in th front of the bus to hold up his titles. She immediately raises all three titles with her slender arms. Neither Patolomai, Dimsmore or Lacey pay the exchange any mind. In his best fallen samurai expression...

Dupree: Damn you, damn you Hideto!

He falls to the floor pretending to be wounded. The Villian gives Tibby a victorious smile from behind his 3DS. Tibby cracks his classic half smile of his own before stumbling to his feet. The half smile suddenly turns into a mischievous grin, as a light bulb appears above his head.