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Valley View Casino Center



The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to RIOT 379!

The Calm Before the Storm!



???: "I don't understand, why don't we just beat him unconscious and be done with it? And why don't you want us out at ringside tonight?"

The scene opens up as the backs Your World Heavyweight Champion and The Blacklist are seen walking down the hallway.

Cody Storm:
"Because, then he can't violate the contract. He has to hit me, so he has to be conscious. As for tonight's match, there's no need.

Cody Storm: If Tobin does decide to accompany McGee, like I'm sure he will, he can't touch me unless he's willing to give up everything. Of course, I'd like to get that taken care of before the match even takes place."

Jonny D: "So you have dressed up like this!?"

Both members of The Blacklist appear to be wearing terrible copies of Tobin Frost's typical singlets and have large foam fingers on, but what they say can't be seen from this angle.

Cody Storm:
"Right. Anyway, I'll go in first, maybe he'll just attack instantly and that will be that."

The trio stops at a door, presumably Tobin Frost's locker room.

Cody Storm:
"If we need to go to plan B, you all know what to do."

Jonny D and Wheeler step aside so as not to be in view when the door opens. Cody knocks, and it's Lexington Walker that opens up the door with a sneer on his face.

Cody pushes him aside and walks in, hoping the abruptness will start something. When he walks in he finds not only the number one contender to his championship, but also his opponent for tonight. Their conversation breaks off as they stare at the interruption.

Tobin Frost:
"What the hell are you doing in my locker room?"

Cody Storm: "I'm sharing obviously. Go ahead Sean, tell him what amazing company I am."


Cody Storm: "You weren't Buffness when we were teammates, you sure aren't Buffness now that I'm spending my nights slam-slamming you around the ring."

BUFFNESS gets in Storm's face.

Cody Storm:
"Would you calm down? You're not even the one that's supposed to be angry here."

Tobin Frost: "You aren't welcome here."

Cody nudges past BUFFNESS and walks up to Tobin, patting his OCW World title as he goes.

Cody Storm:
"This says otherwise."

Tobin's face contorts into a scowl, but before it goes any further Lexington places his palm on Tobin's shoulder, reminding him to calm down.

Cody Storm:
"You heal pretty nicely. You can barely tell you were gashed wide open last week."

Cody lifts one of Tobin's wrists up and looks at it for a split second before Frost can tear it away.

Cody Storm:
"Still have those rope burns though. YOU'RE LOOKING A LITTLE ASHY!"

On cue music fills the locker-room. Very familiar music. A boombox is placed in the doorway and it hit's the line "I'm waking up to ash and dust" and The Blacklist step in through the doorway.

The camera looks at their feet where the two men are bouncing on the balls of their feet in place and they're pumping their arms, a-la Tobin Frost.

The camera pans up some more and their in the aforementioned singlets. The foam fingers read "Cody Storm #1". But it's what's above their shoulders that sends Tobin and BUFFNESS into a rage. Both members of The Blacklist are wearing heavy amounts of tasteless black-face makeup.

Tobin Frost:

Cody steps back directly in front of Tobin hoping to be the victim of his rage.

Cody Storm:
"Come on Tobin. Don't you see the resemblance? What's that? You don't like it? Well, you know how you can make these two go away right? Make this entire thing go away?"

Tobin starts the rear back a fist, but before he can let it fly at Storm BUFFNESS grabs it and pulls Tobin back. He steps out in front to handle the situation. He's more calm than Tobin, but no less angry.

"You heard the man. Get out of here. He may not be able to hit you, but I sure as hell will."

Cody pauses for a second to think about this. It would seem as though all of his efforts are futile.

Cody Storm:
"Clearly I'm not going to get anywhere as long as Tobin has his babysitters here. That's fine Frost, let others fight your battles for you. You're in for a rude awakening come 'Lution if this is how you handle your problems. And you..."

Cody turns back to BUFFNESS.

Cody Storm:
"You're in for a rough tonight. Maybe you'll get lucky and your friend will finally grow a pair and save your ass. Either way, I'll see you in the ring."

Cody turns around and follows The Blacklist out of the room. They left the boombox on the floor and Tobin flies over to it and sends it careening into the wall. It bursts into boombox-shrapnel as the scene fades out.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Tensions are at a fever pitch.

We are almost at the boiling point!


Back from a commercial break the scene opens up showing Stacey Clark, ready for an interview.

Clark: At this time, please welcome my guest: General Raze.

The General steps into the picture next to Stacey, looking around, on the alert, a paranoid look in his eye. Back in the arena, cheering is heard from the crowd, several, "My Grenades" posters are seen throughout the audience.

Stacey: General Raze sir, the past few weeks you have been at war with Jacob Trance and his group of....'members', how do you feel about this?

The General slowly turns to Stacey and looks her in the eyes, a thousand mile stare coming across his face. He looks down at the microphone for a few moments, and then looks directly in the camera, just staring.

After what seems like an eternity, the General looks back at Stacey.

Raze: The time for words are over, the time for me and my Grenades to action is at hand Ms. Clark.

As for any answers you want....you'll get your answers at Wrestlution 9 as into exactly how I feel about this when were in the ring.

The General walks out of the camera view, leaving Ms. Clark looking after Raze as the scene begins to fade.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Plan for Peace but PREPARE FOR WAR!






Madeline Osiris vs Miniami