OCWFED.com Presents Riot







The camera pans to the announce team.

Good evenin peeps...and welcome to a suprisingly STACKED edition of Riot.

Lies and slander!! I don't believe it.

Well...See for yourself.

Bunch of no good, lazy, over paid, over rated losers!!




The familiar scene of the backstage area opens on the screen. The duo of C4, OCW’s reigning North American Champion and Lord of the Lariat Mugen, followed by the One Man Revolution Bobby Minio, walk through the halls in their street clothes, duffel bags slung over their shoulders. They come to a fork in the hall and Minio stops on his heels, tapping Mugen on the arm, which prompts the Standard of Strong Style to turn to face him.

Bobby Minio: This is where we part ways, brotha. I gotta head down the hall and get the final touches ready for Mic Drop TV.

Mugen: Kill it, Bobby. It’s your time to shine, show everyone why C4 will always be over!

The two men bump fists with a quick grin toward each other.

Bobby Minio: You know I got this covered. Go out there, do my thing on the stick, make Pugh look like a jackass, maybe put boots to the dummy and call it a day. We’ll be on the road and pillaging a Cracker Barrel menu in no time. This is like a vacation day for me!

As Minio chuckles to himself, Mugen’s face flashes of seriousness. He leans in toward his friend with a flat tone.

Mugen: Don’t under estimate that man. He played himself out, sure, but Pugh has made his living by people mistaking him or his capabilities.

Bobby Minio: I’m not under estimating the guy, I’m valuing him below me because I know he is. The guy fell apart in front of our eyes, now I’m just going to show the fans who actually care that he’s back that he’s a lunatic with an ego that could humble your tag partner.

Mugen: Alright…

Bobby Minio: Don’t even sweat it. You just focus on locking your title down against McGee tonight. I don’t need any help with this limey clown. I got this.

Mugen: Good. Warm the car up for me and the strap.

Bobby Minio: Do work.

They bump fists once more, as Minio gives a final pat on Mugen’s shoulder. The two men turn and walk down their separate paths toward the rest of what tonight has to offer them.




Meh...C4 went downhill after Parker left.

He was with them for exactly 1 week...before he turned his back on them and rode off into the sunset.





Stacey Clark is awaiting backstage as the cameras fade in. The crowd starts to erupt in cheers, and even some booing as Wonderful Wesley is shown stepping into the camera frame.*

*Wesley still looks the same as the last time OCW saw him. He smiles as he continues to hear the cheers from the crowd. He takes off his shades, and gives them to a little kid that is walking with his dad backstage from the parking lot. The kid's eyes widen in joy as he thanks Wesley, and gives him a hug. The little boy continues to walk with his dad as Wesley focuses back on the interview.

Stacey: "Ladies, and gentlemen... I present to you none other than, Wonderful Wesley! Now, Wesley... I want to get the big question out of the way. Where have you been?"

Wesley: "Yes, Stace... I know my last trip back to OCW came at a cost. My reputation... my ego... my family... and even my own dark secrets came out. I been dealing with bad drug addiction. From pills to weed, and everything in between. I was developing a disease inside of me. I wasn't myself for a long.. long time."

Stacey"What changed everything around for you? What was the turning point in your career that you just said you've had enough?"

Wesley: "Well Stacey I would say it was pretty clear when I got arrested twice, and both times the judge I was given was a very very kind man. If it was up to him he could have thrown the book at me... locked me up forever... and my freedom would been dead.

I won't get into too much detail, but if anyone wants to find out the real truth they can check out OCWFED website in a few days, and get a new article that will be posted. I laid out the whole truth, and everything else in that article. Expect big reviews from that, and big attention. Remember, folks... check the website in few days time.

Now back to the important subject... I have this final chance... this final moment of my life to right the wrongs. To make up for a lifetime of mistakes. I haven't been myself for a while, but tonight marks my final return to OCW. My final run... my final attempt to find peace with myself, and with OCW. I'm here to entertain these fans... put on great matches... look damn good while doing it... and who knows maybe even win back my ex-title one of these days!"

Stacey:"Well I have just one more question, Wesley... tonight you have a match with AC Cobra. What are your thoughts regarding him, the family, and your match in general?"

Wesley:" Well, Stacey....I must say the family is just clones... bunch of sheep following a wolf in sheep disguise. Now I have many hard battles against Jacob Trance in the past, and where he is now is remarkable to see. He's come a long way, but at same time his family is nothing more than walking, talking robots. Jacob Trance is the daddy... and the momma of the family! *Crowd pop*

At the end of the day... I'm going to do what I do best, entertain these fans... put on a 5 star match, and come out the winner. A.C Cobra... The family can't save ya from me, homie. Take it to the bank, playboy! Tonight is going to be WONDERFUL...."

The cameras fade as Wesley smiles, and walks away as Stacey is signals to end the feed.




He's back? again? I thought he was dead.

It's 'hoped' Scaggs, 'hoped he was dead'.



The scene opens ...

A black limo pulls into the Times Union Center. As the car comes to a rest in front of the parking areas entrance the driver hops out and opens the door for his passenger. Carefully BUFFNESS makes his exit as a few fans run up to get an autograph. After doing his best to smile and sign BUFFNESS makes his way over to Stacey Clarke.

Clarke- BUFFNESS ,you have been cleared to wrestle against Mugen for the North American title tonight ... how are you feeling ?

BUFFNESS- I'm not gonna stand here and tell you I feel great cause I don't... I've spent several days in the hospital and a few at home resting.

Clarke- Do you think its wise to take on such a tough opponent for your return to action?

BUFFNESS clutches his injured arm.

BUFFNESS- Stacey this is what I do .... I wouldn't miss a shot at the N.A title .

- Have you had a chance to talk to Tobin Frost since DAMNATION ?

BUFFNESS- No ....but Lex tells me he's doing good.

Clarke- Well thank you for your time and good luck tonight.

BUFFNESS - Thank you Stacey.

BUFFNESS painfully holds up the SLAM U sign as the scene fades


/camera fades

Indeed it does.


The Camera pans backstage to a shot of Smythe D. Wonder in the back standing in his token black and red designer suit. The boos rain down from the crowd as he takes up a microphone and looks at the camera without the aid of an interviewer. In one his trademark drink a glass of Hypnotiq, the other the microphone as he begins to speak.

Smythe: Albany New York, today I'm supposed to get into the ring and Fight K Dangelo. Continuing my return to OCW tour with another impressive win on the way to fantastic and great performances for the entire OCW atmosphere and inching myself one step closer to becoming the greatest wrestler in OCW history.

However, Last week I risked my body in Syracuse New York for a subpar and idiotic arena full of peons. And this week, well I think Albany New York is even worse. 

The crowd starts to boo and throws garbage at the jumbotron.

Smythe: So what I'm going to do is couple the fact that Albany New York doesn't know how to spot talent if it could spin up and down a pole with incredible grace along with the fact that beating K Dangelo will do absolutely nothing for my PR with the known universe and I'm going to invoke my consecutive week clause. 

The consecutive week clause clearly states that I, Smythe D. Wonder, do not have to wrestle in consecutive weeks on Riot, the show I made famous, if I make a game time decision that will attribute to my health and it's well being. 

The deafening sounds of "YOU SUCK" are only trumped by Smythe and his heelish laugh. Which lasts longer than what would be tolerable.

Smythe: How about this. K Dangelo, If you want to really be SDW'd all over the Riot arena I'll do that for you next week. In a city with more taste. Maybe with a small wager on the line. But we'll talk more about it next week if your game.

The screen fades out with Smythe taking a large chug out of his drink and the camera roll back to ringside


Kd vs Smythe has been re-scheduled for next week!!

Should be good.







This is why we watch segments to the end Scaggs..to the END.



Djesus and Johnny Law are seen standing next to each other, the camera facing them. Djesus’ has a smile from ear to ear revealing his ostentatious grill while Johnny Law is shaking his head mouth agape.

JOHNNY LAW: Come on man, you can’t make him go out like this he looks like Ronald Mcdonald

DJESUS: Don’t you dare question Djesus, Dradel looks amazing. He’s a regular Mexican superstar, he’s EL HIJO DEL CESAR!



Mixed Tag Action