John and Marisa are behind Nate’s home crotched down in a bush

This is it right? I don’t want to break into some random persons house. I mean this dump does look like somewhere he would be.

Marisa: Sure is. I tried to get him to renovate so many times but he refused. At least I got to add my touch to the inside. I’m sure it’s a mess in there though since I left. But come on, follow me. He usually leaves the back door unlocked. He always forgets to lock it.

Marisa and John scurry over to the door. Marisa tries the handle and it’s locked.

John. Hmm well that’s interesting. This place is already a dump anyways. You stay here I don’t want that beautiful face of yours getting hurt he might be inside.

John gives Marisa a kiss then throws a rock at the window and walks into the home. He spots his case and grins

This dumb some of a bitch can keep the case. I just need what’s inside.

John opens up the case taking out the contract inside. He then places a fake contract into the case.

Good thing he’s too stupid to read. I got the only thing that matters now.

John jumps out the window and makes his escape with Marisa by his side.

It's a Match!



The segment opens to reveal Stacy Clark, Colin Locke, and Ashley Moore in the OCW backstage area. Stacy addresses the camera, mic in hand, while Colin and Ashley hold onto the newest set of Hot Storage merchandise.

Stacy: Good evening, everyone, tonight I have with me both members of Hot Storage. Now, you’ve both been sent on team building exercises, and it seems like you’ve been spending time together outside of OCW, so, tell me, how prepared do you feel for tonight’s match?

Colin: Oh, you’ve got no idea, Ashley’s been looking solid in her matches, I took down the Iceman last week, both on a high, so, we’re feeling pretty up to it today.

Ashley: It did us some good to watch each other in singles matches, too. Matches like this are really all about knowing when to let your partner keep their flow going and when to step in and take the lead.

Colin: And, believe me, I know when to just sit back and let Ashley kick some heads in and when she needs a bit of support.

Ashley shoots Colin a quick smirk as he mentions her needing support, prompting him to change his tact slightly.

Colin: Hey, even the most decorated woman in OCW needs a breather. It’s not like you’re gonna let them escape when you’re kicking people all over the place.

Ashley: That’s true. Plus, people love the scoop, we can’t let them leave disappointed.

Stacy watches their exchange, staying back as the pair bounce off each other until she finds a perfect moment to interject.

Stacy: So, it sounds like we’re in for a bit of a show from you two! Now, you’ve been focusing on each other a lot, but have you got anything to say about your opponents?

Colin: Ah, C-Note’s a promising fighter, but, I mean, this isn’t gonna be the first time I’ve smacked some guy in a mask about, he’s gonna have to really bring it tonight, and I hope he does.

Ashley: Flojo may have gotten tougher in the past two years, but she is still no match for me. Even her extraordinary short title reign doesn’t change that.

Colin: Personally though, individuals aside, we’ve got Flojo with her new attitude, which, I’m not a big fan of, and C-Note’s gonna have a lot to prove. I reckon those two will be tripping over each other trying to show off, that might hurt them.

Ashley: They’ve got to stay coordinated if they want a chance against us. If they don’t work as a team they have already lost.

Colin: But, give them a fair shot, I don’t want to curse anything, we’re gonna have to find out what happens in the ring, we’ll see you all out there!

Ashley and Colin both give the camera a quick wave goodbye before heading off camera, and Stacy watches as they go, the camera transitioning into the next segment of the night.

It's a Match!

The scene opens to an angle approaching Samsin from behind as he talks to someone in the corridor. Approaching closer, revealing his coach, Scumchester's Alastair Ross.

Ross: So what was that out there, then?

Samsin: A mistake, sir.

Ross: We've been at this too long for you to let mistakes like this happen, Samsin. I told you to take any opportunity. Not to try to create them.

Ross: You're still letting your ego get in the way of your goals. When are you going to start listening to me and start focusing out there, huh?

Samsin's posture slouches as he let's out a defeated sigh and slams his plam to the wall beside him.

Samsin: Understood, Sir.

Ross: You have 2 weeks until Ambition and next week is Riot. So get your shit together Simpson. We've apparently got more work to do…

Ross grips Samsin by the back of his neck as they start walking down the corridor toward the parking garage. Discussing the shortcomings of Samsin's Turmoil debut….