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As the man that is GTG (Greater that GOAT) stands atop the entrance ramp, he is just soaking in the admiration from the OCW Universe.

Nate: Um… something like me? I am I a big enough name?

The crowd cheers as the GTGOAT nods to the people.

Nate: Mr. Dimsmore, we haven’t had the honor of crossing paths in the 6 or so years you’ve been here. That’s pretty surprising seeing as I’ve been here for 12 years. I mean even with our shared enemy that I have a date with in August.

You can see Dimsmore mouth something in Nate’s direction although it's inaudible. Dimsmore has one arm draped over the top rope and his foot in the bottom rope. He's intently listening to Nate speak.

Nate: If you don’t know who I am, I’m the guy whos back helped lay the foundation that you set your footprint on. I just have to say one of my biggest regrets is not being here as you and the other Ambition 4 made your rise. I checked Dupree off the list, the EX Champ pops up when he wants, one guy is on a milk carton somewhere, but you are right here.

Anticipation builds as the crowd sees what Nate is leading to.

Nate: So what do you say Dimsmore, on the 12 year show do you want to go toe to toe with The great that helped make this place?

Dimsmore: Me and you? Tonight?? You're on!!

The Camera pans to the announce team!


I'm Marking out, B!!!!

And just like that ICON vs Future legend, later on tonight!!!

You slow you blow, Tre Golden's gotta be kicking himself in the braided fro!


Light Heavyweight Contendership

Jookie Marley vs A.C. Cobra

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Looks like Kassidy Hayes has an opponent now!

Tonight history is made!

We go backstage where the camera pans and zooms up to a man that is chained up onto a wall with a mask on.The man is pretty big so it can only be one person... Big Ed.

The door opens as Leon along with Malu come walking into the room. Leon has the Necromicon (The book of the dead) in his hand.

Malu: "How long do you reckon this is going to take? We did capture him well over a month ago and he has still yet to move or say so much as a word."

Leon Valentine: "Patience my friend. It shouldn't be much longer."

Malu: "You said that over two weeks ago."

Leon Valentine: "I did but the Necromicon did say it could take a while to work. The tranquilizer gun Parker used was also a very strong dose mixed in with the spell. I guess it's having some after effects on him."

Malu: "I hope it works soon, you're not the one that has to keep carrying that weight on your back."

Just then, Tiberus Dupree with his gorgeously outrageous hair comes walking in.

Leon Valentine: "Here he is, the man of the hour."

Malu: "You ready for your match with Pugh tonight."

Tiberius Dupree: "The Betterness is always and forever ready my obscenely large friend. Leon I see there's no change with Big Ed, maybe your book doesn't work on Turmoil mediocrity?"

Leon Valentine: "Hey, it worked for you."

Malu: "Leon, you do know..."

Dupree nudges Malu and shakes his head.

Malu: "That I want hair like Dupree."

Leon Valentine: "I could cast a similar spell that I cast on Dupree..."

Tiberius Dupree: "No No don't do that, enough about my glorious hair."

Leon finds it odd that Dupree doesn't want to talk about his hair, especially after it's long absence, but vanishes the thought.

Leon Valentine: "Do you need any help with Paul Pugh tonight?"

Malu: "Yeah we got your back Tibbs."

Tiberuis Dupree: "Possibly if he tries to be entertaining, if he starts to bore me to death feel free to run in, besides that I got this....."

Just then, Leon, Dupree and Malu all hear a noise.


For the first time, Big Ed finally speaks and it looks like the big man once again has some life in him.

Malu: "It worked?"

Tiberius Dupree: "Will he remember what happened?"

Leon Valentine: "No, I erased all his memories, it will take me a bit longer to get him under our control though."

Malu: "Right, well I am going to catch up with Blake and the others. I will see you guys later."

Tiberus Dupree: "And I have to go help Trump make America great again, I'll catch you guys later."

Both Malu and Tiberius Dupree make their leave as Leon opens up the Necromicon and begins reading to Big Ed.


Leon Valentine: "I guess it's baby steps first then."

The Penguin Sorcerer of OCW Looks at his Sundail App/Watch!

Leon Valentine: Look at the time, I must see to an engagement. Dear Large Edward do be a good lad, and behave yourself!!!!!


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Is he...but that.....what....I cant...





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The Camera pans to the announce team!


Picked his spot!