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Now he thinks his ears look funny, and his hair, the symbol of his unrelenting betterness, completely desecrated. Tiberius Octavian Dupree is looking at his reflection inside the hard glare of light hitting his Ipad as he scrolls through profiles of Bombshells.

The magenta mangled mess made by Mugen sits a top his head like an alien symbiant reaching out with deformed tentacles. Normally if Tibby had a bad hair day, he'd be sure to cover it up with a baseball cap or spiffy fedora, but not today, he obviously doesn't give a...

TIbby is lounging comfortably in the waiting area of the elegant office of Dr. Lindsay Rothschild Esq. M.D. Thinking to himself as he scans through Bombshell profiles.

Dupree: I don't even know why I agreed to this Sponsor A Bombshell crap, look at this one, she looks like Butch in a wig.

He flicks away from our current OCW Bombshell Champion Anna Mosity's profile, and onto the next one of Eerie Sunshine.

Dupree: And her... she probably smells like stale nicotine and motor oil, not to mention she's a freakin' Pepperton, next.

He scans through a few profiles with a few more head shakes and stink faces, till he reaches Jackie Blackfoot.

Dupree: Nope, I've already been scalped once this week.

Next is Onyanna Bu'Tay with her large buttocks of mass destruction.

Dupree: Jeebus Christ look at that thing, she has to get charged for extra baggage at airports. At least if the plane ever crashed, I know where I'd like to land...

He fantasizes a bit before moving onto the next one, which is the profile of Shoshiki. Tibby squints his eyes as if he can peer through her mask.

Dupree: I think that's Minami's eye! Stupid Matsuda f***er, I wish it was his tiny little eye... then I could do this.

Tibby flicks the screen of the Ipad with his thumb and middle finger repeatedly.

Dupree: Him and Mugen are like two dusty oriental rugs in need of a good beating...two chop sticks short of a full meal...

 But wait till he sees what Betterness has planned for Lady Lariat...Ohhh Yeahhhhhhh.

He cracks a classic half smile to himself.

That reminds me, I gotta call Dims.

He looks at the next profile, which is one of OCW's newest Bombshells, Madeline Osiris.

Dupree: Hmmm...she doesn't have the Bruce Wayne jaw line. She's actually an accomplished Indy wrestler, and a graduate from Kerplowski College of Wrestling, and she speaks several languages...jeebus If she could fix this purple monstrosity, she'd be the perfect fit.

Dupree: Who am I kidding, there's not a single stylist in Sacramento would touch this damn thing.

Tibby grunts a tiresome grunt before bringing the Ipad back to one of Dr. Rothschild's assistants.

Dupree: I know she told me to pick 3 but I could only find one who even remotely resembled the abilities to coincide with my betterness. So just tell her I picked Madeline Osiris, since I have to pick somebody.

The assistant nods politely as the camera fades to ringside.


Live from Sacramento , California!


Good evening ladies and germs we are live in California for tonight's 366th episode of Riot!

We're into the second year Scaggs. Its all over. The rabbit hole!





*camera fades into the back as Stacey clark is standing by. Raising the microphone to her face as she goes to talk only to be interrupted by the sound of Charisma by WASP as The Modern Day Sports Entertainer Marvelous Austin Lee comes walking into frame. Dressed to compete and make his marvelous debut as he walks in with his hands in the air spinning in a circle allowing the viewers at home getting an amazing view of his marvelous custom made cape. Looking back over at Stacey as he winks and does another spin in a circle then reaching up and pushing a button his phone as he cuts the music off.*

Stacey Clark: Did you just….

Marvelous Austin Lee: *Cutting Stacey Off* before you even start just let me state your argument is invalid simply because I have this cape and you don’t. Plus you best refer to this as the MARVELOUS edition of RIOT since yours thoroughly has decided to show of the best sports entertainment skills in the business to the *using a southern hick accent* Wrastlin fans out there.

*Marvelous hitting another button on his phone as he cuts the music back on doing another spin slowing down as he shows off the marvelous cape.*

Stacey Clark: You really going to keep playing your theme…

Marvelous Austin Lee: *sticking the phone into Stacey’s face cutting her off again as he sings along.*Ohh Hypnotic charm, mesmerizin' face……. *pointing up at his face* just so so mesmerizing I know, just look no touchy. #stunning #amazing #halfman halfamazing #rookie sensation #undefeated #Entertainment World Order #cant touch this

*Marvelous Austin Lee cuts his music off as he slides his arm around Stacey taking a quick picture but making sure he is the center of the photo and most of the marvelous cape covers her up.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: So I know you invited me here tonight Mr.Clark to discuss the most Marvelous Debut of all time as I take on El Espeedo.

Stacey Clark: El Espado

Marvelous Austin Lee: Bless you

Stacey Clark: I didn’t sneeze *sighing* his name is El Espado

Marvelous Austin Lee: La Espn?

Stacey Clark: el espado

Marvelous Austin Lee: los illegal? El Reckless Fraud? 

Stacey Clark: EL ESPADO *talking slowly so Marvelous Austin lee can use his marvelous hearing to listen.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: Whatever his name maybe ladies and gentle folk lets prey he is ready for a marvelous ending. Because unlike that reckless rookies *coughing* Luke Fuentes *coughing* who needs to stick to hardcore matches to improve that radio face of his, the marvelous Austin leeI does not disappoint. #reckless child #rookie marvelous #BRAINBUSTAAA TIME!!!!

*the camera fading to black as Charisma by WASP plays as the marvelous Austin lee starts to walk off to make his Marvelous debut.*


The camera pans to the announce team.



He better be good Scaggs.

He is...


* K.Dangelo seen in the back walking with El Espado .*

K.Dangelo : 
Well kid you are a former champion you got this tonight .This rook is all flash you have nothing to worry about .

*El Espado has his head down *

El Espado : 
It's not that just been thinking about the division ,OcW and where do I fit in the whole scheme of it.

K.Dangelo : Stiffen up that chin lil amigo .Every day won't be a great sun shiny day .Sometimes you win ,sometimes you lose and sometimes you get like you stole something by facing me .

* El Espado looks up at K.Dangelo with a surprise in his eyes .K.Dangelo puts his hand on the back of El Espado's neck and squeezes then grins *

K.Dangelo : 
Don't worry kid I'm not thinking about beasting some EX division guy unless their mouth is bigger than their skill level .
The fans want to see The Alpha smash sinners and sometimes faces who have strayed away .

Look we both entertain the fans .We are signing autographs ,visiting hospitals ,giving back to our communities that's what matters the most .

* El Espado holds his head up with a fire in his eyes * 

El Espado : You're right K.D ,tonight I get back on the road to showing OcW I'm still a top EX division wrestler .

K.Dangelo : There you go just gotta believe .Big things are happening and neither of us need to miss out .Now go show em what you go got .




Espado vs Austin Lee