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The camera pans to the announce team.


25 more to go till Riot 500!!!

History in the making! We got an amazing show for you tonight!

So lets get to it!

The scene opens on the backstage area, the camera facing an entrance way. The door opens and a disheveled man steps through, with long and greasy hair matted to his head and a mid-length unkempt beard that combine to frame sunken and wild eyes on his face.

The man is bundled up in a black hoodie that does not really jive with the summer weather outside. The camera pans down to reveal ring gear, orange and black ring gear, as the viewer realizes who they are looking at.

The One Man Revolution, Bobby Minio. He turns to a member of the production staff and through a strained voice, he demands.

Bobby Minio: Get me a camera man.

The production staff member turns to the camera man and waves him over with a confused look on his face. Minio makes an attempt to adjust his hair, but it’s a hopeless and empty gesture.

In the background, the staff member runs over and grabs a road agent, pointing towards Minio with a concerned look.

Bobby Minio: Ahhh, uh… er… yeah. PUGH. PAUL PUGH. We made a deal, brother. We made a deal that I had your back, through think and thin to protect that Light Heavyweight strap, and when I wanted my title shot, all I had to do was ask… Well Pugh, this is me asking. I want my title shot, TONIGHT!

The road agent begins to make his way over to Minio with a purpose.

Bobby Minio: We set aside our friendship and other brotherhood, and we lay it all out there in the ring, and we let the ring decide who-

Road Agent: Bobby?

Bobby Minio: We let the ring decide who is championship mat-

Road Agent: MINIO.

Bobby Minio: God-DAMNIT. I’m in the middle of challenging my good brother Pugh to a title match, could you please wait your goddamned turn?!

Road Agent: A title match…? Bobby, Pugh lost that title 2 weeks ago.

Bobby Minio: … No.

Road Agent: Yes, he lost it at Savage Lands, Bobby.

Bobby Minio: That can’t be right. I was… I was promised a shot…

Road Agent: Really sorry to disappoint you, but we should really get you to the office to talk-

Bobby Minio: Who.

Road Agent: Come again?

Bobby Minio: Who did he lose it to?

Road Agent: Maybe we could discuss this off came-

Bobby Minio: WHO?

Road Agent: Dupree! Okay? He lost it to Dupree.

At the sound of the news, Minio begins to look a bit wobbly. The concern on the agent’s face grows more apparent.

Road Agent: Can we please get you up to the bosses’ office to talk about where you have been for the last 6 months?

Bobby Minio: The boss? Oh! OH YES! Yeah, he can straighten this all out! Mugen, even all painted up like we’re at the Dork Carnival or whatever the hell, he can get this all worked out. Mugen can help!

Road Agent: Bobby…

Bobby Minio: I mean we left on bad terms but, once a brother always a brother! He’ll understand!

Road Agent: Bobby, Mugen is not in charge anymore. The Purge is pretty much gone these days…

Bobby Minio: … You… you cannot be serious. Who’s in charge?

Road Agent: Sensation has control of the company aga-

The very second the agent says Sensation’s name, Minio throws his head back in the air and begins to groan out loud. He lowers his head, his eyes tightly shut. Minio then seems to will himself forward, his eyes opening, and a determined look on the weathered remains of his face.

Bobby Minio: Okay… okay okay okay… I cannot just sit here with nothing going on… so… I’ll just… I’ll just pick up where I left off. SKWAD! Yeah boys I’m talking to you! It’s time to deal with THE UNION once and for all! Enough of the SKWAD running roughshod across this compa-

Road Agent: Bobby, uh… Skwad is sorta done at the moment too…

Minio turns and begins to kick multiple dents into a trash can behind the two men as the agent looks on.

Bobby Minio: Alright… time to pivot…

He looks down at his gear, dirty and frayed.

Bobby Minio: I wear orange and black… Rhyme Tyme wears orange and black. Look guys, we are already visually calibrated… it is only right that you give me a try out, and we bring absolute HELL down on the Triple McTwist Heelflip guys… who knows we might actually have some chemistry and…

Road Agent: Bobby they’re not wearing that gear anymore. Listen, you’ve got to stop this, we need to talk, we need to figure out where the hell you have been and start figuring out what to do now.

Bobby Minio: … No. This is all wrong.

Road Agent: BOBBY. Where have you been for the last 6 months?!

Bobby Minio: You really want to know?

Road Agent: We’re all very worried about you Bobby, we NEED to know what has been going on.

Bobby Minio: Check Youtube.

On that note, Minio shoves the agent away, turning his head to the door. Within a split second, he boots the door open and storms out into the summer night, leaving the agent looking somehow more confused than he looked when he had initially approached.

The scene fades out on the production staffer and the agent trading shaking head expressions with each other.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Good god Bobby has gone insane!

Where the hell has he been?


It's a Match!
Lawrence Larkspur vs El Segador

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The camera pans to the announce team.

With authority!


The cameras start rolling backstage with Mugen and Molly and................smaller Asians trailing behind.......I guess they are like Mugenites or something, anyways..........The Overlord is walking around with a smile from cheek to cheek. The group turn the corner as they make a bee line to one of the production rooms backstage.

Mugen kicks the door open and puts his arms out to soak in the moment. However, the production crew is extremely confused.

Mugen: Friends, colleagues, I've been away for weeks learning the power of kindness. Now, if I may.

Mugen claps his hands twice and one of the Mugenites move swiftly to the front and hands over a USB drive shaped in the letter M.

Mugen: What we have on here, is the key to kindness. The key to positivity. The key to life.

Random Employee: Is it a new theme song for you sir?


Mugen hands over the USB flash drive.

Mugen: No no no, my song is too good. Its for my opponent tonight. He will understand once he hears it. He will understand the power of kindness. The power of love.

Mugen snaps his fingers as the entourage leave the room. The scene fades to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh boy!

I wonder what it is?