OCWFED.com Presents Riot









The camera pans to the announce team.

Jookie there kicking us off with a message.

Good evenin peeps...and welcome to Riot.

The countdown continues....

Until we are free??

Until Summercide dummy...




*Scene fades into picture. The cameras are outside the arena as security guards are on tight patrol for tonight's show. Four different security guards are standing near a side entrance into the building. Two of the guards begin to pace around. When out of nowhere Vincent Valmont shows up in street clothes, and an upset look on his face. The two guards that were pacing confronts, and stops Valmont.*

Guard#1:"Hello, sir! I'm afraid you can't enter through here. I'm going to need to see some i.d, and I need your name?"

*Valmont is hesitant to answer questioning whether to try, and run away or attack his way into the building. After a brief few seconds goes by he answers.*

Valmont:"I have no i.d on me it's in my truck. I can give you my name. I'm a OCW wrestler, and a former OCW heavyweight champion twice. I'm Vincent Valmont. I have a match tonight, and plus I need to attend to important matters involving some personal matters that requires me to get into this building. I have already tried the front entrance, and they sent me here since I had no i.d."

Guard#2:"I'm sorry sir, but we was informed throughout today before the show that we was NOT to allow Vincent Valmont into the building. Strict orders that will not be broken. Those are the rules. You was suspended for tonight's show, and you aren't allowed into the arena. I'm afraid you will have to go home, or leave the grounds. Goodnight, sir."

*Valmont grows angry in his eyes as he still doesn't leave as all four security guards walk up on Valmont. Finally Valmont slowly walks away with a big grin across his face as he leaves the area towards the parking lot. The camera fades on the guards walking back to their post.*



You shall not pass.

Ok Gandalf.



The sound of rain falling on leaves fills the arena, it pours and pours, thunder booming around the venue as the titantron flashes into life, revealing Jacobs Family amongst the ruins of a derelict building, most of it has collapsed. In the back, seemingly holding up the wreckage is the monstrous Eli, further down, crouching on steps, staring at the mud is the newest member Lucas Crowe. A little way off, sitting on a wooden fence are Rebelution. As one, the Family turn to face the camera, and the ring leader walks into shot, walking down the drive towards the house.

Trance: It's us against the world, a world that is dying... A world that is sick to the core.

Trance continues walking in the pouring rain, the production team seem to have edited in faint and haunting piano music.

Trance: I will leave in my wake a legacy the likes of which cannot be easily forgotten. Life is a story and we write our pages in blood and sweat. Our very existence is our ink and I'm afraid for Tobin the well is running dry. You see... Summercide is just around the corner and two monsters have made their intentions clear....

The footage of Tobin and McGee holding the OCW title fades over as Jacob still talks.

Trance: As much as I'd love to slay both beasts at once and be done with it... I'm afraid I'll need to start with Frost... I'm afraid I'll need to exorcise his demons, I will need to BREAK him in order to rebuild him in my own image.

Crowe shifts a little and stands, walking I the fore.

Crowe: Sean... You're playing a dangerous game, you're beating your chest like an upstart in front of a bona fide saviour, a living God... So if you're not busy, then I would be happy to step in at Summercide...

At that, Crowe returns to his step, a hungry smile on his face.

Trance: After all... They say the devil makes work for idle hands...

Rebelution: And we would hate for anything to happen before the grand finale...

Trance: But fret not, children...

Jacob turns and walks away again, leaving his family to finish the line that has become their staple.

Family: There are other worlds than these. 



I was actually hoping they wouldn't show tonight.

Now they end in unison? Yeah because that's not creepy at all.


*Cameras get a quick glimpse of Justin Raze backstage. Back from commercial break as voices can be heard from Raze's lockeroom. It appears he's talking to someone on the phone. He seems upset as he kicks over a small table inside the lockeroom out of frustration.*

Raze: You mean to tell me you're suspended, and banned from tonight's show? I thought you was booked against K.D? Some teacher you've been so far!

*Raze continues to talk as he walks away outside out hearing range. He begins to walk back closer as cameras begin to capture audio.*

Raze: I don't know what to say, Valmont. I know... I can't... I can't help you sneak in or we both be in deep water. I can't...I know, but I can't risk it. I guess just find some other way, or... wait it out man. I can take care of this by myself tonight. I don't need you to take care of anything...I can do it... I've got this.

*Raze gets confused as he seems to not like what he just heard in reply on the phone.*

Raze: What do you mean.. I am ready... I can do this by myself! I don't need to do that to prove anything. I know.... yes I know I must listen. I know, Valmont... I'm student, you the teacher. BUT I can't do that tonight.. . I can prove by example, and.... yes I understand, Vincent, but... hello? Hello, Val? Damnit!

*Apparently the phone call was ended early as Raze throws his phone against the wall in anger. Apparently Raze has something he must do, or not end up doing tonight. The cameras fade on a frustrated Justin Raze.*




The camera pans to Djesus standing in the ring. He's playing to the crowd and the crowd seems to be responding well.

 Ladies and Gentlemen! Although he's not booked Djesus would like to introduce the new face of Dragov Crouton! THE RUSSIAN HERO! THE SERBIAN PSYCHO!

Drago's new music hits Drago steps out wearing red and blue tights and ankle tape. He does his best to look imposing as he marches down to the ring.

 You see that! Back to Dragunov's roots he's a hero that any American can root for.

At this point the crowd is booing loudly, Drago looks confused, before he can enter the ring to react Johnny Law storms out from the back and into the ring.

He gets in Djesus' face and begins berating him. Djesus merely laughs it off untill Johnny Law gives him a challenging shove.

Djesus initially appears surprised, he drops the mic and steps forward into Johnny Law's face, challenging him to push him again.

Johnny Law obliges, but this time Djesus "over sells" bouncing off the ropes and coming back hitting Johnny Law with the Spear of Destiny.

Djesus gets up arrogantly, and picks up the mic.

Now listen here boy, no one, I mean NO ONE puts their hands...

Before he can finish Drago has slid into the ring and tackled Djesus, the two brawl in the ring until security pulls them apart.

Even with security forcing them backstage the two still appear to be screaming at each other.



Raze vs Jookie Marley




As Jookie celebrates in the ring, Raze rises and stands as Jookie has his back to him. Raze readies himself as Jookie begins to turn towards Raze, still in the bliss of celebration, not realizing that his opponent has risen from the mat.

Jookie's eyes' widen as he turns, realizing that he has let his guard down as Raze reaches forward, grasping Jookie's neck, and preparing to execute Order 66. Jookie struggles to break free, but alas, Raze's grip is strong and unbreakable.

Raze begins to lift Jookie...but then lowers him down, uncertainty spreading across his face. He looks into Jookie's face, almost if deciding something major, and then slowly lightens the grip around Jookie's neck, causing Jookie to stumble to the ropes and slide underneath them and proceed up the ramp to the backstage area.

Raze just stands in the ring, looking at his hand that he just had wrapped around Jookie's neck, uncertainty and doubt spreading across his face.

Raze slowly raises his head and looks at the audience....and then signals for a mic from a worker. A stage worker rushes and hands Raze a mic and Raze speaks.

Raze: No..

With that, Raze drops the mic and goes to the ropes and climbs through them to the outside of the ring and makes his way up the ramp and to the back.


Coming soon to DVD






As we re-join the broadcast, we find a lone Paul Pugh standing, center of the ring. Dressed in his ring gear, he’s looking antsy – shaky even. The crowd are still unsure how to treat him as he arrives at his final breath before addressing them. Pugh mournfully looks into the camera as he begins.

Pugh: …you people.

He looks around at the audience

Pugh: …you people have no idea what kind of monster you’ve created. See, usually you anoint your hero, you shove them in the direction of Championship gold and then you cheer them as they run, you cheer them as they battle, you make them feel invincible. You create a false sense of security, you build them up so much that even they believe they’re untouchable… and for what?

Pugh: So you people have something to cheer? You people have somebody who you can live out your dreams through? …and what of the anointed one? What becomes of them?

Pugh points at himself

Pugh: …this becomes of them. Of me. Psychotic. Calculating. Egotistical. Immune to your boos – your comments. Immune to the cat calls and the bullshittery of the locker room. Just a perfect one. The One. The Precedent. The greatest example of a professional wrestler on this roster. A man so self-involved that he’s willing to come back from a lucrative career of part time wrestling in bingo halls and after dinner speaking back into the arse end of professional wrestling. Just to pop a pimple.

He scratches his beard and adjusts his rock n roll bandana.

Pugh: Sure, he’s apparently an entertaining pimple, but a pimple nonetheless… and you know what we do with pimples right? We…

Voice: The Precedent versus the Pimple? Is that what you’re booking this as? This is the untouchable genius we should all hope to attain to?

An unseen voice booms across the PA interrupting Pugh. The fans in attendance and watching at home know the voice. Pugh himself knows the voice, and just as Pugh turns to face the entrance ramp, the One Man Revolution Bobby Minio emerges from the curtain.

Bobby Minio: What Paul, no welcome back? Aren’t you pleased to see me in good health?

Armed with a cocky grin and a buzzing pop from the crowd, Minio walks down the ramp before climbing into the ring to face his former mentor and current rival. Pugh looks him up and down before taking a deep breath.

Pugh: Wow. You’re feeling brave tonight huh?

Pugh jabs his index finger into Minio’s chest, eliciting a slight wince from the the OMR, revealing that he may not be as healthy as he would like the world to believe.

Pugh: Answer me something Bobby. Why do you think I’m back? I mean specifically. Not a vanity project… the reason I’m back.

He dips the microphone from his mouth and offers Minio the floor.

Bobby Minio: You heard Cody Storm had gone the way of the Pugh and you decided it was a safe time to return?

The crowd responds with an instigating “oooooo” to the predictably witty reply. Pugh smiles and gives a slight applause

Pugh: Cute. Yeah. Bobby, you give yourself too little credit. The reason I’m back here is because right now, right here, in whatever city we’re in. You are the most important thing in wrestling. You are the trophy. See Bobby, you are the only scalp left to scalp. I’ve done it all, I’ve been it all and I’m a hell of a lot more than anything else on this roster… apart from you. See Bob. You represent something to me. You represent a holy grail. The shroud of Turin. Bobby - the only prize worth having in professional wrestling is the prize that the best man covets… and right this second. I covet the chance to put you in a wheelchair. The chance to shut you down on your path to apparent superstardom. Call it a vendetta - call it whatever you want, but recognise it. Because its real. Consider yourself tied to the railroad as a freight train bears down on you. There’s no escape. There was an escape. You had the chance, yet you decided to show back up here. The worst decision of your life…

He gets into Minio’s face and just stares at him. Unblinking and unwavering.

Bobby Minio: Are ya gonna kiss me or what?

Minio moves back a few steps, giving himself space as he paces in a small circle. He turns to face Pugh with a smirk.

Bobby Minio: How magnanimous of you, Paul. All this credit you’re giving me. Now apparently I’m the chosen one, the next man to ascend the OCW ladder and you’re hell bent on stopping that?

Bobby Minio: What surprises me the most is that you think I’m not fully aware that you’re hell bent on holding me back. If there is one thing I learned about you over the last few months, it’s that the spotlight is only big enough for PUGH. When that spotlight is challenged, you take your ball and you go home. Well, breaking news from the OCW press team, Paul. You’re already out of the spotlight. I’ve already filled your boots and while you might think they’re big shoes to fill, I’m spillin’ out of these friggin’ things!

Bobby Minio: I know you’re trying to stop my momentum. I knew that the second you tried to cripple me, letting some concrete stairs do your dirty work… what you fail to realize is that I truly don’t give a sh*t! See Paul, I’m glad you’re back. I’m excited, I’ve been ecstatic about this since the second you showed up and called me out, because we’ve got unfinished business. I’ve told the entire roster a number of times, I always keep my receipts, well I still got the receipt on that nonsense you pulled on Mugen, and I still owe you for what you had pulled on C4.

Bobby Minio: I’m not here because you’ve hunted me down, Paul. You made the mistake of coming back within reach. Consider this the official challenge… I’m throwing down the gauntlet, at Summercide, you pay what you owe. 

Pugh gleefully jumps up and down on the spot, much to the confusion of Minio.

Pugh: Bobby I hoped you’d say that. I really did. Because… I’ll be frank with you. This is my last shot. I will kill myself just to kill you. I’m a suicide bomber - a kamikaze, the most dangerous state of mind i’ve ever been in and you get to be on the receiving end. You lucky, lucky fuck…

The crowd pop for fuck as a close up of Bobby Minio’s face is shown on the X-Tron, looking as calm as we’ve ever seen him.

Pugh: ...and when we’re sat in our chairs in the same cripple care home as Mama Storm, Dynamite Kid and the ghost of Christopher Reeve I will remind you every fucking day that I did that to you - I’m the reason you can’t do what you love… the reason you have to piss in the bag they attached to your hip bone… and every single day - I will laugh in your face.

Minio turns to the left and the right, his same unconvinced smirk glued to his face. He faces Pugh, leaning in close with the mic, and with a deliberate and controlled tone, he asks a question.

Bobby Minio: You’ll do what?

Pugh smiles.

Pugh: I’m going to tear your arm off at the shoulder and fist you with it. All the way up the the bloody former shoulder… and when your bottom is suitably agape, I’m going to jam my foot so far up it your spinal column will fire out of your skull like a fucking bottle rocket.

The OCW censors freak out as they desperately try to bleep the heinous sexual act. Minio’s face drops to a blank stare as he tries his best to no sell Pugh’s vulgar verbal offense.

Bobby Minio: Now you’re gonna threaten me with a good time? No no no, Pugh. That’s not what you promised to do initially. What about the part you promised to do when you were detailing out your daydream fantasy about us being a couple of hetero life partners well into the future? What were you gonna do every day?

Pugh: I mean… I could go over it again, but what's the point? We’ve already wasted enough of these people’s time - they came to see a fight Bobby. Are you going to give them a fight?

Bobby Minio: Just say it one more time for the fans in the cheap seats… ONCE MORE WITH FEELING!

Pugh: … I’m going to laugh in your greasy fac-

Bobby Minio: WE HEARD YOU!

Pugh looks puzzled.

Pugh: Catchphrases huh? I’m so happy you learned to promo in 2002. Mrs Minio’s baby boy has got somethin to tell you BROTHER… and thats the bottom line huh? Do you smell… What the fuck am I doing?

Pugh slaps Minio across the chops, which he immediately no sells. Undeterred, Minio slaps Pugh straight across the face too, slightly busting Kid Ego’s nose. Pugh refuses to show the pain however, merely looking Minio in the eye.

Bobby Minio: You know, traditional ways… they obviously ain’t gonna cut it. At Summercide, we do it no holds barred.

Pugh: Oh that would be my pleasure.

Bobby Minio: Then it’s settled. I’ll see you at Summercide, and when the match is over, I’ll see you OFF, for good.

Minio’s eyes narrow as he stares directly into Pugh’s eyes. Pugh stares back unblinking, unfazed by Minio’s puffing of the chest. Without breaking eye contact, Minio lifts the mic to his face.

Bobby Minio: Mic drop.

Minio’s hand snaps open and the microphone begins it’s free fall. Before it drops to belly level, Pugh’s free hand snatches it out of mid air. Minio takes a step back, looking somewhat stunned as Pugh raises both mics up to his mouth. He speaks through the ear piercing feedback with his voice echoing over the speakers.

Pugh: NO.

He turns his back on Minio, sliding out of the ring with both mics in his hands, held at his sides like dumbbells. Pugh’s music roars over the PA system as Minio leans on the ropes watching his former mentor and friend turned bitter enemy leave up the ramp.