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The camera pans through the halls of the arena. We see guards posted at nearly every door. The backstage area of the arena resembles a hidden fortress with the sheer amount of security. One would think Leonheart would consider himself the ruler of the free world with the staggering amount of security personel. We finally reach the nerve center for OCW's Acting CEO.

Leonheart is in his acting command center sitting at his desk flanked by OCW personnel, each other papers and at the same time trying to take notes as Leon barks orders. On his desk he has his Heart Mac Book, Pro, his phone, and 2 small LCD monitors, one with a feed into the TV Production Truck and another with the actual Live Feed of The Clash 2014.

As he continues to bark orders a knock on his door is heard. Leon motions one of his assistants to open the door.

What looks to be a UPS delivery person enters the room, complete with hat pulled low. as to not see a face.

The delivery person points to the package as it says Leon E. Hart.

Assistant: Sir I belive you have a package.

Leonhart's ears prick up.

Leonheart: From who?

Before the assistant can make out who the package is from the Delivery person shoves the package into the assistants hands and exits.

Leonheart: Well whose it from?

Assistant: I don't know, it doesn't have a return address on it.

Leonheart: Well give it back!

Assistant: I can't sir the delivery person just gave it to me and left.

Displeased Leonheart commands the package be given to him.

As the assistant moves over to Leon she hands him his package he looks over it quickly and puts it to his ear. He quickly tosses it to his assistant and demands she opens it!

Assistant: But sir it's ticking!

Leonheart: You better open it up quickly then!

With swear pouring down her face she quickly and carefully opens the package. To reveal an Iphone 5 with an App that's ticking down. The assistant quickly  places the phone on the floor and runs to the opposite side of the room as the app counts down. Having no time Leonheart dives behind his desk and calls for his personel to act as human shields!






The phone powers off for a second.

Everyone in the room breathes a sigh of relief. Leonheart slowly peeks over his desk and the phone lights up and starts to vibrate. The Acting CEO demands someone fetch the phone to him. As he is given the phone the app says "SWIPE ME" Leonheart reluctantly swipes his finger over the app. Nothing happens for a brief second.

Leonheart: PFFFT!

In an instance Leonhearts Computer begins to screen cycle at a frantic pace. Photos of his EX-Wife begin to plaster his screen some of which are not very PG. He quickly slams his screen closed. Leon then notices his LCD screens are flickering like mad. And just as it does another movie begins to play. The feed is plays on all the screens including the Xtron.


As the movie clip concludes the symbolism is clear. Leonheart's eyes are once again wide open. He bolts out of his office.


Leon's guards confirm as they take off in one direction Leonheart takes off in another direction. The camera follows Leon as he races through the halls. He finally spots someone trying to leave the arena.


Two of the guards grab the Delivery guy.

Leonheart with a renewed sense of confidence jogs forward towards the delivery guy. As he tries to catch his breath he smiles before he begins his impromptu interrogation.

Leonheart: Who gave you that package?

No reply from the delivery guy.

Leonheart: I have domain in this arena while my company is here, if I want to lock you up I am well within my right to do so.

Leonheart: Who gave you that package!

No reply from the delivery guy.

Leonheart is growing annoyed.

Leonheart: Do you want to be arrested? do you want to get roughed up? I can make things very difficult for you if you don't cooperate man, lets see who is under the hat shall we.

Leonheart reaches for the hat in an attempt to put a face to this delivery guy. As Leon lurches his hand forward the deliver guy stamps on one of the right guards foot and quickly users his other foot to kick the knee from the left guard from under him.

In an instance the delivery person grabs the right guards wrist and judo flips him into the other guard.

As the delivery guy turns to run, Leonheart grabs the hat and removes it. Much to his shock long black hair begins drop down. The Delivery guy is actually a woman. She turns around to face Leonheart.

Leonheart: Yo.

Before Leonheart can finish his thought the woman gives the acting CEO a swift kick to the gut that sends him toppling over. As the raven haired women runs to the exit she turns to look at the hobbled acting CEO. Leonheart is trying to yell for help but it is proving difficult with the wind sucked out of him.


Birdie looks on as about 7 guards make a bee line for her, she quickly climbs a piece of scaffolding before flipping the bird to Leon and exiting through and open window. Leon is left sucking hair while his guards surround him in protection formation.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


That doesn't prove anything. NOTHING CHARLES IT PROVES NOTHING.

It's now time for the Main Event of the evening!

The 2013 Future Investment Winner Dimsmore Cashes in on the OCW World Champion Paul Pugh!

Paul Pugh has been unbeatable since becoming OCW Champion. Many people doubted his tenure as champion but it cannot be denied that Paul Pugh is one of the greatest Champions in OCW.

These 2 have history. The last time Dimsmore and Pugh had a significant campaign. Dimsmore was victories and Pugh as the underdog. Now it seems the shoe is on the other foot, with Pugh as Champion and Dimsmore with a concussion.



OCW World Championship

Dimsmore vs Paul Pugh

Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!