Previously recorded earlier in the day

The scene opens to a haggard pair of olive green eyes darting back and forth from left to right between the steel burglar bars that line the kitchen window of the small trapp house sat in the shadows of PNC Park and Heinz Field.

A paranoid and profusely perspiring Jew named "Greeny" franticly wipes the sweat from his brow while pulling back the black bed sheet tight to the window frame in a near adolescent game of "peak-a-boo" with the outside world.

Growing increasingly agitated with his precarious predicament Greeny "The Jew" attempts to remove his Aramani suit jacket only to became twisted and tangled spinning with both arms outstretched behind him.

A shirtless "Chef Boy R' Baracus" draped in his customary absurd amount of jewelry and "Strong Street Style" custom blinged out OCW Hardcore Championship belt, mans all four stove top burners with an effortless artistry and expertise chefing up a helping of culinary perfection.

Greeny "The Jew" having finally conquered his suit jacket and button up proceeds to stomp the proverbial life from the linens in a last ditch effort to harness some sort of control of his dwindling composure.

How can you cook in the kitchen at a time like this Omar?

Greeny darts frantically back to the window for another quick peek.

This is so messed up... I shouldn't be here, I shouldn't be here, I shouldn't be here.

Mr.Greenberg:For Christ sakes, Im your god damn council!

O.G. Baracus: Parlay Greeny... Y'all know y'all built for this Jew. Your like abracadabra when it comes to court room.

From the open framed doorway the army fatigued and freshly "O.G. Yoga'd" up "Section 8 Heavyweight" Mez Murdock's massive psychic briefly passes into frame.

Followed closely behind bound and gagged with duct tape,the pasty white, scantily clad, rug burned body of Alice Malice drags effortlessly across the coarse carpeting behind Murdock.

Malice's head jerks viscously with each tug of the corrosively rusted dog chain looped taught around her trachea.

Your really going to bring her to the basement aren't you?

O.G. Baracus:Where else would you put a Busta Greeny?

Greeny ponders the situation momentarily no quite sure what exactly he would do with a busta.

The sound of lock after lock clicking, unlocking and sliding out of position followed by the horrific thump which could only be Alice's cranium bouncing behind carelessly from stair to stair.

Murdock deep throaty dialect cascades up the stairwell back to the kitchen.

This bitch defiantly bounces Baracus.

Mr.Greenberg paces back in forth in the kitchen deep in thought talking to himself.

It's alright Greeny... It's ok... A simple slip and fall... The most common home accident... We can write that one off.

O.G.Baracus: Yeeaaahh Greeny... That's why we keep y'all round fam hahah... Now hit the loud.

Mr.Greenberg reluctantly accepts the finger thick blunt which is not usually his forte but considering the circumstances it's more then appropriate.

The booming bass hits of " I Luv Dem Strippers"break Greeny's moment of bliss.

Be easy Greens... Murdock bout to make that bitch bounce for y'all.

Baracus snatches the smoldering bat of bud back from Mr.Greenberg in a shower of ash and burning embers, continuing to usher "The Jew" to the basement in a trail of marijauna smoke.

The confines of the basement are mind blowing in contrast to the rest of the near condemned "trapp house".

Nearly every luxury and amenity any gangsters heart could desire from buffets of narcotics and fire arms to a custom built in-caged stripper pole.

The basement is filled to the gills with the most gully of goons and gangsters per the norm for The A-Teams company kept.

As the typical shoddy GhettOCW camera work slowly saturates the scene, a portrait of pornographic perversion unfolds.

Confined to the cage Alice Malice's censored bare curves are on full display for the entire entourage as she reluctantly attempts to "twerk" for her captors.

The scene begins to fade with the entire entourage fully engaged by the gifts from the GhettOCW brethren




Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Malice 'twerking'...dear god, what a sight that must be!

Good evening Ladies and Germs!

Welcome to Riot Episode 347!


Just over 1 week until End Games...Mr.Sensation in jail...Guy fausto in charge....anything can happen here in the world of OCW!

Why am I the only one in the arena wearing a 'Free Jaysin' tshirt?


The camera pans the hallway, showing many of the recognizable superstars of OCW as it goes. The camera seems to be searching for a particular superstar as we a OCW superstar make his way down the hall. The thirst himself, Justin Raze stops outside the locker room of none other than "The Insiders" themselves.

Raze hesitates for a moment as he raises his fist to knock, a flash of uncertainty spreads across his face, but is quickly gone and replaced by a strong look of determination. Raze knocks on the door of the The Insiders.

There is no answer and as Raze listens he can hear what almost sounds like loud explosions and gunfire coming from the inside of the locker room, quickly followed my someone yelling something after almost every gunshot and explosion.

Raze finally has had enough and now begins to beat on the door, continuously beating on the door until there is an angry growl from the inside followed by yelling.


The door is finally yanked open and Paul Pugh stands there, looking uncertain and annoyed at seeing that it is Raze. Past Pugh, Parker Stevens can be seen repeatedly stomping his foot on his Xbox, still pissed at what the interruption cost him.

Pugh: What are you doing here thirsty, here to bring my water bottle back or you going to run away again?

Raze: Look, I deserve that but I have my reasons for not getting in the ring last week.

Pugh: Oh really? By all means, enlighten me junior.

Raze: First of all I have no desire to low blow you guys and try to do anything to give me the advantage over you guys.

Raze: The honest truth of why I didn't get in that ring and help you and Parker was because I didn't know what would happen after that. I say this because Parker Stevens knows that I'm out to get a match with him and how did I know that I wouldn't turn around and receive a Truth Siren because of this very reason after helping you guys?

Pugh: That's what you think huh?

All of a sudden, Raze hears someone else approaching the door and Parker Stevens appears at Pugh's side, still looking pissed.

Parker: Jesus long does it take, take the pizza, give him the money..close the door! What's the damn hold up?

Pugh: It isn't the pizza guy.

Raze: I'm not the pizza guy.

Parker looks the man up and down, then turns back to face Pugh.

Parker: He isn't the pizza guy? Your kidding me? He looks like a pizza guy.

Raze begins to look agitated and pissed with the reception that he is getting from the two.

Raze: Look, both of you say what you want but the fact is that I am not your enemy. I'm a wrestler that wants to be the best, just like the both of you and right now Parker you are the best.

Raze: I'm saying I still want that match with you but you can leave that title back here because this is just going to be a straight forward match where I won't be taking your belt...not yet anyway.

Parker: I'm sorry, I only speak to officially employed OCW staff and wrestlers.

Raze: I am a wrestler! I'm Justin Raze!

Pugh turns to Parker

Pugh: He is, look at him, it's Justin Raze.

Parker: What the hell is a 'Justin Raze'?

Pugh: The guy I told you about, that mentions you almost EVERY week.

Parker: I legit have no idea what your talking about....Your seriously telling me this Isn't the pizza guy? Am I on 'Punked' or something? Is he hiding the pizza round the corner?

Parker nudges past Raze and looks left and right down the corridor before recoiling back into the doorway

Raze is beginning to look increasingly annoyed

Raze: Again, when I have earned a match against you for the title, then we will fight for the title. Right now, I just wanna beat you.

Raze: And by the way, I'm still waiting to hear whether you accept my challenge or not so anytime now would be grand.

Parker: Let me get this straight..Your an actual wrestler here in OCW?

Raze: Correct.

Parker: And you want a match against me?

Raze: Correct.

Parker: Me..Parker Stevens..the OCW Heavyweight Champion.

Raze: Correct.

Parker: Have you beaten Chris Mania?

Raze: What?

Parker: Have you beaten Matsuda?


Parker: Dimsmore?

Raze: No.

Parker: Tiberius Dupree?

Raze: No.

Parker: My good man here, Mr.Pugh.


Parker: Omar Gibbs?

Raze: No.

Parker: Mez Murdock?

Raze: there a point to all this?

Parker: Lucas Crowe?

Raze: No.

Parker: James Rose?

Raze: No.

Parker: Spider?

Raze: No.

Parker: Bedlam?

Raze: No.

Parker: Mugen?

Raze: No.

Parker: So your telling me, you've beaten none of these people...and you DON'T have pizza for us?

Raze: Correct.

Parker lets out a sigh, and turns to look at Pugh, Pugh just shrugs his shoulders as Parker turns back to face Raze

Parker slams the door shut in Raze's face, then turns to Pugh

Parker: I want that 3 minutes of my life back.

Parker and Pugh go back over to the tv and restart their game, as Raze begins to knock on the door again, Pugh responds by picking up the tv remote and turning the volume way up.

Parker: Who the hell drank the rest of my Red Bull? Son of a bitch!!


Wow..remind me never to interrupt his Call of Duty time.

You look thirsty Scaggs..You should have a drink.


(Pre-recorded from yesterday)
The scene opens up at a gym where Molly is spotted sort of working out on an exercise bike. In one hand is her iPhone and in the other, a personal vaporizer. Suddenly a loud bang in the gym is overheard and Molly looks back and shakes her head.

Molly: Seriously guys? I'm trying to work out here. I don't wanna hear or see whatever the hell you are doing there.

The camera suddenly pans over to Matsumoto who is on the other side of the gym. He is now walking towards Molly and yelling back at her


Matsumoto takes a sip from an open bottle of Sapporo on a table.

Molly: You are still drinking at the gym?! What the hell is wrong with you guys?

Molly pouts and goes back to her exercise bike. She puts on her headphones as Matsumoto walks back towards where he started.

Matsumoto: READY MUGEN?!

The camera pans to Mugen who is looking as serious as ever. He is wielding a kendo stick looking like he is about to strike someone.....or something.

Mugen: Always ready

Matsumoto pulls a lifesize cardboard cutout of Sean McGee promoting Buffblaster out of a large crate. He places it on a skateboard and rolls the skateboard towards Mugen. Mugen takes a big swing at the cardboard cutout and smashes it into pieces creating yet another crashing sound in the gym.

Matsumoto: VICTORY!~

Mugen: Bring me another one comrade

This time Mugen begins to hold his kendo stick like a baseball bat. He pauses and begins to point his bat out at an imaginary audience a la Babe Ruth. Matsumoto loads up another cutout and rolls it towards Mugen. Mugen takes one big swing at the head of Cardboard McGee and sends it flying.

Matsumoto: HOME RUN!~

Mugen walks over to the pieces of Cardboard McGee and picks up the severed head. He rips it into pieces and spits at the shreds on the floor.

Mugen: Consider this a message. Champ.

The scene fades to black as Mugen walks away.


Rising Sons always Number 1 contender!

Doesn't sound as good when you shout it.


* Kat steps out of her mustang with the bombshell's crown sitting in the passenger seat .She picks it up and takes a cloth and starts wiping it off immediately .Then gives a mirror to a stage hand hold while she places the crown on .Stacey Clark walks up*

Stacey Clark :
Hey miss lady ,how are doing ?

Kat :
Me and the crown are doing great !

Stacey : Oh ok ? Well tonight we have triple threat bombshell action and the winner will become #1 contender for the bombshell crown .What are your thoughts ?

Kat : Well (starts laughing) they really got the best coming after me .I mean you have this opium head Molly ,the lawyer slut Odessa .Yeah we know Ebony how you moved up the corporate pole and stanky skank of the year Anna Mosity .

Sorry Stacey but I'm not worried .Soon I'll be working for city sanitation cause I'll be taking out another piece of OcW trash


???: Please no..not in there! Why do I have to go in there?

???: Blame your comrades, they wish to keep my Kindred locked in a cage like an animal, humiliate her and make her dance for the amusement of their degenerate bretheren..then you shall suffer the consequences.

???: You shall know the pain of your own company..the entrapment of your own soul as you imagine your own demise...cold...lonely and alone.

???: What are you doing with my clothes? Why do I have to wear this thing? Tell me! Tell me you monster!

???: All in good time my dear..Your clothes are now no longer any of your concern..I have a little package I must ready...Now be silent and GET IN THERE!



Creepy! And why take her clothes?

That must be like seeing your death flash before your eyes.


The scene opens up backstage in a dark room backstage with some loud house music playing and strobe lights going crazy. The camera moves until it finally stops at a dancing figure in the corner of the room. The regular lights finally flicker on and the camera suddenly turns to the doorway to find a confused looking OCW staff member. We hear a loud voice from behind the camera yell out.....


The confused staff member turns off the lights and walks away. The camera goes back to the dancing figure to reveal that it was Molly the whole time.

Molly: Jeez, what does a girl have to do around here to warm up in private with her friends? Isn't that right Mr. Sushimaster?

Molly turns around and appears to be talking to somebody......but nobody is there.

Molly: That's right. We got matches tonight. So let's get loose and paaaaarty before we go out there.

Molly grabs her water bottle from the floor and takes a big sip from it before she continues to dance.

Molly: Wow I'm thirsty tonight. Aren't you thirsty too Mr. Sushimaster?

Molly turns around talking to somebody again.

Molly: You're right, it's time for my match! Let's goooooooooooooooooo

Molly turns off the music on her phone and dances her way out of the room. As she dances her way out of the room she turns on the lights to reveal a passed out Matsumoto on the floor who obviously partied a bit too hard before his match tonight. The scene fades to black as he begins to wake up from his drunken slumber.


Someone is hyper.

I certainly hope Matsumoto sobers up before his match.



Bombshell Action!