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We are greeted by the sight of the masked tiger figure from before, this time sitting down somewhere facing the camera, talking to presumably a cameraman or technician of some sort. Behind him is a faint red wall and soft music can be heard behind him. He makes a motion behind the camera before speaking, this time subtitles following suit.

? ? ?: Hola, por favor, tome asiento.
(Hello there, please, have a seat.)

The figure waits a moment, as if waiting for the audience to get seated and adjusted.

? ? ?: Yo sé lo que todos ustedes están esperando, las respuestas a las mismas viejas preguntas de '¿Quién eres? ¿Qué quieres? ¿Por qué has venido a este lugar? '. No se preocupen mis jóvenes cachorros, todas las preguntas serán contestadas en el tiempo.
(I know what you all are expecting, the answers to the same old questions of 'Who are you? What do you want? Why did you come to this place?'. Do not worry my young cubs, all questions shall be answered in time.)

The man grabs his mask and adjusts it slightly before staring into the camera and attempting to 'have a moment' with those watching.

? ? ?: Mi nombre es Rey Tyga y no, no estoy relacionado con Tiger Man ni ninguno de los Tiger Mask legados. Rey Tyga es un nombre lleno de legado de su propio derecho, y muy pronto voy a mostrar que tal. Sin embargo, a asuntos más importantes. OCW de la propia, The Clash.
(My name, is King Tyga and no, I am not related to Tiger Man nor any of the Tiger Mask legacies. King Tyga is a name filled with legacy of its own right, and soon enough I shall show you such. However, on to more important matters. OCW's very own, The Clash.)

The tone in King Tyga's voice lowers and he begins to speak in a soft manner.

King Tyga: Después de perder mi vuelo de México y no ser capaz de participar en mi partido en Riot 369, los hombres a cargo me han honrado con otra oportunidad de probarme a mí mismo que esta noche, estoy en un Triple Threat Elimination Match contra un monstruo en su propia será en el Sr. KD, así como un joven tratando de probarse a sí mismo, simplemente conocido como Lucky. Mientras que estos dos hombres han tenido sus momentos, esta noche no será uno de ellos como me comprometo a eliminar tanto los hombres del partido para demostrar que no hay nadie más que yo.

(After missing my flight from Mexico and not being able to participate in my match at Riot 369, the men in charge have graced me with yet another chance to prove myself as tonight, I am in a Triple Threat Elimination Match against a monster in his own will in Mr. KD as well as a young man trying to prove himself, simply known as Lucky. While both these men have had their moments, tonight will not be one of them as I vow to eliminate both men from the match to prove that no one is more than I.)

As King Tyga finishes the last sentence, he slowly starts to rise while staying in view of the camera, adjusting his jacket before looking down but behind the camera.

King Tyga: Esta noche comienza la noche en que todos aprendan, y todo el mundo se entiende, que un nuevo gato se está ejecutando la selva, y él no comparte su tierra orgullo.
(Tonight starts the night in which everyone will learn, and everyone shall understand, that a new cat is running the jungle, and he doesn't share his pride land.)

He takes a moment to pause and let the words soak in before bending down close to the camera and snarling before fleshing out his final words of the night.

King Tyga: Es una promesa.
(That's a promise.)

With that, King Tyga lets out a soft growl into the camera before standing up and walking out of view, once more the camera fading to the next segment.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

Looks like the rookie is ready!

He better be his match is next!


King Tyga vs K.Dangelo vs. Lucky O'Donnell

Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

A big win!

Outta no where



We find ourselves in some dark dimly lit warehouse where we hear the combination of numerous sewing machines going on full blast and Chinese ladies screaming at each other. All of a sudden we see a door on top of a balcony swing open to reveal The Lord of the Lariat Mugen, Molly and an older Asian gentleman.

Older Guy: So as you can see sir, the women are working at full speed to be able to make the delivery date.

Mugen: Very good news, very good.

Older Guy: Why have you commissioned my services for this many dresses? Is it for your lady here?

Mugen: HA. You are funny. She only gets one.

Mugen nudges Molly and laughs as she remains expressionless

Older Guy: Then who are all these dresses for?

Mugen: For my opponent Tiberius Dupree.

Older Guy: Then why so many dresses?

Mugen: Well I looked at it this way. Between now and Sunday, Dupree could get on his little monthly thing and feel bloated, thats where the size 6 comes in. Then he might gain a few pounds after eating a manly meal for once, thats where the size 12 comes in. Or he might cry and start binge eating chocolates to console himself, size 15. Its a vicious cycle I tell you.

Older Guy: He sound like woman.

Mugen starts laughing and pats the old man on the back.

Mugen: Yes he is, yes he is.

Mugen sees one of the women taking a short break by checking her phone and he starts yelling at her in Chinese


Molly: Wait, when did you learn to speak Chinese?

Mugen looks at her with a surprised expression almost as if he has been exposed....

Mugen: Um, since when did you learn...not...to...speak Chinese....MOVING ON. I will put Tiberius Dupree in one of these personally designed dresses whether the world wants to see him in one or not.

Mugen starts his fake maniacal laugh as the video fades to black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I didn't know Mugen spoke Chinese!




Bombshell Bout Special Time Keeper: THE SON OF GOD CODY STORM

Cherese Stormvs Eerie Sunshine

Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh what the hell!

Don't you hate!